Transmutation Revolution? Mitsubishi Granted Patent for ‘Nuclide Transmutation’ Process

Thanks to Cold Fusion Now and AlainCo at LENR Forum for picking up what seems to be a very important development — Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been granted a patent by the European Patent Office for a “Nuclide transmutation device and nuclide transmutation method” which the introduction to the patent states could allow for the transforming of long-lived radioactive waste into short-lived radioactive nuclides or stable nuclides, and the transmutation of abundant elements into rare earth elements.

The patent application was filed in 2001 and was granted on December 3 2013, and the inventors are listed as Yasuhiro Iwamura, Takehiko Itoh and Mitsuru Sakano with the applicant being Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

I don’t find a reference to LENR itself in the patent application, but the description of the device clearly shows that an LENR process is involved. The invention is described as a ‘small scale device’ which comprises of a multilayer structure body made of palladium or other hydrogen absorbing metal or alloy, absorption and desorption parts that surround the body, and high and low pressurization devices that produce deuterium.

The granting of this patent provides an important stamp of credibility for the field of LENR, and opens a door to a world of possibilities in materials science where elements can be engineered in useful ways. Mitsubishi is one of the world’s giants of engineering and having them involved in LENR development, and now granted this patent, will surely garner the attention of the engineering, scientific and business worlds.

  • Gerard McEk

    I believe I have mentioned it before. Maybe the main purpose of this invention is to produce energy. If you add an extra neutron to U235/U238 or Th232 you can make a mini nuclear fission power plant using this patent. At the same time you can get rid of the nuclear waste. It will generate a lot of heat but also you need good radiation screening because of the fast neutrons and gamma radiation.

    • CassTete

      Is it not a Hydrogen Fuel Cell on Demand already .

      This already exists as working devices on cars running with water wiesemann also wrote about it .

      Water Car basically , God knows for this to be allowed to be patented means that we coming to the end of fuel & gold era ! ause transmutation make gold ( Russia knows half their Gold is missing an electron … but stable )

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Although radical optimists will not like to hear it, one possibility should not be swept under the carpet: Transmutation by LENR could not only be used for the neutralization of radioactive waste, it could also be abused for the production of dangerous radioactive isotopes. As soon as people of a certain sort will realize that they can do this easily in their garage, we will have a problem. I do not want to spoil the fun of the readers here, but I think this question must be addressed.

    • Obvious

      That is the problem, IMO. Fleishmann said “…it’s a perfectly logical kind of thought, which would lead to, ah.., this type of experiment” (if he wasn’t taken out of context) in that report 41 video. (at around 17:00)

      No w de let e the se po sts for sa fety….

    • malkom700

      All the technical progress may open up opportunities devastating. For this reason not stop, but rather deal with these threats. Most importantly the people soon spread over the galaxy because it is very dangerous to one locality to exist. Represents an insignificant threat to each other than that.

    • CassTete

      What problem , making Gold in your Shed with Browns Gas .

      It’s all being done , Kiss the Gold Price good buy and watch Copper increase 10 fold min .

      This world is hanging on a thread ( great to be part of this time ) . When the fascists owning all corporation ( like Mitsubishi and friends )

      Are going to take it up the backside soon !

      Caue we can ALL DO THIS AT HOME .

      What , just add Lithium Grease spray to your vehicle NOW and create transmutation of elements releasing Helium ++

      THIS IS THE END , for ANYONE who can read … can now make his own Hydrogen On Demand Car and show them the finger with their shitty patets

  • Rob Lewis

    The Patent Office’s job description does not include verifying that the claimed invention will actually work (as evidenced by the multiple patents on perpetual motion machines). All they require—at least in the U.S.—is that the invention be novel, useful, and non-obvious, and that it be disclosed in sufficient detail for a person of ordinary skill in the art to make and use it.

    And 12 years is a long time for an application to be pending.

  • LukeDC

    Like all the physicists that have wasted their careers on hot fusion researchthe same can be said for a generation of academics who are now facing the reality that their careers have been based on a falsehood.
    The end of Supersymmetry….

    • Obvious

      A negative result in science is not a necessarily waste of a career or time. In science, a negative result informs scientists of the refined limits of where the actual answer or theory can be. It may be disappointing, true, especially if it is pet a theory. Besides, a physicist collecting a paycheck (and some of them get rather nice ones) don’t have to hand it all back if the science work done is proved to be based on flawed assumptions.
      Does a musician decide his career was a waste of time if his lyrics are shown to be better prose than catchy songs?
      Does a garbage man decide his career was a waste of time if it shown he is better at making garbage than dumping it in a bin?

      • georgehants

        Obvious, totally agree with your point regarding negative results in science.
        It is good you see another of the failings of modern science, that money should not be spent in areas that seem to lead to a dead-end, when of course such thinking is nothing but closed-mindedly incompetent.
        What you are not explaining, is your apparently trying to justify the spending of billions on hot fusion for 24 years with almost no chance of success and the spending of zero by the establishment on a reported Cold Fusion that surely should have been competently Researched, if just to prove the negative.
        Perhaps you could clear-up this seeming contradiction in your thinking.

