A Vision of a Cold Fusion/LENR Future — How to Adapt to Abundance?

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to the ‘how big a deal’ thread. It’s gotten a ton of comments, and sometimes those threads become somewhat unweildy, so I thought I’d start a new one and use the following thought-provoking comment by ‘friendlyprogrammer’ as a starting point. His/her post describes many things that I have certainly considered as being possible if cold fusion is what many of us believe it to be even though the picture he/she paints is alien to today’s reality. Here’s the post:

“Your car will be big enough to hold a bathroom because lets face it, all the service stations have closed.

“With travel becoming so cheap it will become the experience instead of the mode to reach an experience.

“A look to the skies will see Helium/hot air blimps that are floating hotels with no explosion risks. The rich will dispose of their sailing yachts (hint sell your sailboat now), and the poor will convert them to new energy. Someone with a 35′ sailboat known for ease of operation will now be comfortable driving a 200′ ship with a garden and a pool..

“Cities will need to limit vehicle sizes or everyone and their dog will drive a motor home to work. Why not go big if fuel costs are nothing.

“LENR/HHO will be UBER cheap very quickly, because the processes involved are less complicated than a dollar store flashlight, and a million unemployed from the Solar and Wind Energy sector will start building cheap knock offs in their basement. There will be no way to stop the pirating of this technology because of its simplicity. The demand will obviously outweigh any production capacity. i.e. would you go on a 10 year waiting list or build one yourself?

“600 million less smog producing vehicles will mean fresh country air in the heart of major cities. Less health damage equals longer lives for all.

“It will take some time for car manufacturers to adapt. Small electric cars will be too small. Big gas cars wont run on electricity so the solution will be hydrogen conversions to gas vehicles (possibly a trailer unit). Some suggest Steam cars will come first, but any car manufactured today is a result of a decade of research (more) and steam prototypes will be years off.

“Nobody will shovel their driveways or roads. Cars will have heaters under them to melt snow and ice. You can move your car around your driveway or just install heaters in the asphalt. Roofs will melt the snow the same way.

“Every roof and road will be white. With all our extra energy capacity even the solar effects of black roof shingles will be too much, and we will be better off reflecting that heat back into space. Artificial cloud cover might be created for similar effects.

“Off grid living will become popular. Since everyone has a huge ship and motor home why live in a house. I’m sure there are reasons, but I’ll be in the South Pacific Catching fish, Breeding Chickens, Desalinating water, and making my own wine aboard The HMS Friendlyprogrammer. I will be surrounded by a million others doing the same thing.

“Everything, everything, everything, will become cheaper. A $500 television will be much cheaper to produce. Imagine,,,, Every manufacturer of every nut, bolt, wire, chip, will pay less for transport (supplies and delivery), less for electricity, less for A/C, less for heat and these cheaper bolts will pass on savings to the next manufacturer so that $500 television is now in an ecat (or other) heated store selling for $75.
IMAGINE THE BUILDING BOOM. We will all have wall sized televisions for cheap.

“The Middle east will see a poverty strike them as their dependence on Oil Cash fails them. They will need to compete in a global market place and be forced to educate their women and adapt more responsible laws regarding religious tolerance. They will need to be liked for a change.

“Starvation will dissipate as cheap desalination provides clean water not only to people but can cheaply pump clean water into the soils of the earth. Cities in risk of collapsing into sinkholes (like Mexico City) can replenish their underwater reserves.

“A slow moving cruise ship will be replaced by hydrofoils or at least quadruple their speeds.

“I’d invest in electric motor companies. Magnet manufacturers. Boat builders. RV Builders, and avoid any energy investing. I would not invest in AR Rossi in case Blacklight wins. I would not invest in Brillouin in case Rossi wins. I would not invest in any of them until a winner is announced. Maybe it’s HHO.

“The days of burying a technology is over. Too many know about LENR/HHO/Blacklight Power (or whatever).. Internet has been a game changer in that regard. A mere 20 years ago we would be trying to find non existent library books about LENR as our only source of information.

“Bus shelters will be air conditioned and heated. Every park will have a play fountain.

“This is only a fraction of how I see the world in 10 years.”

My response to this post is, perhaps this could happen (although I’m not sure about in 10 years), but I wonder about the ability of societies to adapt to such a radical new technology, and all that it implies. How does any nation built on an economy, social system and political system designed to deal with the current reality of scarce resources adapt to a totally new reality where abundance of resources suddenly becomes possible?

