Who is Lightstone? (New LENR company)

Thanks to Omega Z for sharing a link to the web site of a company called Lightstone technologies, Inc. — a new name to me. The company’s web site (http://lightstone.net) provides some information, but there are a number of unanswered questions.

The company states that “We own 50% of an amazing energy technology that can become the world’s cheapest form of electricity production and is 100% green.” — but the exact technology is not identified, nor the company that owns it.

In the Technology area of the web site, there is a section describing LENR. (I am somewhat flattered, because the first three paragraphs in the LENR description are taken from an article I wrote for Oilprice.com last November) This is what they say about LENR:

We have built a LENR “heat producing” prototype reactor which allows us to trigger a LENR reaction on demand. Each reaction produces neutrons emission, gamma radiation and heat. We are working together with National Instruments Institute, a well-known American company specialized in calorimetric, and to audit our measurement results.

Our research has been based on results of a large soviet research program which was discontinued after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Our lead scientist participated in this program and has continuing its research over the last 25 years until he found the he discovered the right conditions and materials to reliably trigger a LENR reaction in 2011.

The company states that its joint venture (presumably with the LENR company) is domiciled in Germany, because they say the German government is interested in LENR as a possible alternative to nuclear fission plants which are being phased out there.

Key officers in the company are listed; none are familiar names to me, and none seem to have been involved in LENR to this point.

The company is seeking investment from professional investors and governments, but so far a prospectus has not yet been published.

The only German LENR company that I am aware of is Purratio AG, who we have covered here before. They describe a technology that produces neutron radiation (which is mentioned above). I wonder if there is any connection between the two. I notice that a recent statement that Lightstone has signed up with a company called Tiber Creek to help them go public.

Here are a couple of videos that talk about Lightstone’s technology — the second one appears to be a demo in preparation for the company going public on the US OTC stock exchange later this year.



So this is another name to keep an eye on.

  • recent update


    “​We are currently developing our new website ready to launch in April 2015 with new and existing world changing energy technologies.”

  • Allan Shura

    No one has years of sales and marketing experience in LENR.

  • Christopher Calder

    It seems that more than one company has figured out how to use LENR to turn water into hydrogen gas at low cost. As far as a heat producing unit using the Fleischmann and Pons method, I think some companies are just adding the Rossi-Defkalion developed sonic shock gadgets to the design and finding ways to improve hydrogen penetration into the palladium. Some of the new ideas are building on the work of others and some ideas are being found independently by teams of people all over the world.

    • georgehants

      Christopher, so hope you are correct.

  • Fortyniner
  • georgehants

    “We have to abandon the idea that schooling is something restricted
    to youth. How can it be, in a world where half the things a man knows at
    20 are no longer true at 40 –and half the things he knows at 40 hadn’t
    been discovered when he was 20?”
    ~Arthur C. Clarke

  • Andreas Moraitis

    This makes indeed more sense, provided that both entries refer to the same company. Maybe somebody who has full access to LinkedIn could verify it.

  • Omega Z

    This all seems kind of strange. Some of the Info seems gathered up & pieced together.

    As of yet, it appears they don’t really have anything. link to this page-

    “Lightstone will benefit from these laws and would be able to fund the construction of our first LEHR reactor, which would be 300 KW.”

  • Omega Z

    Frank credits me with this, but I’d like to point out that it was1st posted May 8th by pelgrim108 on the Always Open Thread & Posted again by Matre 2 days ago.

    I merely posted the page that fleshed out the LENR info.

    The Russian connection caught my attention because I had come across such connections with some of Rossi’s people in the past.

  • Christopher Calder

    EMAIL from the company below.
    Hello Christopher,

    Our website should not have been live at this stage. Work is still being completed on it. We are currently filing paperwork with the SEC before publicly listing our company.

    During this filing stage we will not be making any public comments regarding our present or future business dealings.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Lightstone Technologies

    • steve high

      Planning to file with the SEC adds a new wrinkle to the interplay among fraud,fantasy and functionality. When you go with the SEC you open yourself up to some serious blowback if it turns out that the idea you were selling stock on is worthless. I’m thinking of John Rohner and his Intelligentry Papp Engine scheme. They flew in on him and decapitated his fever dreams of fame and fortune in one fell swoop. Perhaps that is why we don’t hear much about SEC filings among the less-well-supported claims. Does that make this case different? Well nothing has been filed yet. I wonder if a promise-to-file is known to cause swooning among the gullible investor class. In my mind the credibility clock is now ticking for Lightstone. File if you’re gonna or my attention turns elsewhere.

