Italian LENR Open Power Association Claims Direct Electrical Production from Plasma

Thanks to Sanjeev for bringing this to my attention.This is a post that could use some help from our Italian speakers. There are a number of videos on the website for the Italian Open Power Association LENR project which purport to show direct electrical production from a plasma.

The Open Power Association is an organization founded by Ugo Abundo and associates, and is an effort to provide open information about the production of LENR reactors. There are four videos on the page with Dr. Abundo explaining this apparent production of electricity from the Hydrobetatron reactor (formerly known as the Athanor).

Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to understand what Dr. Abundo is saying in these videos. Any help from our Italian speaking readers would be appreciated!

The videos can be found on the main page if you scroll down.

Courtesy Hugo Abundo, Open Power Association
  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    Here is the translation of 3 videos (I have not translated the 4th because it is a slide show for the screening of the Hydrotron.

    I have done it in a rush and I am no technician, so please forgive me if something falls trough…

    p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }

    Rome, 13 Jun 2013

    First informal
    switch on of Hydrobetatron 2.0 Calorimetric Type

    Inside the reactor
    you can see the resistance – drowned – and the anode.

    We are bringing with
    the resistance up to temperature 87°C; we cease to heat with the
    resistance (switch off) and we switch on the reactor zeroing the
    Variac. Graduality. We have 24V. A 0.45, 0.46.

    Beginning the
    electrolyte bubble production. Visible bubbling.

    Lamp on to see
    bubbles. We increase (…). Temp on approx 80°C stable. We have 60
    65 70V. I hear crackling. Yes. Underneath some sparkles. Lights off,
    now visible.

    100V. Ampère
    oscillating. Pre-plasma. 110V with Variac. 120, 130, 140 with Variac.
    Temp down to 70°C. Bubbles forming @ cathode. We wait for
    stabilization; we wait for the temp to increase. Unless we get to 85
    it is not stable.

    200V. Temp now 70°.
    Now it fizzles, starting. Now it has started.

    Plasma off,
    resistance on to get to 85 and switch back on at these same Voltages.

    150W @ resistance.

    79, 80 waiting to
    95° resistance off, switch on the reactor @ 200V. It has switched on
    and it is stable. 210V (Variac).

    240V x 0.5 A = 120W.
    Bubbles under the flat part of the resistance. If it were plasma it
    would be an aura. Under the disk there are flares.

    Informal test

    (VIDEO 2 bottom
    left) Laboratory of John Von Neumann where the experiment
    Hydrobetatron is heir of Atanor, born at the Leopoldo Pirelli
    Institute of Rome. The difference between Atanor and other similar
    production of steam through LENR reactions is the ambition of aiming
    with plasma to gather directly electric energy from plasma. Hence the

    Starting from water
    using conversion steps that surpass the low render of the
    thermodynamic cycle, directly producing electricity. The open source
    spirit, which also the Atanor project had, pushes us to share the
    whole process, including the few successes and the many difficulties,
    which are overcome thanks to the web and all the researchers who gave
    us precious suggestions. This is the first part of 3 videos. This is
    a testing set. Characterizing a reference machinery is no.2.
    Comparing Hydrotron and reference machinery for over-unity.

    This is the
    reference machinery. Our proposal: compare the Hydrotron and the same
    type fed with an electrical immersed resistance.

    We thank the
    numerous experts to describe the behavior of the electrolytic cell in
    its 3 phases: electrilysis, pre-plasma and plasma. We have used the
    correct machinery set with economic components. This machinery
    compares perfectly with more expensive and sophisticated equipment.

    Hydrotron is a
    funnel with a very small electrode composed of a tungsten bar in a
    ceramic case with epoxy resin. The lower part is filled with
    potassium carbonate. The green upside down funnel contains the anode.
    The feed of the negative pole is given externally from the solution
    which is brought to the cathode. The positive feed reaches a
    stainless steel grid hidden behind the funnel and protected
    underneath by a pierced shell. Between the grid and the electrolyte
    there is a granular synthesized pyrex disk with pores the size of 100
    micron. The temp is measured by a thermocouple and a traditional
    thermometer. They have been calibrated. The thermocouple readings
    will be very disturbed. Hence we shall lower the current. These are
    tungsten grains that can be inserted in the immission hole and
    directed into the funnel in contact with the cathode. The convective
    motion will cause them to contact, hence switch on, or will send them
    away, and in the convective cycle it will cool them giving heat to
    the solution.

