A View from Sweden on Response to Sveriges Radio E-Cat Program

Many thanks to ECW reader Nils Erik who posted the following in another thread in response to a reader who asked what the reaction in Sweden has been to the recent Sveriges Radio program that contained many insinuations that Andrea Rossi was a deceiver who had duped gullible Swedish academics into believing in his hoax. I thought this interesting comment was worthy of a post of its own. If there are other Swedes who can provide additional perspective, please feel free to post here!

We give away the Nobel Prize every year in big ceremonies which get lots of attention in our media so we are open minded expecting to hear every year about progress within research.

There has been a lot of feedback from these radio shows. Swedish people love their radio!

You find on Google that many bloggers have picked up on this subject in Sweden and commented on it.
Some positive, some objective and some negative.

Marcus Hansson and his style of journalism have been reported to the government body overseeing radio and tv and he is being critiqued very hard so he is “eating his own medicine” right now.

The Swedish scientists makes a good argument that the way science is performed is through doing scientific experiments and tests.

Many people sympathize with Andrea Rossi because of all the talk about his past and reason that most people deserve a second chance regardless what they might have done in their past.

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    The problem is that LENR seems to be treated by the public and by the “in” scientists just like the heresy of yesteryear. The Inquisition is a very human and very fallible state of mind. When we humans enter this state of mind true science and reason are forgotten, we heat up just wanting to throw our antagonists on the pyre.
    The same goes for beliefs. One believes Amanda Knox is guilty, the other believes she is innocent. Facts are important no more, and so-called journalists keep pushing buttons, creating itches.
    We mostly keep scratching these itches.

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    Well, what were Sollecito and Knox doing in the same rooms when Kercher was being killed? PS the “dude in jail” is a black immigrant, poor and has no ‘saints in heaven’. The well-to-do Sollecito defense is lead by Giulia Bongiorno, a VERY prominent Italian lawyer – politician. Knox is the pet of the press and looks very pretty. She does attract attention in the way the media slyly portray her. Hence we have people who condemn her for granted or support her for granted. Based on looks. Sorry, we (the public) have none of the facts, other than Kercher’s murder and 3 people in the same small house at the same time. So please, the doubt is mandatory if we are objective. If we are subjective, witch hunts, the inquisition and history only prove we are human and fallible.

  • Chris I

    The Kercher murder has got nothing to do with Rossi’s judicial troubles nor anything to do with corruption. No point calling the system incompetent either, when you know nothing about it. It’s main problem is being overburdened; it’s a bit overly sophisticated so it would need at least three times the staff to get all cases through without them falling into prescription.

    As for Sollecito and Knox, I’ve no idea whether they are innocent and Guede guilty, or vice versa or what, but I’m under the impression the prosecutors have done a lousy job from the onset. AFAIK Knox said she could hardly study because Mez was screaming so loud. Eh? You tried to keep on studying girl, while someone in the next room was seriously needing help? Couldn’t even be bothered to call the police? The very first and least thing the prosecutors should have moved against her was art. 593 of criminal code, even granting she really and truly took no other part in the slaying. Neither did they inform authorities after Mez was cold and stiff; as I understood it, the body was found well afterwards!

    Strikes me Knox has quite a lot of nerve complaining.

    • bachcole

      Since your first sentence is wrong, I will respond to it and ignore the rest, since it is all based upon an incorrect premise.
      The Kercher murder has everything to do with evaluating the quality of Italian jurisprudence, if we will excuse my use of the noble sounding word. Given that Italian jurisprudence is laughable, litigation against anyone is very much in doubt.
      Subject: Re: New comment posted on A View from Sweden on Response to Sveriges Radio E-Cat Program

    • bachcole

      Since your first sentence is wrong, I will respond to it and ignore the rest, since it is all based upon an incorrect premise.

      Kercher murder has everything to do with evaluating the quality of
      Italian jurisprudence, if we will excuse my use of the noble sounding
      word. Given that Italian jurisprudence is laughable, litigation against
      anyone is very much in doubt.

      • Chris I

        “Since your first sentence is wrong…”

        Well, we’re only getting all the more OT here, and with a trollish dodge about what my first sentence actually said. Since I very much doubt that you know much about Italian jurisprudence (and wow! over here it is a much more ordinary sounding word, while I usually dassn’t use it with anglophones) I see even less fit to carry on the matter.

        The short story is that Ms. Knox could not by a long shot be called an innocent victim of the system… hardly a victim and even less an innocent one.

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    “they are still considering prosecuting Amanda Knox, after 8 years of
    persecuting an innocent person when they have in custody the person that
    it is obvious did the murder.”.
    Wonderful. How exactly do we know that Knox is 100% innocent? True, the Italian judicial system is a disaster, but still, not necessarily always corrupt. Difficult to tell, in my view, whether Knox is innocent. What is certain is that Meredith Kercher had her life taken from her. Possibly, according to the proceedings, by so-called “friends”.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    RE: “regardless what they might have done in their past.”.