        • Obvious

          Yes, it is certainly disappointing that CF did not get the funding that it would seem to deserve. Even just to ensure that it might be a dead end, if that is the case.
          That is not to say that money is wasted on hot fusion. It does seem to get more help in comparison to cold fusion, but that is possibly in part due to the fact that natural analogues are known (the sun). Agreed that hot fusion is not trying to do what the sun actually does, though. But it is very similar.

          Cold fusion does not seem to have a natural analogue. This is a cause of suspicion that reinforces the possibly wrong idea that it may not be possible. I can’t say that superconductors naturally occur, either, for example.

  • bachcole

    I hate to seem to betray my anti-conspiracy theory religion, but what if the big money people have an unspoken or unwritten agreement with the patent office that only they can get patents on new energy/LENR technologies. Rossi et. al. could slave away until they were blue in the face, and the big money people would still reap all of the rewards. I say this because the FDA basically works FOR the food and drug industries, lock, stock, and barrel. For example, about a year or two ago the owner of a local compounding pharmacy got arrested by the FDA scum-bags for compounding natural testosterone. But just recently I see that bigger companies are now selling testosterone over the counter (I believe, or prescription?) testosterone. What is the difference? Time and money. Two years have passed and the company has a lot of power and money, while the local compounding pharmacy doesn’t have a lot power and money.

    The patent office would be a perfect pinch point, or bottleneck. Why fight the enemy on the plains when they can own the canyon and sit on the walls and top of the canyon and rule the day. All of the shouting and hub-bub and inventing and excitement and late-nights inventing mean nothing if you don’t rule the patent office, if Shell or other big companies rule the patent office.

    I hope I am wrong.

    • Bernie777

      You are NOT wrong. But our “free” press and internet will prevail.

  • linked probably to the work Shell funded in CNAM with Mizuno cells.
    Deposited by J Dufour in CNAM, for Shell.
    Seems a strange Mizuno, with magnetic field, nor far from Defkalion claims and rydberg explanations…

  • Andreas Moraitis

    They want to produce Thorium 232, very nice idea. 232Th has a half-life of 14 billion years, that’s more than the age of the universe…

  • Charles

    The thing that really bothers me about this patent is that Charles Duell’s famous saying has finally come true: “Charles H. Duell was the Commissioner of US patent office in 1899. Mr. Deull’s most famous attributed utterance is that “everything that can be invented has been invented.”

    • foobario2

      He never said that, it’s a myth. In fact, he basically said the opposite of that statement:

      “In 1898, he was appointed as the United States Commissioner of Patents, and held that post until 1901. In that role, he is famous for purportedly saying “Everything that can be invented has been invented.”[2] However, this has been debunked as apocryphal by librarian Samuel Sass.[3] In fact, Duell said in 1902:

      In my opinion, all previous advances in the various lines of invention will appear totally insignificant when compared with those which the present century will witness. I almost wish that I might live my life over again to see the wonders which are at the threshold.[4]”

  • Justin Church

    The Automotive Catalytic Converter Conspiracy! (No scientific proof to back this up but this just occurred to me, keep an open mind and now that many of you have more confidence in LENR and now ALCHEMY due to some heavy hitters coming out the closet lets take this down the rabbit hole for a few moments.)

    I am using an automotive catalytic converter to run the H-Cat experiments. No doubt to me anymore that the cats can be used to produce the LENR effect. Why? because you can find several LENR patents describing the use of ceramic substrates coated with nano particle catalyst metals. They are not coming right out and saying its a catalytic converter but obviously the same ceramic structure and nano metal coating is used in them.

    Most of you understand now that LENR and Transmutations are directly related. The excess heat is a result of the transmutation.

    Used catalytic converters are very very valuable. So much so, people around here and around the country steal them off of cars just to sale them. Around here you can get 50-200 bucks at the local scrap shop for one and thats just the first time that cat exchanges hands after its lifespan. The local scrap yard stock piles them and sales them to another middle man for maybe even double what you were paid for it to begin with. I’m sure that person or group sales the stockpile to another middle man for a hefty profit as well. I was told that millions of these used cats are being sent back to China where they were manufactured on a monthly basis. Now that I sit back and think about it, its possible you can buy the catalytic converter brand new at retail prices and make money by selling it off after its been used. If you can get a couple a hundred bucks for a cat that only cost a couple hundred bucks brand new and your the first person in the lineup of middle men then its obvious the cat is worth more used than new. Why is that?

    People have always stated its because of the content of precious metals but what if goes deeper than that? If the cat only cost 200 bucks to begin with, even if you sale it off for 100 bucks, by the time it gets back to China, there is so much money tied up in fees of middlemen and fuel costs, it would be very impractical to make it a point to have them shipped back if you were going to lose money by doing it.

