The E-Cat Report: Who Needs to Know?

If the report we are anticipating on the long-term E-Cat testing turns out to be well done, and contain positive results — i.e. it clearly demonstrates the viability of the E-Cat as a superior source of energy — then I think it will be an immensely important document that should be widely reported about and studied.

So here’s something I would like to propose we can do as a community of concerned readers. If the report is positive and the results are significant I would like to make contact with people around the world who write about science and technology, and inform them of the test results. My idea would simply be to provide them with a a little background about the E-Cat, a short overview of the test and a link to the report, and leave it at that. The results, if positive, should speak for themselves. If the results are negative (as we are told they may be), I don’t see there would be much point in sending out the mailing.

What I’d like to ask of E-Cat World Readers, is if they could help in the compilation of a list of people you think should be contacted — people who might be interested in the results, and who you think there would be a chance that they might write about the report to their audiences.

I am thinking primarily of people who communicate to the public about science and technology matters — authors, journalists, bloggers, etc. I suppose other public figures could be included. I will leave that up to the judgment of readers here.

Below is a form you can use to submit your suggestions:

The results will be compiled in the form of a spreadsheet that I can use to make a mailing list.

I think it might be useful to do little E-Cat activism — many thanks in advance to all!

  • BroKeeper

    No worries. The walk will outperform the talk soon enough. Too many corporations and utilities know of LENR’s reality and its monetary benefits. I know of one prominent corporation mentioned here often is looking at it seriously. The prolific truth will find its own level.

    • Know how? First hand info?

      Can you characterize the interest? Preparing a major investment if the report is positive? Preparing to sick a summer intern on it? What?

      • BroKeeper

        G, I completely understand your requests and validation concerns; however I
        signed recently a confidentiality agreement I cannot cross. It is second hand credible information. It may be awhile before investment opportunities
        will be available. The bigger a ship is the
        wider and slower the turns – the same holds true for large corporations. My hope is to throw out a little encouragement
        to the troops amongst the latest negative broadcasts.

        • Thank you for responding.

        • if you know a company often cited here, I know one never cited here (it’s main competitor was cited in LENR story but not here)…
          so we have two….

          do you think we can get above the 100bn sales with our two companies? (since none of us know the others name, it is a funny bet).

          if you are a serious company, try to contact your local LENR research dealer šŸ˜‰

          • BroKeeper

            Easily, the two companies will make LENR things come to life.

            • GEE whiz… you guys could at least drop a few hints!

              • cannot say who, but it is important to say that some really big corps have skunkwork division, with people that sometime think about LENR. It is not easy for some in Western countries.

                think about Mitsubishi, Toyota, ST Micro, NI, and don’t forget NASA, thus Boeing , Lockheed Martin, and also DoD and Navy and thus weapon makers… in each case it is tiny budget.

                Now if I say that I don’t talk of any of those guys, but imagine who could feel concerned. If your company is not in the list, nor in mine… hum, time to prepare.

              • BroKeeper

                I did. LENR is a good thing.

  • Mats Lewan just fired back:

    “I welcome serious critic of my reports and of my book, but this reportage does not qualify. Iā€™m not impressed, and I hope that the next scientific news team that decides to evaluate this story and my book will set the bar higher.”

    • Mats Lewan has shown a high degree of professionalism and integrity to date. Not to mention bravery.

      Who knew simply telling the truth would be so fraught with peril.

      • georgehants

        LENR, I hope you are putting the fault plainly in the hands of main-line science regarding Cold fusion reporting.
        These incompetent reporters are only reporting the Facts as given by SCIENCE.
        Do you agree?

        • Yes, georgehants, I think science has a major problem with how it deals with outliers and with the corrupting influence of money.

          Unlike you I don’t mainly blame scientists at large for those problems. But we’ve been over this. Anyone who doesn’t know your opinion on this subject yet can consult one of your previous eight thousand posts on the subject.

          • georgehants

            It is good that after eight thousand posts at least one person has the guts to agree with me.
            If you read these posts you will know that I only blame the corrupt, incompetent and bias members of that profession for the crimes, but I then blame every other member who does not admit that science is in an almost terminal state of stupidity regarding Cold Fusion and many other subjects and that Action is necessary to correct its crimes.

            Ninety five % of scientists on these pages would rather blame anybody else and spend much time doing so, rather than face the Truth.
            That confirms my Facts regarding the almost bizarre warped mindset of most of science.

            • bachcole

              Guts has nothing to do with it. We all agree that science has dropped the ball. We all disagree that only scientists can be corrupt and skeptopathic. And we all agree that you are repeating this so much that it has become tedious.

          • Thomas Kuhn have studied that, and clearly during “normal science” phase, scientist to be productive have to be closed mind against outliers.


            the usual solution is that each scientific community have a different way to be closed mind, and different definition of outliers.

            In the old time, depending on the specialty, on the country, one outlier could be integrated into another community, and influence another community when things can be considered as ready for revolution.

