Mass Media Focuses on Hot Fusion Achievement

The news coming out of the National Ignition Facility at the Livermore National Laboratory regarding the achievement of fusion from almost 200 lasers blasting a tritium/deuterium (both isotopes of hydrogen) fuel pellet has really caught the attention of the national and international media. A search on Google news today brings up 288 articles from a wide variety of news sources, including some of the largest names in the news media:The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Bloomberg, San Francisco Chronicle, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post and very many more.

The achievement has been described as a milestone, a turning point, a breakthrough, and a big leap because a reaction something akin to the power of the sun has been reproduced here on earth. And certainly, I think what the NIF have achieved is noteworthy — the fusing atoms is a remarkable achievement, and building a system that can create a reaction that can, even for a billionth of a second, produce more energy than is input into it, should certainly be noted.

But after having written for nearly three years about the E-Cat and other LENR system, I can’t help notice the marked difference in media reaction to this ‘hot’ fusion event, than to any ‘cold’ fusion or LENR news we have covered here. To my mind, what has been achieved, for example, by Andrea Rossi is far more newsworthy than what happened at the NIF. Researchers have demonstrated that one of Rossi’s high temperature E-Cat reactors can produce at least 3 times as much energy as it consumes for days at a time, and the E-Cat’s performance has so impressed investors that a new company — Industrial Heat LLC, has been formed by the principals at Cherokee Investment Partners to commercialize this technology to be used in industrial settings.

What is the path to commercialization of the fusion demonstrated at the NIF? It’s unknown if there will ever be a commercial product from hot fusion. Dr. Omar Hurricane who heads up the fusion project there admits that reaching the fusion achievement has been hard, saying “We’re sort of pushing ourselves to the limit to make this happen.”

It must be said that the media reports about the fusion story have not all been full of ecstatic praise for the fusion project. Many of them note that this breakthrough has been a long time coming, and has cost many billions of public money to achieve — and further billions will be needed to keep this NIF and other hot fusion projects going. And they note that it’s not known how long it will take for hot fusion to produce energy that can be used by anyone.

I believe it’s in the public interest to be informed about what is going on in the world of LENR/Cold Fusion, and I think it’s a shame that there is not even a fraction of the media coverage than has been given to hot fusion. We’ve talked at length here on E-Cat World about why that might be the case. I think it boils down to what is considered respectable science by those in high places in media, the scientific community and government. Leaders in the scientific community make decisions about what respectable science is, science that is considered respectable gets public funding, and what gets public funding gets covered by the news media. All this means that research on the fringes of science, like LENR, tends to get ignored or dismissed by those who have influence in the media — and this leads to public ignorance of really significant breakthroughs that could have important implications for society as a whole.

I hope it won’t be too long before the media outlets that have given so much attention to hot fusion start to give the cold variety the attention it deserves.

  • GreenWin

    Scientific American FUSION’S FALSE DAWN

    “[Hot fusion] was fundamentally different from dirty fossil fuels or dangerous uranium. It was beautiful and pure a permanent fix, an end to our thirst for energy. It was as close to the perfection of the cosmos as humans were ever likely to get. Now those visions are receding. Fusion is just one more option and one that will take decades of work to bear fruit. Ignition may be close, but the age of unlimited energy is not.” SA 2010

    Dept of Energy’s NIF failed to obtain ignition in 2012. NIF used 2MJ energy IN to obtain 17.000001kJ OUT in February 2014. It is nowhere near unity.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Putting it bluntly, I just can’t believe they’re still maintaining their tritium stockpile by bombarding lithium in a nuclear reactor when they’ve known for 24 years that tritium can be easily made in a cold fusion cell. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were running NIF with tritium that comes from a cold fusion reaction.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Oh, have some faith bachcole. A billion years from now they may be able to get that thing to run for a whole second!

