Shipping Information found for E-Cat Plant

Here’s something I never expected could be found: a poster going by the name of Nevanlinna on the Italian forum has done some amazing detective work, and somehow uncovered shipping data which confirms the shipping of the 1 MW E-Cat plant from Rossi’s Italian headquarters in Ferrara, Italy, to the United States.

There were actually two shipments involved. The first item, described as a ‘Steam Generator’ weighing 15,000 kg arrived in Norfolk, Virginia on August 1st, 2013.

The second shipment included a ‘heat exchanger’, ‘gas burner’, ‘calorimeter’ and ‘spare parts’ weighed 3,500 kg and arrived in Charleston, South Carolina on August 31st 2013.

Both shipments originated from the port of La Spezia in northwest Italy.

The supplier is listed as EFA SRL, an Italian company that Andrea Rossi and his wife own, and the buyer is listed as Leonardo Corp. of Miami Beach, Florida.

I’m not sure if there are too many people who believe that the E-Cat plant never actually got shipped, but here’s some concrete evidence confirming that it did. Having the shipments heading to Virginian and South Carolina would make sense if the ultimate destination was Triangle Park in North Carolina which is where I guess the plant is at the moment.

Images of the documents concerned are below.

doc 1

  • menos50

    That address is Rossi’s Condo in Miami Beach… all you have to do is put the addy into Google Maps…BTW I have been there in front of the building and it didn’t glow in the dark….lol

    • Omega Z

      Yes, Most here are aware of this.

      Probably done in this manor to hide the Partner Identity.

      This Shipping info is publicly available if you know where to look. And if you can get past the Pay For Info Crap.

      The Original Data is available at World Wide Transport Data or something like that.

      A. HARTRODT (U.S.A.) INC. is the Logistics company that handles the shipping process who were notified when it arrived at port.

      They would have contracted arrangements for it to be delivered to it’s final destination. UnKnown…

  • BroKeeper

    Broncobet, I probably am an over realistic person, but could you elaborate further on that opinion? Thanks.

  • Paul

    Yes Rossi seems have told the true about the delivery of an Hot Cat, but, as growing rumors say, not about his wife. If someone can provide an official document he is married as he declared in many interviews you can find online, he will win a million dollar prize. The reason? Let you to discover.

  • Omega Z

    It is no longer Rossi’s to give away.

  • Sean

    Ha Just caught that. I am building LNER 4472 Flying Scotsman Locomotive. London and North Eastern Railway. Keep getting the acronym reversed. Cheers bachcole. I stand to be corrected. Sean. P.S We love our American cousins also.. Keep up the good work.

  • BroKeeper

    Another Goose joke, Mr. Bird? 🙂

  • BroKeeper

    Or in honor of AR a new scientific hybrid language of English and Italiano should be named “Rossiengliango”.

  • Lu

    According to Rossi the 1MW plant was destined for a Customer of the Partner, probably the closest port would be Norfolk, VA since that is where they shipped it. This plant was to be visitable but so far no word about this.

    Also according to Rossi he shipped a Gas Cat and Hot Cat to the Partner whose facilities the closest port would probably be Charleston, SC since that is where they shipped it. If it were destined to the Research Triangle I would imagine it would go to Norfolk, VA?

    >May25th, 2013 at 10:21 AM
    >Dear Tommaso Di Pietro:
    >Installing the 1 MW plant which is going to enter in operation in the USA in the factory of the Customer.
    >Warm Regards,

    >May 27th, 2013 at 4:46 PM
    >Dear Brian:
    >Our Partner is preparing the factory to make the plants. The 1 MW
    >plant will be delivered to a Customer of his. He is both manufactirung and
    >selling the products.
    >Warm Regards,

    >April 28th, 2013 at 1:22 PM
    >Dear Brian:
    >We are delivering, this month, to our USA Partner three plants, one
    >industrial plant of 1 MW which is a low temperature heat producing plant,
    >one prototype of Gas fgueled E-Cat and one prototype of Hot Cat plant. The
    >prototypes are to study them and study their industrialization, while
    >their certification is in course. The duty of the 1 MW plant is industrial
    >heat production. The delivery will be made this week.
    >Warm Regards,

    • BroKeeper

      “industrial heat production” AR seems to always leave stealthy clues in his words.

