A Reason to Smile (Song)

ECW readers may not know that one of the things I enjoy doing most is creating music. So much of what I learn in the course of putting this website together I find inspirational, and I have attempted to reflect some of that inspiration in a song I’ve written which you can hear in the video below.

I would like to have done a better job with the sound production — this is basically a homemade piece of work, but I’ve done the best I know how with the tools and resources at my disposal. Maybe in time I will be able to re-record it with a higher level of quality.

The song is dedicated to all those who are at work trying to build a better world by bringing forth a new and better fire to help us all.

Words and music by Frank Acland, vocals by Melissa Hollick.

  • E_man

    My hat off and very sorry for Martin Fleischmann, Eugene Mallove and Stanley Mayer can not listen this Song with us!

  • clovis ray

    Hi, Frank, very nice video, and whats very important Dr. Rossie likes it, you did a great job , hope it becomes the our theme song for the e-cat world team . i too will keep it and listen to it often.

  • Hope4dbest

    Sorry, Frank, but this song is like a heaping spoon of Splenda.

    • GreenWin

      Hope4, you’re saying artifice can be self-aware?

      • Hope4dbest

        No, I’m saying that the song is cloyingly sweet and devoid of anything of substance.

        • Barry8

          You mean 4 you hope4. Music is subjective. Your negativity doesn’t sound like you’re hoping4dbest.

  • NT

    Very good Frank and thanks for providing us this open door right here on e-catworld, too learn…

  • ecatworld

    Thanks again, everyone. I am truly touched by your appreciation — music is a mysterious and powerful force that can’t be adequately be discussed in words, and it is a way for me to respond to things that inspire me. I had a great time on this particular project, and am grateful it has been well received by people I appreciate and respect.

  • Digital Sailor

    I come here like 4 or 5 times a week, and I must say I like that kind of post, cause I feel very connected to it.

    I’m actually working on a new song/music video relative to the same topic

    here is an extract : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6aBV4w5aLE

    I also made a song/video about Tesla one year ago : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xppeFQsahBM

  • GreenWin

    Another reason to smile: GE has just announced its entry into the distributed energy business. With the acceptance of distributed energy by the “big boys” — the road is paved to de-centralize power. It is a wonderful gift, as Frank aptly names it. Let’s make good, peaceful, generous use of it. 🙂

  • jousterusa

    I ended up crying and praying. Thank you, Frank!

  • Paul

    Thank you for your gift!! I find both the melody and the text very beaufiful, and the video… super!

  • GreenWin

    Three thumbs up Frank. Well done! Science is an art form.

  • artefact

    “Andrea Rossi
    March 8th, 2014 at 5:05 AM

    Frank Acland:
    Melissa Hollick is fantastic, but you too are very good as a song writer!
    Warm Regards,

  • Bruce Williams

    Frank, I normally prefer Opera (was trained as a Tenor many years ago), but I really enjoyed your song : it actually had words , and you could understand them ! Bravo.

  • LENR G

    Sorry to say but I have a real problem with this.

    First, the fact that people are enjoying this song does not mean that it is enjoyable. Clearly hidden harmonics just out of listening range are making this song seem more enjoyable than it really is. I mean c’mon any idiot can see that.

    Second, the fact that Frank and this supposed singer had some sort of relationship before recording this song invalidates this as a true spur of the moment collaboration. More like they’ve been conspiring together for who knows how long to crank this out. I bet they even traded ideas about how to make the lyrics and harmonies work best together. HA! You can’t fool us.

    Third, what do we really know about this singer? Is she really a singer at all? Maybe she just sings in her shower, Maybe she has a criminal history, which would of course invalidate anything she has ever done and ever will do.

    Finally, if Frank could really write songs he would have been snatched up by a major record label long ago and his vast multitude of songs would all be rattling around our brains from constant airplay. The fact that Frank doesn’t have a major contract proves that he’s never written a song in his life.


    Kidding aside… very well done and YES! Enjoyable! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I am slightly concerned though that we continue to have more E-Cat inspired songs (now 2, I Believe in the E-Cat being the other I know of) than we do publicly generated E-Cat Joules.

