UK Ministry of Defence Document Lists Cold Fusion as ‘Credible Strategic Shock’

I was over on the H-Cat forum and found a discussion about a document published by the British Ministry of Defence titled “Global Strategic Trends out to 2040”. The publication was last updated on October 17, 2013, and is an attempt to provide forecasting and guidance about the development of world conditions, and especially about influences that could lead to disruption and destabilization.

Being a document involved in predictions there is a lot of hedging involved; the document talks about certainties, probabilities and possibilities when it comes to the likelihood of certain things coming to pass, so it should be read carefully.

One section of the document (found on page 91) deals with what are termed ‘Strategic Shocks’, defined as “high impact events that have the potential to rapidly alter the strategic context.” Some examples provided as strategic shocks that have significantly altered the strategic environment and have had a sea-changing influence on the course of history are the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the 9/11 terror attacks, and the 2008-9 financial crisis.

Strategic shocks are by nature unpredictable, but the document gives some examples of some ‘credible’ occurrences that could dramatically shake things up — such as a cure for aging, collapse of a pivotal nation, or a breakdown in global communications systems.

Another one is listed as ‘New Energy Source’:

“A novel, efficient form of energy generation could be developed that rapidly lowers demand for hydrocarbons. For example, the development of commercially available cold fusion reactors could result in the rapid economic marginalisation of oil-rich states. This loss of status and income in undiversified economies could lead to state-failure and provide opportunities for extremist groups to rise in influence.” (emphasis added)”

It’s interesting to me that cold fusion technology is the only example given here of a radical new energy source — possibly an indication that there are analysts at the UK MOD monitoring what’s going on in the LENR field.

Certainly the potential for disruption from the development of commercial level LENR is huge — as we have discussed here many times. That defense and military planners are looking at it should not be surprising; I think it’s a sign that there is recognition that is a possibility the technology has the potential to have a widespread disruptive influence. The potential for positive change coming from LENR, in my opinion, is huge, but there will certainly be major challenges involved in dealing with the upheaval that this new energy source could bring.

  • Omega Z

    The E-cat cores will likely be immersed in a shell of Thermal Oil or another transfer fluid. Another option would be a thicker outer steal shell. Either would work as a balancing effect.

    So even tho quenching could be an issue, there’s ways to fix it.
    I think Rossi is just hedging his bets in case they do find issues that could take additional time & research to overcome.

  • Fortyniner

    You should worry – up to 50 new nuclear stations are in the pipeline for the UK – in effect paid for by taxpayers with profits going to the owners. The UK govt. is employing the usual ‘green’ camouflage in order to push for crazy but ‘binding’ EU obligations to cut CO2 ’emissions’ by 40% of **1990** levels by 2030, in order to leave the country with virtually no other option but more nuclear power (they hope).

  • Fortyniner

    I put 6m2 of solar water heating panels on my roof last year and have not had any reason to regret it. All of my hot water was essentially free for several months, and the system offsets gas heating costs even in the milder parts of winter.

    Admittedly the panels were free (I helped the ex-owner put expensive glass tube arrays up in exchange for them) and the home-made drainback system cost me just a couple of hundred quid (c.$300) including a large twin-coil storage tank. But even if I’d paid more to install it, I think it’s probably a reasonable investment.

    I’m pretty sure that even after CF generation begins to enter the ‘mix’ us oiks will not see any substantial reduction in electricity costs, at least for some time, but it will mean withdrawal of all subsidies for PVs. IMO domestic CF heaters are far enough in the future to ignore completely, so it still seems worthwhile to tap a free energy source like the sun for hot water, even if the case for installing PVs becomes increasingly marginal.

    • Omega Z

      Even if prices stay put for a while before eventually coming down-
      The Fact they aren’t continually increasing is a big Plus in itself.

  • Fortyniner

    I’m not sure that ‘humanities’ or politics-educated career politicians are even capable of understanding the information, let alone acting rationally on it. I personally hope that both they and the rest of the ‘establishment’ remain complacently in their little self-seeking worlds and do absolutely nothing until the cold fusion train rolls right over them. This is one for the marketplace – political input is neither required nor desirable.

  • Omega Z

    Many are far more educated then you give them credit for. Many educated in the U.S. & Europe.

    It is the fanatics, turmoil & disarray that prevents them from bettering themselves.

    When the few blow things up faster then you can build it.

  • Doktor Bob

    I have started raising my middle finger in the air much more often – it gets me in a lot of problems but I feels good!

    The thing about Cold Fusion is that it is being announced or spoken about as a technology of the future such as Time Travel or Teleportation.

    Everyone wants peace – liberty and a world without pollution – at least we have been conditioned to say such things – in reality – most people follow order and do not question authorities even if it leads to the opposite outcome.

    In these conflict of interest a person will choose to follow orders from authorities because of the short term rewards and because they want to avoid pain.

    People does not get into a higher position because they are smarter or take better decisions in our societies. People get to those positions by following orders and if we act the same we are just feeding this monster.

    • Fortyniner

      Denial and ridicule, hoax or scam, and now ‘science fiction’ – the fight apparently goes on. Whether the intended message is ‘maybe, one day’ or ‘start getting used to this’ is hard to tell, but it hardly matters. Once IH, Brillouin or some dark horse announces that their first retrofitted CF installation is generating power, no amount of weasel-worded half truth will make the slightest difference.

      • BroKeeper

        If the test results are more negative than positive then I will be taking a Sabbatical from here and be in observable mode until the sequel comes out “E-Cat Reloaded”. I don’t really foresee that happening, There would have been much more negative response from Rossi and those invested. They know that the door is about to be opened wide for vindication, wealth, distinction and possible hero status. Then new sequel “E-Cat Revolution” will be playing in your neighborhood soon.

        • Fortyniner

          I’m not really sure what Rossi means by his repeated references to ‘negative’ results, but I think he is just hedging his bets on the longer 3rd party testing of what is by now probably an old version of the ‘hot cat’. ‘Negative’ might mean anything from ‘it doesn’t work’ through ‘works but unstable’ or ‘works for a month then stops’, to ‘not enough excess power output to replace a gas boiler’.

