Will there be an Industrial Heat Press Conference? [Updated]

March 2014 has come to an end — the month in which Andrea Rossi stated he thought the extended E-Cat test might be concluded — and so far there’s no indication that it has come to an end. On the Journal of Nuclear Physics he is emphasizing the need for patience, so maybe it’s a good time for E-Cat watchers to enjoy the spring weather (if you have any) and find something enjoyable to do to pass the time a bit. I’m as eager as the next person to find out what the results will be, but realize there’s nothing I can do to hasten the process.

Today, Rossi was asked whether there would be a press conference to announce the results of the test, and his response was:

“Only if there will be a demand for it. In this case, it will be held either the results will be positive or negative for us, for intellectual honesty.”

The statement to me is not clear. The first sentence says that a conference might be held, depending on demand; the second sentence states that it will be held, whatever the results of the tests might be.

To my mind, I would say that the test results deserve a press conference. If the results are positive, and the E-Cat can run stably for six months producing excess heat in useful quantities, why would you not want to publicize that — especially if you are planning to launch an industrialization campaign, and are looking to promote your product. It would be a major scientific and technological breakthrough with important implications, so certainly something worthy of a press conference.

On the other hand, if the test results are negative — and the E-Cat didn’t perform well, or if there was some kind of malfunction of failure — if Rossi and Industrial Heat are concerned about intellectual honesty, I think they should step forward and lay all their cards on the table. Of course that would be negative publicity, but I think it’s better for a serious corporation to come clean rather the obfuscate or hide.

I realize that most people around the world are not paying attention to this story, and so probably don’t care one way or another. I doubt that too many people are beating on the doors at Cherokee HQ in Raleigh demanding a press conference. But I think when the report is published it would a smart move for Rossi and Industrial Heat to hold one — and I hope I get an invitation 🙂


I made the following comment on the JONP:

I believe that it would be a great service to the general public if the publication of the report was accompanied by a press conference. I hope you and the Industrial Heat team will hold one, whatever the results of the report are

Rossi responded:

Your assessment is relevant.

A bit of an obscure response, but maybe he means that they are considering doing a press conference.

  • GreenWin

    Every once in a while one of the national labs – funded by taxpayers – comes up with something genuinely interesting. Here Stony Brook University and Brookhaven scientists explore the catalytic abilities of <1nm Au for splitting H2O at surprising efficiency. Further evidence that crystal geometry is a key to breaking chemical bonds. This would facilitate H2 "fuel from water" systems like fuel cells, combustion engines and potentially exotic reactions like Blacklight's Hydrino Transition CIHT cells. http://teams.lntpower.com/powerleads/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=4748

    • Andreas Moraitis

      It would be interesting to know if the same nanoparticles could also increase the efficiency of electrolysis.

      • GreenWin

        Good thought. If one could create a nanoparticle substrate and fabricate an Au cathode – would it amplify water splitting?

        I had meant for this to go in the Always Open thread.

  • Omega Z

    Just my 2 cents
    “whether there would be a press conference to announce the results of the test, and his response was:” “Only if there will be a demand for it. In this case, it will be held either the results will be positive or negative for us, for intellectual honesty.”

    Two Reads here.
    #1- If a Press Conference were to happen-, It would only be to announce the results of the Test- Positive or Negative. Nothing of future plans or anything of a business Nature.

    #2 AND this is the Important 1-“Only if there will be a demand for it.”
    Remember. Rossi has had Press at his tests And we are still waiting for the “AP” Article.

    Likely due to Past Experience, “DEMAND” equals if the Mainstream Media comes knocking & Asking for a Press Conference. Someone Big or Many.

  • Omega Z

    Tesla has implemented some technology without even applying for a patent. Hence, Competitors have difficulty in copying it. There is no details to study leaving only reverse engineering as their only Option. This can take years.

    Ultimately, They would have done this anyway & as Tesla published nothing in a patent, actually delays them.

    Note, When done, They Can Not Patent it themselves. Prior Art. Already in use. Thus, they would still have to design their own system if they wished to have a patent. Likely Tesla would already have a new improved product at that time anyway- Years later.

    Tesla likely analyzed the plus/minus deciding there was no overall advantage to the cost of patenting these devices. (Considering who the competition is, The above scenario was inevitable.)

  • Omega Z


    I think guga was referring to Defkalion. Not Rossi & the E-cat.

  • Ophelia Rump

    You ask people to pre-judge the results of a test. We do not even know the design of the test. This is disingenuous of you.

  • JDM

    It would certainly be refreshing if someone was to apply for a patent that discloses all, including the secret sauce, for all the world to see, wouldn’t it? Sure the garage mechanics would be posting plans all over the net, but no-one could mass produce for sale, eh?