  • Alan DeAngelis

    It’s common knowledge that cold fusion reactions can be tweaked to make copious amounts of tritium. What is the source of the tritium they’re using at NIF? That would be legitimate question to ask in a peer review of the NIF breakthrough. That would be a legitimate question for a journalist to ask.

    • Alan DeAngelis


      Tritium has a half-life of 12.33 years (Handbook of Chemistry and Physics). So, stockpiles of tritium have to be continually refurbished. How do they make the tritium? Isn’t that a legitimate question to ask if we’re counting upon NIF to save civilization?

      • Alan DeAngelis


        Why am I now thinking about the monkey that saved the fish from drowning by putting it safely up into the tree?

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Do they have cold fusion kits for school kids in Japan?
    It would just require a little palladium and some heavy water.

  • Roger Bird

    I thought that you are merely stating a fact.

  • bitplayer

    Cold fusion starts to look good => loss of hot fusion grant money => no more cushy job in Livermore => can’t afford Bay Area mortgage => must move back to Wisconsin and teach high school => spouse, kids, parent and friends think I’m a failure => cold fusion is pseudoscience.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      You have a gift for logic bitplayer.

  • jousterusa

    “I know of no commercial cold fusion/LENR devices for purchase–not even ones that simply demonstrate CF without any energy gain whatsoever,” you said. The E-Cat is available and at least one has already been sold to the US military, according to Rossi.

    You also said, “why not make a few experimenter’s kits of very low-power devices available for purchase? Since they’re not classified as complete units nor as consumer devices, no UL certification would be necessary.” That’s a great idea if it’s in fact true about the UL certification. But you’re right: getting therse devices out there and working well in peoples’ homes will be the lightning that galvanizes the LENR business.

    • malkom700

      I personally favor, but problem in this context is that when we do not know what’s going on, then we do not know nothing about any by-products, such as the dark matter.

  • Hope4dbest
  • Donk970
  • Obvious

    I have a friendly-sounding alternative suggestion for the LENR name, without the “nuclear” word scare factor.
    How about High Energy Natural Reaction (HENR)

    • Roger Bird

      How about “Thermonuclear Fusion Home Heating Device”. (:->) No good?

      • Roger Bird

        How about “Deuterium Energy Activator Thermonuclear Heater” or DEATH for short? (:->) Still no good?

        • Obvious

          Well then, maybe High Entropy Alchemic Transition Reaction (HEATR).

          • Obvious

            Actually, take that H out of the last one and you get TREAT

    • US_Citizen71

      I like Activated Hydrogen Heating Anomaly or (AHHA) for short.

  • Iggy Dalrymple
  • Bernie777

    This announcement was made to secure funding, this program is using funds that could be used in productive research programs.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Couple of points.

    1.This announcement alone probably had well in excess of 10 times the budget the MFMP has been operating on.

    2. The NIF has about 1 year to prove its worth before Congress has to evaluate the program again

    3. This will produce no useful power reactor in a generation

    4. Hot fusion has intractable problems relating to fast Neutrons

    5. Hot fusion has intractable problems relating to capturing any excess heat that may ever be generated

    More of a concern is that this is possibly just a failing weapons program that has been spending vast sums of deficit money. Imagine a hand sized+ cylinder of “Fuel” deposited on target “X” from a drone. To ignite it, lasers from space. Anyone finding it or the fuel cell getting into the wrong hands would be meaningless – as even a football sized laser array has failed to do it – and that is the point, if this monstrosity cannot even create a spark, it is a dud as a weapon – and so it will be difficult to justify another stay of execution.

    • US_Citizen71

      Over its lifespan the NIF project has received money from both the DOE and the military. It makes a good fusion demo but so did Ivy Mike and Castle Bravo, all this machine really does is substitute lasers for a fission bomb. The large overall purpose of the facility is to check the math and predictions of nuclear weapons scientists. The last generation or so of US nuclear weapons have never been tested, theoretically they should work but know one knows for sure. I would have far less issue with the news stories if they didn’t use the fusion power smoke screen to obfuscate its true purpose. But, I guess nuclear weapons research isn’t as newsworthy and exciting as a pie in the sky fusion power story.