    What if the automotive cat manufactures and automotive manufacturers know and have known about transmutation? What if they are seeding the cats with cheap nano particle metals lets say $5 worth and ending up with a trans mutated metal worth hundreds, maybe thousands?

    I recently found a presentation suggesting LENR was happening in automotive catalytic converters as they are installed on the vehicle. You ever seen water dripping out your tailpipe? In order for that to happen Hydrogen has to be present from the exhaust and in fact it is in the form of a “hydrocarbon”. Think about that for a second, a hydrocarbon is a flammable fuel so essentially you are pouring dollars into your gas tank in the form of gasoline and sending some of those dollars straight out the exhaust of the junk technology the auto cartels gave us. That hydrocarbon is good fuel nothing wrong with it at all, it would be very easy to recycle it back to the engine to be utilized but honestly, the auto manufacturers build the automobiles to purposely ‘WASTE FUEL” so they can make sure a concentration of hydrogen is making it to the catalytic converter. The automobile is the perfect incubator for this transmutation process. They can use the exhaust heat to reach the optimum temperatures needed for LENR/TRANSMUTATIONS to occur, there will be pressure and vacuum effects available as well. The computer system of the car could be programmed to dump more or less hydrogen into the exhaust as well as monitor temperatures to produce the metal of choice. Perfect incubator for this process.

    If you go to a automobile scrap yard they will shred every inch of that car but you will not find one car with the cat installed before being shredded, They make it a point to remove the cats but the rest of the car is “worthless” to them. You guys don’t find it curious Toyota and Mitsubishi have been doing some heavy work in the R&D of LENR/TRANSMUATIONS? I do!

    It would not surprise me to know the theory above is 100 percent true. This is how dirty the corporations play and I’m sure they laugh all the way to the bank when they extract all those thousands of dollars out of the used cat and you were gullible enough to produce it for them for free using a computer controlled incubator and you paid for the energy needed to do it. lmao

    It would be interesting to run some tests on these used cats to find out just how much metal is in them and the composition of them. I would HOPE for the auto cartels sake we find the same metals we started with. If we find evidence for transmutation of metals and we find out those new metals are substantially more valuable than the original catalyst metals, I say we got some LAWSUITS to file and some CEO’S to put behind bars.

    You guys up here can praise companies and corporations like Mitsubishi and Toyota and get butterflies all in your stomach when you see them admitting to this technology but the truth is THEY HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THIS FOR A VERY LONG TIME. They may have been profiteering off of our stupidly for just as long.

    • Obvious

      I have analyzed lots of catalytic convertors. I was thinking about recycling them myself, as a profitable business. The extra elements in them, that they did not come with, are a huge problem for recycling, especially in Canada or the US, where there are extensive laws regarding the handling and disposal of potentially toxic metal-laden scrap, especially where fine powders are created during processing. The environmental hurdles to increasing the scale of the business increased at a greater scale than the apparent profit, so I gave it up. The extra elements were usually lead, zinc, copper, and iron. Sometimes there was some tin, antimony, or molybdenum. They came from, as far as I could tell, from fuel and oil additives and engine wear. Some of them had cerium, lanthanum and barium, which are probably substrate materials, in addition to zirconium and aluminum. I can’t see what special elements in the cats would be more valuable than the rhodium, platinum and palladium they come with. I saw no evidence of the Rh, Pt and Pd increasing from a typical range, although some high end German and Japanese vehicles have much higher levels of valuable metals than most convertors. Typical combined PGE content is around 800 ppm, and maybe up to 1200 ppm if they are Pd-heavy. Like I said before, I have never seen silver in a catalytic convertor analysis, which would be expected of Pd transmutation, nor gold from Pt transmutation. You should see the size of the catalytic convertors in new semi tractors (no rhodium in those).

      There are several large companies that do recycle them in North America, and they pay based on type. You can look at the values they will pay for various cat types on a their websites, with identifying pictures. The dollar value is directly proportional to the precious metals content, and fluctuates with the spot prices for the metals. Many states have laws restricting the private sale of catalytic convertors to scrap dealers (unless attached to a car) in order to reduce theft. Some places will only buy used cats by the ton or container load.

      • Justin Church

        “Analyzed” lots of catalytic converters? You were “thinking” about recycling them? So do you mean you have “read” material on the subject but never extracted the metals/materials from the ceramic substrates yourself? If you have personal experience in this subject I’d like to see your reports and videos. I really don’t know to be honest. Just a theory of mine based on what I know about LENR and the business of used cat sales. As I said before it wouldn’t surprise me. Its a fact they are dumping an excess of Hydrocarbon fuel into the exhaust of automobiles on purpose, its all controlled by computer. Either they are making it a point to waste fuel or they are using it for something else….

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          Justin, I am friendly with a junkyard owner and he owes me a few favors.
          Should I try to scrounge a couple of cats? If so, what types or models are best?