          His in-house development will be ongoing and by now probably quite a long way from the hot black cylinder. We will almost certainly not get to hear more than hints about this progress until IH is ready to make a public announcment.

    • Gordon Docherty

      “The thing about Cold Fusion is that it is being announced or spoken
      about as a technology of the future such as Time Travel or
      Teleportation.” No its not. Unlike “science fiction” Time Travel or
      Teleportation, experimentation is showing us that geometrically constrained, coherence-inducing, IR heated, metal lattice,
      monatomic gas molecule “go-anywhere” systems produce real effects, and that those effects are being up-scaled.

      Maybe its time for a refresher course:

      is a good place to start, and, of course, e-catworld.

      Of course, if you think the world is really doomed, an isolated cabin in the out-back far away from any human influence without any reliance on electronic or other engineered systems is probably the best place to be.

  • david55

    “Iran is likely to continue with her more advanced educational system, for both
    genders, and is likely to continue to show respect for women’s rights ” page 57

    This is a joke, right ? show this document to any Iranian and they would laugh
    as i said this document is just a propaganda to make UK policy look legitimate.
    just yesterday Iran hanged 30 people in just one prison and same day Iran and
    UK re-establish direct diplomatic relations.

    • I have data from other side of the planet. Iran is a complex country, with some hidden freedom.
      They educate their women much above average, despite some hypocritical appearance in public.
      The country is in internal struggle.

      Many girsl who move from traditional muslim zone in indonesia (not taliban, but like the bible belt) find some freedom in iran. they know the custom to respect, the laws to abide, but inside that there is room.

      It is not a redneck zone. It is complex. My guess is that if they don’t get bombed by israel or US (guess why they want a bomb, at least today they have shown they can build it if they decide, a subtle dissuasion doctrine) they will slowly solve their problem with the council of science experts (I love that name – remind me something with 3 and 4 letters)… things are already evolving .
      Israel and their dis-informer are painting a false image of that complex society… I am more concerned about israel and saudi religious extremism, which are the real danger for the zone…
      the only reason I would oppose an iranian bomb is that saudi would buy one instantly, and that would be really dangerous. really.

      • david55

        Iranian people doesn’t have freedom they fight for it with Islamic regime and pay heavy price for
        that .any girl in Iran if go to street without scarf ( Hejab ) i promise you she can’t come back home with her own foot.

        • psi2u2

          You seem to be very poorly informed about Iran for someone who thinks he is in a position to tell the rest of us about it.

  • Karl

    No wonder military intelligence, in the in the hand of
    governments those too heavy invested in exiting powers sores and the grid major
    banks etc. Good for them as long as they can keep us all busy paying the energy
    bill and the interest on mortgage.

    That’s where the danger is “for those” players but on the
    contrary for 99 % of humanity and species and the earth nature it offers a
    relief. To my mind energy is as close we can come to what the value of money

    If we gradually free our self from dependency of the vast
    dangerous pollution of current energy system for food housing and travelling it
    will change the life to the better for the absolute majority of humans. This
    kind of energy solution can’t be stopped. Of course the transition period will
    demand a lot of skills to handle by most of us.

  • Gordon Docherty

    Oil and gas producers will still be able to sell their oil – they just wont be able to hold others to ransom over it, or charge more than a fair market price, as it suddenly won’t be a scarce commodity in the same way it is looking now and, if the oil and gas producers still want to throw the toys out of the pram, we now have oil/diesel-producing bacteria (or cattle, for methane… 🙂 ), so, like the coal industry before it, or the kindling “industry” before that, it will be just another common commodity. So, 5000BC – end 18th century, kindling dominates, then 19th century, coal dominates, then 20th century, oil dominates, now 21st century on, geometrically constrained, coherence-inducing, IR heated, metal lattice, monatomic gas molecule “go-anywhere” systems (like Hydrino, LENR, Cold Fusion, Dense Plasma) using super-abundant materials dominate – and, as history shows, as there is a step change in energy so is there a step change in capabilities…

    • malkom700

      Oil will be further used for the chemical industry. It’s also in the interests of oil exporters, since this will be their stocks long term available.

  • Omega Z

    bachcole say’s I’m sometimes the wet blanket! I’m Baa-ack.

    Rossi has previously stated that all energies will be integrated.
    I, Have stated that this is primarily because it will take years(Couple Decades) to replace the current Grid system.
    Well, I still believe this to be part of it, But, also have another reason to consider.

    E-cat drawbacks: Start Up. Approximately 4 hours Dry.
    Immersed in a Thermal Oil will add several more hours & then heating the water to steam adds even more hours. Total time will be dependent on the quantities of fluids, but anywhere from 12 to 24 hours before capable of producing electricity.

    At present tech level, This is a base load Generator. Gas turbines will still be necessary for fluctuations & peak loads. That’s because those suckers can crank out power within minutes. I don’t think this will change for the foreseeable future. Major advances need to be made if there even possible?

    You could have some Idle capacity with the H-cat, But they burn thru energy(& Cycle life) during this time & this reduces overall savings. Use it or lose it.

    Note: Even I had a ohhh wow moment when I 1st saw the Cherry Red H-Cat. About 800`C
    10Kwh H-cat just like the 10Kwh Lt E-cat. Yet the Lt was not red. Difference was the LT had a couple liters per minute of water cooling.

    To give some perspective,
    If you have a 30 gallon water heater, It would take the 10Kw H-cat/Lt-cat approximately 30 minutes to heat the water up for a bath.

    No different then a 10Kw electric water heater. Just cheaper. Less input energy needed. Of course you have to wait for the E-cats to activate to achieve that savings. 1 to 4 hours.

