Simeon Hein on Cold Fusion Being Real (Video)

Thanks to Pelgrim108 for bringing my attention to this newly produced video by Simeon Hein about cold fusion. I’ve actually never heard of Simeon Hein before, but he is apparently quiet well known in the field of what some might call ‘fringe’ science. He covers topics like crop circles, remote viewing, UFOs, the ‘Fractal Multiverse’, etc. Now he seems to be quite excited about cold fusion. He says he has become convinced of the reality of cold fusion after attending a meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration in San Francisco earlier this month.

He said he was fascinated by a presentation by Dr. Vittorio Violante who works for the Italian energy institute ENEA which has convinced him of the reality of cold fusion. His video report is below.

There’s no mention in this video of the E-Cat, or of any kind of nickel-hydrogen LENR — and that probably reflects the lecture that was given by Vittorio Violante. He mentions only the palladium-deuterium strain of cold fusion that Pons and Fleischmann worked with. Hein sees resonance being an essential element in the universe, and was interested in the role that resonance plays in cold fusion as described by Violante, who says the crystalline shape of the materials is critical to the production of energy in these devices.

I’m not expecting this video to have much influence with mainstream media or science, mainly because Hein deals with many topics outside of what the mainstream considers legitimate. However, I notice that he has almost 3000 YouTube subscribers which might get some more people interested in the topic.

  • bachcole

    mike, most of the people at MIT castigate the people doing the cold fusion at MIT. They are sort of two completely different groups, except that when LENR+ becomes obvious, the administration at MIT will take credit for how forward thinking they were.

  • SimeonHein

    Without getting into the debate about the definition of “UFO” (and I’m told the military use other acronyms or names once they’ve identified it as non-terrestrial in origin, like “Fastwalker” and military reproductions of these objects are called ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles)) an interesting point here is that many in the field of UFO research believe that the vast secrecy surrounding this subject has to do with the huge implications of UFO propulsion systems on the economics and politics of our fossil fuel production. But if LENR becomes a reality for our energy needs, then this point would become much less important or even moot. In other words, LENR could easily beat UFO propulsion in terms of it’s significance to our planet. Or perhaps they’re complementary in some way too? I’ve never heard any UFO researcher discuss this possibility yet apart from Richard Dolan, So, weirdly enough, LENR could indirectly open the door to a much more broader, lively and truthful discussion of the whole UFO subject.

  • Omega Z

    “natural magic” Interesting considering the source.
    Don’t think it’ll make the Science Mags using those terms. 🙂

    PSI effect of about 0.2
    Somewhat lower then I expected, But fits my thinking.

    My Experience. When I was a teenager, My mother was fixing dinner.
    I watched while she kind of collapsed/legs folding under in the middle of the floor & she said “Oh My God, Somethings happened to Sis.” & began crying.
    2 hours latter, we received a phone call. She’d been caught in a cross fire between police & a bank robber. She’d been shot in the leg, but other wise she was fine. Probably the most dramatic example, but 1 of a dozen over the years. The Connection between my mother & her sister was very strong.(Not Twins)

    I note today we connect electrodes or a Cap & read signals from the brain. A computer deciphers it.
    My thinking is everyone emits waves some stronger then others. A few select people are able to feel/detect these waves, But it’s a very small percentage. Of course there’s also Quantum Entanglement that could be involved.
    Science just needs to keep an open mind.

    • bachcole

      I don’t suppose that your assumption that only the material, objective world is real may be wrong.

      • Omega Z

        Actually, I’m exploring the Virtual World concept.
        It would explain a lot. Like deja vu.
        After a Blue Screen of Death Reset.
        The done this before feeling is real. The prerequisite, I know whats going to happen or what will be said word for word.
        UFO’s & such are video artifacts. Ghost & Alien visitors are the Game Moderators Pranking Us.

        Now, Everyone be nice to me & maybe I’ll share the Cheat Codes. 🙂
        Immortality, Extra lives, Redo, Restart with memory, Hidden Treasures to name a few.

  • Omega Z

    UFO=”Unidentified Flying Object” Correct. It’s general definition
    So Your Definition is right, But It’s terms of use vary.

    If I walk into a room of 100 people and announce I just saw a UFO, Everyone of them would Think I meant an Alien craft of sorts. Even if those present were politicians or scientists. Even if they subscribed to UFO=”Unidentified Flying Object”

    Also, About 50% would assume I were a Crackpot.
    Most Kids associate UFO/Flying Saucer.