    The electrical feed:
    from the grid to the supply box. Then the Wattmeter separately
    supplied with energy. This Wattmeter will show the current signal
    before the supply box. Following the cable there is an insulation
    transformer. It has filters to cut frequencies that are above 5, 7

    This cut of
    frequencies is necessary. After the insulation transformer there is a
    filter (calibrated) which cuts above 10KHz to 30 KHz. Other
    frequencies are silent.

    Spikes: it is known
    that during plasma phase it is impossible to measure Amperage and
    Voltage with simple instruments because of the peaks in current. Also
    sophisticated measurers oscillate because of plasma and because we do
    not have a static electrode, but grains that are and are not in
    contact with the negative polarity. Time of sampling can not follow
    the high frequency of the spikes. So there is a series of filters
    which can guarantee that the signals that reach the Wattmeter are
    inside the measuring capacity range of this instrument.

    We asked the maker
    which were the parameters and we have been guaranteed that up to 10
    KHz the signals are correctly measured. We tested the system and
    these parameters were confirmed. We use these filters.

    The oscilloscope is
    mounted with a shunt directly on the cell. We have disturbances,
    Variac is 0. As the voltage increases we will see the increase of the
    disturbance spikes from electrolysis to pre-plasma and plasma. The
    inertia of the insulation transformer and of the Variac with the
    filtering will guarantee that the Wattmeter will see an analogue
    power, which will be measurable.

    10 W simply for the
    2 machinery, which is off.

    Increasing the
    Variac we see on the Wattmeter the power shows we are well above 10W.

    We charge again, the
    signal goes up.

    As we allow the
    Volts to pass a current we see the yellow line of the oscilloscope.

    If we look at the
    cell we see the H bubbles. We do not see spikes now.

    Channel 2: we make
    it more visible.

    Continuation: VIDEO
    3 (bottom right)

    The spectre of the
    frequencies has the first peak at 100MHz then 200 MHz the second peak
    and other peaks immediately follow and are as important as the noise.

    Increasing the
    current (we see the display) from milli to microvolts.

    We see the behavior
    in temps: we switch on the thermocouple (thermometer not visible as
    it is immersed). 30°C and more. We increase the power and the temp.
    36°C. (crackling heard). Less than 100W. The solution generates
    flares. These flares are visible. We out a safety screen We switch
    the Geiger counter on and we close. We can see spikes on the
    oscilloscope. Peaks. We are now are at pre plasma. Temp must be at
    least 80-85°C. We heat it up as fast as we can, trying to avoid
    bubbles which make the phenomenon irregular. As we reach 50° we can
    see with a thermometer.

    Plasma low
    temperature (irregular) we try not to let the machinery switch off
    (for filming reasons), to get to a temp where the phenomenon is
    regular. Geiger is normal.

    The thermometer 80
    on the thermocouple which is disturbed. We evaluate the power. On the
    screen the power oscillates. I do not read now because the stage is
    variable, unstable. Now the spikes are very numerous. Ampères
    stabilize in decreasing.

    Tungsten grains with
    95°C the vapor originates with thousands of degrees at the
    interface. We have 270V. The vapor condenser will measure the energy.
    Multimeters are in a disturbed situation but they can be compared to
    the other measurers.

    • Obvious

      Thank you. That is a great help.

      • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

        Thank you if you can do something with it – hope it is understandable. If others can see something here, Abundo’s work should not be confined to a language that, although beautiful, is not usable by those who could to add onto the research. Only in Italian, this open is less open.

    • Fortyniner

      Thanks very much for taking the time to do that.

      • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

        I hope it can be used….

  • Obvious

    Although I realize that borosilicate glass is used due to high strength and temperature resistance, I can’t help noticing that boron in these types of experiments seems to be a common denominator in successful experiments generally. IE: palladium boron alloys in F&P cells.

  • LCD

    Do they explain how much energy they put in vs how much electrical energy they produce?

  • LCD

    To arian – please go to my website and use the contact support link to email me so I can contact you. I’ve tried every other way but can’t seem to get a hold of you. If you can’t I give Frank permission (if he would like) to privately give you my email address.

  • Obvious

    I am thinking a neat experiment would be to impale some catalyst with the electrodes in this type of set up.