    • Gordon Docherty

      With e-cat as we currently know it, this is true, but then you are ignoring the bigger picture emerging – namely that e-cat is just one way of delivering useful energy using geometrically constrained, coherence-inducing, IR heated, metal lattice, monatomic gas molecule “go-anywhere” systems (like Hydrino, LENR, Cold Fusion, Dense Plasma), and that there are many more offerings in the pipeline, one of which (for “instant” power) is Randy Mills long-time-in-coming systems like CIHT, SF-CIHT, the latter being specifically designed to deliver repeated burst of energy instantly. In fact, on the subject of repeated energy-burst systems, it is interesting to note that even the humble internal combustion engine may for some time have been partly utilizing the Casimir effect, as pistons more and more effectively closes the gap above them before combustion occurs…so creating a momentary Casimir cavity to enhance the combustion effect. So, in that sense, constrained-geometry systems have been with us for quite some time, albeit in a very inefficient, and ultimately super-polluting form.

    • psi2u2

      Great wet blanket. All speculation, all based on yesterday’s data. Could be accurate tomorrow, but given the pace of research I doubt it.

  • robyn wyrick

    I think, after the Elforsk study, after the IH announcement, after innumerable papers and demonstrations, with such players as NI, NRL, ARPA-E, Toyota, Shell, et al., it is simply not credible to believe that (1) Cold Fusion technology is not real and dramatic, and (2) the major powers are not aware of it.

    Given those points – which readers on this site are well aware of – then it should not be surprising that it is listed in plain English by a major world power: “commercially available cold fusion”.

    Honestly, I have had a certain amount of buzz-kill, since the announcement by IH. Now that it is confirmed, the only thing is to see the inevitable play out. Cautious people (like Rossi) are in the business of minimizing expectations, but whether Rossi’s specific technology scales up completely or not, the door of Cold Fusion is open – the fact of it is no longer a question – it will open up new thinking about energy at the atomic level, and *someone* will eventually figure out how to keep it stable, and scalable.

    Frankly, I think we’re looking at sooner rather than later (ten years rather than fifty), but the paper is correct: it is radically disruptive, and will cause a massive global shock. I can hardly wait.

  • Omega Z

    Media Control- 1st amendment is under renewed attack…
    As if the Government & their cronies don’t already exert excess control of Information…
    This is Intimidation. No dissent allowed. Stick to the Official Program or ???
    A Market Study named CIN or should it be “Sin”

    By Ajit Pai
    Feb. 10, 2014
    Mr. Pai is a commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission.

    The FCC Wades Into the Newsroom.

    “But everyone should agree on this: The government has no place pressuring media organizations into covering certain stories.” (Or Excluding)

    “Unfortunately, the Federal Communications Commission, where I am a commissioner, does not agree.”

    “the FCC’s queries may be hard for the broadcasters to ignore. They would be out of business without an FCC license, which must be renewed every eight years.”

  • GreenWin

    And now the door on big solar thermal has slammed shut:

    • Obvious

      We’ll see how that progresses.
      Everything we do kills something. Think of the millions of mice and small birds killed in hay and wheat harvesting.
      Cars kill enormous amounts of anything that crosses a road. Nobody freaks out until you hit an eagle or whooping crane.

    • Omega Z

      Poultry-Minimum Safe Cooking Temp- 165`F

      • BroKeeper

        OZ, thinking of opening a Tweety-Filet down the road?

        • Omega Z

          Thought about it.
          They tell me it’s the same as road kill stew & the health department put the cabash on the Idea.

          Dang, Seemed like such a profitable Idea with no product investment involved. 🙂

          • GreenWin

            Air-cooked foul is prolly more healthy than road kill. This’ll just push the Google & NRG partnership closer to LENR — IMO.

  • Allan Shura

    Far too often the same talking heads that embrace competition in public do the opposite in private if it empowers the marginalized part of the population. It is not so disruptive to the fossil fuel exporters if they have accumulated capital
    and used the proceeds for the general good in their respective societies. The countries that have squandered their
    good fortune with corruption may not be as adaptive. It will only lead to disruption if societies are prevented from
    using the benefit of low cost non polluting energy as fast as it can be made available. Just living in a healthier clean
    environment is a huge gain in some parts of the world.

  • bachcole

    I see this announcement as BIG. This is not some dude in some out-of-the-way office that the head mucky-mucks are tolerating. This is sort of semi-official.

    But of course we the LENR+ peanut gallery do not need the UK government to confirm to us that LENR+ is real. The UK government needs us to tell them that it is real, which we have been doing for quite some time now. I guess they have finally heard the LENR+ community if not the e-catworld peanut gallery.

    But this announcement means that the word and more importantly the belief is spreading.

    • Buck


    • don’t be afraid, the fact are known.
      what is fascinating is that the serious guys in the power sphere, are FORCED to pretend LENr is unproven, just an hypothesis…
      Of course US and EU, like China and Japan governments and top industries are aware at top cabinet/board level. They however cannot admit it in public.
      Can you imagine WHAT IS TERRORIZING THOSE GUYS !

      We have to observe that some media, some physicist, are able to terrorize the most powerful people on earth.
      APS, Huizenga, Taubes, Nature, Science, NYT are more powerfull than the expert boards of top corporations, OECD countries…
      Maybe one day we will have to realize that our corps and government are slave of media and scientific societies.

      They don’t need gun, they can assassinate who they decide, ruin their life, make them lose their job, their election, their lab, their corp…

      that is the conspiracy, done in public… not black ops.

      • GreenWin

        Heh heh, Huizenga’s dead. Ballinger, Taubes, Koonin, Bob Park see the Reaper draw closer each day. My bet is before these last old pseudoscientists kick off, LENR will be in full bloom. That Nature and Science journals have painted themselves into the Denial Corner will bury them. That leaves media. Media telling big government scientists what to do and say is about to become a huge scandal. We have the evidence. Will media save face before they fall to higher powers?? Or will they continue to deny, defend, delay???

        Time will tell. Popcorn will sell. Best show in town!

      • BroKeeper

        Yes, but the power of public knowledge will null its effect. That time is drawing close.

  • Chris I

    Gee they’re saying just what I said a while back, in the e-cat predictions section.

  • GreenWin

    Indications are the West is preparing for a dramatic shift. Attempts to impede this shift will only damage government geopolitical influence and leadership. Embracing the inevitable before the horse is fully out, gives government opportunity to lead, certify, and regulate. If politicians want to be heroes, they will announce their approval of fast track certification which will hasten new JOBS and raise standards of living. What politician doesn’t want to announce they will be cutting your energy costs by 50%?? Or creating hundreds of thousands of new JOBS?? Or alleviating poverty, hunger and disease worldwide??