  • Omega Z

    I agree

    With what we know & not know, Any Scientist that proclaims other life impossible is not being very scientific. We have Billions of Galaxies in the Universe & we may someday find that outside our Universe lays Billions more of them.

    As to Hawking’s warnings, I think “most” life would be non-malevolent by the time they obtained the technology to roam around in space. Likely according where we seem to be heading, They would have the ability to change/transmute anything to anything or Energy directly to matter of their choosing.

    However, the keyword I use- “most” brings pause. It would only take 1 who stumbled on to such technology to roam the Galaxies that becomes unnerving. 🙂

  • Elisa Brown

    I always watch Dr. Hein’s video presentations and find them to be clear and concise, making mind-boggling topics understandable for lay persons such as myself. More often than not, I re-post his videos and blogs to my various social media sites and get a lot of positive feedback from my followers.

    I was quite skeptical as to the veracity of Remote Viewing in the past and thought it complete hogwash. However, after studying Remote Viewing with Dr. Hein, I am a convert! I was able to “remote view” things about which I had never seen or heard. Even more compelling, there was a power failure in the area of NYC at which Dr. Hein was teaching the class, so he conducted the class in the dark. We used the daylight streaming in from the windows to confirm our ‘viewings”, which we performed in twilight lighting conditions. I use Remote Viewing rather a lot now in my every day life. It truly works.

    As for crop circles and UFOs, I haven’t studied those phenomena with Dr. Hein, but given his in-depth and exhaustive research style when teaching Remote Viewing, I can well imagine that he presents his findings in the most scientific manner possible vs. merely positing hearsay and anecdotal experiences as “hard evidence” for the existence of these two areas of so-called “fringe science.”

    I would be very interested in tuning in to a debate between Dr. Hein and E-Cat World or any other organization that believes it could disprove Dr. Hein’s theories that Remote Viewing, Crop Circles and UFOs are actual scientific phenomena that deserve serious consideration in the scientific community. THAT would be some terrific reading indeed!

    Elisa Brown
    Host, The Heart of Art with Elisa Brown on PBS
    (Produced by Conscious Evolution Media)

  • SimeonHein

    The SSE sells these presentations, grouped by conference and theme, on it’s site which Frank linked to above. Dr. Violante’s talk was part of a group of four about new energy technologies. The other lectures are shorter as Violante was the invited speaker. There was only brief mention of LENR in these talks, nothing specific.

  • SimeonHein

    Hey Guys, it’s Dr. Simeon Hein here. I’m a former statistics professor in sociology and currently author and lecturer. First of all, I’m a big fan of this site. Frank does a great job and this blog is top-notch. Let me say, I enjoy engaging controversial science topics because I think it stimulates public discussion. It never hurts to look at alternative points of view and the skeptics close too many minds with weak arguments and sloppy research. You may not agree with my videos on YouTube but I like to look at the facts. My blog is where I engage even more of these topics.

    And Dr. Violante’s presentation really impressed me last week in San Francisco. I’m really glad the Society for Scientific Exploration invited him to speak. I asked him about Rossi and LENR at the end, and he said he wasn’t qualified to answer. Anyway, I had no idea the evidence for Cold Fusion was so strong. He wasn’t equivocal about it in the least: It works. And the suggestions here that the E-Cat uses some form of resonance also, possibly, is intriguing to say the least. My mind is going full time about this at the moment.

    As far as my interest in UFOs, remote viewing, or crop circles is concerned: I’ve investigated these topics for almost two decades now with my 501(c)3 non-profit, Institute for Resonance ( There’s overwhelming evidence for all three phenomena and I’d be glad to debate any of you about them, anywhere. Just name the venue. This isn’t fringe science, it’s just science. Take some time to do your own research and you’ll come to the similar conclusions.

    I’ll be putting up a video about LENR on my next YouTube posting. Frank is right: I’ve got almost 3,000 subscribers and if I don’t post something fairly often, they’ll start complaining:) You guys might try posting there as well, it creates a lot of exposure and great debate. Talk soon and looking forward to the upcoming report.

    • ecatworld

      Hi Simeon — thanks for stopping by. Nice to hear from you! I enjoyed your LENR video; it was interesting to hear Dr.Violante’s perspective

      I appreciate your offer to engage with on non LENR topics, but I’m not sure E-Cat World would be the best place for a debate on these subjects — it would take us a quite a way off topic. Anyone interested in getting in touch with Simeon can do so here:

      Stop by any time, Simeon!


      • SimeonHein

        Frank, in summary, Dr. Violante said Cold Fusion produces a sustained reaction 500% above what you get from a chemical reaction. No comment on LENR because he said he’s from the academic world and E-Cat is already commercial and he hasn’t seen or tested it yet.