    • BroKeeper

      I think those powerful lasers themselves from space would be a deterent. Just target specific body heat registers within a geographic area and zap leaving interesting human shaped crop signs. With some collateral damage of coarse. Hmmmmm, maybe this is what they are really testing. (“Can we all get along” – Rodney King)

  • malkom700

    My opinion is that we should not attack the proponents of hot fusion, global warming or the proponents of LENR, these can exist side by side and we do not have certainty. After obtaining certainty decisions can be much more correct.

  • Charles

    Journalists writing about scientific matters is nothing more than their usual propaganda as when writing about Obama. I seriously doubt that Physics and Chemistry is on the course study at any journalism school in the country and if they are they are likely a 8th grade leveI. I was assured by Popular Science some 70 years ago that the hydrogen economy was right around the corner. Some 50 odd years ago I was informed by a mechanical engineer that the internal combustion engine was not going away for a long long time. The non-journalist engineer proved to be far more prescient that the journalist. Reality will continue to bury journalism in the mud.

  • georgehants

    tq, would you just remind me of the cost of Hot Fusion spread over how many years and what it has achieved to back up your point?
    Please explain your use of the term “religious fanaticism” that you are using against fair and Honest comment regarding the cost and failure of the Hot Fusion community?
    I think the complaint is the money being put into Hot Fusion compared to that going into Hot Fusion, not that a small team should not Research the subject, as all knowledge is good.
    Thank you

    • tq

      Is that there seems to be animosity against hot fusion research that, yes, cost a lot
      of money, but people also spend billions in things like tomato soup. This kind of
      criticism exist also about projects like the LHC (large hydron collider), but discoveries
      made finding out how to build the giant detectors, are being used now to make
      better medical scanners.

      We have to consider that if it wasn’t for lenr, this is the only known way forward
      and that is why all this money has been spent and I hope they continue until it
      is achieved. Future generations will be grateful.

      • Donk970

        It’s not that anyone has anything against hot fusion. It’s that we are irritated that all the so called experts and the press and funding agencies simply dismiss cold fusion and junk science without actually looking to see if there’s anything to it. To my mind we’ve spent tens of billions over 50 years to determine that hot fusion is really hard to do and we should look for an easier way.

  • georgehants

    I will make my point again.
    The announcements referring to the latest Hot Fusion “breakthrough” were made by the scientific community, only then does the media respond and from there we have general knowledge.
    The reason that very little is heard of Cold Fusion is because of the terrible corruption and incompetence inherent in science.
    One honest report in a so called premier journal of the present position of Cold Fusion would set the World alight.

    If it is the establishment, publications, academia or individual scientists, the vast majority have become a quagmire of closed-minded, self-serving, agenda-driven destroyers, against any subject not regarded by their religion as “exceptable” and conforming to their reductionist teachings,

    If the direction being pursued such as Global Warming is authority sanctioned then all negative Evidence, Research and Truth are throw to the wind and money, manpower etc. are no object to achieve their ends.

    • Donk970

      In other words science inevitably becomes religion. There’s always a few scientists who are the heretics that throw down the old religion but inevitably create their own religion and the cycle begins again. The orthodoxy of hot fusion is the religion of the moment and those who study cold fusion are the heretics.

  • Gordon Docherty

    Inertial Confinement Hot Fusion, like Magnetic Confinement Hot Fusion, is one of those ideas that is 50 years away, and always will be, for practical energy generation, not because fusion does not occur, but because the conditions required to initiate and sustain fusion are just too onerous: as a star forms, the intense gravity of the star and increasing magnetism works in favour of confinement of an ever hotter plasma to the point that ignition can occur with the stable temperature being around 15-20 Million Kelvin at the core. Hot fusion on Earth, on the other hand, does not have such a “benign” atmosphere for thermonuclear fusion to be initiated and sustained, so the conditions have to be created artificially.