  • AstralProjectee

    Be patient there Frank. We all know it’s going to come sooner or later. I have stopped being so attached to the whole thing, and I feel much better. I am sure you have some other hobbies.

    • bachcole

      Good advice, AP, but this might be Frank’s job. Perhaps better advice would be to suggest how Frank could structure this forum to be better for more people. I hardly even look at home catalyzer development any more. Then Frank could make even more money and not have to work so hard. But being less emotionally attached for all of us to ANY thing is just great advice. I am not saying this because I fear the ultimate outcome; LENR+ will prevail. I am saying this because we are fretting over the micro-steps, which is particularly absurd since we don’t even know what the micro-steps are. And fretting is bad for one’s mental/spiritual well-being.

  • GreenWin

    A bit OT but an interesting scenario. Provided E-Cat’s latest burn-in data remains strong, the next step in product development is some kind of electric generating system. The Capstone Turbine Corp. just announced two new systems being installed in Los Angeles hospitals. One is a straight 1.6MW (2-C800 micro-turbines) CHP system. The other a C1000 (1MW micro-turbine) in a Combined Cooling, Heat & Power system (CCHP.)

    Industrial Heat would do well to take a hard look at these certified, highly reliable micro-turbines and the potential to replace the liquid/gas fuel burner with E-Cat heat. This would create a zero-emission energy system able to produce electric, hot water/steam, area heat AND chiller cooling. The entire system qualifies for nearly $500k in SGIP credits. Micro-turbines are based on jet turbine designs. 🙂

  • Jimr

    You are correct, also they surely don’t have just one in operation, most likely five or six. When they exhaust there fuel they will also refuel them and continue testing.. At best they would give a preliminary report at some point. And those whom think they would start production after a short test are whistling in the wind.

    • BroKeeper
  • Christopher Calder

    If Rossi really thought the results would be negative, would he be so enthusiastic about working on a LENR-methane hybrid jet engine? Would he have even gotten a used jet engine to play with? During the first test Rossi said that he was “very worried” about the results, and that test came out “very positive” according to the testers. The Hot-Cat is not gong to mysteriously stop working just to spite us.

  • US_Citizen71

    In my opinion, if the results were going to be negative we wouldn’t be hearing anything out of him. The ‘it could be positive or negative’ line is because he is under NDA and cannot reveal the results one way or the other.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Maybe the NDA. But it could also be that Rossi has given the device to the testers for X months and doesn’t want intermediate information or other interaction with the testing team, to keep the test hermetically independent. Then from his point of view the testing effort is a black box whose results could be anything – similarly to the 1919 solar eclipse observations which seeked to support or refute relativity theory.

      • US_Citizen71

        That could be but with him being the person that the results will effect the most I’m not sure if I were in his shoes that I could be that carefree about the outcome. We should know one way or the other by fall.

        • Pekka Janhunen

          It seems you were right and I was kind of half-rightish, based on most recent AR comments.

  • Christopher Calder

    Defkalion claims that multiple organizations are going to test their new reactor design this year and release papers on the results. Rossi’s show is not the only theater on Broadway these days.

    • guga

      Unfortunately, they claimed that third party tests would be performed and results published already 2 years ago I think. Or was it even 3 years ago? I’m not sure, it just feels like a looong time ago.

      • Christopher Calder

        The testers never submitted any papers for publication. That was up to the testers, not Defkalion. Defkalion submitted their own test results, but those were not third party tests. Defkalion redesigned their reactor so that now it uses an electrical spark instead of a chemical catalyst to turn H2 into H1 gas. This gives greater control but probably limits the temperature at which the reactor can operate. Can the new Defkalion reactor operate at a high enough temperatures now to make efficient electricity? Did they reengineer the reactor to shield their electronic gear from the heat? Stay tuned for that info, which should be interesting.

    • GreenWin

      This is good. The Great White Way is entering a multidimensional performance space. Andrea Rossi is a hot ticket and a big marquee.

  • Daniel Maris

    It sure is time for the e cat to emerge from the shadows and into the light. Industrial Heat show few signs of IP obsessiveness – they appear to have ethical aims in the energy field – and so I can see no harm from their point of view in a press conference, either way: whether it be to celebrate a significant step forward or to indicate to others that this promising avenue of research may be less likely to result in success than was first hoped.

    • Omega Z

      IH is supposedly filing Patents on the Hot-cat itself.
      Covering multiple reactor designs/components Etc…
      Don’t these start popping up about a year after filing.
      I would think something would start appearing sometime after July/August…

  • bachcole

    I WANT an invitation AND an airplane ticket to a press conference for myself and my family. But hopefully what we will get will be really good tactics and strategy out of Rossi, Darden, Vaughn, et. al. as to what to do, and I am certain that they can decide what that is better than I can. And I doubt that it will include catering to what I want.

