Solar Hydrogen Trends Claim Hydrogen Production Process is LENR/Transmutation

Menlo Park, California based company Solar Hydrogen Trends have issued a press release which provides comments from its Chief Scientist, Konstantin Balakiryan about the process involved in their claimed process of converting 1 liter of water into 1kg of hydrogen.

The title of the press release is ‘Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc. Chief Scientist Konstantin Balakiryan Reveals the Secrets of the Hydrogen Reactor “Symphony 7A”‘, and consists of Balakiryan responding to statements that have been posted on various web forums over the last few months. One of the statements that he responds to is that the process is LENR. He writes:

‘We have been avoiding using this term for some time because we are seriously investigating, and treat the scientific work and the description of physical phenomena, with the utmost of respect. We never display our wishful thinking as if it were reality We can confidently state that in Symphony 7A there is a transmutation process of atoms of oxygen into hydrogen.

‘Judge for Yourself: The composition of the gas mass on the exit of the hydrogen reactor in one hour makes more than 7 kg of pure hydrogen. Since the working substance in the Symphony 7A is water, then its decomposition product can only be oxygen and hydrogen. There is no oxygen on exit. However, there is hydrogen which is eight times more than it should be. And where is the oxygen? There should be 6.2 kg. But there is not. Leakage of oxygen is excluded, because we know how volatile hydrogen is, and we made sure that our hydrogen reactor is hermetically sealed.

‘The answer is clear – “This is transmutation!”
However transmutation of oxygen atoms to hydrogen atoms (reaction) at temperatures below 80F, and with energy input of 0.5 kWh can be called “low energy nuclear reactions” (cold fusion). There are no other options.
Therefore, this is classical LENR!!!’

The press release concludes by saying that it will take hundreds of scientists and experimentalists and theoretical physicists to understand the science involved in the Symphony 7A reactor, and the company reaches out to the scientific community to partner with them in this effort. It’s not clear from the press release, however, how they want to interface with the scientific community, and what kinds of help they are looking for.

  • Christopher Calder
  • E_man


    Trip to LA

    Jack said I’d be welcome to come for a visit, so I
    can videotape the unit in operation, enabling others to see what I’m seeing, and
    how the testing is done.

    The flight is about $350, and we’re probably looking at one or two nights hotel

    Your help in enabling me to go would be greatly appreciated.

    And, as usual,
    we’re still getting by on donations, so your chipping in is what is keeping us
    going as a news organization. (Leaving for Brazil tomorrow [covered by FISL]
    but only have a few dollars in my account.)

  • jousterusa

    Perhaps you have better information than I did. If that’s the case, Sorry!

  • E_man

    Mass difference between 1oxygen atom and 16 hydrogen atoms is about 0.13 atom unit = about 2.12E-28 kg = cca 120 MeV.
    Where from Mr.Balakiryan you are taking this mass or energy?
    Many thanks for answer.

  • Christopher Calder

    It may be bunk, but the guy deserves an Academy Award as an actor if it is. I emailed AirKinetics and asked if they tested the unit and what is their opinion. If the guy is delusional, it will be very fast, cheap, and easy to find out. As a scam his approach makes no monetary sense because he is allowing testing. Either it works or it does not work. I like his claim that the discovery was accidental as part of a research program to find better ways to extract precious metals. Liars have a hard time keeping their lies straight. This guy responds instantly to questions as if he is telling the truth. He does not have to stop and think to make up a new lie to cover his story. The guys selling noble gas engines smell like liars. This guy smells honest, but if he is insane and delusional living in a dream world he could sound like he is telling the truth because he really believes what he is saying.

    All I am saying is that it is worthwhile for DARPA to spend a day and a thousand bucks expenses to find out the facts. That would not be difficult at all.

  • jousterusa

    This statement sure is strange: “the process involved in their claimed process of converting 1 liter of water into 1kg of hydrogen…” There are 18,000 gallons of hydrogen in a liter of water that can be extracted by simple electrolysis.

  • Christopher Calder

    If you combined a cigarette pack sized Solar Hydrogen Trends hydrogen generator, a Bloom Energy solid state fuel cell ( ), a five gallon tank of water fuel, and a compact electric motor, you have a light car with plenty of power and a reasonable cost of production. If you can generate lots of hydrogen gas you can take existing 747s and turn them into hydrogen powered jetliners. You would need to engineer the water tanks so that the water does not freeze at altitude. Other than that turning existing aircraft into hydrogen powered aircraft is straightforward. Manufacturing synthetic jet fuel and synthetic gasoline is a piece of cake if you have a cheap source of both hydrogen gas and electricity. Figure synthetic gasoline at less than $2.00 a gallon at the pump. You can get the carbon from the atmosphere to make hydrocarbon fuels, such as pure heptane or pure octane. I emailed DARPA about SHT and asked them to investigate. Ripping out the oil burning power plants in all our large navy ships and replacing them with hydrogen burners would be a chore, but would quickly save money in fuel costs.

    • Ivone

      If this pans out, the most favoured fuel from my point of view would be ammonia. It powered the x – 15 and had a density similar to kerosene, liquid methane and butane. But there’s no carbon involved. It’s cheap enough already but would drop though the floor. Excellent also as rocket fuel.

  • Omega Z
    • guga

      This looks very similar to the devices on Kirk’s Enterprise. 🙂

  • FrankM

    The phone # is 818 -that’s the San Fernando Valley -Glendale area -so it’s either a cell or?