H-Cat Forum Launched

We’ve had some interesting discussions here recently about the ‘H-Cat’, an open source experimental effort to generate excess heat by combining HHO gas with catalysts found in automobile catalytic converters. There seems to be a growing interest in this effort, and a number of people are attempting to replicate the effect and improve upon it.

Justin Church and Neal Ward, who have been commenting here on ECW about the topic, have launched a new forum, called the H-Cat Forum, as a resource for people who want to get involved in this effort.

The H-Cat forum can be accessed at this address: http://app.hydrofuel.ca/ At the moment, in order to read the posts there you have to be a registered member — anyone can sign up for free.

  • Justin Church

    Thank you for the coverage. The forum will primarily be used for the discussion, development, and experimentation with the concept of Catalytic Combustion of HHO or Hydrogen Gas and its many uses. (Lenr/Cold Fusion, Fuel Cells, Purification of Hydrogen Gas, Purification of Water, ect)

    The forum consists of mostly open minded garage inventors and engineers so you will not be getting indoctrinated textbook data. You will be getting ingenious ways to study and implement a technology which may prove out to be one of the most profound technologies mankind has ever had a chance to experience.

    I am just an Average Joe with a little bit of engineering education under my belt so I know absolutely nothing when it comes to what is actually possible but I am willing to keep an open mind. If you look around at the world of today or even the world of yesteryear, one has to come to the ultimate conclusion that humanity is far from knowing all the right answers and even further from being considered mature/compassionate creatures towards not only the planet we live on but towards the other humans we share it with.

    We would like to see more of a nuts and bolts approach to this effect to get to the absolute bottom of the matter. It has been really difficult to keep theory and number crunching out of this so far. We are not interested in theory or number crunching at the present moment. We are interested in seeing the public get out from in front of the computer and put something physical together to prove or disprove the numbers or theory which you are trying to convey.

    I’ve got my own path and vision for this effect so I will be working toward that goal, I am willing to accept suggestions and even constructive criticism but I am not here to become an experimental puppet to the public. My closest colleagues working on this will also agree. Do not forget how simple and cheap this experimentation is. If you want something specifically done or would like to convey your point on what we are doing wrong, we desire and encourage high definition video and or pictures of the physical hardware and testing equipment used to obtain your numbers or convey your theory. I spent nearly a decade in the field as a repair and installation technician and let me tell you something, numbers and textbook philosophy will only get you so far in the real world. From personal experience I had pencil pushing engineers which designed all the equipment I was installing in CAD and circuit simulators come with me in the field to experience hands on and they didn’t know the first thing about actually physically installing or troubleshooting any of the equipment in real world scenarios. In the real world people are more concerned about what you have physically done and have experience with than how much terminology and book knowledge you know.

    In short, we want to see physical end user useful products being built and developed based on this concept. If you cannot provide that type of information please refrain from any type of negativity that may be used to discourage another from experimenting. Thanks again for the plug and all the coverage the folks at E-Cat World have provided to get this information out to the public. The question now remains, is the public willing to build it and test it?