Steorn CEO: On the Road Demoing Never-die Battery

I’m continuing with my Steorn watch here. About the only news about the company these days comes from CEO Shaun McCarthy’s Facebook postings — and usually they are not very detailed.

Today McCarthy posted: “Two weeks on the road demoing the never die battery and I could use a recharge myself – last one, roll on Friday” — and showed the following photo:


Someone responded with a question to McCarthy about whether he could post video of one of these demos on YouTube, and he replied:

“We are not videoing these demos, they are pretty hands on – probably get something out in a wee while”

I followed up with a question: What kind of response are you getting from the people you give these demos to, Shaun?

He responded: “Other than ‘what took you so long’ the response has been brilliant.”

That’s all for now. It would be good to get some kind of confirmation that these demos are actually taking place. The photo seems legitimate, but not very interesting or informative. I realize that there is a lot of skepticism out there regarding Steorn’s claims, but I’ve learned enough over the years to keep me interested and watch with an open mind, and will continue to follow developments here.

  • Daniel Maris

    Did he kiss the Blarney Stone or the Barmy Stone?

  • Oceans2014

    “probably” get something out in a wee while, probably get wee little any time soon, they have a long history Arseways.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    McCarthy also posted this:
    Dolly @ 33 rpm

  • georgehants

    Scientists study halving hydrogen
    Like a hungry diner ripping open a dinner roll, a fuel cell
    catalyst that converts hydrogen into electricity must tear open a
    hydrogen molecule. Now researchers have captured a view of such a
    catalyst holding onto the two halves of its hydrogen feast. The view
    confirms previous hypotheses and provides insight into how to make the
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  • georgehants

    A real scientist on Mr. Rossi page talking sense.
    Peter Forsberg
    Dear Steven,
    You should not play to much attention to what you have been thaugt to
    be right. Modern physics has had many successes, but there are also
    many things it fails to explain.
    Andrea Rossi
    Peter Forsberg:
    I agree.
    Warm Regards,

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Kids should believe what their parents say. Pupils are to believe what their teachers tell them. This answer is correct, that answer is wrong… That’s so far ok. If you would explain young people that reality is somewhat more complex, most of them would get confused – reduction of complexity is an indispensable pedagogical principle. But when the kids become adult, the belief that there is always an authority that can provide the correct answers will already be deeply anchored. Therefore, we have an educational dilemma. Governments are usually not interested in changing that, for obvious reasons. Rather the opposite is the case: Socrates, who started to open the minds of the Greek people in the 5th Century B.C., was sentenced to death.

      • georgehants

        Andreas, reducing complexity is fine, as long as that means we say there is more to teach you later or,”we don’t know the answer”, instead of dumb corrupted science at present, trying to fool people into believing these clowns have all the answers.
        I would hope that teaching the Truth would always be the right answer and tell all those that distort that Truth to go buy a brain somewhere.
        There is never any excuse for corrupt and incompetent science not to teach our students the Truth.

        • Andreas Moraitis

          There are professors who tell their students frankly that the current opinion is perhaps not the ideal solution. And there are other professors who tend to insist rather stubbornly on that opinion. Feel free to criticize the second group. The first group has my deepest respect.

          • georgehants

            Andreas, it is quite clear and logically obvious that when I am criticising science I am not criticising good scientists.
            All scientists should be “good” scientists and it is the responsibility of all scientists to be sure they are.
            Not criticising bad science and scientists is logically unscientific.
            Not just professors but the lowest applied scientist and students should be taught first to criticise their superiors and colleagues at any hint of corruption or incompetence.

  • georgehants

    I enjoy reading of any up-date on this or any other interesting subject
    I nothing comes of it, so what, but just in case it is genuine I will never abuse or deny but just wish them all good luck.

  • +1
    Note that Steorn is the company that convinced Maryyugo to be a hard skeptic.

    Steorn is not proposing a technology that follows hundreds of validated scientific experiments from labs accross the planet and all kind of organizations…

    Cold Fusion is good old science, like Marie Curie did, like Semmelweiss did, like Shetchmann did… no more, no less than good science.


    I stay polite.

    Steorn make me respect Blacklight Power for their validations, even if I judge they are far from any practical application.
    (I only talk of theory to repeat that when you hear a theoretical explanation in cold fusion, you should take you gun immediately).

    • Freethinker

      +1 Alain,

      My reptile reaction is to turn my back and go away, but I would still let them have the benefit of the doubt.

      Though I cannot count the number of “milestones” that has been passed when that statement had to be reiterated.

      In time, if they have anything, it will emerge. Meanwhile, I will not spend a bent cent on their claimed achievements.

      But still…. The best of luck to them.

  • Andrew

    I think I see something on the screen

    • Andrew

      ” No Signal”

  • gdaigle

    If this is part of the Hephaheat family of products, I would hope that they would take the construction sign down from the website. If part of Steorn, a mention on that site of the battery would be nice as well.

  • Ophelia Rump

    You can see the excitement building in the room, just from the still photo.

    • psi2u2

      lol. Ophelia you are in fine form.

  • Chris the 2nd

    Steorn have not shown themselves trust worthy, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • bachcole

    I don’t see too many people in the demo room.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      There are a lot of little green men with caps of invisibility.

  • enantiomer2000

    I will believe it when it comes to market. Steorn has delivered to many dissapointments..