      • AB

        He has sometimes mentioned ships in his responses (battleship, carrier) and one has to wonder whether that was also a clue.

        • deleo77

          Norfolk is a major base for U.S. Aircraft Carriers. The Navy has been working hard on new clean energy technologies to upgrade its fleet, and of course there are the Navy studies and research relating to LENR in general.

          The question is, why were some of the items shipped to Norfolk and some to South Carolina? If they are both going to the same place in Raleigh, why not ship everything to South Carolina? The Navy is huge in Norfolk and perhaps they are going to put an e-cat on a carrier to see if it works for heating the ship.

    • menos50

      Triangle Park is in east central NC and Charleston SC is far closer than Norfolk due to the Great Dismal Swamp in between Norfolk and that part of NC. ( No direct roads ) Also the US Navy was supposedly the customer of the 1MW E-cat, so Norfolk would be the natural destination for it.

  • Mr. Moho

    @ecatworld I see you’re direct linking the photos but I think it would be better if you saved them on a different server; that way they can’t be externally deleted or altered (or 403’ed due to bandwidth problems on Cobraf servers), although since the information shown is supposed to be public it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to retrieve it again in case something happens.

  • Kwhilborn

    “Rossi responded:
    Frank Acland:
    Extremely interesting. Soon we will learn from NASA something important.
    Warm Regards,
    NOTE: He does not say “MAYBE SOON”. This sounds more like a statement than a guess.

    NASA also claims to be working on LENR flight with undisclosed party under NDA.

  • georgehants

    New Scientist
    Clean energy or cheap energy? We can have both|NSNS|2012-GLOBAL|online-news#.UybSCs4oO_8

    • BroKeeper

      Great article but it will have to be revised by years end.

    • GreenWin

      New Scientist may be the very last of the old science rags to acknowledge LENR. They are entirely unable to grok the concept of low cost abundant energy and wallow instead in the “not enough” mindset.

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    March 17th, 2014 at 2:27 AM
    Eernie 1:
    1- the experiment is not finished yet
    2- I do not think it will take more than a month to the end, but this is a supposition of mine, maybe wrong
    3- The publication of the report will be made, indipendently from the
    results, positive or negative as they might be. I cannot know when. I
    will have the report before the publication, but I do not know if I will
    be authorized to make it public: I signed an NDA, valid for all the
    participants, in which is written the engagement not to make public any
    information before the publication of the Report.
    Warm Regards,

  • georgehants

    Cold Fusion Now
    LENR subject of Italian Parliament query
    While waiting for the response of the Department, in the U.S.
    we are preparing for a large meeting on the occasion of the 25th
    anniversary of the conference of Fleischmann and Pons,
    dated March 23, 1989, during which the British researchers announced to
    the world that cold fusion was a reality, and therefore the energy
    problem of our planet might have a solution soon……

  • Pekka Janhunen

    It hurts me to say, but this feels like disgusting espionage. The end result of this kind of leaks may not be increased openness, but increased secrecy and more of their (IH and other serious LENR companies) valuable time going to unessential non-technical matters and protecting their privacy.

    The line between investigative journalism (which is a positive thing) and espionage and paparazzi behaviour is thin, but in my opinion this revelation now falls on the sinister side. Pseudosceptics jubilate; I mean people who know that the device works although loudly say the contrary.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      If the data were obtained legally, I wouldn’t call it espionage. Otherwise I would agree.

    • BroKeeper

      Is Snowden that bored in Russia?

    • GreenWin

      The role of a free press in US democracy is to hold our three branches of government up to the scrutiny of the people. This is a watchdog role that is not supposed to be as corruptible as private/government sectors. We hastened the end the Vietnam War due in part to the Pentagon Papers published by the NY Times and Washington Post. They were accused of publishing classified documents – but the Supreme Court ruled First Amendment is meant to inform the public of government actions.

      One would think bills of transfer and lading would be the first items a security agency would seal – if there were real national security issues.

  • Mr. Moho

    So, the tests concluded on May 1st 2013 but the container got delivered in the USA in two shipments only on August 1st and August 31st.

    • Gerrit

      You haven’t been following the story. Why would you make such silly comments ?

