Rossi Preparing E-Cat Plant with New Motto: In Mercato Veritas (In the Market is Truth)

A new tone has been struck this month by Andrea Rossi who has started to discuss that he is totally focused on preparing a 1 MW E-Cat plant — apparently getting it ready for public revelation. He has also adopted a new motto: In Mercato Veritas, which I translate to mean ‘In the Market is Truth’. He has always said that the public would only be convinced of the reality of his work when working plants are on the market, and now it seems he is redoubling his efforts to make this happen.

Here are some of his recent statements on the topic:

“Now, waiting for the results of the TIP, we are working very, very hard on the 1 MW plant. All what is happening around makes me extremely focused on it. In mercato veritas.”

“We will give all the due particulars of this industrial application in the USA when we will open the visits to the plant in operation.”

” Now we pass from the testing era to the market era with the 1 MW plants in continuous industrial operation. IN MERCATO VERITAS”

“I am focused on the 1 MW plant, as I said. Only the market will put an end to all the useless chattering around and will vindicate the value of our work, making groundless the accusations based on my past ( see My enemies can libel me, can write and broadcast falsities and accusations regarding facts of my life of 20 years ( twenty years !!!) ago, not related to my work on the LENR, but useful to try to discredit my person, can blackmail me, can do this and other, but one thing they will never able to do: stop the plants that are working with my technology. I have to answer with facts, not words.
The particulars of the plant in operation in the USA will be given to the visitors when we will be able to allow visits to next Customers and allowed persons and will be published in due time.”

I wonder if there is a big push now to get the plant ready for demonstration so it can coincide with the release of the independent report. Having the two events take place (with positive results) either at the same time, or in close succession would be a terrific one-two punch that would be sure to generate interest. It sounds like Andrea Rossi is looking forward to the time when his name will be associated with a significant technological achievement, rather than always being associated with the Petroldragon affair.

  • Kevin O

    Here’s how I think it will go down based upon long term observation and Rossi’s hints.

    It will be a positive TIP report. The TIP report will be ignored in the industry.

    Rossi & IH will announce that they intend to demo to their patent application which was denied recently due to being “impossible”, similar to how the Wright brothers were denied publication of an article in Scientific American because such a thing was impossible.

    Rossi will set up Hydrofusion to do a public demo. Whoever wants to pay the $5 fee can go & see a cold fusion reactor working in the field. IH will propose that their patent demo should take place on this site. It is intended to create the same kind of media circus that the Wright brothers created for their demos.

    The industry will be turned on its head before Rossi is even granted the patent. CYPW Cyclone Power stock will skyrocket. Oil futures will plummet. Bye bye, petrol-funded terrorism. Huge patent wars will break out, just like what happened when dozens of people stole the Wright brothers’ IP (like Glenn Curtiss), but it won’t be resolved in the same manner. That’s because it was a patent mashup effort by the military in WWI that forced the Wright brothers’ hand and gave shysters like Curtiss more than their fair market share.

    The way I view Rossi is that he’s like Daniel Boone. He will lead everyone to the green pastures of the Ohio Valley but he won’t think the end result was worth the effort because so many of those who came after him trampled on the beautiful territories he opened up.

  • MasterBlaster7

    When predicting the future…always go with the cynical approach. It is more often than not the correct path. Well played FP.

    With a positive 3rd party report…and…a demonstration 1-MW plant….I think you will still hear crickets from MSM.

    You need a “bloom energy moment”…my term…where someone like Google buys one of these to run a server farm…and it works. Then you will get your MSM fix.

  • MasterBlaster7

    also, large and small hot fusion devices are not cheap. Depending on the tech, each unit would cost millions to billions of dollars. LENR is just basically hydrogen and nickle in a can….you could almost build it with parts from home depot and radio shack. A COP of 6 to 200 from a few thousand dollar device. The multi-billion dollar NIF and ITER (and all of the smaller, multi-million dollar hot fusion devices) have yet to produce a COP of 1.0000001

    Hey bach….what is the difference between LENR and LENR+ ?

  • Omega Z

    Nothing unusual. Just standard procedure…

    Standard Procedure in these situations Are: $20 Million up front with a negotiated percentage of gross Factory sales. Normally starting around 2%.

    Recall the original documents called for $20 Million of which $11+ million was obtained. This went to Rossi. I can only assume, The difference will be paid upon completion of a Positive 3rd party report.

    What I’m curios about is Whom is involved behind the scenes.
    Industrial Heat is a Paper Front Entity. No Facilities of it’s own.
    This is Either all being contracted out or Some Major Entity is involved. Who have Facilities & trained personnel to collaborate with Rossi.

  • Buck


    I know we are on the same page . . . maybe just reading different paragraphs. From my experience, the path of Enlightenment takes time and is driven by a personal choice to recognize and work towards that Consciousness.

    Some will say ‘Yes’, some ‘No’, and some never wake to recognize the choice.

    But, IMO, in the end LENR is just a tool, like a ladder, a book, a plane that creates opportunities. It is not a substitute for Personal Choice, nor the challenges of Free Will. It may have arisen out of, but is not equivalent to, the personal evolution that is Enlightenment.

    All that aside, I think it very exciting that the E-Cat Testers have intimated they will be reporting on changes of isotopes in the upcoming report. Assuming positive results, I would think this will cause the Hot-Fusion guys to &#it in their pants.

    • GreenWin

      Buck, one might wonder if the guys at e.g. Princeton’s PPPL, won’t swallow their pride and redirect the lab toward “nanoplasmonics” or another arcane appellation under which to study LENR. In so doing they may again lead the world in energy research and… work toward enlightened consciousness.

      • Buck


        LOL . . . There is no doubt that once LENR becomes a culturally accepted commercially available source of energy, then all the schools with a prestigious brand to protect will waltz out with their existing barely funded labs focused upon “nanoplasmonics” . . . like Hagelstein’s lab at MIT. And the world will be “Right” again.

        But Enlightenment . . . at that point I would have to say we are talking about fundamentally different and respectable paths. Though, I do have to point to the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” to highlight the pitfalls of having an IQ of 185.

  • georgehants

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    • GreenWin

      200X Solar temps?? “Can’t Touch This.”

  • GreenWin

    It will be interesting to see how long it takes MIT and CalTech to accept LENR. I suppose not before MIT’s PSFC is shut down – or admits failure to lead.

  • GreenWin

    I like your point. Though realistically even a weed will not survive the 405 freeway, or autobahn. 🙂

  • GreenWin

    🙂 Correct Roger. Also, I should clarify; hot fusion of any type has failed to produce even 1 Watt of useful energy. ITER will never produce useful energy.

  • deleo77

    Another bit of second hand info that was posted on vortex said that the testers were supplied three e-cats, but only used one. If that is true I think that would say quite a bit, with the assumption that if the first one didn’t work they would have moved on to trying the other two. It would be interesting to see if Rossi would answer any questions about this.

    • Omega Z


      Frank Acland April 10th, 2014
      Dear Andrea,
      You mentioned you sent your E-Cat to the neutral location when you learned about it. Did you send multiple reactors, or only one?
      Many thanks, Frank Acland

      Andrea Rossi April 10th, 2014

      Frank Acland:
      We sent 3 of them, as spare parts, but ( this I can say) we did not have breaks or malfunctions, so far, so the spare parts are intact.
      Warm Regards, A.R.