Infinite Energy Publishes Reviews of Mats Lewan’s ‘An Impossible Invention’

In its most recent issue Infinite Energy magazine has published numerous reviews of the recently released book An Impossible Invention written by Mats Lewan. A number of the reviewers are well known to followers of the LENR story, others are less familiar.

There are reviews by Christy Frazier, Michael McKubre, Jed Rothwell, Brian Josephson, and Jim Dunn. All speak well of the book and talk about the importance of the subject matter. I think it is fair to say that Mats Lewan has done an excellent job in making the sometimes long and winding road of cold fusion history comprehensible, and also has shown that there is convincing evidence for the reality of the LENR effect, and specifically for the reality of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat.

I would like to include here some words from Michael McKubre’s review. McKubre is one of the most experienced and credible researchers who has worked with cold fusion/LENR over the years, and I find his statments almost always carry important weight. He writes:

I have not met either Andrea Rossi or Mats Lewan. Having read An Impossible Invention in virtual form “from cover to cover,” I see that was a mistake . . . Lewan makes the case, I believe convincingly, that Andrea Rossi has ushered in the nuclear renaissance that Sidney Kimmel anticipated when he established SKINR [The Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance at the University of Missouri]. Obviously we must be capable of learning from others—the issue is who to trust. By allowing me to trust the author and man Mats Lewan, his book clearly demonstrates that Essén, Focardi, Kullander, Stremmenos, and thus Rossi, can be trusted at least in the matter of his “Impossible Invention.” The experimentalist in me fidgets to make measurements— which I would still love to do—but the proof of this pudding will be in working and useful technology that will provide all necessary impetus to backtrack the science.

Following the reviews is an interview with Mats Lewan. The reviews and interview can be read here:

  • georgehants

    Cold fusion may have revolutionary potential by Jed Rothwell

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Our brains, and therefore our minds, control the functions of our bodies. (The brain controls by far not all functions of the body, but that’s another question.) If the nerves that are leading form the brain to the body would be cut – which will hopefully never happen –, this control would not work anymore. For that reason, it makes not much sense to assume that your brain or mind controls my body and vice versa.

    • pelgrim108

      Let me rephrase to make myself clear.
      I could have been born as Andreas Moraitis but I was not. Who or what decided this fact.
      That there is something wich is deciding over this is imho an important clue.
      It speaks against counsciousness being an emergent fenomenon of brain structure. And speaks for the brain as a seat for a soul.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        I think that both our genetic predisposition and the experiences we make during our life determine who we are. If there is something beyond that – maybe, but in any case it’s difficult to prove.

  • GreenWin

    Frank, thanks for highlighting Michael McKubre’s review. He is clearly one of the first order heroes in this adventure and his endorsement is significant. Dr. Rossi deserves enormous praise for tenacity and endurance, and I suspect that he would be first to remind, he stands on the shoulders of giants.

  • georgehants

    From Cold Fusion Now
    Revolution-Green’s Mark Dansie On Transition Technology & LENR

    • GreenWin

      George, what I find interesting here is the commentary between Simon D and “Asterix” another pseudonym for a well know skep. Asterix suggests we learn science from NASA and other institution’s press officers. This is typical of the approach taken by many knowledge monopolists.

      Their thought is only knowledge issued by approved “press offices” constitute “real science.” This concept is being fossilized by open access via the net and science servers like ArXiv. In fact the entire LENR story will have emerged via open access publications and servers. It has superseded controlled media.

      • georgehants

        GreenWin, anything that can move science away from the incompetent mess that it has got itself into must be a good thing.
        Open access is just one small step in the right direction.
        Hopefully many more sensible steps to come.

  • georgehants

    Roger, to investigate Conspicuousness one, I think, must move on from restricted reductionist science to other areas, where the usual Rebels have for many years been doing Wonderful important Research and finding the Evidence that Consciousness runs far beyond the brain.
    Unfortunately just like Cold Fusion and many other subjects, Evidence is something that our scientists find useless if it goes against their religious doctrine.
    So we stay in a position where the important work into consciousness etc. is again done by a few real scientists, just as with Cold Fusion etc while the main-stream poke about in the brain trying to find something probably beyond the Quantum.

  • Daniel Maris

    Dogs have been progessively selected from wolves to relate to human beings. There was a good programme on this on BBC TV a year or too back. They track humans with their eyes – they are intensely interested in what we get up to. Stubbing your toe they probably know is no big deal.If you collapsed and showed weakened vital signs they would probably come and lick your face.

    • bachcole

      Probably. They try to lick my face whenever I get close to the ground, like push-ups, yoga, even when I am reaching down to pick their food bowl I get tongue-attacked.

