Swedish E-Cat Testers Issue Statement Defending their Work, Rossi

The following is a statement just released by five of the professors (all Swedish) who were involved in the 2012-2013 testing of the E-Cat, and who were listed as authors on the May 2013 report. This is an edited Google translation from the original Swedish which was published in Ny Teknik magazine today.

Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-Cat reactor, has been portrayed as a deceiver in a number of programs in science radio entitled The blind belief in cold fusion. Additionally blamed were Uppsala and KTH researchers for being accomplices to Rossi’s work with his E- Cat invention, which was claimed to be an outright scam because it does not have detailed knowledge of how it is designed and whether it works.

Incidentally the programs incorporated a variety of factual errors that reinforces the impression of an unserious party submission concerning Rossi as a person as well as the LENR field of study (cold fusion) . There is therefore reason to comment on the motives and the role we have had in the experiments with the E-Cat reactor and to clarify with what is an accurate description.

Already in 2011 during a visit to Bologna, where we monitored a test experiment with an E-Cat reactor, revealed indications that a significant heat development took place. It was considerably larger than one would expect from a purely chemical combustion.

This result was sensational and it gave reason to follow the further development of E-Cat reactor. In particular, as Rossi was in April 28, 2011 granted an Italian patent for his invention. For a couple of additional tests in Uppsala and Bologna emerged, however, no results from which any firm conclusions could be drawn. The test in Uppsala defaulted because of a ruptured chemical weld.

In the autumn of 2012 Professor Giuseppe Levi at Bologna University and his student Evelyn Foschi did a test experiment in Ferrara with a new development of the E-Cat . This experiment was conducted independently of Rossi in the sense that all measuring equipment belonged to Levi, and he himself did all the analysis of the measurement results.

These results again showed an anomalous heat production. This prompted us to work with Levi do a longer test under rigorous conditions, which was done in March 2013. Our obvious starting point is that it is only through careful experimental testing that it is possible to determine if the E-Cat reactor works or not.

The result of this longer test also showed a clear indication of anomalous heat production. The experiment and the results are described in the article ” Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device,” arXiv : 1305.3913 .

The main conclusion of this article is that the results indicate that an anomalous heat production has taken place in such quantities that it can not have chemical origin. In contrast, ​​in the article no speculation was made about the likely sources of heat production. In particular ​​no connections were made to cold fusion, which can not be done without knowledge of reactor fuel isotopic composition before and after combustion.

The conclusion is that new tests must be partly to clarify whether an anomalous heat production actually takes place and also investigate whether a change in the fuel’s overall isotopic composition takes place.

We assessed the results of Ferrara experiment to be interesting enough to continue testing experiments. Such tests have now been carried out and the results will be reported in a new scientific article.

Bo Höistad , Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Physics

Torbjörn Hartman , Radiation Protection Officer, Svedberg Laboratory

Roland Pettersson , retired lecturer in Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Lars Tegnér, physical chemist

all at Uppsala University

Hanno Essén , associate professor of theoretical physics and a lecturer at KTH

  • Omega Z

    Your Right, RED FLAGS

    But it doesn’t hurt to look into something like this.
    His 1st patent isn’t so far fetched considering that places such as MIT are studying just such a possibility.

    His second patent, Not Limited by Carnot, Has some legitimacy as it depends on Zero mechanics. Nothing moves or bends in any manner. Little heat is lost/wasted as he supposedly has a way to continuously recirculate it in his process.

    As to his background, This means nothing. 80% of new breakthroughs come from the commons. The guy who tinkers in his garage or whatever.

    Young man graduates high-school & wanders off into the wilderness & lives off the land for 40 years. Comes out 1 day & says, “You know what, I bet if you could produce spider-silk in large quantities & braid & weave it just right, it would be lightweight & have the ability to stop Thorns from penetrating your cloths.(Or a bullet proof vest)

    Had I told you 80 years ago that a few layers of thread could stop a bullet from killing you, you would have laughed.

    Be Skeptical, but open to study. That’s good science.
    New knowledge usually comes from the unexpected & farfetched.
    NOTE: His patents will be publicly visible in about 9 months. Supposedly nothing withheld.

  • Omega Z

    It’s OK bachcole,
    Most people don’t have a clue as to how much energy they use at given times. The luxury of a modern society.
    Obviously, this varies per household # inhabitants, home size, Lifestyle etc..
    I’ll give a few examples: 1Kw=1000 watts.
    Most Microwaves are 1100watts. Likely, you have 1.
    Blow dryers: 1200 to 2000 watts. Tell wife & kids no more; Oh My.
    Average home size 2K+ sqft house-5Ton Ac/ 20,000 watts???
    1 Ton AC=12000 Btu’s. or 3,333 watts. Doesn’t include Blowers Etc..
    Absorption coolers would be no different. They still use huge amounts of energy.
    New Refrigerators are more energy efficient? Yes, But bigger with many extras. Allow 700-800 watts at start up.

    You can see my point. Also, many of these wont be in operation all at once, but must be allowed in the Peek demand. 1Kw is nothing. Your computer & your refrigerator maxes you out.

    10Kw H-cat will provide you 3/4 gal of hot water on demand.
    20 minutes to fill the tub or not so impressive trickle shower.
    10Kw H-cat=34,000+ Btu. I have a small home, but many times I would need 2 H-cats to keep it warm. Electric power requires more.
    Of Which I see many people here would be using the Energy twice over plus, plus.

    Reminds me of my Son. $2000 tax refund. Going to buy a 65″ Super HD TV, Build a $2000 Gaming computer, Rebuild the Engine in his Car, Etc, Etc. He’s not nearly as good at math as he thinks he is. 🙂

    To be fair. 1Kw fuel cell would suffice IF, You have a large expensive Battery rack. Of which at this time have short life-cycles. This destroys the economic advantages in short order. In fact, If you could cheaply/efficiently store this energy, it would be more then most would need. But, That is only electricity.