I think that if and when CF becomes widely recognized as being a viable energy source there will be meetings of people in the highest levels of all kinds of organizations trying to figure out how to deal with this new reality. I don’t know what the prevailing response will be. Will it be to get behind this technology and use it for the benefit of the common person — or to try and put the brakes on in order to protect the status quo as much as possible? I would like to think the former, but I think we should prepare for the latter — at least in the early stages.

Like friendlyprogrammer says above, I don’t think the information can be hidden or suppressed in this day and age. If the regular person knows something is real and possible, I can’t imagine any forces of authority being able to keep it down. But I guess some could try (North Korea has been quite successful in maintaining rigid control over its people’s use of technology, for example).

The transition from a state of scarcity of resources to one of abundance could be one of the most difficult things the human race has faced — I hope we can make the journey successfully.

  • Omega Z

    The Middle East pacified through oil dollars.TRUE, That was the purpose of the petroldollar.

    I doubt The U.S or Europe will turn their back on them.
    The U.S learned from WWII that Oceans can’t protect you.

    And I wouldn’t worry. It will actually take quite along time for the transition & they’ll have plenty of time to transition before the Petrodollars dry up. Or at least greatly decline. Oil will be need as far as one can see. Just less of it.

    With LENR, they’ll be able to take care of their own. Water, food, Energy, It then just becomes normal commerce overtime.

  • Omega Z

    Using a multiple of Data sets can give a different perspective verses focusing on a single set. Thus, I grow less & less concerned with the Population Growth. According to Data, It appears we are already turning the corner. The Talking heads just haven’t caught up to it yet.

    As in China’s Projected population leveling in 2050 may level 25 years earlier & may be in decline by 2050. India is following close behind. This is the trend. Japan has already started the decline as of their last census.

    Even in Countries still experiencing population growth, That growth is declining. From 5 & 6%, to 2 & 3%. And a 3% growth in a country of 20 to 30 million is far less concerning then a similar growth rate in a Country of say 1.5 Billion. And there’s no visible reason to think this trend will not continue. A few centuries from now, we may need to depend on test tube births & cloning to maintain a viable society.

    As to the projections of population “Leveling” at about 9 Billion, I would insert “Peaking” but that could still be disputed at present.
    Now, with the pace of change in this Data, One could argue that we may not reach 9 Billion. But I think that would be a mistake to take that for granted. A family with 3 or 4 children have a higher survival rate verses a family with 8 or 9 children. You also have improving medical technology. Populations are living longer. Both will act as an Offset in Data.

    Jobs in the Future.
    Projections at this time is that there will only be 1 worker to Provide & take care of “3” of his fellow beings. This due to an aged society. There’s Children of course, the Retired, & largely, those who no longer have the capacity to physically fend for themselves.

    What Leisure time will there be. I can envision much neglect & misery. The Modern technology, AI, Robots will be much needed to carry the burden. Without them the future looks bleak. If there is a job problem, it will be a lack of education & training. Not for a lack of jobs. Technology can save society.

    If the less likely, but possible Scenario comes about. Zillions of workers displaced by Technology, It requires a change of mind think. Technically, the answer is easy. Just Change the Economic Model.

    “Technically” I’d like to believe it is this Easy.
    Philosophically, Ideologically, It will likely be very Disruptive & Very Hard on Society, as people resist change. Especially when it goes against 1000’s of years engrained tradition that allowed us to survive to this point in time. But I would prefer this scenario to a system which does not embrace the technology. This scenario is survivable. The Former scenario without technology, possibly not.

  • GreenWin

    I’m not so worried about the jobs situation. LENR grows the global market by 2-3 billion people able to consume energy devices, services, systems. Someone must design, manufacture, install and maintain these systems. That is a lot of jobs – and only some manufacturing will utilize robots. Asia & India will keep its work force well employed servicing this huge influx in abundance. Question is how will EU/NA respond? Both need to re-invigorate manufacturing and lead in design and service systems.

    • Bernie777

      Where will these 2-3 billion people get the money to buy these systems? They need income, where is it coming from? Even before LENR, productivity increases have decreased the number and quality of jobs. LENR will exacerbate that trend. I agree LENR will create jobs, but it will also decrease the number and quality of jobs in many industries. It is very difficult to predict the net effect, but I can predict a lot of job dislocation/disruptions, in the past that has meant lower wages, I do not see any trends that will reverse that history.