      • Mr. Moho

        Would you care to elaborate?
        I’m referring to this:

        • Gerrit

          I understood from your comment that you are wondering why it took such a long time (3 months) to ship the container after it was tested for 24h on May 1st, correct ?
          Or was it just a statement of fact ?

          I don’t see any problem with a shipment date on August for equipment that was tested in May. We don’t know what had to be done (technically, financially) in the mean time. We don’t even know if it is the same container.

          • Mr. Moho

            I think most people’s assumption was that the 1MW container was to be shipped soon after the test. I tried looking for past comments from Rossi on this matter but he’s never really explicitly or unambiguously written when that happened exactly.

            My previous comment wasn’t much more than an observation. Given the time it probably takes to craft one of those 1MW containers, and that in photos and videos it’s always been the same unit all along, I doubt that the shipping data found on Cobraf are for a different one.

            • BroKeeper

              Can you imagine how many 1MW equivalent containers will be shipped in three months after this successfull test? KaChing!

  • Owen Geiger

    This is one for the history books. Tip of the hat to the researchers who are helping fill in the missing blanks.

  • clovis ray

    once again, Dr. Rossi, has been vindicated, i have always thought him to be honest, and truthful, he is always careful to try an use the right words although, his English is a bit difficult to understand sometimes, but over the years i have learned to decipher his lingo pretty well, he does seem to be getting better at English speaking. although IH has put the gag order on him, he has always tried to keep us informed to what is happening with e-cat .

  • Barry8

    Off topic, looks like the CF Colloquium at MIT has been filled. Starts Friday the 21st. Good thing I signed up early as this promises to be part of the unfolding history of CF. Yahoo!

  • GreenWin

    The more we know… What makes the LENR-E-Cat story and drama so fascinating is not just the technological leap forward it portends for the human race – but WHO will help make that leap happen. We have for years now seen and documented irrefutable evidence of the US Navy’s (somewhat clandestine) support of CF/LENR – in the face of abject skepticism from our best and brightest. Yet, there it is, the SPAWAR team, JWK/Navy patent, NRL, Dr. Michael Melich on Rossi’s Advisory Board…

    I am a US citizen, and I take special pride in the actions and achievements of the United States Navy. I hail from New England where the USS Constitution (launched 1797) is the oldest commissioned naval vessel on Earth. It is a proud and deserving organization of the some of the best officers and enlisted men/women in any military – anywhere. How does such a historic organization lead in an age where military action is governed by concerns of superior powers? Ask any competent PR person, any social scientist or social media expert, any visionary, entrepreneur or politician… You lead by delivering benefit, benevolence, and good will to the people of your community. That community today, has become the world community – inclusive of all people on Earth. There are few if any greater gestures than to uplift our fellow men and women.

    CNIC Naval Station Norfolk, operates from Norfolk, Virginia – one of two destinations listed in these shipping documents.

    • bachcole

      No comment on this forum has ever before brought me to tears. [ Now everyone knows what a pansy I really am. (:->) ] Thank you, GoodWin. You have won for me.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Rossi said that the customer of the first plant was military. Thus, your consideration makes sense. The second shipment might have been addressed to the party who performed the test. Maybe they sent them their equipment back. If yes, there should have been a similar shipment from the USA to Italy some time before.

    • georgehants

      Nasa-funded study warns of ‘collapse of civilisation’ in coming decades
      The report stressed, however, that the worst-case scenario of collapse
      is not inevitable, and called on action now from the so-called real
      world “Elites” to restore economic balance.

    • Fortyniner

      All good GW, but I’m afraid that on behalf of Great Britain, I must quibble your claim for USS Constitution. HMS Victory (1765) was already 37 years old when the Constitution was launched. As she remains a commissioned vessel today as the flagship of the First Sea Lord, I would humbly submit that in fact Victory takes the honour of being the oldest – by rather more than a generation.

      • GreenWin

        It may well be the USS Constitution claim is based on continuous commission. It is often described as “oldest commissioned vessel afloat.” Victory was not commissioned until 1778; is it still afloat and able to sail under its own power? Perhaps a race would resolve the question. USS Constitution last sailed August 19th, 2012 to comemmorate its battle with frigate HMS Guerriere off Nova Scotia in the War of 1812. The 35minute engagement left Guerriere mastless, and Old Ironsides undamaged. Victory to youth?

