Tom Darden Attends Launch of Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park in Baoding, China

Thanks to Julian Becker for sharing a link to this article from the China Daily web site which reports about the official opening of the Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park in Baoding, China on April 14th. Of interest to E-Cat World readers might be that Tom Darden of Cherokee Investment Partners, and Industrial Heat is reported as being in attendance and speaking.

We had quite a lot of discussion about Tom Darden’s earlier visit to China this winter when we first discovered the involvement of Cherokee and Industrial Heat with the E-Cat. Last year he and other Industrial Heat investors visited with business and government officials and there were discussions about the Baoding Innovation Park, and it seems from this recent event that things have gone smoothly and that Industrial Heat is still involved with their project.

Baoding is a major industrial city in China, just an hour or so from Beijing and already home to the ‘Baoding High-tech Industrial Development Zone’ (HIDZ) established in 1992. The HIDZ is already a home for major solar and wind industries, and it seems that this new park will continue the Chinese emphasis on developing hi-tech energy industries — perhaps now with Industrial Heat’s involvement a manufacturing base for E-Cat plants.

  • BroKeeper

    Deductive reasoning from past posts and articles on US military involvement only tells me they are at least at the level of Andrea Rossi’s development (if he and IH is not directly involved).
    What would hold them back to research these phenomena and build on its fantastic benefits themselves? They know its worth. I’m sure they are also promoting denial of its existence in many sectors in hopes to minimizing its importance to get a jump start over other country’s LENR development.

    For instance the US Navy would benefit from LENR device’s size in comparison to the large nuclear plants only carriers and very large submarines can hold. E-Cat like devices could easily
    be adapted to smaller faster ships and submarines for propulsion and quick rail gun deployment – a huge tactical advantage over any enemy.

    In regards to how anyone or organization can stop its manufacturing in a competitive capitalistic world (yes, including China) once the potential is realized is beyond my understanding. The knowledge of its existence has proliferated to most major energy players and manufacturers with high energy consumption. Who doesn’t like green?

  • Christina

    Saying that HIDZ established this zone in 992 🙂 is like being in another universe which is just how the American public is going to feel when it finally realizes that what they called cold fusion is real. The the entrepreneurs are going to not run, not jump, not skip, but warp into the field and in 15 years the world will be a different place because of inventions from the U.S.

    Encourage the study of higher mathematics in your high school-aged children. You’ll probably either be doing them a favor or it won’t matter much because of the coming robotics revolution. Who knows. Be prepared.

    Have I told you all about If you have children under 18, look it up. It helps them with math.

  • RKTect

    I think SRI via Brillouin is already involved in a molten salts LENR project in China and that Tom Darden is not China’s only LENR resource. I think we’ll find the US govt denying the existence of LENR until China is years ahead in its deployment. The US govt appears to rapidly be degenerating into a former world and economic superpower with its foot dragging and rear view mirror fixation on hot fusion.

    • Sanjeev

      Although I agree that the conditions in US are less than ideal for lenr, given the political-corporate setup there and US being the largest oil producing and consuming nation, how do you explain the fact that almost all the companies trying to commercialize lenr are based in US and none are there in China?
      There is some activity in Japan and we know of DGT as being the only EU company, which has now disappeared from the radar. Except this tiny presence outside US, there are no major commercialization efforts anywhere in the world.
      This gives me some hope that US may still come back as an innovation leader, which it was. This is important because most other nations follow US blindly, and so when lenr appears there, there is a good chance that everyone will follow.

  • Bernie777

    Makes you wonder about the involvement of the US government to start and/or be involved in LENR venture in China? Would it require US government knowledge/approval for IH involvement?

    • Buck

      It sounds strange to put it this way, but why should the US government be involved with a technology based on a physical phenomena that does not exist?

      For me, your hot question takes on a new weight when LENR becomes a proven and controlled phenomena open to commercialization, presumably with the pending 3rd Party LTT. How will the US respond at that point, or will it still deny the nose on its collective face?

      • Chris I

        Many parties who believe it don’t say so, or at least not too loudly. Not, at least, while their still busy rearranging their investments. Or while their patrons are.

        • Buck

          Chris, I am in complete agreement with you . . .

    • bachcole

      Bernie777, the US government would only care if it involved military technology.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Bachcole..,you don’t think the e-cat has military implications?

        • bachcole

          The E-Cat is just a hunk of metal, so it doesn’t imply anything. People’s minds imply things, and since the government refuses to admit that the E-Cat is for real, they aren’t yet ready to extract an implication from their thought system about it.

      • Buck

        Roger, I think it fair to say that the military has already made the determination that LENR will be very/extremely important to the armed services. And, IMHO, the military has already made the decision that LENR is real . . . they are just staying away from what amounts to a political ‘third rail’. They will move when a industrial LENR device come to be.

        • bachcole

          I like that: “political third rail”. That is exactly it. They can’t admit that it is real because that it is a political third rail, so they have to let it pass customs.

  • Buck

    This is excellent news, despite my impatience over the time it takes for the new 3rd Party LTT to come out.

    If the conversation here holds weight, then Rossi/IH stands between the Chinese, GE, and Siemens to name some large players. Tom Darden will presumably be able to ensure that none get the upper hand and all will have to negotiate with a reasonable level of respect, fairness and good faith. And if they all want to play nasty, Darden can just ‘walk’ over to the Swedes or Japanese to bring a bit of reality back into the conversation.

    As McKubre has said, no single entity will have a monopoly. And, I would like to think that he is familiar enough with the players for his opinion to be prescient.