          • Obvious

            Japanese and BMW cats are the best bet. Avoid old GM pellet designs and aftermarket units.

          • Justin Church

            I think everyone should scrounge a few of them if they can. Neal, co-discoverer of the hcat, is now stock piling them at his auto shop. A guy usually comes around every so often to buy them off of him and pays him 50-150 each and has recently got upset with him because Neal won’t sale to him anymore. hahaha. I know a local guy that quit a 40-60hr a week labor intensive job to scrap cats, last I heard from him he works 3 days a week and makes triple what he did at his old job. I am telling you, some of the cats are worth big money to certain people or groups. If nothing else, once we get everything figured out, you will have the reactor core needed to build your own e-cat using the open source instructions we will be releasing. And like Obvious said, the imports are the best bet, it seems heavy duty cats for diesels also contain a substantial amount of the catalyst metals needed.

        • Obvious

          I never got as far as trying to extract the PGEs myself. I began working on cleaning the poisons from the substrates. That was a toxic mess. There was no good way to get rid of the stuff. You can’t just burn off lead and let it into the air. Acid reactions just made toxic sludge. The base metal poisons mess up the recovery of PGEs. I analyzed lots of cat materials, to see how much precious metals there were, typically, rather than relying on internet info, since actual primary compositions are nearly impossible to find, and contaminants are as variable as the car owner. I happen to own, among other things, a 50 KV XRF. I can check the rough composition in about 30 seconds, and have a real good set of values in 90 to 120 seconds. Lead L band spectra blocks out the Pt spectra, making it hard to determine the Pt content properly, negatively affecting sorting. I worked with several labs, and interviewed and toured some catalyst recycling plants, as part of my research. It was clear that I needed more than a lot of money to start recycling cats. I needed probably millions to get started and get necessary permits. Industrial land was required. Otherwise I would just be a middle man, collecting the things, and selling to the plants that do the actual work. Which isn’t what I wanted to do: there are plenty of those out there already. I didn’t write reports or make videos. I wasn’t advertising what I was up to. No point in generating competition before I started.

          I will give you kudos for coming up with a unique conspiracy idea. But it just doesn’t wash. It would take very little time for independent people to figure out they were “growing” wealth, and start collecting them, exposing the “conspiracy”. Wasting fuel on purpose for a few seconds actually happens to heat them up at the start of a run, but certainly not full time. The exhaust has to be clean, more or less, to prevent fouling the cats. Newer cats are designed to run lean, based on mileage requirements and so have N reducing capabilities ( I think that is where the cerium comes in). Earlier ones had to run near-stoichiometric gas products, because they could not control N oxides.

          I have some faith that it is possible that the cats can do some transmutation of H to He with some modifications, but I have no belief that that heavier elements are made, nor precious metals increased. The automotive catalytic convertor is probably the most technologically advanced thing in a modern car. It is strangely anachronistic to use such advanced tech to essentially clean smoke.

          • Justin Church

            Lets go a little deeper down the rabbit hole of this “conspiracy theory” shall we? Remember keep an open mind and think logically, its ok to disagree but always look at the bigger picture and the grand scheme of things then ask well “what if”.

            You stated “It would take very little time for independent people to figure out they were “growing” wealth, and start collecting them, exposing the “conspiracy”

            Based on some of the other points in your post you realize they use very expensive and advanced forms of nano technology to design the guts of the modern day catalytic converters. I’m sure you have also studied nano technology a bit as well. At this point in time, very few people/groups on this planet have the knowledge and or measurement/extraction equipment needed to even begin to be able to fully detect or analyze the “secret sauce” of the ceramic substrates inside catalytic converters before and after use. Although I personally have not did much digging myself, I can tell you detailed information about the cats contents is a highly guarded secret.

            When you can transmutate up and down the periodic table using nano technology the possibilities are limitless. The building blocks of the entire universe is available to the automobiles internal combustion engine and all the mechanisms that nature uses to create all we see is also available to the automobile. Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Argon. The engine itself can provide controlled environments for these gases to interact with each other to create physical objects, Pressure, heat, vacuums, combustion, electricity. are just to name a few. The entire process is also computer controlled for precision and accuracy. I can imagine the Catalytic Converter containing all kinds of nano goodies we don’t know about. metals, diamonds, jewels, crystals, maybe even biological life. Probably even some materials or elements not listed on the periodic table or official books yet.

            You remember “Captain Planet” and the Planeteers: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart? As far as I’m concerned the automobile and the internal combustion engine provides all of those except one, but who is behind the wheel of that automobile and passengers of them? You, your family, your neighbor, your friend….The Planeteers have to all be together and in close proximity with each other to combine power to create order. The universe could not create without those components and without a heart or consciousness available the physical components would just be in a state of chaos and randomness.