    • Broncobet

      Simeon, I’ll make a note to visit your site, I enjoy these comments and articles as well.But reading is not believing. Remember when crop circles were big news in England and in the US too? All sorts of experts were questioned. Then the people who made the circles,as a prank, came forward and demonstrated the techniques that were needed, you would think that explanation would have ended it but they still had people on TV expounding on which part of the galaxy the circle makers came from. The simplest answer is often the best. People ,even people long ago, can do amazing things.

      • Omega Z

        Crop Circles: Possibly a phenomena that a few people mimic. Making fun of. The Number on a given night around the World either rules out hoax in General or these people should all be brought together to run disaster agencies. Their Organizational skills are a phenomena in itself.
        I find no Speculative Opinion that explains it. I appreciate those who seriously study it.

        UFO’s: 5% can’t be explained. IMO, this could be narrowed down, but if just 1 is valid, it is worth looking into. Implications are Huge. All the World Governments continue to look into this. And Contrary to what the U.S. Government publicly portrays, They are seriously involved. Info & Data are continuously collected of this phenomena the World Over. Ask Leaders of other Countries. They will tell you. Even after handing over information, The U.S will deny any such transaction took place.

        ESP Phenomena: Quantum Entanglement comes to mind. This could explain much. Scientist may become hysterically irate if you tried to make such connection.

        These Phenomena deserve to be studied. Do I think we should spend 10’s of Billion a year on it. No. Not at this time. We have more pressing issues to deal with. But if a few want to spend their time studying them, Why should I Object. You never know when they may find compelling evidence that deserves serious attention.

        Most of Mainstream Science was at 1 time Fringe Science. Until a few uncovered compelling evidences. The Fringe is where most of your new Science will come from. Mainstream for the most part just fleshes it out.

        Swamp Gas, Reflections & such. Sure, but don’t paint with a wide brush. Not everyone who has a fever has a common cold..

        NOTE: Much of what you read or hear on these phenomena is crap, But some, Is very interesting. And should be payed attention to.
        LENR/CF comes to mind.

  • neutrinologist

    Interpretation might require different mental skills than reflexive judgmental-ness.

  • Rossi just outed Shell, Mitsubishi, MIT, Volvo, ABB, and NASA.


    Ville Kanninen:
    It is impossible to answer to your question, or, at least, I am not able to. I do not know what the competition will do. One thing I am sure of is that from competition will rise more convenience for the market. Remember: ” In mercatu veritas “. I know that giants are already working to compete with us: Shell, Mitsubishi, MIT, Volvo, ABB, NASA…and I am strongly honoured to have inspired, in some way, their work; to be clear: should I have not broken the ice in three years of public work, since January 2011, none of these Entities would have taken seriously LENR in the measure they are taking them now. Is it not true? At the cost of tremendous fights that also involved personal issues that have nothing to do with my work, but still have consumed time and energies. Anything has been tried to kill our work, without substantial effects, though ( thanks to God). Our Team is stronger than ever.
    Warm Regards,

    • Barry8

      MIT ???

  • Anon2012_2014

    “actually never heard of Simeon Hein before, but he is apparently quiet well known in the field of what some might call ‘fringe’ science. He covers topics like crop circles, remote viewing, UFOs”

    Admin/Frank — do yourself and us a favor and don’t publish fridge science guys who talk about crop circles and UFOs. It detracts from the good work here. Thanks.

    (We should get an answer from Rossi’s 3rd party scientists in 30 days or less.)

    • ecatworld

      Hi Anon — I understand your concern, but I thought his video was interesting and well done — and on topic for this site.

      As you know, we don’t focus on some of the other topics he follows (although they do sometimescome up incedentally), but I don’t feel it’s necessary to avoid mentioning someone who publishes relevant information about LENR just because of other things they are interested in. I think that could be quite a limiting policy.

      BTW — is the 30 day prediction based on some knowledge you have, or just a guess?

      Many thanks!

      • Anon2012_2014

        30 days is my prediction based on when the Levi et al paper was published on Arxiv relative to when Rossi said it would be ready. Mid July is my guess.

        If I knew, I’d likely be under NDA anyway.

        Anyway, good luck to all of us. -Anon12/14

      • Broncobet

        Sensible policy.

  • MLTC

    🙁 Do you know what UFO is short for? Unidentified flying object! It means that it could be an unidentified airplane for example! UFO is a fact and not something you can or can not believe in!

