“A Never Die Battery” from Steorn?

As I’ve mentioned here before, I have always been intrigued by the Irish company Steorn. Steorn’s CEO Shaun McCarthy has been hinting at news coming out from the company this year and and now there’s an interesting picture that was posted today by McCarthy on his Facebook page.

To me, it looks very much like a battery shaped object, but as is typical with McCarthy, he tends to put things out there with little explanation and we are often left to try and figure things out on our own. His caption for this picture is, “Hehe, what a great Friday it is!”


I asked a couple of questions on Facebook:

Is that AA size?

“Nope – its no real kinda size, but it is still seriously dead cool – love Fridays!”

But it’s a battery, right?

“Yep it’s a never die battery”

So that’s about the extent of what we know so far. Although McCarthy is quite a joker, The Steorn logo on the bottom makes me think that this is not a prank post. I doubt that he would be messing around with the reputation of his company like that. I’ll be keeping an eye on this and see what more we can learn.

UPDATE: More Q & A from the Facebook chat:

Q: Shaun – a never die battery? Seriously?

Shaun McCarthy: Yep – never die, its a nice one!

Q: Is this a prototype? How far away from being able to buy one?

Shaun McCarthy: Just prototype – no idea when we will make it available, but for sure not this year

Q: Does the prototype shown use any of the Orbo tech principles, or is this something new?

Shaun McCarthy: It’s all Orbo Craig no chemicals just magnetic

  • LukeDC

    Steorn steorn steorn. Another stab in the dark. Clearly they are running out of funds. Sorry Frank but they just lost all credibility with the Orbo debacle…

  • Private Citizen

    Looks like a Photoshop battery to me. In any event, a picture of a common battery is pretty pitiful evidence of anything.

    Found no camera metadata in the version of this image saved from:

    • US_Citizen71

      The lack of meta data means exactly zero. All images loaded to Facebook have their meta data scrubbed.

  • georgehants

    As the situation is completely unknown by science then it has never been off the table to competent scientists.

  • ecatworld

    Hi Nick — Shaun McCarthy commented on FB that it is standing on perspex

  • Ronzonni

    We need to remember that in 9 years, Steorn has never had a successful independent test of any product, their own jury said Orbo did not work, and they have spent €21 million or more of investor money.

  • georgehants

    Start-ups fuel boom in small-scale nuclear power

  • JDM

    Maybe a tiny little QMoGen whirling away inside. Don’t drop it!

  • jousterusa

    Up the Irish! 🙂

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Maybe. Sometimes reality looks strange, while a fake looks genuine.

    • GreenWin

      OT, but what is “reality?” 🙂

      • Andreas Moraitis

        The terms we use have typically not a constant meaning. As Ludwig Wittgenstein has pointed out, their meaning is determined by the question how we use them – therefore, human language requires interpretation. In this case, I did not mean “reality” in an ontological sense. Discussing about it would require going through the philosophical discourse of the last 2500 years, which would undoubtedly be interesting, but indeed off topic.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    True, but how do you explain the fact that the battery seems to float in the air?

    • US_Citizen71

      It’s called perspective. The soft focus of the plastic it is sitting on tricks your brain into thinking the object is floating. My guess on the size based on the scratches on the battery and the base is that it would be about the size of a can of ‘Red Bull’.

  • Daniel Maris

    I don’t think it’s helpful to IH to bracket them with Steorn. Steorn have come nowhere near Rossi in demonstrating something useful. A never die battery? A never demonstrate company?

    • ecatworld

      There’s much better authentication of the E-Cat than any of Steorn’s tech. To me, there is no doubt about the E-Cat, and I can’t say that for Steorn. But there’s been enough information over the years to keep me interested in Steorn, so I keep an eye on what they are up to, and report here from time to time.

      They seem to be very different technologies in many ways, but I do wonder if there may be some common connection through the use of magnetism. For example, Brian Ahern is convinced that the LENR effect is in fact a magnetic one, and Rossi talked about an EMF detected in the E-Cat . . .

      • georgehants

        Agreed Admin science can only work sensibly with a fair, skeptical but open-mind.

  • Unlike LENR I cautiously wait for peer-reviewed (or at least credible) paper on that claimed technology

    on that point I probably join MaryYugo opinion, at least I hope so.

    • Mc Quack

      Typically these magnetic power devices last 4 hours during public demonstrations.

      Steorn hyped some public demo but there was unfortunately some kind of “greenhouse effect” which occurred and the demo failed. If their great effort to shut all critics down failed miserable and nothing credible of importance have come out since then (?) why bother wasting more time on this company.
      (Its not a honest question because I am not willing to debate)

      I agree with AlainCo

      There is several hundreds of equal (un)impressive technologies to find on YouTube.

      Show me a reason to believe and I will consider believing – but I wont waste my time on technologies and claims that have been around for 30 years. These claims, if nothing, have damaged the community of developing clean and free (cheap) energy technologies.

      Trust is something that has to be earned and all though I will remain open for any possibility I would like to point out that with the information at hand – this is kind of disappointing and goes against the credibility many readers come here because they do not find anywhere else.

      Its 100% irrelevant to consider if this picture is edited or not.
      The only thing I will take away from this story is that it is indeed a nice Friday.

  • bachcole

    This year has a long way to go. So, I am not real hopeful, particularly with someone who treats what would be the most important discovery in history with such levity.

  • Ophelia Rump

    It looks remarkably like an artists depiction for a LENR device from someone else’s website.
    The original was much more professional looking.
    It seems like shameless internet image looting to me .

    • Andreas Moraitis

      This is obviously a photo montage. Fore- and background couldn’t fit worse together. On the other hand, the electrode on the top seems to be of an atypical size; therefore, the battery itself could be genuine. If and how it works is another question.