Rossi: ‘Please Do Not Insult My Enemies’

Here’s an interesting comment from Andrea Rossi today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics in response to an unpublished question. I find it interesting not so much because of news about his technology, but because of what it shows about his attitude towards those who are opposed to him and his work.

Walter Gentili:
I did not publish your comment because it insults 3 journalists. I cannot accept insults, even if aimed to my “critics”. As Oscar Wilde said, “I do not agree with them, but I will fight to death to defend their freedom of opinion”. As a matter of fact, it is normal that we have enemies, competitors, critics. What I do not understand is hatred and insults. We are making a scientific work, our work has been tested and is still under exam and R&D and we are waiting for the results, that could be positive or negative, as I always said. All the rest is useless noise and I am exclusively focused on my job, now on the 1 MW plant: if it will work well, we will have a good product, otherwise we will have not. Both possibilities are true. About my past, let me be simple:
1- I have been acquitted from the accusations that made possible my arrest: see
2- indipendently from the point 1: every man who has made mistakes in his past, after he has paid his debt with the justice has the right to be resilient and make up his life. I am working on the LENR now and the facts for which I have been put in jail happened between 1989 and 1995: 20 years ago and have nothing to do with LENR
3- who is without sin can throw the first stone
Please do not insult my enemies: we must not make their same errors.
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi

I will just add here that I have a similar philosophy when it comes to insults. On occasion I delete comments here which are personal insults and attacks. I think we can discuss the issues quite well without getting personal.

  • kemosabe

    It’s interesting that even while Rossi is fighting to the death to defend his enemies’ (insulting) free speech, he is limiting his supporter’s (insulting) free speech.

    • bachcole

      Wrong. He has the free speech right to suggest to people that they behave like ladies and gentlemen. He would make that same suggestion to the skeptopaths, except he knows that they wouldn’t listen. Did Ronald Reagan limit free speech when he told the press corp to act like ladies and gentlemen?

      • kemosabe

        Sure, he had the right to do what he did. Free speech does not prevent moderation of one’s own web site. It’s just a little inconsistent that he would be willing to fight to the death to protect the journalists’ right to insult him, but he takes action to inhibit his fan’s ability to insult the journalists. Like, not everyone’s right to insult is worth fighting to the death for.

        To put it another way, publishing his fan’s insults would not in any way hinder freedom of opinion. Those journalists would not be inhibited by a post on JONP. But not publishing the insults reduces his fan’s audience, and therefore does hinder, to some tiny extent, freedom of opinion. So, he’s doing the opposite of what Wilde’s quotation advocates.

  • kemosabe

    The quote usually attributed to Oscar Wilde is “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself”. Maybe Rossi modified it because the quote itself contains an insult.

  • Chris I

    There seems to have been an exaggerated stir over a mildly witty remark of mine.

    I definitely agree with Rossi about not insulting people who disagree, even if they likely are shills. I definitely agree that it serves no purpose, except to be counterproductive. I agree that it takes a lot to maintain a level head in similar circumstances and I’m not without experience of getting heckled and mobbed. I stand by his good sense in deleting the post by Walter Gentili and publishing his reasons for it.

    Still, his Gospel reference just struck my humour strings a teensy little bit.

  • Sanjeev

    Rossi climbed to a high ethical and moral ground with this statement. An obvious reaction from a person sitting on trillions of $. He would only get pennies by suing a bunch of random internet commentators or some unknown radio station.
    Its easy to get tired of this back and forth b*tching when there is nothing of substance yet. So I totally ignore all deniers. The positive is silent but has more effect, the negative is noisy but short lived. Think of the effect the book of Mats is having right now, compared to an ignorant reporter’s noise.

  • orsobubu

    In italian, call someone “a snake” is not really so insulting, I would call it more a “literary insult”, somewhat like a “cinematographic western-american cultured insult”; real italian insults are MUCH MORE variegated and disgusting than this, so I suppose the author of comment got the heavy way. I would like myself be called a deadly snake. Please, call me snake plissken. In italian it was tranlated in hyena plissken, because snake was probably more amusing than frightening.