    Now, trying to achieve the required pressure and magnetism here on Earth as seen in the Sun is (currently) just not possible, so some adjustments have to be made. The Sun’s internal pressure is around 200-300 billion times higher than Earth’s atmospheric pressure, so we cannot hope to recreate this. Instead, we use just a few times Earth’s atmospheric pressure. We can, however, ramp up the heat, with the heat of any Hot Fusion process on Earth about 7 – 10 times higher than in the Sun. This just leaves one more option open to bring nucleii closer together: confinement.

    Put at its simplest, confinement increases the probability of high-energy nucleii colliding. In fact, nucleii collide in nature even at low temperatures, but only very, very, very occasionally. Both inertial confinement and magnetic confinement seek to confine nucleii using electromagnetic fields in what is otherwise unconstrained space-time. This is kind of like trying to direct bullets by blowing on them. Blow hard enough on enough bullets and some will eventually hit each other.

    Now, some in the fusion field have realized that the probability of “bullets hitting each other” can be massively increased by using very powerful directed magnetic fields to drive the bullets in toward the same point. This is the route being taken by the Dense Plasma Fusioneers, and it is a good route – much more likely to deliver a lot more energy out than in as the energy and ejecta resulting from the collision is directed away from the nucleii coming in and, what is more, the energy and ejecta coming out can be directly tapped for electricity, with no boiling of water required (so eliminating loss due to heat energy transference).

    This is the story of hot fusion.

    This is not the end of the story, however, for hidden in the above is the small caveat “in unconstrained space-time”. What happens, then, if we directly manipulate space-time – allowing channels to be created along which the nucleii would then travel (a bit like the Death-star trench in Star Wars). How would we do that?

    Well, back to stellar objects, for objects that are large enough, their gravity directly affects space-time: if we, as an outside observer, watch a man with a time piece approach a super-massive object, such as a huge star or black hole, to us the man and time piece appear to slow down. For the man carrying the time piece, however, his time piece appears to go at the same rate, while our time appears to speed up. Thus, the fabric of space-time is being directly affected. Our clock near the black hole goes more slowly than the clock far from it in free space.

    Now, looking instead at the very small, geometrically constrained cavities known as “Casimir cavities” – named after the Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir – we also see some very strange behaviour. In particular, if two positively charged parallel plates are placed very close to one another in opposition to form a Casimir cavity between, and then released, they do not fly apart, as would be expected given they are both positively charged. Rather, they fall together. To cut a long story short, something is happening to the fabric of space-time in between the plates, causing pressure from outside the plates to force them together – like two ships coming too close to one another in the sea. This “something” is expressed either as a lowering of space-time energy density (due to longer wave length transient quanta being excluded from the cavity) or an apparent increase in frequency as longer wave length quanta squeeze space-time in the time direction so that they remain fitting between the plates as the space reduces. The net effect is that, from inside the cavity, all appears to remain the same, while from the outside, the “clock rate” appears to speed up – and speed up dramatically as the plates get closer together.