  • bitplayer

    Google Translate of the first link in Yu Chen’s post (2nd link is in English)

    A Bridge on Knowledge – 2

    Towards the extraction of ” live” electricity

    by LENR

    Open Power Association

    The long period of silence after our meeting of 15 October Coherence has seen us working on three major parallel fronts :

    – The development of experimental cathodes ” lasting ” that now allow to be measured “direct” energy balances in the reactor Calorimetric response times compatible with the demand for scientific correctness of the determinations , the development of a special protocol of optimal loading of the cathodes in tune with the functional constraints introduced by operations allowed by the apparatus ( pilot program )

    – A massive job of coordinating skills that belong to the Association, to outline a route to a discontinuous jump of quality theorized about the yields and the study of solutions for the direct extraction of electrical energy from LENR any apparatus to which the experimenters demonstrate performance in Overunity , if adaptable to the conceptual core set forth below ( theoretical program ) .

    – A separate design of experiments for new generation reactors that aim to build on theoretical indications and to come to integrate with the phenomenon of which must be an expression ( pilot program ) .

    The title deliberately recalls a paradigm exposed long ago to duet with Francis Santandrea on 22Passi , according to which the very different interpretations of this experimental research area can traced back to a common central core , whose identification and investigation not only promise to improve the understanding of said specific interpretations , but give rise to a design ” synergistic ” that is enriched with all aspects and should especially avoid the risk of phenomena antagonists .


    In this ambitious goal are collaborating , directly or with their previous work , by Francesco Celani Antonella De Ninny , Fabio Cardone , Santandrea by Francesco Domenico Cirillo, Luciano Saporito Paola Pieravanti , Michele Di Lecce with Alessandro Burgognoni , in Ugo Abundo and many other precious companions journey.

    For the first point, it refers to a subsequent communication , to be issued at the completion of the experimental campaign in progress , as for the second and third front , the following is what we have the pleasure to present a preview for 22 Steps readers .

    core Conceptual

    We recall the same name as in the previous post we including different types of experiments integrating mainly in the context of a metal matrix condensed capable of accepting hydrogen in the presence of a driving force for loading (pressure, voltage , etc. ) and subjected to stresses (plasma, laser, ultrasound , etc. . ) , also using additives that catalyze one or more steps of the reactions.

    He spoke to outline the equipment as triodes generalized (if any third electrode for adjustment) proposing to introduce , if they are not already ‘ constructively present , a cathode ( metal matrix ) , an anode , an interelectrode voltage , a voltage intracatodica , half conductor (electrolyte or ionized gas , eg . hydrogen) .

    To give a concrete example of adaptation to the paradigm suggested , in a reactor cathode wire nanostructured ( or cathode monolithic, metal layers , powder or composite) is possible to introduce an anode facing from which starts a voltage relative to the cathode while fed to its heads under less tension , the loading is no longer created by the gas pressure but by the interelectrode voltage across the void of ionized hydrogen ( or the voltage of the electrolytic cell ), an RC circuit would extract electrical energy , by means of the download autopulsante in scheme resistance negative (see below) , from the source of excess claimed abnormal , be it of Zero Point or LENR ( even , possibly , as reported in some papers , from the thermal energy content of the external environment ) .



    In the literature, have been addressed in a very diverse aspects and implications of the different approaches , both in experimental and theoretical .

    At the moment , our commitment is not intended to discriminate the validity of competing theories on the contrary, considers all the interesting working hypothesis , internally consistent , so that may help in the search of the interrelationships between parameters governing the phenomena .


    The strain appears to be more effective as a preventive measure , the electric force that directly participates in the charged particles (protons or electrons) within the appropriate paths by making them buy the necessary energy and local concentrations under the action of the electric field .

    It is, as repeatedly stressed during presentations of our business, to act both on the field of loading ( or deloading , more promising because it does not directly limited by processes in the effect of saturation) than on the migration of the charges through the latex .

    It can be used for this purpose is the anode – cathode voltage that intracatodica .

    The stress then is the administration of periodic pulses of high peak, extremely steep , very high load-bearing powers for durations so low as to cause only small energy input to the system.

    The techniques programmed employ the results of the latest state of the art in the field of the production and control of impulses , and discharges of K. Shoulders EV (Strong electron ) , bundles consisting of an incredibly high number of energetic electrons related.


    The adoption of nanostructures is presented as a must for the emergence of behaviors that have been predicted theoretically by several authors (B. Ahern , etc. ) relating to removal from equilibrium and the consequent possibility ‘of localization of energy above threshold levels for the activation of nuclear reactions .

    Not necessarily must consist of nano powders, preferably micro -structure surface nano- powders , in combination with ceramic powders to avoid sintering .

    Of fundamental importance is also the presence of alkali or alkaline- elements


    earth metals as electron donors .