        • Fortyniner

          Perhaps ‘the oldest continually commissioned naval vessel that is not currently in a dry dock’ then?

          • GreenWin

            Yes. 🙂 I suppose that would be Anglican brevity.

    • orsobubu

      Right to be pride. If i think we italians slammed him in prison with maphious methods and stole his money…

    • Sean

      The US Navy is to get new laser weapon system. To top it off, the US navy are to get the new BAE 7000mph hypersonic magnetic rail gun. What’s needed now is electrical power and lots of it. Hello LNER, your just what the Navy is looking for. HMS Victory (near me) could be retrofitted also.

  • bachcole
  • bachcole

    This is a must see video. I haven’t read anything else, but this video is ON FIRE.

    I got this from one of my contacts who is a lawyer, doesn’t know much about technology, and is always very polite when I tell her about LENR, but I doubt that she is excited about it yet. But this is so good that even she knows that it is on fire.

  • what I don’t understand is the discussion around that, saying that Rossi lied…
    I’m fascinated by the bias skeptopath have when ignoring the main data, and criticizing the detail…

    I see the same on discussion about why DoE hate LENr, and DoD test it…
    they have some real points, but suffer from heminegligence.

    the real point iw hat is the source of that data ?
    it can be forged too…
    what cannot be forged is Elforsk magazine.

    • bachcole

      Re: Elforsk magazine. To a paranoid skeptopath, ANYTHING can be forged.

    • Sanjeev

      There are bill numbers on that for ready verification. But as we know, those in denial do not believe in facts and evidences. You will never find a skeptic doing research and verifications.
      Its good to see another piece of evidence in favor of Rossi. Now the question is why he shipped it to himself instead of IH directly and what are they doing with it?

      • Gerrit

        If you present evidence to creationists, they’ll say god planted the evidence.
        If you present evidence to skeptopaths, they’ll say it’s forged.

        • right, for some deniers there is wild card, and even some maintream conspiracy theorist use evident wildcard…

          conspiracy of oil companies, government voverage…

          the problem is that for each conspiracy theory, there is a realist and media manipulation reality that looks alike. the difference is that conspiracy are pretended to be hidden, while in reality there are clear evidence (not the argument by tiny errors, but clear statements by credible source) that are visible but not seen because of groupthink, media manipulation.

          LENR is one such, and there are many others. Here in France I’m discovering one such today, so funny, a much ado for 15%, 1 week late… all is know but media ignore facts, not even totally (I learned it on media) but they don’t launch a scandal unless they have some lobby to power them…

          LENR is on media, but it should not be on Forbes or iBtimes lost pages, but in the Headlines, either at

          “Revolution in energy sector, Cold Fusion is real, you have been fooled by physicists and by incompetent journalist”

          or on the opposite

          -Navy-gate: US Navy Fund pathological science, public moneys wasted
          -NASA-gate:NASA Fund pathological science, public moneys wasted
          -ENEA Fund pathological science, public moneys wasted
          -Elforsk Fund pathological science, public moneys wasted

          -National instruments Fund pathological science conference, shareholder money wasted, fire the boss NOW!

          -Toyota Fund pathological science, shareholder money wasted, fire the boss NOW

          -Mitsubishi Fund pathological science, shareholder money wasted, fire the boss NOW

          -Cherokee fund buy pathological science scam, shareholder money wasted, fire the boss NOW

          – Chinese officials in Baoding HIDZ sign agreement with US scam fund about pathological science : OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!

          – Sunrise securities fund pathological science Brillouin with millions: fire the boss NOW

          did you hear that ? NO!

          you should have heard one of that headlines …

          you hear nothing because press is corrupted, conscious LENR is real and that they will be toasted if the say so!

          there are many domain where press and media obey taboo.
          even the cinema is corrupted and you can observe that only one side of rebellion (not the oil company side) is allowed on cinema screens… Even moaning about that state of fact is not “allowed” by media.

      • bachcole

        I am a skeptic about any material subject and will be until the day that I die. Please, Sanjeev and the rest of you, a skeptic is you and me. A skeptopath is someone who won’t look at the evidence or in this case will say that the evidence is forged. The distinction is important.

        • Sanjeev

          Ya I meant skeptopaths…