    • stefan

      There have been enough tests to show the joules. The issue have been in the credibility of the observation. That should be a moot point by know. The process now is in getting a product that is viable enough to the market. So the concern is essentially how much Joules per buck we can cram out of the devices, Also safety is important and therefore we need to let them work carefully, more then rushing to much to the market. Meanwhile we can enjoy music and laughs and make an art of the process of waiting for the Joules. And if we do a miss take, cramming to much confidence in the bucket, so what, life will go on.

      • LENR G

        Preaching to the choir, stefan. I firmly believe we are in a pre-industrialization state with LENR.


        • stefan

          yes, but also, it is good to restate what we might think as obvious, some facts just needs to be highlighted over and over again.

      • jousterusa

        Okay, here’s a joke:
        How many E-Cats doesw it take to catch a mouse?
        Two: one to heat it and one to eat it. 🙂

  • stefan

    I really like this, first of all, there are quite many psyodo academic minded people that just hate the notion of cold fusion and at the same time is quite allergic to anything close to gospellian songs and thoughts. Also considering that Andrea Rossi et al is finishing their study and will be releasing the result soon, they, within a month or two will have to accept that the universe is not the clockwork they have mapped for themselves or else they will be playing the loosing fools game. Why do I take the positive result for granted? Well, the only issue with the last Levy et all report was that Levy supplied the instruments and ‘independence’ could be questioned, by now the testers should have verified if the test was not staged and are probably just collecting data to to a more precise validation. And this we have known for sure for many months, if the test was staged, Rossi would never had allowed a second more involved validation. Any skeptical standpoint today is therefore moronic. The issue now is only how well we can take advantage of the process COP 6? COP 8? COP 3?.

  • BroKeeper

    Frank, thank you for providing this beautiful message of optimism for another chance of a better world.
    “A Reason to Smile” resonates with the universe’s song of eternal hope and joy.

  • Stranno

    Hey Frank, you’ve got real talent and apparantly a great faith in the cold fusion technology like me. I’ am looking forward to what mr. Rossi can tell us this month about the outcome of the duration tests of the E-cat.
    Kind Regards, Stranno

  • qc_jym

    What a neat way to link gospel style music and science, two very opposit topics, absract and concrete! Well done!

  • Teemu Soilamo

    Frank Acland: Thank you for your enthusiasm. Very nice song! Is a poetry and
    the music is really good. You gave us a reason to smile. Who is
    the delighting singer?
    Warm Regards,

    I noticed that he signed as “Andrea” instead of A.R. like usual. A nice gesture of appreciation.

  • blanco69

    Thanks for reminding me that there is indeed a reason to hope. Let’s hope also that LENR comes to pass in the open and honest way it deserves.

  • Job001

    “Our boys and girls” that’s what it’s all about! Nothing tells a story better then set to music!

  • bachcole

    Not bad, Frank, not bad at all. And this compliment is coming from someone who will be happy to crush your spirit if you were to put out bad music. I will be sending a link to my friends. (:->)

  • Gerard McEk

    Great Frank, I’ll keep it on my computer and play it every day until LENR breaks through!

  • georgehants

    A lovely intro to a new age. 🙂

  • Christina

    Frank, that’s a beautiful song. It should be available to everyone after LENR is announced, as Navconserv said earlier.

  • mecatfish

    Frank, Do you need a good bass player? I have one i will sell you for cheap. He was drowning last week, so I threw him his amp but he managed to live. Unlike a large pizza he cant feed a family of four. Seriously, great song.

  • Navconserv

    Great one Frank. It should go viral after the Industrial Heat press conference.

  • ecatworld

    Thanks, everyone for the kind words — very gratifying and much appreciated!

  • artefact

    Very good!

  • Sanjeev

    Excellent ! I like it. The poetry is great. Only a few people in the world can understand it at this time.

  • Teemu Soilamo

    Nice, didn’t know you had some musical talent! You should post it to Rossi.

  • E_man

    This is a Song I really believe in.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    That’s great, Frank.

  • Alain Samoun

    Hey Frank that is great! Many Thanks