    Systems to two / three active components may raise the synergistic effect , for example, combining metals with significant difference between the Fermi levels or using piezoelectric or pyro powders , which enhance the effects of the localizations of temperature or of electrical impulses .

    As well as important is the experimentation on the stresses in metal colloids .

    We therefore programmed also the realization of electrodes metalloceramici to nanoscale structure , more easily handled powder .


    Were designed ( and is currently under construction ), three different reactors based cathodes in electrolytic mixture of powders :

    a radial configuration , serial and serial Shoulders ;

    two pulse – integrated reactors (which perform both the function of on-site production of the discharge, that the use of ) high voltage , one electrolyte , the other for operation in vacuum ;

    a vacuum tube for replication and enhancement of the experiments of P. Correa , using nano-structured cathodes also metalloceramici .

    Extraction of electricity

    And ‘ all clear how simple heat production ( medium or high temperature) is in itself already a high goal, if achieved by processes that do not require non-renewable fuel , do not produce CO2 , do not pollute , and the next step , the transformation of thermal energy into electricity , in addition to requiring high temperatures and a cycle of transformation with machines in motion, always presents low yields .

    Thus the need for a direct production of electric energy from processes with unclaimed Overunity is much felt by justify a significant research effort .

    The experiments for the extraction of current P. Correa with Glow Discharges in vacuum tubes, those of A. Chernetsky with Spark Gaps , JL Naudin and our plasma electrolytic have in common at least a fundamental point: the existence of a part of the diagram IV with negative slope , the so-called negative resistance zone , in which a voltage increase corresponds to a decrease of current.


    According to the theories, processes are assumed periodic spontaneous reorganization of the plasma, negative entropy, the so-called negentropy.

    From the car sustained spontaneous oscillations that arise exerting the plasma in these conditions it is possible to extract energy directly as electricity through an RC circuit consistently sized to agree with the frequencies of pulsation of the plasma.


    For example, it shows a picture from the site of JL Naudin:

    In accordance with what is stated, we are determining the values ​​of the optimum parameters for our configurations and for the corresponding operating ranges.



    Whether it’s energy or Zero Point of anomalous excess energy, the complex plasma-circuit can cause a pump which extracts the energy available and ennobles the form electricity.

    It remains to be seen whether and how much electricity has pulled out of character Overunity, but it is certainly a crucial first step toward the efficient production of electricity, which deserves to be given an adequate trial such as the one designed.

    In addition, the direct provision of electricity approaching the day when we will have ‘self-reliance of’ equipment, allowing the self-energizing.

    Ugo Abundo – Open Power

  • bitplayer

    Google translate of the PDF below the videos:


    We made this composite radiation shield for our reactor, in order to intercept not only alpha rays, beta, x and range, but also any neutron flows, thanks to a layer containing boron, adapted to convert the latter into secondary radiation lockable from the plate cylinder of lead.

    This armor, built in double valve, then it is easy to open and manageable, and constitutes an improvement to the conditions of operating safety, improvement absolutely necessary in view of the evidence pulsed.

  • georgehants

    How Wonderful to be able to sit here and read of the latest big science, only being Researched openly from small groups of scientific Rebels.
    While the big boy’s waste everybody’s time and money sending toy trucks to Mars etc, who cannot even design wheels that don’t fall apart after a couple of weeks, where they spend billions dreaming of rubbish like lassoing asteroids etc. while real science has to be done in schoolrooms etc. by students before they are corrupted by the establishment into having to follow the crazy dead-ended reductionist religion of their ” opinion experts”.
    Where academic sciences only contribution, is having people like Dawkins and Hawkins streaming out completely and obviously false and unscientific proclamations of such things as, there is no creator etc.
    Where almost every scientist shakes in his boots and runs away and hides, if asked to discuss sciences incompetent attitude to Researching UFO’s and many other important subjects.
    Long live the Rebels of this World, if it was left to main-line science we would still be using square wheels based on scientific “expert opinion” that circular wheels are impossible.

    • georgehants

      Just for those scientists who are not sure of the Facts of life —-
      Science does not have a clue where any of the energy in the Universe originates.
      Science does not have a clue as to if we are in an open or closed system.
      Therefore it does not have a clue about any 1st, 2nd or 99th law, beyond closed-minded theory and a religous belief in “expert opinion” wishing to stay in the dark ages. (excluding applied science of course that has to work with only the latest knowledge)

      • Obvious

        Science doesn’t believe anything, any more than a book believes it has pages.
        People believe things, and people are a rather variable group. Some people believe in science, some don’t.