    I’m sure this comment won’t get approved. 🙁

    • Broncobet

      UFO has two meanings and depends for it meaning from its context.People usually mean an aircraft piloted by beings from another world.I am pretty sure that none of those has never come to this planet,yet. We,could all be extra-terrestrial in nature.We could have started on Mars as microbes and came to this planet on bits of rock.Bits of Mars land on Earth all the time. . I am also pretty sure that there are intelligent beings in this galaxy as well as others.We could easily get a message from them in the next twenty years,or if not then certaintly in the next thousand. But we will communicate or at least be aware of each other by radio or other electro magnetic waves first.It’s so much cheaper and faster.Our waves have been expanding for 110 years at the speed of light so many planets could have detected us.

      • Omega Z

        Star Trek actually provides a good scenario. Non Interference.
        I find it probable that we have been visited, studied, observed.
        But Direct Contact would be avoided until we reach a certain technological level.

        The Developed Countries associate & intervene with the less developed countries on earth because they interact with us. It can’t be avoided nor can the conflicts.

        However, if the undeveloped societies were on the other side of the Galaxy, Then contact would be avoided. Until they achieve the ability to interact with us.

  • Omega Z

    Follow the link provided by Frank.
    From there you can probably find your way to the info your looking for.
    There may even be a video link from there.

  • AstralProjectee

    georgehants You never finished answering to me here at

  • Curbina

    do we we, tiny creatures that live in this dust mote, even imagine sending
    spaceships among the stars of the Milky Way?. Only a few centuries ago,
    just a second in the Cosmic Time, we knew nothing about where
    or when we are. Indifferent to the rest of the Cosmos, we lived in a
    prison, a tiny universe contained in a nutshell. How do we escape from
    this prison?. was the work of generations of seekers who took to heart
    five simple rules:

    1. Question authority. No idea is true because someone else says.
    2. Think for themselves, question themselves.
    3. Not believe something just because they want to believe. Believing in something does not make it true.
    4. Test your ideas through evidence from observation and experimentation. If a favorite idea fails a well designed test is wrong; get over it. Follow the evidence to where it leads. If they have evidence, Set aside judgment.
    5. And perhaps most important of all, remember, you could be wrong. Even
    the best scientists were wrong about some things, Newton, Einstein and
    all the other great scientists of history, all made mistakes. Of course they were humans. Science is a way to avoid deceiving ourselves, and others.

    Scientists have known sin, of course. We
    have used bad science, just as we have done with all the tools at our
    disposal, so we can not afford to leave in the hands of a few powerful
    people. The more science belongs to us , the less likely we use it wrong ”

    Closing remarks of Cosmos (the TV series). (I translated them from Spanish to English, did not have the original quote in English, just so you know).

    • Omega Z

      “3…..Believing in something does not make it true.” hmmph- It always will be in our minds-

      “5. And perhaps most important of all, remember, you could be wrong.”
      This is Blasphemy, We could never be wrong. You shall be burnt at the stake.
      The Guardians of Truth.

      • Curbina

        nice sarcasm.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      May I just say I really love reading these comments. In general I find the quality of the comments and discussions on this site quite high. No doubt thanks to Frank his excellent work. This is just to say thank you all and keep on commenting!

  • Curbina

    I guess the Society of Scientific Exploration is a big no no for many people. I don’t see anything wrong with them, and frankly I think they are brilliant some times, they also have done some blunders tho, but they certainly are “non kosher” for mainstream science. Not exactly the kind of opinion that would get average joe closer to be interested in LENR.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    yes, UFOs may need LENR but not vice versa:-)

    • Gerrit

      I always thought UFOs need antigravity.

  • barty

    This is just feeding the ultra deniers. An UFO-fanboy talking about cold fusion/LENR. All prejudices complied..

    • Gerrit

      I am looking forward to the day when for everything the mainstream dismisses you can simply say that’s what they thought about cold fusion too

    • Sanjeev

      Yes, those 3000 subscribers will simply add to the problem of gullibility and conspiracy. Probably they will neither invest in the lenr field nor take up experimentation themselves.

      Ufos and alien life are legitimate areas of science, but were driven to the edge of pseudoscience thanks to the gullible and lazy thinkers. Usually its the blind believers that cause more harm to a field rather than skeptics (of the sane variety).