            You stated “Wasting fuel on purpose for a few seconds actually happens to heat them up at the start of a run, but certainly not full time”

            Sadly sir, it does happen on a “full time” basis when it comes to the automobile. All those nasties that build up inside of them and the proposed reason they tell us we need to have them installed is a direct result of incomplete combustion of the fuel. One thing I do have a little bit of first hand experience in is with HHO/Hydrogen gas and its an absolute fact when you mix in small amounts of the gas into fuel streams of other hydrocarbon fuels, you will increase the heat of the combustion and significantly reduce or eliminate waste emissions. As we speak, coal fired industrial plants are installing hydrogen injection systems into the combustion chambers to reduce and eliminate waste exhaust. You ever seen a coal fire burn? Nasty stuff that coats everything with soot, add hho or hydrogen, get more heat out of the burn and soot/toxic emissions are eliminated. The automobile companies and corporations already know that and have even done extensive laboratory studies and published results.

            The automotive manufactures know hho/hydrogen mixed with any hydrocarbon fuel not only increases burn temperature/energy density but also significantly reduces or eliminates waste emissions. So Instead of injecting metered Hydrogen produced on demand/bottled into the combustion chamber to eliminate the need for a catalytic converter, they decide it was more practical and “logical” to invest billions into the development of advanced forms of the catalytic converter to get rid of at least some of those extra nasties from the combustion of gasoline or diesel so its deemed safer for you and me? lol Who decided to move forward with that idea?

            Now most if not everyone will tell you when you are looking to get into scavenging cats the best catalytic converters are factory and imports like Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Bmw, Mercedes just to name a few. Now isn’t it curious those same companies/corporations are the ones at the forefront of LENR/Transmuations research and development?I mean think about it, they have millions of us which can be used as test subjects or miners. They have millions of completely controlled long term experiments to gather all the data they need on transmutations. When the cats come back from their experimental run, they can take a peek inside to see what they created. They can also use us to enrich materials/elements since they have millions of the machines running on a day to day basis lol. Completely logical and highly probably in my opinion.

            There would be absolutely no need what so ever for the catalytic converter period in the automotive industry if the fuel was only hydrogen. H2/O2 in, pure water out. No poisons or toxins to worry about.

            You would think after nearly 100 years of the automobile and the internal combustion engine the catalytic converter itself would not be the most advanced piece of technology that comes out of the research. My grandfathers ole v8 pickup truck when he was a teenager got better gas mileage than my modern day fuel injected, computer controlled automobile. Something ain’t jiving with that…All I am saying is we need to really think about the agenda of these auto manufacturers and we need to start asking questions when they start coming out yelling we now have patents on a technology as mind boggling as transmutations/LENR….

            • Obvious

              Lean gasoline mixtures get better mileage, but run much hotter and so make a lot of weird chemicals and NOx by starting to burn atmospheric N2 and having far more heat enabling strange chemical combinations that can’t form at lower temperature burns of gasoline. Lots of carburetors ran very lean at highway speed, sometimes as lean as 22:1 instead of the “ideal” stoichiometric 14.7:1 mix (at sea level). Only recently have cars gotten back down to these lean mixtures, due to new catalysts that can deal with NOx. It is a strange paradox that burning more fuel was “cleaner”, but made more total emissions output. But most emission tests check out %, not volume.

              Hydrogen is a nice fuel, but takes up a lot of room to carry around enough. Not too many filling stations, either. It is a fact, and complaining that this could have been fixed ages ago doesn’t help us at present. Partly engine design itself needs some more work to be able to handle the high heat and prevent NOx from combustion of high burn temp fuels. Catalysts to the rescue again. Ceramics are probably the future of future H-powered vehicles to survive and contain that extra heat and turn it into more power.

              I am sure that the brilliant folks that develop the catalysts have many more plans for their creations.

    • guga

      The main products made within the engine are carbon dioxide and water (steam). The steam can cool of in the exhaust pipe, that’s why there can be some dripping of water. You don’t need a catalytic converter or hydrocarbons in the exhaust to have water coming out.

      • Justin Church

        That is true to a certain extent but is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Remove that catalytic converter from your car and straight pipe it, then smell the difference, then come back and tell me you were pleasantly sprayed with primarily a fine mist of steam and carbon dioxide…lol, I seriously doubt you will even be able to come back here to tell me.

        Now lets flip the switch and do the same straight pipe experiment with a well engineered Hydrogen powered car. Yes sir buddy a fine mist of steam will be what you observe, the output is so clean you could condense and drink the water straight from the tailpipe.

        Heeere’s Johnny!

        • guga

          Sure, I would not want to put my nose directly into the pipe, especially not without a catalytic converter. I don’t need NOx, CO and various aromatic hydrocarbons in my lungs.
          But I would not say that this is in any way a proof that these substances are made on purpose. CO2 and H2O are the major products, but that does not mean that the doses of those toxins mentioned are not substantial. I’m glad we have catalytic converters to reduce them.