    Like the commercial attraction of LENR, the political hay is FAR greater in adopting Cold Fusion Now! than in further damaging delays and procrastination. Carpe diem!

  • david55

    Oil was and is biggest source of wealth for uk through indirect colonization of oil-rich states in last century so you can be sure ‘state-failure’ is just a propaganda for uk to give order to government agent to see cold fusion as threat. does 90% of world countries that doesn’t have oil have become ‘failed-state’ ? if you ask anyone to name few “failed-state” in world you can be sure many name Iran, Iraq,Libya,Saudi Arabia as failed-state.actually oil is main reason why Middle East is in such situation currently. cold fusion success would be best news for future of Middle East people of course not for their current government.

  • Bernie777

    Retrofitting power plants is consistent with governments and generally with the “the powers that be”, to introduce LENR gradually and in an orderly fashion. If they can keep the Jeanie in the bottle long enough.?

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    If IH is smart, it will not ‘sell’ the technology. It will retain ownership of the technology and the reactors, and sell the ‘HEAT’. Later on, once certified, it could form a subsidiary, ‘Domestic Heat’, and sell heat to homeowners.

  • mcloki

    20-25 years. How about 5-8. Everyone and their brother will be looking to make money on retrofitting energy savings. Also no new investment or R&D into Fossil fuels. Expect massive retribution by the pollution crowd passing laws to cut emissions and penalize waste sites.

  • Buck

    In politics (an marketing), perception is reality.

    The commercial introduction of an operational LENR device will immediately change an objective analysis of the future value of all fossil fuels and alternate energy sources. The actual changeover to a LENR based energy supply will take decades, but no one will every see and treat the suppliers of fossil fuels with the same degree of long-term economic respect as occurred prior to the LENR introduction.

    A rambunctious populace 100% dependent upon fossil fuel for economic survival will recognize this shift in perception and begin to act out. What that looks like, only time will tell. But the die will have been cast.

    • Donk970

      Yep, as soon as there is one working LENR power plant anywhere in the world everything changes. Before WPP LENR is a high risk investment, after WPP LENR is a known quantity and lower risk. Before WPP the accepted thing to do is rebuild an old power plant as coal or coal/gas. After WPP there will be serious thought given to LENR instead.

  • Donk970

    The important question is how much influence do companies that have a lot to loose if LENR enters the market have on the important governments. If BP, for example, can exert a lot of pressure on the British government you could see Britain ban LENR devices for a variety of reasons including safety concerns, national security etc. Everything hinges on just how much political power oil companies, coal companies and related industries have to inhibit the growth of a competing energy source.

    • Someone in the innovation sphere told me that the biggest risk is not losing your market because of competition of LENR.
      Is seeing your market freeze totally in few days, because clients wait for a new product.

      asking for the government to block LENR won’t prevent the market of obsolete technologies, to freeze.

      this is why, it will take much time to be acknowledged, then once it is public, the companies with be in total panic to embrace LENR in less than 1-2 years.

      • Donk970

        I think that in a lot of markets you are right about the market freezing in anticipation of a new product. I don’t think that’s likely to be the case for energy. If you are heating your home with oil and this evening you read that there will be a LENR home heating unit for sale at HomeDepot tomorrow you will continue using oil until you actually get the LENR heater installed and turn it on. Same goes with power generation, you aren’t going to just stop using electricity from the utility because you think there’s something better right around the corner. Power plants won’t stop buying coal in anticipation of being able to replace boilers with LENR boilers and so on.

        • mcloki

          He’s totally correct. You will not invest in any new tech, not NG, or Solar.
          And yes Power plants will stop buying coal. They no longer will need massive stockpiles. Especially if Rossi can do a retrofit. And that market is never coming back. High price producers of coal will go first.

          • Donk970

            Eventually yes. But before a retrofit can actually be done they will continue doing whatever they do now.

            • mcloki

              Technically no. They will be looking at a wind down of their current operations. Reduce unneeded staff. Suck as much profit out of it as possible. Stop any long term maintenance. Sell of any portion of their business that has value. Docking rights. Land. Hide as much cash as possible. Look for government handouts and then just leave a mess. The wind down will be messy for these companies and it may take a while. Some may try and become LENR players. But that will require capital. What do you do with all your expensive offshore deep water oil leases now?

              • Omega Z

                Many Big Western Oil-cos have already dumped much of their Long Term leases. 20+ years out. These will all still be needed in time, but with less demand, they’ll buy these leases back at a greatly reduced price.

        • right the demand for fuel will not stop,
          but I will never invest in expensive gas boiler, or space heating system… I will maintain my old boiler, and if broken and not repairable, I will buy a cheap electric system, waiting for an LENr version in 5 years.
          For oil it will be sold, but nobody will invest in prospection, in shale oil or non conventional oil.

          Solar and wind energy will be dumped instantly, like hot fusion, because they are energy of a never coming future.

          coal may have some success as it is cheap, short term investment… like cheap oil from middle-east, even if it will disappear in 5-10 years… the price will fall, but prospection will stop too… it will be the end of season sales.

          • Omega Z

            E-cats would make Shale Oil a cleaner & much cheaper process.

            Solar will still have a niche market if the efficiencies continue to improve.
            Niche as in- a 1/2 inch by 3 inch solar strip on cell phones. Never need a charge with the new batteries in development.
            Other such products in the home. Wall clocks Etc…

            Oil, Gas, Coal, All will still be needed. Only the needed quantities will decline.

        • Omega Z

          Just as people don’t replace their obsolete inefficient heating & cooling systems when systems much more efficient are available. Even if they would pay back in 3 years.

          They tend to wait until the old ones completely quit working.
          I’ve witnessed people spending as much keeping an Old system going over 3 years that the Maintenance would have paid for a new system Installed.”Often”

          10% First adapters. Soon as they can.
          50% gradually over several years.
          And the last 40%, Only because I have to.
          Computers, Cell Phones, LENR…

          • bachcole

            Trust me, you probably don’t hang out with the right brain (left brain atrophied) crowd, as in most health oriented forums. Many people will NEVER adopt LENR, no matter how cheap and efficient it is.