    What I think would be the best tactics and strategy is . . . . . well, it doesn’t really matter what I think would be the best tactics and strategy for them is. Unless we are going to run an “office” pool or do a little betting, what difference does it make what I think? I just pray that they they make the right decisions and I wish them well and support them in any decision that they make.

  • Gerard McEk

    It indeed seems Andrea gives answers to two different questions. “In this case”, I guess the half year test is meant. I would be surprised if everything went well. Although he says he has done this before in the past, it does not mean it will work now again as long and with the Hot Cat. On the other hand I would assume that even if it worked as expected during e.g. three month, after which some ‘treatment’ was given and the process was restarted again, this would be reported and it would be an unprecedented achievement.

  • Gordon Docherty

    A Press Conference now would be very timely.

    As you may have seen in the press, the IPCC’s Working Group II contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report, considering the vulnerability and exposure of human and natural systems, the observed impacts and future risks of climate change, and the potential for and limits to adaptation, has just produced its Summary for Policy Makers :


    The Working Group III (WGIII) contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report on mitigation of climate change will be considered in Berlin, Germany, on 7-11 April 2014, that is, next Monday.

    If ever there was an opportunity (and need) to get the whole new set of research avenues into “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)”, “Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR)”, “Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR)”, Transmutation, Cold Fusion and Hydrino formation, all under the umbrella of “Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS)” out there,
    surely the Working Group III’s contribution to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report on mitigation of climate change is it.

    • Gordon Docherty

      For those interested, the contact address for the IPCC’s Working Group III (WGIII) may be found at:


      • Gordon Docherty

        If others wish to send information to the IPCC’s Working Group III (WGIII) on mitigation of climate change, which will be considered in Berlin, Germany, on 7-11 April 2014…

  • fritz194

    “for intellectual honesty”

    I think this is a hint that a press conference could be a potentially step to emphasize the recognition of his pending patents. (if needed)
    If USPTO is playing games – a peer reviewed test report and a press conference would be a legitimate move to increase pressure.

    Apart from his intellectual property issue – I don´t see any reason why he should make any official statements or a release of reports.
    There are lots of reasons to stay as quiet as possible until the work is done.

    • Kwhilborn

      Fritz. Any test results Rossi can issue will mean diddly squat except to us few who believe he has the goods. We have seen this all before. In 2011 not only did he have press conferences, but he actively demonstrated his earlier and less stable ecats to anyone wishing an invitation. The adage “Seeing is believing” does not apply in modern science as there was too much not seen (catalyst/reaction chamber).

      He also has played the Peer reviewed paper game before as he submitted a paper himself for review prior to 2011, and the “peer review” debacle that occurred last year where he demanded all testing be done on his premises, and using scientists considered by some to be his colleagues. He is again refusing to let the ecat off his premises (he said they are bringing their equipment), and has not said who the test group is.

      Having the test occur on his premises gives 100% excuses for skeptics to say the room had secret lasers/microwaves/DC input or more aimed at the device to make it appear more energetic than it was. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT, but skeptics will argue to their last breath.


      Perhaps it will convince another few thousand people and can help build this LENR snowball. Certainly the verifying team will be convinced.

      You say “[you] don’t see any reason why he should … release of reports.”. I would argue the exact opposite. Although we believe him, he really has no evidence to the world/courts that he has what he claims to have. Should someone build their own ecat and guess correctly how it works and then they file a more accurate patent with a real verification (off premises by several unrelated teams using all their own equipment/building their own ecats based upon specs), then they could/should be awarded the rights to the product.

      The Patent Rossi filed is very fuzzy and could be based solely on Piantelli’/Focardi work.

      IH/Cherokee/Rossi have seen their devices work on a daily basis and are likely deluded in thinking they have shown us proof, but in reality their “proof” has been mocked and scorned by Skeptics. .Even Randell L. Mills the Inventor of the Blacklight Power Process openly mocks and scorns Andrea Rossi and all of us who believe in the ecat. He thinks it’s bunk.

      Andrea Rossi may think he has proven himself. I believe it makes more sense that he is being truthful, but common sense does not equal truth/provable fact.

      I think Andrea Rossi needs to show the world his catalyst in order to prove his patent works, and that he was first to get there, but I will happily file my own LENR patent after another few years of this where we have all guessed the catalysts involved (even an electric catalyst is recently suggested in his JONP website).

      See Gerrit comment here, it made me laugh.

  • Gerrit

    as long as he doesn’t hold a press conference today, on April 1st.

    • Kwhilborn

      LMAO.. You made my morning.. Cheers..