    • bachcole

      So, someone took the number of kilowatt hours per month, divided by 30.4, and then divided by 24, and said, 1 kW should be enough. (:->)

      • Omega Z

        I should also have add this bit of info.
        They Use Grid Feed Numbers In this way the number is somewhat valid tho very misleading.
        No one uses everything at once or at the same time as everyone else.
        As a reasonable example: Tho fictitious at this scale-
        I’m producing 20Kw and feeding it by Grid to 20 people. At any given time, 20Kw is being used. Spread among all according to demand at any given moment.
        Hence, I can say each person only requires 1Kw.

        The Grid in it’s own way is very efficient, Especially considering energy produced must be used. It doesn’t sit in the line as water does when you close the valve. It’s going to go somewhere, Weakest Link & damage something.

        Also, The Larger the Grid, The more efficient it is.(As in Total Capacity doesn’t have to be as Large) The U.S. has 3 main grids. Joining them would be more efficient, However more pron to problems when it doesn’t respond fast enough to change in demand. Which is the primary reason they haven’t been merged into 1.

        Bottom line is this. If Everyone has there own system, Total Output Capacity would have to be at least 10x what we have nationally today.

        • Omega Z

          Note: Someone probably did it the way you show it as well. I’ve seen this kind of math used at 1 time for sewer drains Only to have TPTB wonder why they have flooding problems when it rains. The sewers were designed to handle rainfall average per month. Not all on a single day. 🙂

  • Fortyniner

    This kind of conflation (with Rossi’s earlier TEG in this case) is the stock in trade of those intent on spreading disinformation. The facts are easy to find, and it is very difficult to believe that Ms Coyaud’s ‘misunderstanding’ and half truths are anything other than entirely deliberate.

    We may well see quite a lot more like this as the time for publication of the 2nd report (and possibly more disclosure) approaches.

    • I’m really convinced all those skeptics are absolutely sincere, like those human bomb who sacrifice their life for a cause…
      They are nasty, evil, deluded, lying, distorting facts, illogical, abusing fallacies, but absolutely sincere.
      They know (ah ah) they are right, and thus they imagine they are untouchable, they will never be caught, and ever be thanked for their visionary advice and their whistle-blowing courage.

      If there was informed people, you would see market moves of gigantic kind (not the tiny reallocation of oil field and utilities stocks that we see).

      • Fortyniner

        That is possible – there is plenty of precedent in the CF story. It’s also possible though that there are parties that would want certain memes about CF to enter the ‘public mind’, and no shortage of mercenary ‘journalists’ who would have no qualms about helping to out them there. MSM reportage on certain topics seems to confirm this modus operandi on a daily basis.

        • yes, I really feel that some people sincerely are afraid that “bad ideas”, “meme” enter the public mind and undermine “good ideas”.

          In fact i am not so différent, and I have to be carefull not finishing like Cimpy or Mary to fall in love with my theory, and ignore evidence (thanks to Defkalion to have challenged my ego).

          The theory of “meme” is really interesting, and as a tech watcher some intuitive model of “meme” circulation, “meme” filtering…

          some push the concept of “memeplex” , a groupe of “meme”, of ideas, that cross-feed each others and circulate together, and I think it is an essential idea.

          the Malthusians/Luddites/Renewable/Green/fearmongering/AGW ideas are a mega-memeplex of great success…

          In fact Mary&al often are battling against that memeplex, agains anti-immunization, anti-darwin, who challenge good science…

          but they fall in love with their battle, like those who support cold fusion, then esoteric energy…

          sadly every company, every scientific claim, every moral battle, every claimed conspiracy, have to be evaluated individually…

          what snowden reveal does not support UFO conspiracies, and LENR fiasco does not prove alternative medicine reality…

          even the scientists have problem to check every claim one by one, so they trust their peer, they invent paradigm which is taught to students with a hammer.

          there is no other solution than having a varied planet, with various people, having various ideas, in numerous societies, which fight in the reality , celebrated by economic or materialist success…

          the problem is when there is no material success to hope (self-prophecy, like what push stupidity based organization http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/enhanced/doi/10.1111/j.1467-6486.2012.01072.x/ ), or not in a reasonable time (like claim of judgement day, 100year scaremongering) …

          Consensus should be avoided.
          Consensus is good if it is right, but imagine the fiasco when it is wrong!

          • Andreas Moraitis

            For that reason, we can be happy that there is no global government. Competition between local interests appears to be a precondition of progress. I agree that the ‘globalization’ of science is problematic from this point of view.

            • yes, we have to admit that a world with many stupid and below average ideas, arganizations, people, is probably better than a world with only what we think optimal organization, and this “optimal” maybe a huge error, and one of those “stupid” ideas may be the one that save us from extermination.

  • Omega Z

    Those look very much like the Bloom Box fuel cell or 1 of several others.
    They all seem to fail in cost & reliability.
    Also, As Usual, I take issue with them and all the others who think a 1Kw device will supply an average home with all the electricity they will need. We don’t use energy in that manner. We Use a lot or a little in a variable fashion. Crank up that 1100wt Microwave. No. Toaster oven. No. 12-1800 watt blow dryer. Not going to happen.
    So in order for these to provide all your energy needs, You need a large battery rack.

    The 1Kw they use for reference, Only works when fed from a large Grid. The smaller the Grid, The higher capacity has to be. For individual home systems, It’s likely 1 would need a 15Kw system Minimum…

  • Allan Shura

    New electric car drives 1600 km without recharging and uses water and air. Aluminum air battery
    developed by Phinergy and Alcoa weighs 5 times less than the comparable power in a new Tesla.