      • GreenWin

        Energy gates education, health, land use, resources, agriculture etc. If education and health improves, we get a higher quality work force. If land is irrigated crops grow and PEOPLE are put to work growing, harvesting, processing, marketing. I emphasize people because as we see in e.g. China, people make stuff even when robots could. This is political. Emergent nations succeed only by growing and protecting opportunities for their people.

        • Bernie777

          You said, “If education and health improves, we get a higher quality work force.” There are simply not enough quality jobs. That has been proven a thousand times over the last five years, when a job opens up paying 20 dollars an hour, (a living wage) they get 500 qualified applicants. Increased productivity via LENR will exacerbate that situation.

  • GreenWin

    Open the pod doors Hal. And stop pontificating – you’re just a machine.

  • kdk

    You seem to be assuming that people will be conscripted happily into wars over nothing. Scarcity, ego, and propaganda are the driving forces of wars. CF takes care of scarcity and the internet takes care of the propaganda. Consolidated and centralized power are what have allowed for the ideals of sharing wealth espoused by socialism and capitalism to be hijacked by the few in their lust for control and power. Protests usually start out peacefully until they are met with physical force. Restraint will be important by everyone. The police in Greece started protesting alongside the rest. MLK and Gandhi show us that it is very definitely possible. Faced with economic sanctions or open internet and free energy, the choice will be obvious. Pandora’s box has already been opened in the west, Egypt, and elsewhere. Anti-missile technologies have come a long way, and the ETs have demonstrated on at least a few occasions their superior technologies in that area. Eg, Malmstrom and Bentwaters, which the British government originally claimed was not a nuclear facility. We just know it’s not possible, no evidence needed, and insisting on talking or publishing about it, like CF, is the fast-track to being shut out of any decent job, and in the bad-old-days your life if you were persuasive.

  • Curbina

    You are representing the thoughts of the original HAL 9000, aren’t you?

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    While LENR may ‘allow’ a larger world population, it will likely work in the opposite. LENR will (after
    the disruption period) enable greater prosperity, which will in turn cause population growth to slow.

  • Curbina

    The problem with such a disruptive technology is that the outcome is going to be the result of the interactions of all potential users. In that regard, and agreeing with Scott Adams point of view on “The Dilbert Future”, as technology increases the impact of people over people, I am afraid that the onset of a LENR era, given de current paradigm, is poised to be catasthrophic if it is not preceded by a wide change in attitude and willingness to cooperate between human beings. The most ironic part is that with the sole change of attitude and willingness to cooperate that I mention, this world would already be different and thus LENR would already be a reality. Hence, I’m really hoping for LENR to be a paradigm shifting force, but I’m also aware that it could mean a new factor threatening mankind’s demise if not handled properly.

  • Roger Bird

    The increase in happiness will stop when one is fulfilling one’s needs and beginning to chase after desires.

  • kdk

    Most people tend to have much fewer children when they know that the chances are small that their children are going to die of starvation or disease. Look at the population declines in the west. Immigration is the only thing keeping the population from declining faster in Europe. It happens that people generally don’t feel the need to have heaps of children once they don’t have to for one or two to survive.

    “Can we move to one of leisure and what education will be required if no jobs are available?” This is where there needs to be a paradigm shift away from the false dichotomy of capitalism vs communism. The universal basic income. That is if TPTB have the grace to let go of their fantasies of controlling the rest of humanity for the sake of their egos.

  • Mr. Moho

    LENR, or more generally speaking, the emergence of an almost ideal energy source that is abundant, clean, safe, cheap, very dense and always available will probably also trigger an identity crisis in most environmental movements, especially in Europe. I predict in fact that once LENR becomes mainstream and starts getting adopted worldwide (as there would be little point in keeping using fossil fuels in most cases) they will show their true colors. Did they actually care for the environment or was that just a political tool all along? Time will tell.

    The mainstream scientific acceptance of LENR will also be a good opportunity to reconsider established paradigms in climate science. There would be no room for finger-pointing anymore (“Big Oil” vs “Gaia Savers”), with the energy problem solved in the best possible way, and no point anymore with political and ideological debates (of which climate science is largely about due to the huge political pressure to “act. now!” because “we have to do something!”).

    • GreenWin

      Good thoughts Mr. Moho. As LENR replaces fossils and IF the solar minimum continues… planet will likely get colder. What do you bet the climate gang claims less CO2 the reason? The entire environmental movement will attempt to find a new enemy OR… They might return to what environmentalists should have been all along – CONSERVATIONISTS. That is, people who care about preserving natural beauty and spaces.