  • Barney Holmes

    Just extraordinary words in those reviews. The interview, yes, there is a lot of energy in matter … as was proved in rather spectacular form at ground zero, Trinity, 1945. I wonder if the Cold War got us used to thinking of that energy in destructive forms rather than creative forms such as LENR. But the Cold War ended 25 years ago. Can’t we put what a dark period created (the 40’s) into a good form … LENR. There it is again, turn a bad thing into a good thing (thinking of Rossi’s prison time). There’s also a Cheshire Cat or Schrodingers Cat quality to this thing … is the ecat in a quantum state ? Guess I should be patient with Industrial Heat.

  • doug Hulstedt MD

    Easily readable and fun as I have been hounding everywhere for scraps of info on lenr.
    Rossi looks like the frontrunner and we are able to read about it in mats lewans new book.
    Its fun to see behind thecurtain.

  • bachcole

    I loved the book. Until I got to the last chapter where Mats starts talking about machines becoming conscious. We call that anthropomorphism. A computer with AI gets so complicated and powerful that poof it magically becomes conscious. Little children do anthropomorphism with their stuffed animals.

    I do that with my dogs. I imagine that they care about me, not just be affectionate towards me. Then I smash my toe on a chair and they just sit there looking at me, waiting for me to feed them or scratch their ears or be affectionate towards them. They have rudimentary consciousness and therefore rudimentary love, as in being affectionate, but they are incapable of true caring.

    Other than that, I loved the book. Mats is one of the heroes of the E-Cat movement. I felt that the coverage of Defkalion’s separate efforts and Brillouin’s efforts and LENR+ as a whole was lacking, but the book is about Rossi’s E-Cat, so we can’t expect him to be everywhere flying around the world covering everything. I hope that someone is chronicling these other efforts.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Agree about all.

    • georgehants

      Roger a couple of weeks ago dumb science came out with a report stating that dogs have feelings.
      They wrote as if they are so clever in discovering this.
      Instead of apologising for not knowing something that every unqualified person has always known.
      They just cannot avoid trying to make out how clever they are instead of stating the Truth, that only an organisation as incompetent as them could go for two hundred years treating conscious and feeling animals as if they where machines.

    • Christopher Calder

      “I loved the book. Until I got to the last chapter where Mats starts talking about machines becoming conscious.”

      In ten years most nations will have armed drones. In 20 years those drone may be powered by LENR and capable of around the world flight.

      In 30 years will those drone be controlled by conscious computers? I am only half joking on this subject.

      Even ants are conscious. The circuitry needed to produce consciousness must not be that complicated. Sooner or later someone may figure out that simple circuitry and then we will have another global technological revolution on our hands. Will it be peaceful?

      • bachcole

        Circuitry is not consciousness. Magic “poof” doesn’t just happen when the circuitry is complicated enough. The brain is more like a radio transceiver than the cause of consciousness. Fiddle with the brain and yes consciousness changes, but that does not make it the cause of consciousness any more than fiddling with one’s radio changes the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra or is the cause of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

        • stefan

          Bachalore have a point actually (if you are a standard scientist mind). We humans does not have a clue of possible communicative capabilities a physical system like a brain can have. One could expect that really complicated forms of EM could be picked up at such low levels that it could sit way down in the noise regions. Remember EM in free space is amazingly linear meaning that a complicated signal for which the power in the nose is small will survive. Now air is not free space, so criticizing what I just said i possible as well. It’s just that I find the thought pretty cool (God put’s his awesome sunglasses on)

        • Andreas Moraitis

          „Circuitry is not consciousness“. Yes, and this applies not only for computers. Neural circuitry might be a precondition of consciousness, but descriptions of that precondition are very different from consciousness as a phenomenon, at least regarding the qualitative aspects. I’m very interested in brain research, though, but there appears to be a border that it is not able to cross.

          • I don’t understand what is consciousness.
            Only hint is that it seems related to some circuits synchronizing in the brain, while they mostly works asynchronously to solve most problems…
            Consciousness, as the state of mind when we remind of what we did, seems anecdotal to our humanity…

            So like on Defkalion, I suspend my judgement to more data.

            For a materialist there is no reason not to imagine that machine get intelligent enough to have goal, empathy, desire to live, initiative, cowardliness, hate, sadism, compassion, as we can measure it with experiments.