            • Fortyniner

              Once one energy corporation openly adopts CF, others that waste their resources fighting LENR would simply go under – they will have no choice but to compete. Other industries and citizens will also have no choice in the matter – their electricity will increasingly come from CF power stations, whether grid or local.

              Whether or not CF becomes an option outside the energy cartels within the forseeable future is another matter, but if it does – then again there is little choice. As OZ says though, in this case (domestic/private CF devices) there will be holdouts who are too rigid to change, or have simply calculated that the capital cost of upgrading is not justified by the potential savings. Plus a few who are simply not very good at maths.

      • GreenWin

        Alain, I’m not so sure that markets for alternatives, e.g. solar will “freeze.” Let’s say you’re living in a sunbelt where the sun shines regularly. Even with the introduction of a LENR fueled micro-CHP “energy appliance” – integrating solar with an electromechanical generator seems plausible. The generator would not have to run 24/7. You could consider solar your backup. With storage, you could set the CHP to run on demand.

        But technical aspects aside; many people are cautious about new tech and will wait – e.g. like people waited to buy their first personal computers. The wait may be short: 5-8 years. But there will be a period where cautious people will let the neighbor try the new gadget. Meanwhile utilities will scramble to prevent mass defection by offering much lower electric rates and, if they’re smart, their own branded LENR appliances and service contracts.

        The demand for design, manufacturing, installation and support of these “energy appliances” will mean JOBS for hundreds of thousands. The transition in light transport will continue at about the same pace – hybrid designs will be replaced by pure BEVs (battery electric vehicles) long before any kind of LENR engine can be approved for mass manufacture. Difference is the cost of home and en-route recharging will plummet.

        • all will be a question of short term cost… I don’t feel solar is competitive for an horizon of 3-5years, but if it is, why not…

  • friendlyprogrammer

    With Dennis Bushnell/NASA endorsing LENR, I would think it is beyond belief that most world leaders are not aware of LENR. I would be surprised to see a new Nuclear Power Plant being built.

    I think the Government has been trying to slow down LENR acceptance because it is a DISRUPTIVE technology that will bring about much change. The Government has gone into high gear to lessen oil worth, and every point it lowers is a point less disruptive LENR will be.

    My take is that it will create one of the biggest building booms in history, as everything will be reduced in price once heating/AC and transportation costs are vastly reduced. I think for every lost job more will surface.

  • Marc Ellenbroek

    It is promising to see that governments keep an eye on LENR! If the UK does it, then also other governments do it. You can expect that secret labs are already working with LENR to investigate its potentials. (Maybe James Bond is already send to Rossi to get some data….). I agree that LENR will be disruptive and may change the World Order, unless those countries who have the lead now have put scientists on the job. However, maybe the ‘Western Hemisphere’ will come too late as Cold Fusion is believed to be ‘sub- cult- or fake- science’ and all our scientist and academics believe that lie, so good scientists to research LENR cannot be found.

  • Ophelia Rump

    The wealthy will not be running through the streets shouting “Run for your lives, the peasants have a reliable source of heat and electricity which we cannot turn off.

    LENR cannot be controlled, once it is acknowledged, but this will not be so destabilizing as profits of doom predict.
    What can be controlled and is already controlled is access to raw materials of all kinds for production of all things, centralized mass production, and distribution channels.

    Distribution is inherently a fluid and dynamic enterprise, but always the wealth controls.

    Manufacturing will go through some new turbulence and challenge but mostly of a nibbling at the edges variety. This is an old game and the winners are always the same.

    The real struggle for dominance will play out at the raw resources level. With production becoming relatively low cost, between automation and low cost power, more than ever before the ability to control a market will stem from the ability to control the price and flow of raw resources.

    If you have tried to build anything in recent decades, you will understand that the cost of raw resources to make something will cost more than the finished product, because you do not have the ability to by the raw resources in bulk at deep discounts.

    So what is a rich man to do? Not much really, a small shift of the portfolio toward commodities. The world will not end from LENR. Nations shall not tumble to the ground. Wise investors will not see a drop in their portfolios.

    • MasterBlaster7

      Are you taking into account the possibility of transmutation with LENR? We might be able to manufacture gold and rare earth elements in the near future.

      • Obvious

        A successful transmutation lab is hard for the wealthy to invest in, since they are self-funding.

      • Omega Z

        Transmutations are miniscule. Pico-grams.
        However, should someone find a way to do this in quantity, the Values will quickly diminish.

        If everyone can make unlimited quantities of Gold at home cheaply, Where’s the market.
        Of Course, If your the Only one & Tell no One, Then It’s Party Time. 🙂

        • bachcole

          Life in a world of plenty would simply take on an entirely different and meaningful dimension compared with life in a world of scarcity, in ways we might have difficulty imagining. For example, a gold statue would be appreciated not for how much other people would want it (very un-centered) but for it’s real intrinsic value, for it’s beauty (more centered, more better, more spiritual).

          I like how people will say that gold has “intrinsic” value, and I always wonder if that means that people eat it. Industry does use gold in electronics, so I guess that would be intrinsic. But valuing something because someone else wants it is hardly a valid use of the word “intrinsic”.

          Evaluation based upon what the other person thinks is valuable means that the other person also values it because they think that someone else values it, and so on ad infinitum. When in fact, gold has very little intrinsic value other than electronics and beauty and some very interesting and perhaps useful physical qualities.

          My dog is just another dog, like millions of other dogs. In a world of scarcity, she has no value. In my heart, which is the doorway to a world of plenty, she has infinite value. I don’t care that she sheds like a snow making machine or that she will chew anything on the floor or most importantly she has only one eye and is probably less “valuable” than millions of other dogs. To me, her value is intrinsic. And when she dies, I will find another mute that hopefully costs nothing and love her just as much. External plenitude has nothing to do with her value. The same can be said for human beings. No matter how many we have, each and everyone is infinitely valuable.