  • US_Citizen71

    I was just looking at the whois information for their website. It is registered in Australia to flat rate website build/host company. Great way to hide who is involved but does not inspire much confidence in me for the company as a whole.

    • Mr. Moho

      The “LS Voice Over Demo Overview” linked in the blog post is narrated by an australian-sounding guy (to me, at least. I could be wrong). That should tell something.

    • LukeDC

      I am only getting a godaddy registered site for lightstone.net. To cover their Whois up they are using domainsbyproxy (https://www.domainsbyproxy.com/default.aspx) to register their address. Everything is proxied up. Web hosting component and mail server is through secureserver.net
      Am I missing something?

      • US_Citizen71

        They changed it. It was showing registered to http://ronbasset.com/ in Australia They must be monitoring this forum. I had to go back in to my history to find it.

        • US_Citizen71

          It still shows it partially at whois.net

          [Querying whois.verisign-grs.com]
          [Redirected to whois.godaddy.com]
          [Querying whois.godaddy.com]
          Domain Name: LIGHTSTONE.NET
          Registrar URL: http://www.godaddy.com
          Registrant Name: Ron Basset
          Registrant Organization: ron basset
          Name Server: NS55.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
          Name Server: NS56.DOMAINCONTROL.COM

          DNSSEC: unsigned

          • Fortyniner

            Ron Basset is an Australian entrepreneur whose business is setting up websites and promoting them through ‘SEO’. His profile is at http://au.linkedin.com/pub/ron-basset/14/569/52b where he is listed as a “Consultant at NRG Technologies (Lightstone)”

            Mr Basset has no engineering or financial background and I assume that his sole involvement is in promoting the Lightstone web site.

            • US_Citizen71

              Mystery solved. But, the lack of a business address on the registration still isn’t very confidence building. I deal with eCommerce websites it is standard procedure to show the registration at the primary business address to keep customers from getting paranoid.

            • Peter Shwartz

              From Ron Basset ‘s web site:For the past 12 years I have been assisting companies from all around the world with my consulting services.

              From start-ups to established businesses I have helped many companies achieve their goals whether that be branding, web design, search engine optimization (SEO) or public relations.

              If I am unable to assist you with any services you require, you can be assured that I can put you in touch with someone who can.

  • Obvious

    I found these pages that are not easily accessible.


    • Curbina

      They seem to be on the “design webpage” part of their checklist. I wonder who is behind this. They seem to be a “magician hat” full of “solutions”.

      • Obvious

        Yes, a bit of a lack of focus it seems. Looks more like a shell company looking for a QT than a real deal.

        • Web presence is not very important for startup at early phase.
          they create a website just to look cool, put their address, so their client can send the links to colleagues…

          at beginning the main job is to have face to face meeting with real people, convince with words and facts… once the first barier of “why not” is passed, there is Due Dilligence, negociation and the first $ are invested…
          then it is a race because as soon as a company is really running, cash is burned.

          typically the first years the creators dont have payroll and work for free.
          Only with time do they get some payroll, often quite ridiculous compared to corporate executives… they are paid in hope, and it can succeed if the startup survive. hard job.

          • Curbina

            I know this first hand Alain, really hard job but if the idea is good, one can really survive.

  • Chris I

    Well I find these folks rather suspicious and unconvincing.

    • Owen Geiger

      They make too many wild claims. Just one successful product, if true, would be world changing.

  • LilyLover

    OT: Energy Storage Improved
    Solar/ECAT+Cotton Battery => Nothing to worry about night/start-up time.
    EEStor might have been vaporware (?) but this seems like a new step.
    Fast charging with more cycles and sustainable; not “Sustainable”.


    Take a look. Samsung graphene sheets, 14nm lithography, and now this… 3D Printed ECAT with Magic Core supplied by Rossi with new storage battery … seems like poverty is about to be defeated.

    • bachcole

      Yeah, I saw that. Very cool. It looks like the real deal to me, a sure thing. Now we don’t have to depend upon that urban legend EEStor.