  • Justin Church

    HaHa, too funny. The recently open sourced H-Cat will be stepping on the toes of the corporations and elite so they have no choice now but to come clean and admit LENR and modern day Alchemy. I even asked “Industrial Heat” for a Job since they are in my back yard. They did respond but told me they were in no need of additional personnel. Guess I’ll just become your competition then…lol, I doubt it but I can say its very curious how this saga has played out the past couple of months. We had Nasa the other day presenting LENR Aircraft when according to them, they are really just now catching on to the science, YEAH RIGHT!…Nasa knows all about this stuff and has been dabbling in all of it for decades but just as I suspected, they play the “We are innocent card” so the general public doesn’t ask too many questions. Now all of a sudden Mitsubishi is granted a patent for transmutations. hahaha. Its so in your face now how in the world can anyone deny this stuff anymore?
    Sterling Allan at PESN will also be promoting the open source H-Cat so we can add more soldiers to the platoon of open source development of LENR / ALCHEMY technologies. The race is on…Average Joes Vs. The Corporations. They are scrambling like roaches. I’m so pumped right now!

    Maybe Doc did travel to 2015

  • friendlyprogrammer

    I find this news disconcerting. We know Mitsubishi is active in LENR research from the CERN presentation PDF’s. We know Toyota verified their LENR independently using their own labs, equipment and supplies (A true third party verification).

    We also know Toyota has been actively chasing LENR as they hired Martin Fleischmann soon after the Pons/Fleischmann Cold Fusion debacle set him up as a scientific mockery (Kudos to Toyota for recognizing Genius).

    What I have trouble with here is that we are celebrating a patent filed 13 years ago (2001), and yet the company still does not have a viable LENR device that we know of.

    I suppose any and all patents in this field should be celebrated, but I was much more excited about their papers presented at CERN…

    These of course being old news to most here.

    It is interesting, but nothing to get excited about imho.

    • Curbina

      Haven’t you thought about why they delayed so much in granting the patent? what might have changed during the patent review process to change the examiners mind? Perhaps a demonstration? That’s what get my attention, the recognition.

    • I have evolved on LENR.
      there is no doubt LENR is real, and have a great potential in energy, and some tiny potential in radioactive waste remediation.
      However this is not yet working well. Most old-school researchers like Iwamura & Takahashi, Celani, STM, nasa,Navy, Enea are still in lab.
      Part of the problem is that they focus too much on understanding, and too few on engineering…

      Rossi make much noise, achieved better results, have an interesting garage approach which challenge academic approach , but it is still in inception. Brillouin is interesting too, but still in engineering too… DGT results were modests when Nelson tested it, and recent demo was not stoneproof.

      • Justin Church

        Believe you me, Nasa and all branches of the United States Military are 60+ years ahead of people like Rossi or Brillouin. You as well as everyone else is about to find out the absolute truth in this. EVERY form of technology the public has came out of these organizations which had it decades before public release, from advanced aircraft, to cell phones, to gps, to the internet, to fiber optic data transmission…I could go on and on. We all need to stop fooling ourselves. Nasa did that presentation recently and made it a point to put pictures of Rossi’s reactors because they don’t want to be caught with their pants down and admit to the public they have been building and using these technologies way before Rossi came to the scene. The age of compartmentalization and secrecy is now over.

        • bachcole

          and all branches of the United States Military are 60+ years ahead of
          people like Rossi or Brillouin.” Please, Justin, could you provide
          links for that statement. It seems like a delusion to me.

          So, basically, I don’t believe you about this. And this damages your credibility with me, at least in the social/political realm.

          • Justin Church

            You want links? I aint got time to go over a decade of intense study into all of this, lmao look around yourself as you are reading my comment back to you. Everything you are using to communicate with me came from either the space industry or the military and they had all of it decades before you even knew it existed. Do you read and research at all? You know anything about the history of Nasa, The United States Military and its military defense contractors? You realize the United States spends more on military defense than any other country in the world, even some of those countries combined could not top what they spend. You think they spend it all on us or care packages for the troops overseas? lmao, Go dig deep on what DARPA works on and realize who funds them. lol

            You stated “And this damages your credibility with me, at least in the social/political realm”
            Ok?You not understanding the point i’m making damages my faith that you have spent the time educating yourself and really looking at the big picture logically and rationally.

        • ahah, I always prefer to interpret incoherence by assuming stupidity than consiracy…
          I corrected you message which capture part of the trust , the pant down part.

          “Nasa did that presentation recently and made it a point to put pictures of Rossi’s reactors because they don’t want to be caught with their pants down and admit to the public they have been REFUSING TO EXPERIMENT SERIOUSLY and PREPARE these technologies UNTIL Rossi came to the scene. The age of CONSENSUS and DENIAL is now over.”

          • Justin Church

            The elitists like Nasa ain’t stupid by no means. Any organization that can get a man to the moon or send a remote control car through space to another planet probably has a bit more up their sleeve than Andrea Rossi I assure you. if anything we are the stupid ones for allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of by these guys all these years. Generations have perished because of our ignorance as a species.

