New Poll: Main Purpose for the Upcoming E-Cat Report

Here’s a question I thought I’d put to ECW readers today as we await the publication of the report from the E-Cat testers. What do you think is the main reason that this testing is being carried out, and the results being published? There seems to have been a great deal of time, expertise, and presumably money being put into it — and there has to be an objective behind this effort that someone sees as being significant.

I realize that there could be multiple reasons for carrying out such testing, but I’m asking readers to pick what you think is the most important one.

Here are the options (in no particular order):

  • To convince the general public/media of the E-Cat’s validity
  • To understand the science behind the E-Cat/LENR
  • To spur investment into Industrial Heat and advance industrialization
  • To help Rossi/IH with E-Cat research and development
  • To continue a scam
  • For E-Cat sales and marketing purposes

If you think there should be another category in this poll that I have missed, let me know — and feel free to add your comments if you want to explain or qualify your response. The poll is to the left of this post.

Many thanks for your participation!

  • fritz194

    Otherwise, the entire range of nuclear physics originates from phenomenon around things producing ionizing radiation from isotopes.

    A product which is definitely not operating under any known “nuclear physics” theory – and with a mild gamma radiation similar to a TV tube – might originate its operation from “nuclear effects” .
    There is no single reason to treat this reactors as “nuclear devices” – because we mean a different “thing” if we talk about that.
    At the moment – there are no LENR devices on the market – so there is no applicable rule how to classify them.
    There are trillions of explosions within combustion engines around the world every moment – but a car is not treated nor traded as “explosive device”.