John Maguire Interviews Mats Lewan

Here’s an interesting interview conducted by John Maquire with Mats Lewan, Swedish technology journalist and author of An Impossible Invention, the recently published book about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat. It’s 41 minutes long, and well worth a listen. I am always impressed with Mats’ knowledge and analysis, and he has played an important role in bringing knowledge of Rossi and the E-Cat to the world. We’d know much less about the story if Mats hadn’t gotten involved at an early stage — he has been one of the very few journalists writing for a mainstream publication (Ny Teknik) to cover LENR developments, and no one has gotten closer to the principle players in the story. So thanks again, Mats — and thanks to John for sharing the interview.

  • GreenWin

    A great interview – Mats explains how Drs. Kullander and Essen were so intrigued by the E-Cat October, 2011 demo they asked to observe. Mats is an impressive journalist and author.

    • Foks0904 .

      Thanks GW. I was really sorry to hear of Kullander’s passing earlier this year. As Mats explained, he was a very fair-minded, and most importantly curious, person. Just the fact he and Essen were willing to put their reputations on the line is very impressive. I mean, let’s say for some reason E-Cat never gets to market, why does something have to be a 100% slam-dunk until it’s worth investigating? Cold fusion is real with or without the E-Cat. It’s absolute rubbish that they had to deal with attacks on their character, from their own colleagues no less. Take care.