      • Omega Z

        Stephen Hawking believes Alien Life probably Exists & should be avoided. By Extension, would indicate he believes in advanced technology(UFO’s) allowing them to come here.
        Doesn’t always work out well for the natives…

        georgehants take note. Careful what you wish for. 🙂

    • Maxfield Q Norse

      This fringe, it leads the rest of population in recognitions of changes.
      Like to the coal mine bird.
      You may neither like their company, but they are the early to party.
      More will be coming soon, of your liking more, who am I to say.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Researchers seem to be coming out of hiding on the LENR subject.
    Perhaps the sentiment is changing subtly in academic circles, and LENR is OK.

    I can imagine academics being pressed at dinner parties for answers about all the recent LENR research, and being asked if it is true, is it real. The sense of panic they might feel as they wade into the literature and find a boat they said was impossible leaving the pier.
    With the boat they backed years or decades from launch.

    • believe me, there is moves in the big business side.
      still skunkwork team preparing paperwork for R&D.

      If your big company don’t have a plan to make LENR research, it is time to panic…
      And I know who can help you in EU, and I think I guessed who does the job in US. cannot say more,but you know have the names, or at least the name of their worst competitor (to make an analogy if you see Coca cola working on LENR, you can guess Pepsi is working on it – NB: coca/pepsi not cited AFAIK).

      • Andreas Moraitis

        Coca Cola/Pepsi ~ GE/Siemens?

        • BroKeeper

          Yes, they have thier “Imaginations at work”

        • it is not them who I have in my logs.
          not even energy industry (even if they use much)
          not even short term.

          • artefact

            Boing – Airbus ?

            I know, you can not say more…

            • I could say no, but at the end after a long list of companies I will be forced to surrender or lie…You could add to the list of candidate all the companies that worked from near or far…
              Toyota/Mitsubishi, STMicro, ENI, Shell, Amoco, lockheed martin, and their competitors… for most I have nothing more than what we know all.

              I just want to say to serious people to think about finding partners before their are too late (because anyway they are too late not to suffer deeply).

              question is whether the alliance will be cut across geostrategy borders… and which one…
              China/ASEAN/Africa, US, EU/japan/India…? or more complex…

              • Omega Z

                I stumbled onto an article from 1962 that leads me to believe the U.S. Military or specifically the U.S. Army initially became interested in the LENR phenomena. It was wreaking havoc with some of their electronics systems. An Investigation ensued.

                Some here have mentioned a Manhattan Type Project should be started.
                All I would say is what makes you think this hasn’t already happened.
                I strongly suspect these types of projects have been ongoing since the Original Manhattan Project. And continue today.

                Many think that it would be readily visible. The U.S. R&D doesn’t develop & deploy. It develops & builds only a few kept out of sight.
                Deployed only as need requires. Thus always having an edge in advanced technology. Not an overwhelming edge.

                The reasoning is the sooner you deploy it, the sooner it will be copied.
                Like Stealth technology. Once deployed, Everyone plays catch up.

                The U.S. spends 100 Billion a year in black projects. Well, that’s what can be determined by the books.
                Do you really think an F-35 stealth fighter costs $400 million each.
                What I know is expenditures do not fit the Gross income of those involved. Like Example $20 Billion spent for aircraft, but only $10 billion at the producers end. A portion disappears from the books. This likely gets shuffled off the Official books into the Black projects. So this amount would never be counted as black. No outside entity would know for certain how much the U.S. really invests into these projects. Yes, Russia, China & others do try to track this. Even our friends.

                In 2009 or 10, $1 Trillion dollars disappeared directly from the U.S. funding bills. Lost in the fog of the Bailout. A couple congressmen questioned this. Why was there no accounting of this money.
                They were told under no uncertain terms would this be accounted for. EVER. And that’s were the questions ended. That’s some Manhattan project.

    • Private Citizen


      You are cogent, but if i may, your whacked out avitar and silly name put your credibility south of any UFO researcher for the casual observer of this site. Just say’n.

      • Ophelia Rump

        If you insist.

        • bachcole

          I agree with Private Citizen.

      • neutrinologist

        We need to be careful that we don’t fall into the category of sublimated (and perhaps sublime) internal persona deniers.

    • friendlyprogrammer

      I once took many search terms for LENR and Rossi, etc., and fed them into search engines to see how many results I would get. I was going to check back a year later and see how many more websites the engines would turn up after that time.

      Sadly my notes were lost, but the idea has a bit of merit.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        You can use Google Trends:

        • Andreas Moraitis

          That’s not the number of websites, but the number of requests. It would be difficult to count the websites, since you will always get a lot of duplicates. For the same reason, the number of search results might not be that meaningful.

          • Andreas Moraitis

            Correction: It’s the relative number, given in % (100 = max). Admittedly, it would be better to know the absolute numbers. But you can only use what you can get…