            Definition of Conspiracy: “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful” The elitists and government structures of our world have been “conspiring” against the public since biblical times. If you are not aware of this, then it means they were successful as its still a secret they took advantage of you without your consent or knowledge and will do it again if you are not educated and awake enough to realize it.

            I enjoyed reading your corrections, My versions is more of a glass is half empty attitude and yours is more of a glass is half full attitude. They both work though…

            • denial is not a question of intelligence, like hypnoses can happen on intelligent minds (better in fact than on stupid minds).

              one of the syndrome that is denounced in Benabou papers is the “best guys in the room”.

              This is why the king hired a joker.


              look for “patterns of denials” and Enron.

              NASA is not the worst in that game. Probably because they are more engineers than academics. Worst are APS& the science comics.

    • guga

      I’m concerned about those Toyota and Mitsubishi reports since a while. These companies are huge. If they would believe they are really on to something, they could create a huge entire department doing nothing but LENR research. Sure, they might take a bad approach. But they claim to have measureable transmutation, since more than a decade. So they can’t be too bad at what they do.

      Combine more than a decade of research after already positive results with billions of dollars, then why don’t we have Mitsubishi LENR power plants all over the planet since some years? Maybe LENR is indeed even more difficult to control than we fear, which could mean that we would have to wait for many more years until it can be used for energy production.

      • friendlyprogrammer

        I agree somewhat, but we must also consider that the Nickel/Hydrogen version of LENR is somewhat new following the Piantelli/Focardi/Rossi chain. Deuterium/palladium was the main focus back when this Mitsubishi Patent was first applied for.

        Mitsubishi and Toyota are researching many things and LENR is likely being looked at by only several scientists at each facility. Look at the NASA $300k budget with 3 scientists (not including Bushnell as he is a boss of many projects).

        So now it seems that there is a race going on and hopefully even false claims might spur the competition to step up their game, although I am hoping there are no false claims. The Andrea Rossi version does seem to have a nice verification despite beliefs, and it should be noticed it needed to be shut off manually in those tests so must have had at least the stability to last three days. The sad note in that is their first reactor had a meltdown.

        Michael McKubre still has glass embedded in his face from a LENR explosion that killed a man. Safety concerns may also be heavily in play. Early LENR models will likely need some sort of emergency pressure release valve like we see on pressure cookers.

        I predicted we would see LENR vehicles within 10 years in 2011, and if it takes mainstream science another 5 years to catch on then I am still on schedule as once this hits billions will be aimed at it.

      • Justin Church

        lol maybe you do have a “Mitsubishi LENR Power Plant” go check the exhaust system of your car, you will find something special…hahaha, Problem is they are using a snarling beast named Cujo to control it when all they needed was a Chihuahua

  • Bob Greenyer

    I think this is the most significant patent that has been granted.

    It is one thing to say “if you do A,B,C with X,Y,Z you get a net thermal gain” in a paper, quite another to say “you can make one element from others and energy”. The second is less easily dismissed, and since it is an LENR process, then it should help to open the minds of those that are currently closed by accepted scientific dogma.

    This is not just another “confirmation bias” piece of news, this is a watershed.

  • robyn wyrick

    The default position that Cold Fusion is (1) not real, (2) not nuclear, and (3 – based on this) not fusion is increasingly untenable. The only viable position is that we are in the midst of (yet another) radical, disruptive technological development.

    It is hard to overstate how lucky we may be.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Hah, It seems that it is much easier to patent alchemy than LENR. What a world!
    I wonder if the patent offices know that they are the same thing?

    • Charles

      Ophelia, I’m not sure many people realize that starting with nickel, as Rossi does, and winding up with traces of
      ?copper? (memory burp) is actually the much sought after ‘alchemy’ of history. Sir Isaac would be ecstatic. I still put him at he front of the line among physicists because he really really started from essentially zero knowledge even inventing a needed math. And James Maxwell (highly underrated) is a likely 2d with Einstein coming in 3d (Einstein himself commented that he stood on the shoulders of giants and he wasn’t talking about Goliath). Let the argument start about the ratings..
      I’m starting to fret the value of my gold.

      • friendlyprogrammer

        Dang! Too bad he is devaluing Nickel by turning it to copper. Nickel is worth double what copper is.

    • Chris I

      Alchemy is just an antiquated name for chemistry, that’s all.

  • GreenWin

    Finally we are seeing positive movement from the really big boys. As Fortyniner notes, confirming elite corporate strategy has changed. Perhaps just in time. The recent radiation exposure of workers at the US waste “Isolation” site in Carlsbad NM, is a giant red flag. That plan, to bury nuke waste in geostable salt beds half a mile underground – has literally collapsed. And with it the dream that we can continue to generate tons of nuclear waste which no way to get rid of it, we dump in a hole in the ground.