          • friendlyprogrammer

            Beautifil answer. It is nice to think everyone will become a tad more spiritual and appreciative of our surroundings.

            P.S. I also have a dog attached at my hip apparently that follows only me and ignores my wife. I understand your nicely written answer.

    • BroKeeper

      We are not talking about diamonds or gold here. Ni is one of the most abundant metals that can be found nearly anywhere and you drink hydrogen every day. If we are talking about patents, they last only 19 years which loose there control long before that. Capitalistic competition will keep it at a reasonable price because of mass production from many industries.

    • Omega Z

      Pretty much agree.

      Scrap metal went up about 15 fold in a decade & even tho the World economy is sick, Those prices are still about 9 fold higher then a decade ago.

      LENR projects will trigger even higher prices when it takes off.
      Iron, Steel, Copper all as developing countries will also be a part of the next Big Picture.

      Eliminate the Energy Shortage & face the next up coming shortage.

    • Gordon Docherty

      Quite the reverse – economies will pick up. What we should finally see a drop in, though, are changes at the level of nation states, as one country will find it much harder to control another through the supply of raw materials for energy – water, metal lattices and monatomic gases are much more plentiful than even oil was at the start of the 20th century, and the equivalent energy density of geometrically constrained, coherence-inducing, IR heated, metal lattice,
      monatomic gas molecule “go-anywhere” systems (like Hydrino, LENR, Cold
      Fusion, Dense Plasma) is thousands of times that of chemical fuels. Further, these resources are more uniformly distributed. So, will the rich get richer? Probably. Will this also mean the poor will get poorer? Probably not. At the end of the day, though, this is a political question – LENR and its like are simply enablers of possibilities. Also, of course, without such developments, the prospects look very bleak indeed. Without LENR, will the rich get richer? Certainly. Will the poor get poorer? Without a doubt, and many, many people will face unimaginable suffering before death. I know which future I prefer.

  • Gordon Docherty

    It may not appear so, but it is actually good that the British Ministry of Defence are thinking ahead on LENR. They will quickly realize:

    1. if they don’t have it, it will give “the other side” (aka “the bad guy”) a massive advantage. Take tanks for example. They can only move as far and as fast as the fuel can be supplied. A tank that runs on chemical fuel that runs out after 50-100 miles must stop every 50-100 miles while the (explosive, easy-to-hit) fuel tankers catch up. A tank that runs on LENR can keep going for thousands of miles, the fuel cells can be well protected, and there is no tell-tail exhaust plume. So, on the one side, a bunch of tanks that move 50 miles a day at most, and are easier for heat-seeking missiles to hit. On the other, stealth tanks that can keep on moving, and aren’t carrying explosive fossil-fuels. It’s a similar story with ships, aircraft, even catering wagons!

    2. if they do have it, their peace-time costs will be way lower, they will be able to garner more battlefield intelligence more quickly – and keep doing so – and, most important, keep on the move, day or night, and stay out for long, long periods patrolling – and going to the aid of those in disaster zones when required. As some may have seen, drones are also becoming more and more important, so what better “fuel source”? Combine this with the Sabre engine for seamless transition to space, and things get even more interesting.

    3. also, if they have it, the pressure on rapidly dwindling fossil fuels will evaporate – and there’s nothing more likely to cause a protracted, brutal war than scarcity.

    4. the whole industrial side of their operations (the infamous industrial-military complex) gets way cheaper and more capable. They might even be able to use equipment that wasn’t made by “the bad guy”…

    So, with a military strategy hat on, LENR is a very good thing – and, as the UK government is squeezing savings out of every last drop of the public sector, a technology that will reduce energy costs by a factor of 10 AT LEAST – and the military are big users of energy – will be a welcome site for the hard pressed British Ministry of Defence, as for any organization that has to move around, heat and feed a large number of people.

    So, whether a net oil importer or not, the strategic advantage of LENR totally dominates… and, indeed, the more it is rolled out, the less the chance of a Global Conflict, never mind fights over islands in the sea or the Arctic – i.e. oil rights.

    • Donk970

      For a replacement power pack for an M1 (for example) you would need a minimum 1MW device including turbines, generators, motors, power train etc. that would fit in a volume about the size of a sports car. It’ll be awhile before we see this power density but it’ll happen

    • friendlyprogrammer

      I agree LENR is a good thing and more likely to prevent wars (how many oil wars have we seen already).

      Not much of a point, but I have to mention this though.
      In battle situations tanks (even soldiers) are relatively ineffective. An old army joke aimed at Armored divisions is that their battlefield lifespans were something like 2 hours. They are only decent for policing or escorting other vehicles.

      • Omega Z

        Actually, The Abrams did quite well with it’s reactive armor.
        Tho still a Military secret, The reactive armor is up for replacement. They have something even better coming.

        • friendlyprogrammer

          They’ve only been tested in battle where enemy soldiers were giving themselves up to reporters. That is the one tank I have actually been inside on a one week tour of Fort Knox in my Youth. It can do 60 MPH in reverse. Nobody sane would want to be in one against any power that was equipped (Chinese,Russian, Israel), but then again wars with them would unlikely be conventional if it occurred (knock wood).

        • Fortyniner

          The electronic systems that control ‘reactive armour’ would actually be quite well suited to directing energy weapons against incoming rounds. The logical next step is probably to replace the projectile ‘armour’ with multiple particle beam weapons or similar to destroy missiles or shells at a distance. A powerful on-board electrical power source would make this more practical than at present.

    • BroKeeper

      Agreed, and if the military does not release LENR and its secrets to the taxpaying community they will have a greater battle that can’t be won – public opinion.

    • Omega Z

      And if that Tank has a 100Mw Laser mounted??
      Note: The E-cat will have a heat signature, But with a computer controlled laser, little could reach it other then another laser.

  • the worst is all is public.
    People have to hide their knowledge not to be ridiculed… they are forced to pretend to make speculation, when they simply observe. See SUGAR Boeing/NASA report… What are doing Boeing competitors today ?

  • Bernie777

    If they view LENR as a credible disruptive threat, which I believe they do, what will be their reaction? I think their reaction will be to control it, control its evolution.