            My perception is that like in business, in finance, today there is an awful winner take all in science,


            a central groupthink, unique, monolithic.

            It is funded by UNO and DoE, based on the same group of influential scientific journals, and think tank, supported by media who beside surface battle, share similar groupthink…

            the problem is not the closed mind, it is all the same closed mind.
            Today we are tolerating pseudo-science as mainstream science, and real science as voodoo science.
            there is no surface critics than can pass the monolithic censorship.

            I maybe exaggerated as probably Asian research community are more free than Western’s.

            • Seems like we’re in still in the anomaly/discovery phase but the report, though it might be positive or negative the results, could kick us into the crisis/theory phase.

              The funny thing is that since this progression is known and has been seen over and over again, shouldn’t we be able to short-circuit it?

              Guess not.

  • Omega Z

    Just a few weeks before the 3rd party test report is to come out.

    Why this preemptive attack on Rossi & Those involved with the E-cat. Why the character assassination of those people & the credibility of said test.
    It appears there are far to many involved(More then a Dozen) for any serious errors to get past them. Persons from 7 Universities regardless if the Universities themselves are directly involved or not.

    Only Reason I can phantom is FEAR.
    Fear that it will be positive…
    If they thought otherwise, Why bother???

    • Power… financial and social.

      It’s going to get a lot worse. This radio show was nothing. Just wait for the disinformation psy-ops about to rain down on us.

      That stupid radio show seems to have caused some kind of despair in Europe. Alain is getting his white flag out of the closet. Peter Gluck wails on Ego Out.

      But while the test report will (likely) have a strong European flavor to it, the action is in America, friends. And we know how to do this. This is what we do.

    • the fear is not financial, it is academic fear to be proven stupid.

      the finance guys are either not aware, hearing the consensus, or…
      they prepare tiny thus discrete funding for research, that will not be so visible to the “consensus” (that frighten executive, who are few to have bollocks – and still have a job)

      • Academic fear is part of it, but I think you underestimate the business maneuvering underway.

        • I have no doubt that it will happen soon, but for now the corporate executives fight against the academic consensus to obtain the right (like Elforsk) to do basic research, from their CEO.

  • MasterBlaster7

    I directly communicate with senators, congressmen, think tank members and a few other big wigs. If appropriate, I slip LENR into the conversation. I definitely got one think tank guy working on energy solutions interested. He hadn’t heard of LENR. Probably thought I was a nutter. haha.

  • Paul

    Frankly, my opinion is that if IH does not pay, and soon, one of the best PR world company for media campaigns on magazine, blogs, radio, TV, they will lose the media war. I have no doubt on this. In the recent past, many companies have gone bankrupt just because they had the media against. For some names, you can ask to the experts in business communication.

  • Julian Becker
  • Ophelia Rump

    Get the Huffington Post to cover it. It is liberal enough and activist enough to put weight behind the subject if it becomes aware and convinced.

    It has tremendous circulation and a large list of writers who could be approached.

    • georgehants

      Ophelia, a great idea but the Post is not recognised by corrupt science because it covers “real” scientific subjects such as the Placebo Effect and Near Death Experiences etc.
      Science is still worshiping only the 17th. century religious philosophy of Descartes etc. that will not except that the mind and body are holistic so millions of people that could be helped by this knowledge are just thrown aside.
      So no hope there of convincing scientists to change their minds about Cold Fusion.
      (I think)

      • Ophelia Rump

        If you want people to believe, you need a consensus.
        You must sway the opinion of the herd. The subject deserves credible public acknowledgment. Outside the scientific community; they always squabble among themselves.

        There needs to be a populist backing, or this will get controlled, limited, restricted, regulated and metered.

        • georgehants

          So agree, that is the situation, but what a crazy situation when we have a profession called science,we have a scientific breakthrough, possibly one of the most important in history and here we few are, on a fringe Website trying to think of ways to convince this scientific profession to be interested and do it’s job.
          It feels like an unbelievable spoof novel.
          Are you sure we are living in a real World and not an Alice in Wonderland sequel?

          • Ophelia Rump

            All possible worlds are manufactured, another fine feature of Humanity.

            • georgehants

              Ha, I could interpret that as Everetts many Worlds, the Quantum Psi collapse, Reincarnation, any of the Anthropic principles etc. or maybe just a happy little bit if personal philosophy.

    • psi2u2

      I agree. Frank, go for it!

  • Donk970

    While it would certainly be gratifying to see Cold Fusion get the recognition it deserves, it isn’t necessary in my opinion. The only people who actually need to know are the ones investing in commercialization and they already know.