    Especially when he was found innocent of all fraud or environmental crimes. Even his competitors testified on his behalf. The President of The United States had also given him a VISA so he never even needed to face his charges if he thought he was guilty. Andrea Rossi returned to Italy to face and beat those charges.

    He was found guilty of tax evasion which is apparently rampant in Italy, and there was a gold smuggling charge which are both minor things.

    Most of what the Anti-Rossi crowd uses against him are allegations which were proven untrue in courts. Rossi is too thick skinned to care about most of that, but he could likely sue a few publications that say he was an environmental crook.

    Rossi’s field of study, the subject of his first book, the purpose of Petroldragon, the purpose of Leonardo Corporation, the purpose of the Ecat.

    They are ALL environmental science related. A unified theme.

  • Mr. Moho

    I don’t think it’s wise (yet) to discuss about CF/LENR or the E-Cat on higher profile blogs with much scientific and political opposition such as Dr.Roy Spencer’s (or other AGW skeptics’) until more or less conclusive test reports indicating that commercial grade-devices are now ready (ie hopefully the upcoming “E-Cat TIP report”) come out or evidence of LENR or LENR-like effects gets published on a reputable, well-established science journal.

    Just because these bloggers’ ideas and opinions about AGW currently represent a minority in the scientific community, that doesn’t necessarily mean they would be willing to support and defend yet another strongly criticized and often ridiculed field/idea.

    • bachcole

      I agree.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    It’s time for the Galaxy Song.

  • Arnie

    Well, grafene was rewarded 6 years after discovery, and that I think is a short time for the physics Nobel prize. But Rossi might just beat that, if the ecat hits the market. The Nobel prize does not have to be given to someone who develops a theory about something, but could also be given to an inventor of something of real importance to society or science. (Alfred Nobel was an inventor himself)
    If a theory explaining the process would be developed and confirmed within a year or two after the ecat is for sale or in other ways confirmed, the Nibel prize most likely will be given to Rossi and the person behind that theory together. But if no theory explains the phenomenon, the Nobel prize for sure will go to Rossi alone.
    For the record, there is no need to develop conspiracy theories regarding the Nobel committee or Nyteknik or Sveriges Radio. The Swedish society is probably the least corrupt society in the world. And Sveriges radio is public service, not paid with tax money, not owned by the government or any company, but is financed through a special fee that all Swedes have to pay annually. There is no advertisement in the programs. So a journalist making a program like the one being discussed has most likely no hidden agenda, and is just badly informed and/or just interested in a “sensational” story.
    Nobel peace prize? Well, when Alfred Nobel died, Sweden and Norway was one country. And the Norwegians got to award the peace price. Nowadays the Norwegians have a lot of oil, that is actually their most important product. So would they give a peace prize…? Actually yes. I am sure there would be no pressure from anywhere not to give Rossi also that prize, provided he promotes and markets the ecat in the right way.
    Maybe he will be the first ? To get both the physics and the peace prize…
    He just has to get the ecat into the market…

    • Omega Z

      If this is a mandated fee-
      A Tax by any other name is still a Tax.

      “has most likely no hidden agenda” No, not hidden. it was very apparent.

      They say-Nobel exploded onto the scene as an inventor. πŸ™‚

  • Freethinker

    πŸ˜€ Well, If his product proliferate the market, I think he will be the trigger of exponential scientific growth in this sector. At some point in time when they look at contributors, he just might be considered as a co-receiver. If they opt to cut him off there, he could always get the Nobel Peace Prize, but it might not be as hot as the prize in physics, due to the slightly odd selection of prize winners over the years…

    But to put i bluntly, I personally doubt he will receive the Nobel Prize.

    • Omega Z

      As to a prize in physics, this would probably require an accepted Theory to explain it. Likely, this would take Many, Many years & these are not given posthumously. Tho he may receive something in another category.

  • Christina

    Hint to Sweden: Nobel Prize for Andrea Rossi.

    • Fibber McGourlick

      Better wait until the outcome of the long-term tests. As Rossi said, they may be negative which–in simple terms–will mean it doesn’t work.

      • very improbable for many reasons.
        why the test have lasted long if not working.
        why does none of the backup reactor get tested (according to rossi I concede).

        from what rossy said the reactor produced some heat.
        Or they would have first tried with backup reactor, then abandoned the test and published a deadly report.

        the only hypothesis for an E-cat not working is that the test is really not as Rossi says, and Rossi have lied much…

        note that this conspiracy hypothesis is hard to swallow as Stephan Pomp admitted he was contacted for the test.
        he admit that what made him refuse to participate to the test was not the impossibility to publish a negative test, but the fact that he could not talk of it meanwhile.

        so adding one with two, it is clear that the test was at least positive.

        the question is whether the performance and the endurance was good enough. since they did not use the backup reactor, the endurance seems to be of many month, maybe not 6, but not less than 2month (or they would have tried a second react to see if it lasted 4 month)

        by the way for nobel price, Rossi does not have the profile… no theory, controversial past…
        i rather see Iwamura, Celani, Takhashi, McKubre, Edmund Storms (if his theory is confirmed), hagelstein&Swartz…