    • Omega Z

      Rossi calls them Snakes. But, He doesn’t specifically say who “THEY” are.

      He leaves that to the reader to determine….

    • Ophelia Rump

      Thank you, Orsobubu, that was a very interesting commentary.

  • bachcole

    It is normal and natural for those with no moral compass to cry hypocrite when someone who does have a moral compass stumbles. I stumble occasionally.

    • Ophelia Rump

      Those types will call someone else a hypocrite in the same sentence where they are being dishonest themselves. I sometimes wonder if they do that just to be miserable. I do not think there can be joy in a world where everything is twisted into lies. Are they just miserable themselves or do they take pleasure in making others miserable?

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Rossi will be fine. Denying that the E-Cat works will be like denying the eruption of Krakatoa.

    What I find to be despicable is public radio’s slandering of F&P’s work in spite of the mountains of research that verify it.

  • Chris I

    He was calling Krivit “the snake” and now he talks about casting the first stone. 😀

    • bachcole

      Unlike you, Chris I, I am imperfect but use Perfection as my standard, so I also have struggled with my anger and hatred.

      I would like to point out to all that it is much easier to be forgiving when things are going one’s way. Andrea is being very forgiving, and I salute him for this. But, like I said, perhaps it is because everything is going his way. In fact, he could be in the position of things going his way more and better than anyone in the history of the world. Perhaps this is why he is able to be so forgiving.

      • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

        Magnanimous by stature. Insults are always a stain on those who cast them.

      • Chris I

        Unlike me? Uhm, I agree with what you say here, but it doesn’t remove that he made the reference the the Gospels about casting the first stone. Don’t you know it completely? “He who be without sin…” or something like this?

        Goodness it was only a remark!

    • Omega Z

      Did Rossi specifically call Krivit a snake, Or did you conclude that was who he was talking about. I always just assumed that. Of course he has also used the term in plural. As in multiple entities.

      • Chris I

        Are you trying to imply that none of those whom he called a snake where enemies of his? Or perhaps just saying he is all the less without sin?


        • Omega Z

          What I’m saying is I’m not aware of Rossi making a statement such-
          “Insert Name” is a Snake.

          I suppose it’s possible & I missed it.
          But what I’ve read, leaves the reader to determine of whom he speaks.
          It also refers to more then 1 person any many cases.
          And if a person hadn’t been following from the beginning or were new to Rossi & the E-cats, you wouldn’t have a clue as to whom he was speaking.

          • Chris I

            In case you haven’t noticed, it doesn’t really matter, I simply found it amusing. Still I don’t see an essential difference when all found it obvious that he referred to Krivit.

  • Freethinker

    I appreciate Andrea Rossi’s standpoint. It is indeed honourable. And I believe he should keep his blog free from such expressions. Good for him, gives him the moral high ground.

    But Andrea Rossi must forgive me. Because I cannot just look the other way.

    I was brought up with public service being the only real source of TV and radio information. They were there in my formative years, during my childhood. Programming that has formed me. For me, what they said was the truth, as objectivevely as anything can be said to be. This naivety of course faded in adulthood, but still, Swedish public service for me is objectivity, however mildly slanted and somewhat coloured at times. Ulrika Björkstén and Marcus Hansson has violated that. In a major way.

    So forgive me my reaction, my venom, as the public service – that I am very much obligated to pay for, by law, if I have a TV receiver – lies and drag in the dirt the truth that I through considerable efforts has learned to be just that – the truth. Sorry, but I will not fight to death to defend their freedom of opinion since they are obliged to observer OBJECTIVITY, especially when doing programming on a highly polarized subject. There is also the issue of history revision. By completely ignoring the facts, they make claims on LENR that is simply – to the core – untrue, and they state it as a fact – well aware of the ramifications.