    Now, pushing nucleii through these cavities of now “compressed” space-time, and probabilities of collision events skyrocket, even at quite moderate temperature increases to around 460-475K (186.85 C +). These space-time compressed areas also have other interesting possibilities, allowing for the existence of what appear to be fractional states of hydrogen – hydrinos – as the observer is now observing a hydrogen atom that has, in effect, been partially squashed along the time axis (at least from our perspective). We have, in effect, used the cavity to re-order the otherwise uniform nature of space-time to compress time – like a black hole in reverse. This, of course, means that the rate of naturally occurring (at least from the external observers’ perspectives) phenomena is increased by many orders of magnitude, something we are already familiar with from skeletal catalysts, where their addition causes slow reactions to mysteriously speed up to useful rates. In terms of collisions of nucleii, not only are the nucleii constricted in movement in space, the whole inside from the outsiders perspective is “working to a faster clock” – many orders of magnitude faster as the available space reduces – and it is this reduced space / compressed time effect interacting with fields around the nucleii (as the various frequencies within the nucleii upscale to “stay in step with” space-time that is being taken advantage of in the newly claimed energy sources from Brillouin Energy, Industrial Heat’s / Rossi’s e-Cat / hot cat, Defkalion’s reactor, Blacklight Power’s CIHT and SF-CIHT cells, SPAWAR / Navy Patent for Transmutation of Nuclear Waste using LENR, Swartz-Hagelstein’s NANOR device, and even Fleischmann-Pons’ original, misunderstood, “Cold Fusion” device, which was seen as an electrolytic cell, when it was, in reality, a Casimir environment, the pockets being provided by the rough surfaces of the anodes / cathodes in the cell. (As an interesting aside, it is the time compression effects of Casimir cavities that are being exploited in massively reducing the half-lives of radioactive materials from the external observer’s perspective – the SPAWAR patent sees radioactive materials converted
    into gaseous form before being fed through powdered catalytic material in a manner similar to Rossi’s e-cat and Brillouin’s hot tube boiler to reduce the half-life from thousands of years down to a few days or even hours, such is the time-compression effects of such cavities, so imagine the effect on even naturally occurring “spontaneous” fusion reactions before spatial confinement, IR irradiation and phononic compression)

    So, terrestrial inertial / magnetic confinement hot fusion systems may be getting all the money, but the real results are coming from Dense Plasma Focus Fusion in the case of hot fusion and, more interestingly, compressed space-time “Casimir” technologies that are already showing energy densities into the Billions of Joules per Liter of source “fuel”, which, thanks to time compression, spatial confinement, IR irradiation and phononic compression (to create resonance), is also seen as millions to billions of Watts. Best yet, in the case of “Casimir” technologies, the “fuel” used can actually be ordinary water from which diatomic hydrogen molecules are extracted and then disassociated into monatomic hydrogen to be fed through Casimir cavities (or similar spaces such as Brillouin zones) using phononic pulses to encourage coherence and dense, sharply defined packets of particles to increase energy density and rate of reaction – or even Noble gases, if one forgoes some of the energy releasing effects (such as is seen in the Papp engine)
    Put another way, we are now entering the age of Casimir geometry space-constraining time-compression systems, as LENR, Hydrinos, and a host of other new energy extraction techniques appear – techniques that have many more similarities in structure than differences including, critically, a 186+C ignition point, constricted geometries (usually in the form of Casimir cavities in fractured crystal lattices with high surface area, or constricting compression chambers such as are seen in combustion engines), high-frequency phononic pulses and monatomic hydrogen or similar “free atoms” (including atoms of the noble gases, such as seen in the Papp engine) loaded into or streamed through the cavities.

    • Gerard McEk

      Interesting Gordon, thank you for sharing this. I am sure that this view on physics is not shared by most of the ‘scientific’ world?

      • Gordon Docherty

        True, but then even when I was taught Physics, dark matter and dark energy “did not exist” (!), the universe would eventually contract again, gravity just “was” and atoms just “kept working” (views that are not that much different than held in the ‘scientific’ world today). Likewise, in Chemistry, skeletal catalysts just “worked” – although I do remember a far-sighted and rather gifted Chemist saying that skeletal catalysts will one day change the world.