    • BroKeeper

      This has a huge Wow factor for Tesla Motors. They would gain the greatest benefits from this breakthrough if only they obtain rights to manufacture their own in their Giga battery factories. It is perfect for running their or any electric car for 300 miles and a charge 20X faster than lithium batteries with no overheating dangers – nearly as fast as filling the gas tank. Of course the cost factor will be significantly reduced. The only thing that could beat it is an E-Cat converted electric source. Elon Musk has some critical decisions to make ahead.

    • Allan Shura

      I would be among the first customers for a graphene 3D printer.

      • Obvious

        Graphene will be the new asbestos. You heard it here first.

        • Fortyniner

          You mean it may be a carcinogen? Or have I missed something a bit more subtle than that?

          • Obvious

            Sharp microscopic particles that are potentially chemically reactive with living tissues. Easy to inhale, pass through membranes, and get imbedded into skin. The sort of thing that millions of white blood cells and possibly antigens will impale themselves on repeatedly until some wounded cells mutate. Particles small enough to short circuit or react with unknown consequences with internal cell components. Probably easy to make safe for the intended use, but easily accidentally released when burnt, crushed, damaged or abused in some way. Extremely hard to detect or identify in accidental release situations (unlike nano nickel or other metals), since carbon is ubiquitous and the particle size is so small.

  • Gerard McEk

    This is the first LENR company that claims high yield energy based on palladium/deuterium in a wet process like P&F did. Seems odd to me that they succeeded where many others (like McKubre) got relatively marginal results. Like others say below: they want probably to take the advantage of the coming hype IH/Rossi may cause. Who would buy shares of a company that still has to prove their claims? Probably only those who lost their wit during the hype.
    Anyway, this may be the first sign for interesting times to come, so I regard this as positive news.

    • pelgrim108

      That video is 5 years old or older.
      This is the oldest version I could find from 2009:

      • Obvious

        Good digging. This may connect them to Energetics Technologies (Israel), who have been around a while (but no Russian connection that I am aware of).

        • Veblin

          Energetics Technologies started in Israel but moved and became Energetics Technologies USA, LLC. 1601 S Providence Rd Columbia, Missouri 65211-0001 United States.

          Associated with the University of Missouri (MU) and the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR) Columbia, Missouri.

  • LENR4you

    Some interesting link from Lightstone key staff members:
    “Simone Bach is an excellent technologist” to ZOZ GmbH.
    they produce “nanostructured H2-storage tank2Go”

    • pelgrim108

      Marcel Senn
      “Marcel has many years of experience as project manager for telecom projects”

      There is a Marcel Senn that worked as a project manager for Swisscom until januari 2014

    • Andreas Moraitis

      If this is not a coincidence, Simone Bach and Sergio Calqueiro (Chairman of Lightstone Technologies) are managing the German “High-Tech-Concepts Marketing GmbH”:


      It’s apparently not a scientifically or technically oriented company.

  • pelgrim108

    LS Voice Over demo Overview

    may 13 2014
    Sergio to View.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    I doubt that the German government is currently interested in LENR. It is true that they have been supporting alternative energy sources like PV or wind turbines in the past. But concluding from this fact that they are LENR enthusiasts requires a fairly strange logic.

  • giuliano bettini

    I Think I Saw a
    Pussy E Cat!

  • bachcole

    “National Instruments Institute” is bogus. I think that these companies are popping up in order to take advantage of investor and government insanity when Rossi proves his case.

    • Donk970

      There will undoubtedly be many hucksters popping up like mushrooms to try and grab some of the money that will be flying around. On the other hand I’d bet money that this LENR phenomenon has been known since the 1950’s and there will be at least a few people who were flying under the radar who pop up now that it’s out in the open.

    • Christopher Calder

      I emailed them and asked if they really mean *National Instruments Corporation*. The company may be run by people who do not speak English that well and a secretary or someone they hired constructed the web site for them.

      In any case, if they are using precious metals to create LENR instead of nickel, they may have higher costs than the competition.

  • US_Citizen71

    Neutron radiation good for death rays, nuclear waste disposal, triggering fission reactions but not so good at producing power. Their tech sounds like it will always remain in the commercial realm, at least in the US. I do not see a device that produces neutron radiation ever getting approval for residential use here.