LENR Patent Filed by Former Motorola Researcher, Others

Ron Kita at Vortex-l has discovered a new LENR patent application filed by Marc Chason of Marc Chason and Associates of Schaumburg, Illinois, who was formerly with Motorola Labs. The other inventors listed are Daniel Gaomota and Rick Latella.

The patent is for a “System and method for supplying hydrogen and deuterium to lenr and e-cat based energy generating systems”.

‘An approach for supplying hydrogen and/or deuterium to LENR and E-Cat based energy generating systems includes receiving a source material that is rich in hydrogen and/or deuterium. A gaseous form of at least one of those elements is extracted from the source material via electrochemical dissociation, hydrocarbon recovery, or a suitable mechanical process.’

I find it interesting that the filers not only mentioned LENR in the title, but also ‘E-Cat.’ Since the E-Cat has not yet had a patent application approved by the US patent office, it’s not clear to me if there will be an advantage in being so upfront about mentioning the technology in this application, but if the E-Cat is demonstrated to be valid and viable, there could well be more of these ancillary applications being filed — even if the E-Cat itself doesn’t get a patent approved.

  • gioj
  • Obvious

    JoNP Nov 9 2011
    Q: Dear Ing. Rossi
    looking forward to the time when e-cats will be in our homes, have you thought to a safer method to store hydrogen rather than liquid and compressed? It could also make certifications for a home usage of the e-cat more easy. For instance, I have heard about a safe method that uses “metallidruri”, metallic sponge that stores and delivers Hi.
    My best

    A: Dear G…….:
    Yes this is an important issue. I know the Hydrogen-metal salts, but are not good for us. We are resolving with mini-tanks.

    • friendlyprogrammer

      Rossi resolved this long ago by devising method listed in patent above. Storing Hydrogen in tablets. Just Google Rossi Ecat Hydrogen Tablets, but I give a few links below in another comment. Your Letter from Rossi is from 2011.

      • Obvious

        I know it is old. I think it shows that these issues have been looked at and addressed a long time ago by Rossi. Most methods of delivering hydrogen are so old that nobody could patent them. Small capsules similar to N2 for whipped cream or CO2 for soda would probably work also, since the volume of H used is so low, and the reactor capsule is so small.

        • Obvious

          Found another good Rossi-ism:

          “Patents pending are like divisions of an army in movement: the less the enemy knows of them, the better.”

  • Omega Z

    Saw this recently elsewhere

    Recall that Rossi already has this covered.
    Back when Rossi did the Pordenone presentation. Someone asked about his hydrogen deliver material. Rossi gave him contact information and said that he could license it.

  • jousterusa

    Right on, Frank! Good find!

  • Steve H

    My recollection is that this was in the form of a hydroxide – such as Lithium Hydroxide.

    I sincerely hope that our musings are in-correct or IH have already covered their IP with patents. We collectively may have given the game away via crowd-sourced mind games!

  • Charles

    Hunh? Duh? Aw. Well I’ll be!

  • gioj
    • Fibb

      awesome. thx

      • Daniel Maris

        Great news – though I suppose the Skeps will focus on:


        No first use?

        • Ged

          They are just saying no one else has been using the device before they developed it, and it isn’t already in common use before this application, either in demonstration or industry. Such things would make the ability to patent an invention or process much more difficult.

          • Daniel Maris

            Are you sure? I am not familiar with trademark policy in the USA. Are you?

            • gioj

              i’ve posted up ,the meaning in law of “statement of use”.

              The statetement of us is a” sworn statement”.

    • BroKeeper

      The safety certification was denied before the USPTO NOTICE OF ALLOWANCE:

      Andrea Rossi
      November 7th, 2013 at 4:50 PM
      Duke Nukem:
      1- I do not decide the commercial strategy, which anyway is not changed
      substantially, as far as I know.
      2- The Hot Cats are not yet for sale
      3- The domestic E-Cats did not obtain the safety certification, which is
      necessary to put them for sale.
      Warm Regards,

      • Andrew

        Yes he did explain that the domestic units would be some time before they get the safety cert. they need much more data and long running times in industry for a baseline on safety.

    • gioj

      statement of use “in pill”:


      ……..This statement of use is simply a sworn statement which attests to the fact that you have begun using the mark in commerce. When you file the statement of use, you must also file an appropriate specimen with the PTO……….

      • gioj

        specimen “in pill”:


        It is an item that serves as an example of a trademark in use, and evidence of the trademark’s use………Examples of appropriate specimens include a sample product packaging showing the mark being used on the package, or a photograph of the goods showing the use of the mark on the goods

  • Sanjeev

    Very strange. It has all the marks of a patent troll. I hope I’m wrong and Chason is probably associated with IH in some way for supplying a H generating subsystem for Ecat.
    The patent refers to Ecat and Larson’s (paper?) reactor as prior art. Does it become a prior art even if the patent for Ecat is not awarded ?
    We already know via Rossi that they are using an improved fuel injection for Ecat with solid Hydride substances. This patent will cause a problem for them.

    • Fortyniner

      I agree – this seems to be a fairly clear case of patent trolling. The application describes nothing original at all, and just seems to be an attempt to lay claim to virtually any process that extracts H2 or D2 from an unspecified ‘source material’ for supplying an e-cat. The ‘source material’ could even include the metal hydrides Rossi already uses.