    • friendlyprogrammer

      Exactly what I have been saying is occurring with Patent Bans, etc. It is coming, but the Government wants to slow its acceptance.

      • Bernie777

        I agree, it seems they want to control when and where and how much. Big Brother. (:

    • GreenWin

      Un? fortunately, western governments do not control the planet any longer. Bans, delays, roadblocks etc. will not deter emerging nations or Asia from proceeding full speed ahead. Just one LENR genset built in China with or without CCP approval will cascade into thousands of blackmarket products. In fact, the only way to prevent such a blackmarket cascade is for government to lead the market with approvals and regulation. Are governments smart enough to read this handwriting? Time will tell and popcorn will sell! (TIP Orvill Reddenbacher)

      • Bernie777

        They have been doing a pretty good job so far! It is my opinion they do not want to end LENR, just slow it down, not make it so disruptive. Like slowly retrofit power plants, and make it “unsafe” for personal use.

        • GreenWin

          Yes. What government WANTS and what they can actually do in the information condensed world we live in are two very different things. Trying to build large LENR GWatt centralized power plants ignores the need and inevitability of distributed energy at district, and residential granularity. Solar is already establishing this trend. The trend will only grow.

          • friendlyprogrammer

            I answered this in regards to patent office, but I am sure there are many technologies hidden from the public in places like Area 51. I would not be surprised if they are already flying LENR aircraft. I think the government has more control over ideas than we know, although failing to issue LENR patents is screaming to all LENR scientists to sit on their knowledge.

            • GreenWin

              The patent gate has pretty well run out of swing fp. Fact is they’ve issued several patents confirming cold fusion and there are likely hundreds of applications waiting. Legally a trade secret has international standing within the patent and copyright convention States. Patent disclosure is onerous to highly proprietary trade secrets which is why few CF patents reveal such detail. Indeed, military is able to hide secret gadgets and vehicles pretty well. But multinational corporations are not trying to sell antigrav ships to consumers. They ARE gonna sell $T worth of energy appliances and systems starting soon. Consumer products and milspec are two different worlds. They can coexist nicely. LENR is a consumer technology.

              • friendlyprogrammer

                I was aware some devices (like Miley’s) have been worded cleverly enough to distance itself from Cold Fusion and have been approved, but the point of the patent is to demonstrate who arrived at the invention first.

                Who invented the Telephone, Alexander Graham Bell or Elisha Gray? Who invented the Radio, Tesla or Marconi?

                Maybe I should file a patent claiming Sodium Hydride is the secret Catalyst and hope I am right.. Then I will officially beat Rossi to the rights to his own invention (if that were the catalyst).

                If Rossi had a Straightforward and working patent application that disclosed his catalyst then that is about as much as he can do to protect his idea. Companies could freely copy him and pirate his work, but he would be the inventor and could sue.

                My point is.. If Andrea Rossi had submitted a successful LENR application then he would be able to freely discuss it in the forums. Trade secrets are revealed in patents. That is their purpose.

                Why would the patent office have ANY blanket agenda to refuse LENR applicants? I think it was flagged as a disruptive technology and is being discussed at high levels. If Obama did not know of LENR I would lose faith in most government.

      • friendlyprogrammer

        A fault with that thinking GreenWin is that if a Western Government issued patents to LENR developers then their ideas would be somewhat protected and we would have known years ago what the Andrea Rossi secret Catalyst is.

        You must be able to see that the simple act of denying protection of the idea is making these scientists keep the ideas to themselves.

        I agree they cannot stop LENR, but they sure have dampened its progress into accepted society.

  • Charles

    I doubt that anyone predicted the effect that Henry Ford would have on the world.

    There are three things floating around out there that in my opinion will really rattle the future.

    Of course, LENR, is primary.

    Secondly, being totally underestimated is the impact that 3-D Printing is going to have. Being able to produce a huge percentage of now existent products on your kitchen counter or in your workshop is going to roil the manufacturing world to a staggering extent. Especially staggering is going to be its impact in the field of medicine. My opthamologist is going to be staggered when I propose to him that I as the engineer and he as the physician along with some biologist begin to 3-D print new eye lenses from the patients own cells. They will end bi-focals by being fresh and flexible. Take that Bausch & Lamb (or beat me to it). Then there are printed hips, knees . . . . .

    Third is ultra-capacitors. With non-toxic materials and 10 times per-size of the energy of lead-acid batteries and chargeable and dischargeable in parts of a second instead of hours – and much cheaper – they will obliterate the battery industry and introduce all kinds of new applications.

    Who can even guess what’s next?

    • mecatfish

      Its people like you that prove that the people who wear tin foil hats dont really need them. Great independent thinking.

    • bachcole

      Good points. I look forward to printing out every little doo-dad that I don’t really want to go shopping for. However, I think that my wife would prefer to go shopping for stuff; at least that is how it seems now. (:->)

    • friendlyprogrammer

      Computers have done a lot more “Disruptive” things to our society than we can even imagine. Accountants, The huge Printing Industry (once 25% of all industry), any job replaced by a robot, even groceries are scanned and keep track of inventory and ordering and require less cashiers.

      I think LENR will be equally disruptive, but will give more jobs in the long run.

    • Omega Z

      3-D printing will have an immense impact on Society.
      However, I suspect it will be different then what many think.

  • Job001

    Consider that the effects are framed negatively.

    Consider LENR+ history, adoption may be negatively framed until the last possible moment;

    IP, patents or companies owning them bought and paid for

    Most FF holdings exploited, directly sold, shorted, FF companies oversold to public

    Government regulation and Military Secrecy hurdles are/will be invoked

    An extension of history is no conspiracy, it’s a forecast.

    Undeniable product may get begrudging early release with great whining and gnashing of teeth.

  • Curbina

    The argument of national security will always be held against dsiruptive technologies. We should all be aware of this because it’s the single argument that has been and will be held against the proliferation of nearly free energy sources. This is IMHO a further confirmation of this and a real threat to the development of LENR. (Posting as guest from a borrowed computer).

