ECW Now Accepting User-Submitted Posts

I’m always grateful to readers of E-Cat World for posting comments and sending me emails about interesting information pertaining to topics we discuss on the site. I belive it’s the cumulative contributions of readers here make E-Cat World the valuable resource that it’s become. I have to say that there are times when it’s hard for me to keep up with following up on all the leads people send and writing about them, so I’ve decided to provide an additional way for people to share information here by making it possible for readers to author posts that can be published on the site.

You’ll see at the top of the page a new link which will lead to a page where readers can write posts. The process is very simple — very much like making a comment here — with a few more formatting tools.

I must stress that posts submitted will not automatically be published on the site — there’s an important need to ensure a high standard of content — but every submission will be carefully considered for publication. The articles should be relevant, well-researched and well written, and authors should not copy large amounts of content from copyrighted sources — use excerpts and links instead. Articles submitted should not be overly long or extremely brief. Submissions may be edited for clarity and brevity.

Authors should feel free to provide biographical and professional information about themselves, and include a link back to their own website.

I hope this option will help allow for E-Cat World to continue be a hub for useful information about LENR and related topics. Thanks to everyone who has helped the site become what it is!

  • JDM

    If ideas were discuss here for useful LENR devices, would that idea be patentable later? Or would public disclosure preclude the theft of such an idea? Anyone familiar with patent law here?

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      “In a first-to-file system, the right to the grant of a patent for a given invention lies with the first person to file a patent application for protection of that invention, regardless of the date of actual invention.”

      • JDM

        Where I work, we have been using a process for years when another company sued us for patent infringement. We showed in court that we had been using the process long before the other company filed a patent application. We won and now continue to use that process even though we don’t have a patent on it. There must be some mechanism to place knowledge in the public domain without having someone patent and cash in on it? E-Cat World seems like the ideal place to do so for all things LENR.

  • david55
    • Mr. Moho

      It might be megawatts of power but if it’s only for a few milliseconds a time (even though they call this “semi-continuous”), I’m afraid it can’t be useful, especially in this disposable pellet form. The key is integrated energy over time. This doesn’t look much different than trying to harness usable energy from firecrackers.

      I can’t see much indication in these videos that an anomalous effect is demonstrated either, to be frank.

    • bachcole

      That was so lame as to almost prove BLP. I mean, how could anyone display that demo unless eventually they really are going to have something. No con artist would dare show that demo. (:->)

  • Gerard McEk

    Good initiative Frank, makes it easier for all of us.

  • Julian Becker

    Probably nothing, but Frank, have a look at this link. It might be a translation mistake

    Maybe the reactor is made out of nickel which is the most likely case….

    The third thing they have on sale is a “Nickel Reactor”.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Probably something like a vacuum flask. There is surely no connection to LENR:

      • bachcole

        Did you see in the same column that “Nickel Reactor” is in a whole bunch of other reactors like “Electrical”, “Start”, “Porcelain”, “Titanium”, etc. For this reason I doubt that it has anything to do with LENR. But I guarantee that the day will come soon when most of these companies will have something to do with LENR, either using or making or both. Who wants to bet?