        As to the ‘scientific’ world, alas, it seems to have descended into an unquestioning obedience to received wisdom following the wishes of paymasters focused on ROI, ROCE and the preservation of the status quo through increasing imbalance of wealth, rather than a quest for “the how / what” of all naturally occurring and engineered observed phenomena – NOT that I think everything I say is right or everything anyone says is wrong, but rather that by only ever sticking to received wisdom, our world view will become distorted as it seeks to filter out any anomalies that might otherwise threaten our emotional and rational investments to date in that received wisdom – and, as we all know, emotion is a very strong force indeed. I, for one, do not wish to end up like Gollum treating all received wisdom as akin to “my precious” – how many of us have been guilty of that on occasion, albeit on a small scale…

        Now, I remember a long time ago seeing Casimir plates in action. It was only a scientific novelty then, but it was clear something quite extraordinary was unfolding before my eyes, but it is only really since the millennium that I have begun to see just how extraordinary, as various strands of thought generated throughout my life have started to come together – and cross-fertilization is a very powerful source of ideas indeed. Beyond that, another very powerful source of ideation is of putting together two apparently independent ideas to see possibilities others have not seen before. At the end of the day, the best way to have a good idea is to have lots of them – and it is here that the ‘scientific’ world has come to often fall down in as it simply tries to advance incrementally on what is known rather than come at something from a completely new angle, as did Newton, Einstein, and other “favourites” of the now received wisdom world – a world that would not exist without their seemingly – at the time – radical departures from the norm.

        So, let us all continue in our quest to open the collective mind of the ‘scientific’ world, not by dismissing what has gone before but by seeing it for what it is – the best view anyone had at the time to date: what many people, even scientists, often forget is that we are nowhere near yet holding “the truth” in our hands, but rather just the best view to date, subject to change as our collective experience unfolds.

        • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

          That’s a great attitude. I just wish all scientists shared your views.

          Quoted for emphasis:

          “As to the ‘scientific’ world, alas, it seems to have descended into an
          unquestioning obedience to received wisdom following the wishes of
          paymasters focused on ROI, ROCE and the preservation of the status quo
          through increasing imbalance of wealth, rather than a quest for “the how
          / what” of all naturally occurring and engineered observed phenomena –
          NOT that I think everything I say is right or everything anyone says is
          wrong, but rather that by only ever sticking to received wisdom, our
          world view will become distorted as it seeks to filter out any anomalies
          that might otherwise threaten our emotional and rational investments to
          date in that received wisdom – and, as we all know, emotion is a very
          strong force indeed. I, for one, do not wish to end up like Gollum
          treating all received wisdom as akin to “my precious” – how many of us
          have been guilty of that on occasion, albeit on a small scale…”

    • Curbina

      I recall the papers of the late Dr. Malcolm Hanes obtaining plus 4 billion degrees K,enough to start Li or B fusion reactions, in a machine that costs a fraction of the Tokamak or ITER (Sandia Labs Z machine). This was around 2006. I know the engineering to obtain continuous operation is still a challenge (as once it was for the ICEs we use everyday), but also know that the Z machine was “modified” and repurposed after those startling results were obtained, and that Dr. Hanes died untimely in 2008. The problem with a cheap way to Hot fusion is that it offers the neutron bomb to the third world, and that’s probably the main reason this line of research was ditched as soon as it became apparent it was a winner.

      • Curbina
      • Donk970

        I think that the powers that be really don’t want fusion energy. They are content to let projects like the tokamak or inertial confinement continue because they know they will never be anything but a curiosity. When something like LENR or some ingenious take on the fuser come along the powers that be go into a panic because they can’t easily control them through threats of stopped funding.

        • Curbina

          And that’s my point Donk970, abundant energy is a paradign shifter, and the current paradigm masters don’t want it. The excuse of national security is their last refuge.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      Thanks for a very enjoyable piece of insight!

      This at least gives credence to the idea that all the LENR variants that we are seeing use the same underlying mechanism.

    • Roger Bird

      Thank you.

  • jonnyb


  • Gerard McEk

    Indeed, what thy have achieved is worth noting and I would have been extremely excited …. 50 years ago. Just imagine what actually was achieved: They produced 19700 joules in a billionth of a second, the amount of energy of two AA cells. For that they had to nearly overload their 100 lasers. To make that happen many kilowatt hours of electrical energy were needed. The effective efficiency of these lasers to the target is a fraction of a percent and that is what they calculate as the input energy: just the heat they put into the target. To make the lasers doing this you need at least 1000 times as much electrical energy. At his moment they have reached a COP of 0.001.

