Tom Darden Involved in Opening of Nickel-Hydrogen Energy Research Center in Tianjin China

Thanks to Julian Becker for finding this important news report from the Chinese Icebank web site about the establishment of a Nickel-Hydrogen Research Center in the Tianjin Huayuan Industrial Park in Tianjin, China. Tom Darden, CEO of Cherokee Investment Partners and Chairman of Industrial Heat, LLC was present at the opening ceremony held on April 16, 2014. Other officials mentioned as being present are:

“Academy of Science and Technology Development researcher Dr. Zhao Gang, chairman of green low-carbon energy planning Dean / High Energy Investment Group Daisi Jia Ling; U.S. representative package: California legislators Travis Allen, California parliamentary Chinese affairs adviser, JD Jeff Leader, Triangle Park, North Carolina”

The reasons for the establishment of the research center given are for both the environmental and economic benefits that nickel-hydrogen reactions provide. The article stresses the importance of the cooperation between the US and Chinese parties as follows (Google translated):

Tom Darden’s research team in the field of power generation reaction of nickel has many years of experience, both sides in respect of technical co-operation in the Chinese market applications in full compliance with China’s industry-oriented and advantages, can unleash America’s most sophisticated technological advantage, hoping the two sides ordered the pace of cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win. Tom Darden as nickel-generation reactor technology representatives, will be free to put this technology transfer from the U.S. to China.

This seems to be an important development in Industrial Heat’s strategy of developing partnerships to roll out E-Cat technology. Darden apparently reported research findings at the meeting, as the article mentions that “final report of the pilot phase of the nickel reaction showed low temperature reaction of nickel is currently the lowest cost power generation technology and abundant raw material resources, alternative energy technologies.”

I wonder if Darden presented results of internal testing that Industrial Heat has been conducting — or if he is referring to other reports, such as the Levi report from last year. I would doubt that he presented the report from the independent testers that we are waiting for. Anyway, there seems to be a lot of serious interest in the E-Cat in China — but as usual no mention of this development in western press sources.

  • did you notice that the article recently disapeared from icebank?

  • This community article

    is not really a source, but you can see that Chinese readers interpret all that as “Cold Fusion” “E-cat”…

    If someone doubted of it.

    “China Tianjin NiMH (cold fusion) research center was established in Tianjin, China Nickel Metal Hydride (cold fusion) Research Center on April 16 in Tianjin Huayuan Industrial Park was established, Tom Darden, president of the American Industrial Heat attended the inaugural ceremony, the company was Rossi E – Cat manufacturing company. Attended the inauguration ceremony of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as hospital Zhao Gang (transliteration) researcher”

    “Nickel-hydrogen cold fusion is virtually unlimited cheap clean energy. Development of alternative energy, nickel-hydrogen cold fusion is absolutely correct wise choice. Adhere unswervingly light in front. Estimated a month later E – Cat test results announcement.”

    “Founded in Tianjin, China NiMH (cold fusion) research center, like herald the end of June E – Cat up to a year of rigorous testing have good results. Human beings should be held to celebrate.”

    “The new E-Cat Model includes a stainless steel reaction vessel was placed inside a brass, copper and stainless steel by interlayer water reactor. Set the imported water and hydrogen. Wound copper tube current flowing through the resistor to charge the reactor, when it reaches a certain temperature, the reaction is started. Device is very simple, reminiscent of the old pipe machine years ago.   Kullander and Essen permission to study this means checking hiding power source, a reactor is filled with hydrogen, the exact determination of the water flow, the water flow out of the detected temperature, and observed throughout the experiment. Reflect built 50 grams of nickel powder and 0.11 g of hydrogen. In their report mentioned “now free to use the heater to generate electricity, the water from the hose, and then through the outlet steam valve and the water pipes, as well as the hydrogen feed tube. Approximate total weight of this device is 4 kg. “”

    they have their skeptics too 😉

    or Mary learn Chinese

  • we-cat

    Dear All,

    Nickel futures sharply higher in the last few days.


  • we-cat

    Dear All,

    There are some big buyers in nickel futures;

    There are other rumors / events that push the price up, but i do not discard that an upcoming report is a big driver behind the up-ticks.


    • Andreas Moraitis

      There is a supply bottleneck in nickel since Indonesia imposed an export ban in January 2014. In addition, a nickel mine in New Caledonia has recently been closed due to technical problems. No need to assume a connection to LENR, at the moment.

    • pg

      World nickel production is over a million metric tons per year.
      20 tons of nickel would be enough to supply about 1.000.000 e-cats for 5/6 years. So nickel price or availability can not be affected by it.

  • jousterusa

    The interesting angle on this, to me, is that Darden is proceeding in China – a place where he can be somewhat insulated from pressure by the huge Western oil, gas and electric power industries. He is not completely insulated, of course, because competitive industries of that kind also exist in the newly capitalistic Chinese economy. But he will get a head start on them in China, and we will have to see what subterfuges the United States and other Western nations create to prevent it from being imported for home use. I think a key to that will be ensuring that the only form of import the U.S. and UK will permit is for large-scale industrial uses, not small units that allow ordinary households to go off the grid. The latter event would be a tragedy, of course, and while it will be conducted and arranged at a very high level usually beyond the reach of public protest, we can only hope that the few remaining honest legislators in Congress will work hard to prevent trade barriers from being erected that would bar home-based E-Cats from import.

  • Lande

    Interesting about nickel “eating” plant. LENR in nature…?


    • nonstandarddeviation

      Clearly a bought-science mis-information campaign by TPTB to create uncertainty about the viability of LENR. I can hear it now: “Suppose these plants started spreading like Kudzu? What would keep grandma warm at night, then, hunh?”

      • I don’t know if it is TPTB (don’t think so, TPTB are victims of the physicists groupthink like mom&pops), but freeenergyscams, the site of an anti-e-cat lord of war (gary wright?) is suddenly more active and better covered by my probes…
        did they buy SEO services?
        Preparing for the war!

        the wors is that I suspect all that is just benevolent (like me)… the war of believers is thousands time more bloody than the war of professionals.

        • Omega Z

          So we could harvest these plants for our E-cat Fuel.
          Can we GM these plants to get the right nano size.