    This is a blow to nuke corporates: Babcock and Wilcox, URS, AREVA and subcontractors like VJ Technologies. All purportedly working for the benefit of the people under the guidance of DOE. Mitsubishi Heavy is one of the only multinationals big enough to challenge these nuke big wigs. One must wonder why it has taken so long to issue the patent and why the US Dept of Energy has not led the way. DOE’s biggest of its many headaches is what to do with the 70,000 TONS of radioactive waste it has generated since WWII. Memo to Congress – call in Ernie Moniz and ask him why DOE is not fast-tracking this waste remediation technology. The US Navy/JWK cold fusion patent is a good place to start.

  • Claude Couture

    very interesting.. this is taken from the patent description:

    Moreover, the experimental results of the above-described example one and example two are extremely well explained by the EINR (Electron-Induced Nuclear Reaction) model that appeared in the journal Fusion Technology, published by the US Atomic Energy Conference (Y. Iwamura, T. Itoh, N. Gotoh, and I. Toyoda, “Detection of Anomalous Elements, X-ray, and Excess Heat in a D2-Pd System and its Interpretation by the Electron-Induced Nuclear Reaction (EINR) Model”, Fusion Technology, vol. 33, no. 4, p. 476, 1998).

    These guys have made a serious contribution to the development on this technology.

  • Hope4dbest

    Is it normal in Japan for a patent to take 12 years to be granted?

    • the replication by Toyota published in JJAP may have helped.
      E-cat test may have helped making the “deniers” ridiculous.
      The underground moves of big guys who start to panic not to be “in” may have helped…

    • Fortyniner

      Blocked – and now unblocked. Further confirmation that the strategy of the corporate elite, or some powerful grouping within it, has changed.

      • curious

        You are right, an older patent was filed in the USA that went nowhere. But it seems they filed a new application in 2012

        Let’s see if the available evidence is enough to make the USPTO reconsider their policy.

        • Fortyniner

          It’s possible that the granting of an EU patent will have more bearing on the outcome than any amount of evidence. They’ve had the latter for some time.

  • Doktor Bob

    So the patent was filled in 2000 (2001)
    Possible they had a cold fusion reactor already by then. (?)
    Martin Fleischmann thought this technologies could have been implemented by 2000 if we really wanted.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    It will take some time until nuclear waste can be neutralized with this technology, at least on an industrial scale. Perhaps biological transmutations by bacteria (as the Russians claim to have realized) would be the more effective method. In any case, LENR would contribute to the solution of another serious problem, after the energy issue.

    • I don’t expect biological transmutation to be real, but it have to be checked… current evidence are weak.
      unexpected happens, and this have to be cleared…
      If it works, fantastic!

      • Ophelia Rump

        When you consider that plants only use about 15% of the light which strikes them, the rest passes through, it is difficult to reconcile the energy input to the growth. Nature is good, she is really good! Nobody has better geek credentials. I personally find it impossible to believe that plants are not doing something extreme to make life possible. Whatever they are doing, they can bootstrap it from a simple seed. Top that.

  • Gerard McEk

    Another promising step in the right direction!

  • AlanSmith

    I was in Japan this time last year, and had a chance meeting with a very senior member of the government’s energy ministry – he told me that they were very interested in LENR work and were funding collaborative projects with Mitsubishi, Toyota, and others. Japan has big concerns about energy security – having very little to zero fossil resource of their own – and they are veering away (post Fukushima obviously) from traditional reactor technology. They may even be the first to announce a commercial LENR application -who knows.

    • Curbina

      Necessity is the mother of invention, after all.

  • Mark

    This is huge!

    • not so much compared to all we know…

      just another elephant in the living room…
      start to be crowded in my living room.

      • Freethinker


        But still it is huge, that a patent application with so many years in limbo finally get granted – and in Europe!

        It is great news! And the year is still young …

        • Fortyniner

          I find it interesting that Europe has apparently decided not to further hinder development of cold fusion. While the US now has cheapish energy from fracking, in Europe energy prices are only going to go north, and supply is largely dependent on external sources, mainly Russia and a bunch of unstable middle eastern countries, with a modest contribution from ‘renewables’ and nuclear energy. I don’t suppose that the corporate movers and shakers care a rat’s *rse about the cost of energy to individuals, but high energy costs hurt profits in general, and this would provide the necessary motivation.

          I think the plan was probably to build tens, perhaps hundreds of new nuclear reactors and force widespread fracking onto a very hostile population, but state-controlled LENR could be beginning to be seen as a potentially more attractive option by the energy cabals. It would be far cheaper and would be supported rather than opposed by the populace, would be independent of external and limited uranium supplies, and would provide enormous potential for profits and taxation.

          There is always the risk that it might escape into the wild, but Europe in general is an extremely tightly controlled society with a docile and rule-abiding population divided by many languages, and it would be easy to have protective legislation enacted by tame politicians in order to exercise the necessary control.