    • georgehants

      Donk, while I would normally agree with you, your point misses the Fact that every day that passes with corrupt science ignoring Cold Fusion people are dying and suffering in their millions through lack of good water and food etc.
      My wife has again just returned from Ghana after delivering five community and one family water filters + many basic medicines etc. etc.
      We give many thanks to British Airways for again allowing these gifts to travel free.
      When one is aware of this suffering, hidden from most people, then it makes the crimes of science in the case of Cold Fusion and many other like areas very plain.
      If Cold Fusion is genuine then science should be spending billions NOW to bring it’s technology to the people who most need it.
      Every hours delay is a death sentence for these people.

  • Hope4dbest

    Big Corporations are not going to attack Cold Fusion, but monetize it. IBM did not attack computers to defend its mechanical calculators business, but built them.

    • Fortyniner

      Those who stand to lose most will oppose CF. The nuclear industry in particular stands to lose heavily, probably terminally, and has a tendency to fight very dirty.

      • GreenWin

        To wit – the yellow slop put out by Swedish Radio.

  • gbas3 gbas3

    Very interesting.
    I’m convinced that will be important a comunication with a “energy commission” in my parlament (Italy). In a particular Mr. Davide Crippa.

  • Ron Kita

    IAEA is a branch of the UN:

    Ron Kita,Chiralex
    Doylestown PA

  • Kevin O

    This requires someone among us who knows a member of the Nobel Prize committee so that Stanley Pons can be nominated. The prize only goes out to living scientists. Dr. Fleischmann is already gone and Pons is not far behind.

    • georgehants

      Kevin, that should not be difficult, surly every scientist on the planet feels that the people who have discovered a new branch of science that could help humanity should be recognised and praised with many prizes etc.
      Or are you suggesting that there are “scientists” who would not feel that way?

      • Kevin O

        Or are you suggesting that there are “scientists” who would not feel that way?
        ***I am certain of that.

        Only a member of the committee can nominate for a Nobel Prize. That is a small subset of scientists.

        • georgehants

          So for this subset of scientists to be on the Nobel committee they obviously have proven themselves to be honest fair and wise, so they would recognise that that such an important achivement as Cold Fusion demands many Nobel’s over time.
          We therefore have nothing to worry about, we can rely on them to do the right thing.

    • Hope4dbest

      Why should Stanley Pons be nominated for a Nobel Prize? For 25 years he has not been able to replicate his findings. For all we know, what’s going on inside the Ecat may not have anything to do with Pons’ findings. In that case the Nobel Prize should go to Rossi.

      • Where did you get that erroneous data ? From wikipedia ?

        With fleischmann he have replicated his experiments and developed the observed power…

        many people have replicated, and later Longchampt have done it exactly his way.

        problem in cold fusion is that most people thinks they know the story.

        please read

        and then follow your question and the citations.

        To be informed take normally few month of reading.

  • georgehants

    How about just one letter to the premier science comics, once they print the Truth then all the other media, etc. etc. will obviously follow.
    Save a lot of time and I am sure that as (I think) Cold Fusion is something to do with science one may think that it would be their pleasure and responsibility to broadcast the good news.
    Or are we suggesting that they are bias, incompetent and corrupt and would not print the Truth.

    • ecatworld

      I think the major science magazines should be contacted if they don’t report on the report. It should be on the radar for them, even though many have not dealt with the topic seriously yet.

  • Gerard McEk

    Good initiative Frank. Is it possible to to send all the regular Disqus members also this email? I would then send it to many people with the question to read and mail further.

  • Gerard McEk

    I hope and expect that IH is aware of this and has powerful PR army loaded up to counter attack.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    I’ve done similar things in past and using CC feature in mail and copy/pasting overall letter content has worked quick.

    • JDM

      bcc keeps the spammers from collecting all those addresses.

      • friendlyprogrammer

        Yes. Also some of the more important ones like media I would personalize and send on its own.

        • ecatworld

          Yes, I fully agree. I don’t want to be considered a spammer of any kind.

  • bachcole

    So, Dear Reader, how many contacts did you submit. I submitted three. Can you beat that?

    • psi2u2

      One, but a very good one, Bachole! Cheers, psi.

  • LukeDC

    If you can keep it under 2000 subscribers then you should set yourself up a free mailchimp account. Then you can get performance metrics on the mail out and judge the effectiveness of your campaign. You can also provide an unsubscribe link and incorporate mail merge features. Personalising emails help with spam filters.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks for the tip Luke. I agree, better to do a personal message than a mass mailing that could be considered spam.

  • Broncobet

    I think Brian Wang of Next Big Future is already on your mailing list right? I read their blog.

    • ecatworld

      He is on top of things. I think he will cover the report without our prompting. I’m thinking of people who are less aware of what is going on.

      • mcloki

        The guys on Next Big Future are rabid haters of Rossi. Anything sent there will be like sending humble pie to their posters who thought Rossi was a fraud. The evidence will have to be very convincing. Especially for a few of the regular posters. But then again they may see reason in a regular report.

        • not the owner it seems, he relay often some news with open/positive position. However Goat Guy is there to close the dance.

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            IH needs to hire Goat Guy.