  • Sanjeev

    I’m sure the report is written by smart people, but they fail to see that the benefits of cold fusion will be reaped by the oil dependent economies too. There is no reason to assume that these countries will not embrace cold fusion and will refuse to prosper. Who will want to become an extremist if whatever they need is at their feet ?
    CF will certainly erase the difference between poor and rich, and that is the real disruption. Some people will try to maintain that difference and they are found in all countries and are the real extremists actually.

    • mecatfish

      I you wanted to control the world, LENR would be very bad for you.

    • Christina

      I’ll say it again: Even with a banquet spread before each of them daily from sunup to sunset, all the mobility they want, and every medicinal cure available for themselves and their children, the terrorists will still want to kill us because they have a religious injunction to kill or convert those in the rest of the world.

      So I think it it fitting that lenr go to our–the free world’s countries–first because I don’t want a robo-chicken from across the globe to explode on my street.

      So it would really be nice if force shield were possible.

      Thanks, Frank.

      Everyone have a good day and may God bless you and the people of Earth.

  • theBuckWheat

    About a year ago, I saw some reports produced by US Dept. of State that made note of several Arab OPEC states that did not have any other means of producing national income with which to pay for imported goods like food, except to sell oil. The one issue that was of great import was that the Saudi government is running a giant wealth redistribution scheme that could not be funded should oil fall below the mid 70 dollar range.

    It appears that the first industrial application of LENR will be to provide heat for coal-fired power plants, but soon LENR will be adaptable applications that burn petroleum like ships. Just the prospect that there is a viable alternative to burning oil will change the market and political dynamics of the world in dealing with Arab-OPEC.

    The concern about Saudi was that should the world price of oil drop below the level at which they could fund their socialism, then the government could get overthrown. I hate think of the consequences should more a more rabid brand of Islam get control of Mecca and Medina, but that is a whole can of worms of its own. In regards to LENR: faster please!

    • Sanjeev

      So what is going to stop oil exporting nations to simply install giant lenr plants to desalinate the water and start producing their own food ? It will be easy to turn deserts into green fields. It can be done even faster with the vast excess of oil that will be there.
      These countries have a tiny population and are filthy rich. I’m more worried about the biggest oil producers, US and Russia, these economies will suffer the most. This can be dangerous to the rest of the world because of nuclear power they posses.

      • Omega Z


        Nothing to stop the Middle East from doing this. If LENR rolls out over a couple decades as I suspect, Many of them will. Those who don’t will be the issue & a possibility.

        Russia will be hurt. Their dependent on sales. It’s up to them to transition.

        The U.S.. Not so much. We still consume more then we produce. The U.S. is a buyer/customer. So a Net Gain.

        Oil in the U.S. employees about 1.4 Million people. About 800K of those are minimum wage clerks behind the counter at the service stations. As I suspect a slow transition, they will adapt. Of the Rest, Many are skilled trades that will transition to LENR jobs created. Many more will be needed then will be available.
        And a portion of these will stay where they are. Oil will still be in demand. Just at lower quantities.

        Inevitably, Some Countries will suffer, but not as many as some may think. There will be time to adjust. IF, They have good leaders. And if they don’t resist at their own parall.

    • Omega Z

      Actually, Saudi Arabia is better prepared then most of the Middle East. They are very aware of their oil reserves dwindling(Most of the easy oil is drying up) And have been preparing.

      In excess of 400 Billion invested outside the Country.
      Expelling foreign workers & integrating the own citizens into their economy & gradually becoming self sufficient.

      Question is how far along they are & how quickly LENR effects their situation. I Think the Saudi’s are far enough along to struggle thru.

      However, Reduced revenue would have other effects. They fund/finance many of their neighbors in an effort to pacify them. This part of the equation may quickly become financially beyond their means.

      Can they survive in the middle of a Hornets Nest.

      Note: The Saudi’s do try to control Oil prices. They neither want them to high or to low, They prefer $80 range which is comparable to the late1960’s adjusted for inflation. Thus when prices increase, they try to max out production to pressure them down. Growing World demand has eroded their control. This erosion is likely responsible for U.S. Regulations being relaxed to encourage the present U.S. Oil boom.

      The wealth redistribution is a joint venture which has involved the U.S. since the 1950’s. This secret arrangement evolved after world war II. Germany invaded the area for the Oil. It was known to be a likely future conflict zone.

      It was no accident that a country with a standing military of about 30K was able to go out into the desert, Bulldoze back the sand & have ready made facilities complete with underground aircraft hangers for a half million man military force. Their own people were shocked about these secret facilities.

      The monarchy has always been Pro Western. Publicly this has always been down played. Publicly this has been necessary as they are a divided nation. A delicate balancing act between the Monarchy & the hard core clerics.

      But, This should not be taken for granted. Due to deaths in the family, the next in line is not so pro Western. No one knows if he will continue this behind closed door relationship.

  • Doktor Bob
    • BroKeeper

      Wow, that could be an ECAT article of its own. Here are some of the NASA’s view of the high technological breakthroughs:
      -Spider genes in goats allow spider silk spinning from goat milk for “Biosteel”, 3.5X strength of aramid fibers for Armor
      -Hafnium (metastable) isomers having a power order of 1,000 to 100,000 x TNT.
      -Blast Wave Accelerator with Mach 21 speeds or less as desired, up to 3000 lbs.

      LENR was mentioned as one of the KEY Technologies, however IMO without it the others would not have as much an impact and should be considered as the major Key Technological breakthrough.
      What really interests me is this is the strongest acknowledgement of its reality in a government report I have seen. Could we be that much closer to public acceptance?

      • ecatworld

        Interestingly, the slide show is from 2001 — and Dennis Bushnell was thinking about LENR back them.

        • BroKeeper

          What I read, it was published in June of 2013 by Dennis Bushnell.

          • ecatworld

            However searching around I have found that this document has been on the net for a number of years. It says 7/01 on the bottom of each slide. And if you read the slides it talks about projections for 2010. This was apparently written before 9/11

            • BroKeeper

              I bow to the master of journalistic truth. It is interesting LENR was mentioned back then. When was the term coined?