Reports on Mitusbishi’s Transmutation Work

The Japanese financial web site has published an article featuring the work that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is doing with detoxification of nuclear waste using a transmutation process that is being developed by a team led by researcher Iwamura Yasuhiro.

The article reports about some of the experimental results that have been obtained, and mentions the conference held in Tokyo last year about LENR — translated here as “low-temperature nuclear fusion”.

Here’s a link to a Google translated version of the article in English:

  • Fortyniner

    In this context, one of Hutchison’s ‘effects’ may be worth a second look. Back in 2005 Ken Shoulders reported a replication of Hutchison’s claim to be able to ‘remediate’ radionuclides by exposing them to a low voltage electrical discharge under certain conditions – presumably a form of electrically-driven transmutation. Shoulders presented his findings at the May 2005 MIT cold fusion colloquium but I don’t think anyone took the work much further.

    Presentation (PDF):

    YouTube quickie:

    There is also the strange observation that solar emissions (possibly neutrino bursts) may affect rates of radionuclide decay on Earth. Oddly this appears to have been cautiously and reluctantly accepted as fact by some establishment physicists, but no research seems to have followed to establish a mechanism.

  • Freethinker

    Great news.

    Perhaps this avenue is easier to make way on, as it is targeting a very real environmental problem, in Japan especially so.

    Notable is that there is no mention of this in the english version of the news, albeit there is a short article about “Fukushima gets renewables research center”

    Still, I think that we are on the verge of exponential acceptance of LENR.

    http://Still, I do believe we are on the verge of exponetial acceptance of LENR.