Veteran Energy Securities Analyst Sees LENR as Disruptive Energy Source

There’s a very interesting article posted on this week’s Energy Musings web site by G. Allen Brooks which deals with the investment implications of LENR. Mr. Brooks is managing editor of the web site and has been involved in the energy and investment industries as a securities analyst, consultant in the energy field, and an oilfield services company manager.

In the June 10th ‘Musings from the Oil Patch’, Brooks looks at what might be the world’s next powerful energy source, and considers the case for LENR filling that role.

After reviewing some of the important developments in the field of LENR over the last few years — mentioning Mitsubishi, Toyota, Rossi and others — Brooks comes to a conclusion that looks like it could have come from any one of many commenters here on E-Cat World:

More research needs to be done, but momentum behind LENR appears to be growing. Why? Clearly, LENR is a disruptive technology. As was suggested to us in our conversation with our scientist contact, imagine if you could have a small unit in your garage that could produce electricity to power your house and automobile with a material source that cost $10 and lasted for six months while producing no dangerous waste. Would that revolutionize the power business? Certainly. Could small LENR units be built to power vehicles? Maybe. When will we know? Not for a while, and maybe never. If it works, we are likely talking about a decade-long development period. While that appears a long time, imagine you were at Drake’s well in Pennsylvania in 1859 when whale oil was still the preferred lighting fuel. Would you have embraced oil? We urge readers to pay attention to LENR’s development as it may signal the next energy transformation.

I’m not sure how influential G. Allen Brooks is within the energy or investment industries, but he has had a long career with a wide range of experience (see here for a resume), and seems to be a level-headed analyst who can recognize the potential of LENR even though right now it may not be particularly fashionable to say so. I think it’s likely that many others in his field will begin to make similar observations.

Thanks to Tom Whipple for passing this link along to me.

  • spelling police

    The lords and kings needn’t have worried, just as God needn’t have worried when Adam started to learn write from wrong.

    Adam was taken for a rid.

  • Gerrit

    two days ago Rossi mentioned that a 1 MW plant will be installed in a production environment at a customer for continuous operation. Together with the finalization of the 3rd indipendent party report, this looks like it will not take a decade long development period to get more plants operational for heat production in industrial applications.

    What will surely take a longer time is the science part and all the future applications that might become possible or improved because of it.
    I just hope the LENR story will not get bogged down due to patent wars.

    • Ophelia Rump

      Yes, product is designed and ready for production, factory built. Roll-out is imminent.

  • AB

    You either haven’t read the linked material, or failed to understand what it says.

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