Preregistration Open for MIT Cold Fusion Colloquium, March 21-23, 2014

A web page has been set up to provide information about the upcoming 2014 Cold Fusion [Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction] Colloquium at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is being held on the 25th anniversary of the press conference at the University of Utah in which Pons and Fleischmann announced their discovery of cold fusion.

This Colloquium is sponsored by Jet Energy (led by Mitchell Swartz) and the purpose of the meeting is described as follows:

“Our goal is to increase public cooperation and excellence of science and engineering among colleagues and improved public awareness of the development of this important field.

“The organizing theme in 2014 involves the actual scientific and engineering “road” from achieving the hydrided lattices in nickel and palladium and similar metals, to releasing the desired Excess Energy.”

Mitchell Swartz has sent to Sterling Allan at PESN a list of the scheduled speakers and the topics they will cover — many of the most prominent names in the LENR research field are included. You can see the list here.

It sounds like it will be a very interesting conference — but the official site for the conference mentions that space is limited, so people wishing to attend need to preregister (no walk-ins will be permitted). The preregistration contribution is $70, and will rise to $100 after March 14th.

Full information about the colloquium, including registration details can be found here.

  • Fortyniner

    Thanks Barry for being our eyes and ears. There’s a new career as a science correspondent waiting for you – when the MSM finally gets its collective head out of its ar*e, anyway.

  • GreenWin

    High five to Dr. Swartz and Hagelstein for their continued excellence in the field. The lineup of speakers is very impressive. And with Larry Forsley present, great opportunity to catch up on where the JWK/US Navy CF patent is at. Hopefully Barry or some other good soul near Cambridge will attend and report back on the latest developments.

  • bitplayer

    “an ## LENR engineering pole, our ultimate goal ## . Regarding the canton of Neuchâtel, local actors have a wide spectrum of scientific and industrial required skills. Following this same logic of ecosystem, we believe that the canton and its neighbors could develop and industrialize key components of future production tool of LENR industry.”

    As in Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, Silicon Glen, Silicon Beach, Silicon Silliness etc, only for LENR, a concentration of talent and organizations that create higher levels of value through closely knit value networks and incestuous talent mobility.

  • LENR G

    Good work, Alain! I wish he had been more forthcoming about who they are talking to though.

    It’s hard to evaluate this effort. If they are able to “bundle” a bunch of large organizations and important people together and then get one of the major players (Industrial Heat?) to buy in then it could be very important indeed in the sense that it would short-circuit the initial credibility gap as well as some of the start up pains for an emerging industry.

    Without knowing who they have on board and exactly what they are planning though it’s next to impossible to know if LENR Cities will be an important “early adopter” that accelerates LENR into the world or if they are just fringe players. I guess we have to wait as with all of the other players.


    Nanortech within days (?)
    25th P&F anniversary 23 March. MIT thing.
    Industrial Heat ~ end of March.
    LENR Cities in May.
    Defkalion by 3Q.

    Brillouin to reveal its Korean partner and a retrofitted power plant?
    Lenuco closing in on a prototype device?
    Blacklight only weeks away from a prototype?
    Nichenergy like a panther barely visible in the weeds.
    Google still playing with mystery barges.
    Thunder guys in Florida might do something.
    MFMP playing with nickel powder and Nanors may get in incontrovertible result within months.

    2014 is either a CF explosion or CF Waterloo.

    • LENR cities is really another animal.
      in a way they are like a welcome office in silicon valley… whoever want to participate the adventure came, and prepare to work with the others… they prepare the legal environment, some funding, arrange partnership… As far as I understand it is interesting for any actor to join the group, to control the risk… situation is awfully risky today for an industrial, a researcher, an investor, and hunting in group is a way to feel safer…
      It is like joining a tribe, where you hunt, build weapon, cook, with a market (you pay, you own), but in a group… I don’t understand all the business (some is probably trade secret, until all is tightened) but their business is to help others business develop and cooperate, by designin a “sand box” where things are safer….

      take the great LENr researcher we know… is it reasonable to run a business alone ? to sell alone ? to research alone ?
      take an industrialist … is is reasonable to make agreement alone with one single LENR provider, with few researchers , with few venture capitalist…

      better to hunt, cook, build weapon in a tribe. even if you sell food, meat, weapon, and own land, hunting territory, … It is not a communist country, just a place with people sharing common rules.

      that is how I feel they think… mutual assured success. cooperate or die alone.

      • LENR G

        Their web site makes my brain hurt. I still don’t know what it is after their explanation and yours.

        I’ll reserve judgment until their May (?) announcement.

        • 😉
          about may, not all is tightened… I’m afraid of Murphy’s law… but if confirmed, will be funny beside being great.
          however they suffered many failures too… risky job. so May is only reasonable hope.

          • LENR G

            Funny how?

  • it was maintenance… back online

  • Matt

    Why isn’t there any mention of this colloquium at the official MIT website? Well, because it’s not an official MIT colloqium. It should be called “at MIT”.and not “MIT Cold Fusion Colloquium”. It could just as well be happening at your next McDonalds or anywhere one can rent a room. It’s the same like with the recent LENR lectures “at” MIT, which were part of the “IAT”, where students or profs could i.e. show there woodworking skills or whatever. Still LENR is not accepted science, and namedropping of “MIT” will not change this.

    • LENR G

      All true. It is, however, not nothing either.

      It highlights a serious attempt to make progress on theory. The participation of Defkalion, Nanortech and Lenuco people provides an industrialization aspect. And it does feature an MIT professor, so the MIT connection is not nil.

      The timing is certainly interesting; it may coincide with other important events/announcements.

      Plus flying cars, so it may actually get some press O_o

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      You could say at WIT(please invert 1st letter).

    • Sandy

      The colloquium has been given the name “The 2014 Cold Fusion [LANR] Colloquium at MIT”. See

  • david55
  • MasterBlaster7

    I thought Jet changed its name to Nanortech?

    • Barry8

      M Swartz is CEO of both. Jet does a lot of other things (I think some have to do with the medical profession) besides CF devices where Nanortech is purely reproducing NANORs. They have had so many takers that they are looking for a component manufacturer. Anyone out there know of one that might be interested?

  • friendlyprogrammer

    Woot!! Yipeee! Yahoo!! Wonderbar!!! Happy, happy, Joy, joy!!!

    This is by far one of the best LENR (sorry LANR) stories so far this year. The Cold Fusion Classes by Peter Hagelstein are wonderful in of themselves and I applaud him for his exemplary work in this regard.

    This is an M.I.T. Colloquium designed to bring public and scientific acceptance. This is exactly what we all want. It shows there are now some academics wanting to fight the CF stereotype.

  • Ronzonni

    I wish they’d have people from Industrial Heat, Defkalion and Brillouin at these things. Also National Instruments. Why isn’t Rossi invited?

    • stupendous

      It’s Yiannis Hadjichristos from Defkalion and Dimitris Papanastasiou from the mass spectrometry spinoff of Defkalion

      • by the way, what is that “spinoff” of Dimitris Papanastasiou ? they made a spinoff company ? what is it’s purpose ?

        do you have recent news about DGT?
        Recently I’ve seen Symeon have quit, Luca Gamberale seems still “concerned”… and no new evidence since Nelson.

    • friendlyprogrammer

      Andrea Rossi may be leading the field (although BLP sounds better …), but he is not willing to stand behind his product. He won’t fight the patent laws or give a detailed enough description, and he won’t allow his invention into the hands of third party verifiers (his premises don’t count apparently).

      Sadly Andrea Rossi presence would taint this Colloquium.

      Jet Energy has working LENR so that should suffice.