    LENR researchers (Rossi, Brillouin, Mills, Hagelstein, Defkalion) claim a COP between 5 and 100 and energies of megajoules.
    If you were an investor or a government or a redaction of a main stream media outlet, where would you invest in or write about?

  • Gerrit

    The paper was published in Nature.

    Randy Schekman already explained last year that the major scientific journals are distorting the scientific process, because funding and career paths are depending on getting papers published in Nature.

    Here we see another distorting influence of the major journals. The science journalists almost exclusively publish stories that have appeared in these journals. All other science doesn’t exist as far as these “journalists” are concerned.

    These science editors believe they “must bring science closer to the (dumb) population”, but all they really do is flipping news burger that were pre-fabricated in the major science journals.

    And the fact that the supposed “overunity” only exists in a sub-sub-sub system, but completely dissappears on a higher level is fully obscured in most articles. My farts have more overunity joules than this “achievement” if counted like this. If I would publish a paper about that in Nature, the mainstream news would also print the story.

    • Freethinker

      I agree.

      As implausible as it may seem, Daniel Clery at Science ( seem to have seen through their funding-campaign, and call the news for what they are.

      “However, the recent shots are still far from what most fusion researchers consider to be real “gain”: more fusion energy out than laser energy in. Although the shots produced more yield than energy into the fuel, much of the laser pulse’s energy is lost when it is converted from UV to x-rays and focused on the fuel capsule. Last year’s best shot produced less than 1% of the energy of the laser pulse”

      Please, you people. Get real.

    • homersage

      “all they really do is flipping news burger that were pre-fabricated in the major science journals”

      That was GOLDEN, so apropos! Can I use that one?!

    • Fortyniner

      Only newsworthy if you succeed in igniting them using a bank of lasers. A risky business…

  • Obvious

    Where are all the dead graduate students?

  • jousterusa

    Amazing, ridiculous BS! These hot fusion folks are so far behind the 8-ball they’re a global joke! This media bubble, though, is why Mills and Rossi better listen up: they need people with real PR skills, or they’ll get lost in the backwash of history, drowned in hot fusion hype. They must be starting to realize that now. Millions of people without power are freezing in the Northeast tonight, and not one of them can hope that Mills or Rossi, with all their claims of megawatts of heat, are coming to their rescue anytime soon. Who can respect people that claim to have these devices and yet let millions freeze?

    • Doktor Bob

      On Wallstreet this kind of behavior is refereed to as “fiddle with the cat”

      I 2008 – millions of people in china took to the streets after getting laid off – almost over night due to the fact that forecasted global demand for their services and products decreased.

      – This is the act of desperation.
      Basically people are getting afraid

  • Alan DeAngelis

    288 articles simultaneously parroting the same“breakthrough” story.
    Congratulations Frank. Apparently E-Cat World is having an effect.

  • Donk970

    LENR researchers will get the last laugh

  • Alan DeAngelis

    “…blasting a hydrogen/deuterium pellet…” I thought it was a tritium/deuterium pellet.
    A conventional reactor is needed to make the tritium. So, what’s the big hairy deal?

    They’re back to square one.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    LENR is for China.
    The pie in the sky hot fusion stories and carbon taxes are for us.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    The Wall Street Journal said that fusion scientists for the 1st time had achieved overunity.

    I commented that Cold Fusioneers had been achieving overunity for years.

    WSJ popup said, “Your comment cannot be published at this time.”

    • winebuff

      Another shocker from the the venerable WSJ. Anyone see that the US freedom of press has dropped to 46 and I predict will fall further in the future.

    • Roger Bird

      It doesn’t matter. The more that they resist, the STUPIDER that they will look in the eyes of the public when it becomes impossible to deny.