            Maybe even we could not change their mind easily, making them nearly independent, maybe even more than humans…

            I cannot give or take consciousnesses to machine, since first I don’t know what is real consciousness, sentient nature, and there is no doubt that we can prove some compassion for some machine (some IA in games have, some robots in team mining have been following rules of minimum empathy and free market).

            maybe we should wait for having really sentient machine, who ask us not to shut them down, who take decision for their interests and who can however respect other beings.

            personally i always ask people to show respect to computer and machine, like farmer do for cows, not because they are sentient, but because lack of respect for the weakest is first corrupting your own mind.

            • Andreas Moraitis

              Consciousness would remain enigmatic, even if the theory of mind-brain identity were true. There is no satisfactory explanation for the fact that there is both an ‘inner’ side, which we experience, and an ‘outer’ side, which can be observed by measurements. Presumably, we will have one day machines with a high intelligence. They will perhaps be able to simulate the behavior of humans or animals in a very convincing manner. But I strongly doubt that these machines will ever feel joy or pain in the same way as living creatures do. Nevertheless, they might give you the perfect illusion, which is a somewhat creepy prospect.

            • bachcole

              Any objective study and analysis and model for consciousness is bound to fail. Meditation and any other inner quieting of the mind is the answer.

              Trying to understand consciousness with objectively oriented thinking is like trying to understand advanced mathematics by how you feel about the equations. Objects are studied with objective means. The subjective, and consciousness is the ultimate subjective, is known via subjective means, like with meditation.

              • Christopher Calder

                “Meditation and any other inner quieting of the mind is the answer.”

                Meditation is a safe way to enhance consciousness, but consciousness is not the same thing as intelligence, wisdom, virtue, etc. Most of the so-called “enlightened” sages of the east have been functional idiots, and many have been as corrupt as hell. I believe conscious IS an electrical circuit, and the medical data seems to support this. You can turn consciousness on or off with chemistry, and chemistry is physical. There is nothing supernatural or “spiritual” about consciousness.

                • outerlimits

                  The most subjectively convincing subjective evidence that consciousness is not like “regular” materiality is experience of transpersonal consciousness, e.g. tele-empathy, pre-cognition, out of body travel, etc.

                  If you have not tried to have those experiences, then it’s pretty hard to get that evidence. If you’ve had those experiences, it’s pretty hard to continue believing that consciousness is material in any familiar sense of the word..

                  Now, you can say that’s all illusion, but then you can read Middle Way literature and see that’s not a particularly helpful distinction when it comes to discussing subjective experience.

                  Or, you can posit assumptions about the world that never really get tested but that are comfortable and live with those constraints.

                  That’s why they call it “bondage” vs “liberation”.

                • bachcole


        • Obvious

          Bachcole, I don’t know if octopi are conscious, but they are more intelligent than most presume. I watched a very interesting show, “Octopus: Aliens of the Deep” (maybe find it on Google?) that showed some very interesting tests of octopus learning. For those that wonder about how much animals think, it may be an eye opener. There was a presumption that the lives of octopi are too short generally for them to accumulate and pass on knowledge and develop into a more advanced culture, but also some (presumptuous yet fascinating) evidence shown in the octopi in over-fished areas around Italy are changing their behaviour and are beginning to pass on knowledge to each other in order to survive.

    • Barry8

      I always suspected bachole was a computer program.

      • bachcole

        I was a computer programmer, not a computer program. I am way to clever, transcendent, and adorable to be a computer program. (:->)

        • Barry8

          You’re not fooling us.

          • bachcole

            But if you really believed that I was a computer program, then you would not be responding to me. Gotcha!!! (:->)

            • Barry8

              It’s trying to communicate with us again.

          • GreenWin

            Barry, don’t be surprised to find some AI elements in some of our most notorious skeptopaths. One at least has admitted as much by claiming “an algorithmic inability to lie…” or words to the effect. Few humans would carry on the skeptopathic charades we see online.

    • Gerard McEk

      Only yesterday I finished the book too and I hope it will be historical. Mats anticipates on how the ‘scientists’, who have always rejected cold fusion will react, when CF really takes off. Now they have to find another way to hide their shame!
      I hope the book will be a guide for our bight yougsters to learn how science should be practized: openly and curiously and willing to find the thruth, not ruled by those with money and power.

  • Robert Ellefson

    I am very grateful for the brave work that Mats Lewan has performed in his continuing research and reporting on this story. His contributions, though they would appear humble by typical societal standards if this were an ordinary subject, may well end up being one of the most critical enabling factors in allowing LENR to emerge from the shadows at long last. He is simply practicing the sort of basic journalism that should be occurring worldwide, and yet he stands alone. Thank you so very much, Mats!

  • Rui Germano

    And this is how legitimacy comes to LENR: with independent people, with no skin on the game, speaking about it and saying “it makes sense”.