      IH need to challenge this application on the grounds that ‘e-cat’ is a proprietory name. Without that specific reference, the patent could be demolished if granted, on the basis that nothing is described that is not already in the public domain (prior art).

      • Sanjeev

        D2 is mentioned to ‘cover all grounds’. The name Ecat is still not trademarked, as far as I know, so anyone is free to claim it. IH needs to act rather than hide in a closet.
        Just wanted to add that the headline of this article is not very accurate, this is no lenr patent.

  • bachcole

    Probably just another patent troll.

    • Ophelia Rump

      That seems like a lot of very specific information is any of it new or surprising to someone with a deep understanding or the known mechanics?

      It seems to be very precise, is it informed, or just educated guesses?

  • Marcus Haber

    I just read the Linkedin Profiles of the 3 authors of the patent.

    Turns out they r also players in the power generation business.

    Marc Chason is an experienced, creative Engineering Professional holding 23 US Patents, with
    success in building and leading high-performance multidisciplinary teams that
    deliver product solutions.

    Rick Latella is the Principal at SLS Enterprises Inc. which provide value added Green solutions that utilize
    Photovoltaic technology, LED Lighting solutions, Solar and Wind Energy
    generation systems, and state of the art Electronic Components. They are
    also members of the World Trade Council.

    Daniel Gamota is a proven managerial leader who has built
    relationships establishing strategic international partnerships with Fortune
    500 companies for high-tech ventures. Business professional with 20 years of
    experience leading high visibility corporate initiatives by building
    high-performance cross-functional teams that transformed R&D to commercial
    product platforms. Track record of leading new product development and product
    introduction teams that developed hardware & software innovations enabling
    the launch of high value market-defining products. Built organizations and
    mentored future leaders that developed and implemented cross-business corporate
    strategy by driving technology roadmapping, competitive intelligence, and
    technology assessment initiatives. Recognized technologist in the fields of
    manufacturing, microelectronics, nanotechnology, and printed electronics for
    which named IEEE Fellow. Established innovator (awarded 46 US patents) with
    deep appreciation for intellectual property and innovations portfolio
    development, valuation, and licensing. Quoted in The Economist, Business Week,
    Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, and IEEE Spectrum.

    Gamota is also Chair of Nanotechnology Committee and Organic &
    Molecular Standards Working Group and he is the president of President
    Printovate Technologies, Inc.. Printovate Technologies is a leader in the field of large area electronics having established proprietary design rules, materials protocols, and manufacturing processes. Building upon a tradition of SMT assembly which saw product introductions that yielded annual multi-million unit shipments, Printovate Technologies leverages this experience with significant know-how in large area electronics design, process, and product development to produce an industry-leading IP portfolio encompassing patents, trade secrets, and know-how.

    Printovate Technologies provides product design, manufacturing design, and new product introduction services for clean-tech electronics products: lighting, communications, displays, memory systems, life sciences and renewable energy applications.

    (All texts above
    by courtesy of LinkedIn)

    They all have a Motorola background.

    Gamota worked there as the Director of Motorola Solutions from September 1993 till Dezember 2008.

    Chason worked there from 1983 till 2007. He was also the Director of Motorola Energy System from 94 to 98. After this he was the director of Motorola Labs, Physical Realization Research Center from 2000 till 2007. Motorola Labs had Programs in consumer electronics, product miniaturization, printed electronic technologies and nanotechnology.

    Latella worked there from 1981 till 2009 as a Sr. engineer.

    Reading all this data makes me think this is exactly the guys u wanna have in your team when you introduce a revolutionary new technology.

    Maybe the authors of this patent are some
    of the guys Rossi is working together with in his lab from IH?

  • Ophelia Rump

    The benefit would be in suing Industrial Heat for patent infringement if they use that method.

    • GreenWin

      Not sure that Rossi’s patent applications pre-dating this and other applicants, would not be evidence of origination in a court of law. Trade Secret law is strong internationally providing protection of Rossi/IH catalyst formula. Appears to be a patent troll attempting to muddy the water and bring about a settlement (aka blackmail payment.)

      • Ophelia Rump

        I think you are correct about the pre-dating, however if the PO were to issue these patents, IH would be in the ugly position of having to take back their pre-eminence rather than defend it.

  • pg

    mmmh… don’t know about this one

  • Andreas Moraitis
    • Fortyniner

      #3 is interesting. The device described seems to be a sort of deuterium fuelled Rossi reactor plus permanent magnets, but the theory presented is… novel.

      • GreenWin

        The author of #3 Pharis Williams is another NRL graduate. “Pharis Williams is a retired naval officer and a retired academician. He
        spent over thirty years in physics experimental and theoretical
        research at the US Naval Academy, the Los Alamos National Laboratory and
        at New Mexico Tech. Much of his experimental research was in weapons,
        shock physics and explosives while his theoretical research covered the
        entire range of physics from sub-nuclear through cosmology with emphasis
        on unifying the various branches of physics by showing they all stem
        from the same set of fundamental laws.

        • Fortyniner

          His ‘inverted atom’ model certainly shows unrestricted thinking.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        I remember that I stumbled upon one of Williams’ papers some time ago. This is indeed a very special concept. Neutrons are formed by protons orbiting around a “virtually static” electron… We know that a neutron can decay into a proton and an electron (plus an electron antineutrino) via beta minus decay. But is Williams’ hypothesis compatible with all the other known phenomena?