        Science is the only thing that separates the belief that we may be imagining our own existence from the viewpoint of an independent dream by categorizing examples of common experience that can be tested by others. Perhaps it only tells us that we all are dreamers within the same dream. But then, what is the difference between reality and a common experience that is indistinguishable from a common dream state?

        • georgehants

          Obvious, I am sure you realise that your short comment involves the lifetimes thinking, reflection and meditation of the greatest minds in history, including yours and mine I am sure.
          You must forgive my using the word science as a catch-all word.
          Science almost certainly is just another part of “the dream” if it is one, conveniently set up by either a coincidence beyond all “reasonable” possibilities of Everett’s many worlds or any anthropic principle, which leaves only a mind that has purpose.
          Now we move into personal beliefs, that is dangerous ground for most people.
          Back to Earth, If we are going to use science then we need a few scientific rules.
          I have only one, search for, unafraid, openly, happily, honestly, unbiasedly etc. etc. for the TRUTH.
          Anything less is nothing but fooling ourselves and making fools of ourselves.

          • Obvious

            Exactly. Broad brush strokes make it hard to paint a clear picture. On the other hand, too many details makes it hard to see the forest through the trees (to terribly mix metaphors).

            I often see people mistaking Science for some absolutist position, including “scientists”. It is merely a method. A method which is supposed to include reasonable skepticisms of itself and accept revision when required, without prejudice. Too often we trip over our own prejudices and desires and subvert the method to satisfy ourselves because it may otherwise require us to change our world view, often a view that in itself has worked very well to keep us both living and alive (alive, in the abstract sense).

            Logic and science cannot alone guide our path through life, even if we are subject to its rules at some levels of abstraction. Science informs us as what we might “know”, but not all there is to know, nor what is worth knowing or (especially) how to properly use knowledge.

    • BroKeeper

      Round wheels? But George isn’t that counter intuitive to the physics of “four corners of the world”? I find this very positive negentropological. If I change my wheels to round then I would lose the high and low vertical perspective of the world driving down its road which will distort my entropological knowledge of things. (Where did I leave my pint?)

      • georgehants

        BroKeeper, please don’t mention entropy, more rubbish written about that then I have in my backyard skip.
        If a scientist wants to make out how clever he is to people he starts spouting off about “entropy”

        • Obvious

          Entropy can be proven simply by looking at my email inboxes.

          • georgehants

            Ha, or my socks draw.

            • Fortyniner

              Sock drawers are a proven gateway into alternate universes. Only one way unfortunately – missing socks never return.

              • Omega Z

                I wouldn’t return either if I new I’d only be stuffed in a smelly old shoe. 🙁

    • Obvious

      Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there
      is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof.
      – J. K. Galbraith

  • Andreas Moraitis

    At the moment, my understanding of this experiment is limited. Negative resistance/conductance and negentropy are important keywords. Note that the term “negentropy” was coined by Léon Brillouin (after Schrödinger had spoken about „negative entropy“). Potassium (in the form of K2CO3) is used as an electron donor. The name of the device, “Hydrobetatron”, seems to indicate that the electrons are accelerated to high energies.
    I’m somewhat surprised that they apparently do not talk about nuclear issues. What is the role of possible fusion/transmutation mechanisms in this context?

  • GreenWin

    One of the APE series at jlnlabs is dated 2006. And it appears to demonstrate that a plasma in a high conductance liquid gates current – as does a Gunn diode. This is not surprising as the current to create the plasma drops at Vx as it would in e.g. a gallium arsenide semi-conductor. The resulting negative resistance provides an oscillation or resonance to the load – a 5W 12V filament. But at 300V input – OU is not an option.

  • hempenearth

    The 44 second video shows a hinged, blue, cylinder shaped frame that looks like the beginnings of a commercial prototype but I’m speculating on that. Anyone know any better?

    • Andreas Moraitis

      That’s the shielding of the reactor, just for safety purposes.

  • Obvious

    This is cool. I just bought the same tungsten rods a couple hours ago. The welding outfit also supplies D2 it turns out.

  • gbas3 gbas3

    Wow…I’m sorry…I’m italian but it’s ‘very difficult for me to translate in english what he says.
    Dr. Abundo is getting great results with no much money and this is very important.
    How important is to underline that shares its results with all of us.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks gbas — that sounds like the most important part of it!

    • Fortyniner

      Your English is infinitely better than my Italian! Anything you could add, particularly about how the electricity is produced, would be most welcome.

  • hempenearth

    On the front page Jonnyb, just scroll down

  • jonnyb

    I could not find the videos, any help?