    These journalist deserve to feel my resentment. I am forced by law to pay for their work, and they serve me this? Should I keep quit? Should I take a deep bough? Should I pat them on the back and say “Good one, but I beg to differ.” ? No. I wont have it. Naturally, Frank do not have to accept my venom on his blog. It is up to admin, naturally.

    But forgive me my anger, as even the Sun have spots.

    • Obvious

      There is more than one way to stir up discussion. Saying something awful in the media is a powerful way to galvanize the slighted side, and get their responses onto the media in a big way. Psiops 101.
      Media loves polarized discussions. It creates sensationalism, which sells listenership/readership. Media Subscription 101.

      • Freethinker

        What you state is very true, but usually, Swedish public service is held to a better standard. Especially a show that by is nature should be informative, about science. Program debating current political affairs may be of a different nature. The failure here is monumental, in my eyes.

        • Obvious

          I would agree, based on what has been said earlier about the journalistic standards that the Swedish public service is supposed to meet.

        • bachcole

          I think that you should call for their resignation, and show why when you send missives to those in authority at and over the station.

          • Freethinker

            I would love to, but it is utterly futile. See, as they do not depend on the goodwill of the viewers/listeners – they get paid anyway – they will ignore both you and your resentment. One way to get to them is to file a complaint with the authorities that grant them their license to air. This has been done , l believe by multiple sources. It is a very clear cut case of violation of the terms in the charter. So they will likely get some pain from that direction.

    • blanco69

      A fine point Peter. Most of the population sleepwalk through life in the mistaken belief that much of what is presented is truth but is nothing more than a dim witted attempt to create polarised entertainment. If and when ecat and LENR reach the mainstream, we will be faced with much more of this kind of thing and, as a result, the majority will be oblivious to the reality of the situation. The ECW team can then walk the earth like driuds of old keeping spark alive 🙂

  • John Littlemist

    It’ll be interesting to see whether Rossi’s plea applies to himself as well. So no more snakes, puppets, clowns etc. in JONP?

    • Ophelia Rump

      Without seeing the posting he rejected, how are we to judge relative merit?
      Only by observing the source of the question, which is you, and what do I know of you. Nothing, except your question which is more an allegation of hypocrisy than a question.
      If the question is less then honest, what then?

      • John Littlemist

        Yes, in my opinion there is bit of hypocrisy in Rossi’s plea and therefore I found it a bit amusing.

        • Ophelia Rump

          I was referring to your question, or allegation whatever.
          So either you did not understand or again you were less than honest.

    • Vio Phile

      There appears to be a dichotomy in Rossi’s rhetoric but there is a distinction between actual professionals (scientists and journalists) as apposed to the ‘skeptopaths’ such as the snake (steven krivits). Surely Rossi has respect towards the people that are professionals in their field as opposed to the kind of opportunistic LENR activists such as is the snake.

    • US_Citizen71

      He never said Krivit is a snake, he just used ‘the snake’ as a replacement for Krivit’s name, two different things.

  • Gerard McEk

    It is obvious to me that Andrea is ‘shaped by his history’ and he learned from it. At the same time it is also a perfect way to get the sympathy of his followers and beyond, a strategy which may be arranged by IH PR department. I agree with all your words.
    Nevertheless I would say: continue with it Andrea, we (the CF promoters) will decide how the Non Scientists and unfair media will be treated. Together we will be a mighty team for an energetic future!

  • Foks0904 .

    Yes regardless of the outcome I think everyone should be afforded a second chance. Whatever the result of the E-Cat drama may be. There are some situations that are black & white, and then there are situations like Rossi’s. People can’t help but polarize along argumentative lines. Being overly cynical is counterproductive to progress. If anyone wants to get upset of over “fraud” and what not, why don’t they become political radicals and participate in the overthrow of the government/monetary systems of the world. I don’t hear them voicing much indignation about such unpleasant things. No, their ire is preserved for those villainous cold fusion people.