Companies and Organizations Involved in LENR Research

Christopher Calder sent me the following list of companies and organizations currently showing positive interest in the field of LENR. He has suggested, and I have agreed, that we keep a master list of LENR companies here on E-Cat World as a reference for readers. Below is the current list — if you know of others, please let me know and I will add it to the list. This list is not an endorsement of any or the claims that the various companies are making, but it does indicate that there is wide and growing interest in the field. Christopher notes that ‘the statistical odds of them all being wrong or lying has to be over a billion to one by now.’

BlackLight Power –

Brillouin Energy Corporation –

Defkalion Green Technologies –

Global Energy Corporation – –

Industrial Heat, LLC (owner of Andrea Rossi’s technology) –

Jet Energy, Inc.(founded by Mitchell Swartz, inventor of the NANOR) – 

Lattice Energy LLC (Widom-Larsen theory) –

LENR Cars –

Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project –

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries –


Nichenergy S.R.L (Francesco Piantelli’s company) – 

Purratio AG –

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) –

Stanford Research Institute (SRI) – Michael McKubre cold fusion program leader –

STMicroelectronics S.R.L. (Have LENR patent application) –

Toyota Motor Corporation –

  • mytakeis

    The link to S&S is

    The article where this appeared is under the headline:

    Snow closes much of DC, more than 2 dozen military bases in Southeast


  • mytakeis

    There was an article in Stars&Stripes, a paper I comment in regularly as a retired GI, lamenting the snow and ice falling on the east coast. I thought this would be an opportunity to spread LENR info, and took the liberty of repeating this list of LENR Cos and Orgs. So FYI this is what I said (hope it helps):
    “This weather is crazy and the need to endure it like poor little lambs
    is also crazy! Global warming is but one emanation of climate change.
    Also reflections of climate change are extreme cold/snow, floods, and
    quakes. These may be difficult to endure, however continuous poisoning
    of air, water, and soil more every day using oil, gas, coal, and tar
    sands will eventually destroy anything that climate change has not taken
    care of. Only the immediate cessation of oppressing available free
    energy resources can alter this inevitable outcome. I encourage your
    perusal of, in alphabetical order, the following ballooning efforts to
    make essentially free energy replace the disgraceful mess of fossil
    components currently touted as so necessary:
    BlackLight Power –
    Brillouin Energy Corporation –
    Defkalion Green Technologies –
    Global Energy Corporation – http://globalenergycorporation –
    Industrial Heat, LLC (owner of Andrea Rossi’s technology) –
    Jet Energy, Inc.(founded by Mitchell Swartz, inventor of the NANOR) –
    Lattice Energy LLC (Widom-Larsen theory) – http://lattice-energy.blogspot
    LENR Cars –
    Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project –
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries –
    NASA –
    Nichenergy S.R.L (Francesco Piantelli’s company) –
    Purratio AG –
    Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) –
    Stanford Research Institute (SRI) – Michael McKubre cold fusion program leader –
    STMicroelectronics S.R.L. (Have LENR patent application) –….
    Toyota Motor Corporation –
    is empowering, therefor, Mr. Monitor, please respectfully allow this
    comment, it may save your life and those of other readers. Give readers
    the opportunity to read or reject, but please no suppression. Thank you!”

  • Christopher Calder

    While probably not appropriate for addition to the list, remember that North Korea also claimed to have created cold fusion several years ago. Knowing what we know now, I suspect they probably have authentically accomplished something with nickel and/or palladium. The difficult part, of course, is creating a usable commercial product that puts out lots of useful energy. We may not like North Korea’s leadership, but they do have some smart scientists.

  • Daniel Maris

    Perhaps we should each mention our top five in terms of credibility (a combination of technology, good business or organisational practice, reliability, and ability to bring to market).

    I’d go for:

    1. Industrial Heat/Rossi.
    2. Defkalion
    3. Jet Energy
    4. Brillouin
    5. ST Microelectronics

  • bachcole

    What about the Finnish company that applied for a patent?

  • Andreas Moraitis
  • Andreas Moraitis

    Cyclone Power Technologies have recently been discussed on this board due to the appointment of Dr. Yeong Kim as an advisor.

  • Bertuswonkel

    Did not see Bologna University. Yet officially they dont support it I think so i don’t know.
    There are also some Japanese universities and companies not mentioned.
    Kobe University
    Osaka University
    Technova Inc. –
    Tadahiko Mizuno has a company called Hydrogen Engineering Application & Development Company.

    • MasterBlaster7

      add MIT….maybe CalTech

  • NT

    I seem to remember the Boeing Company as doing collaborative LENR work with NASA?

  • jaman73

    Frank: Please add Thunder Fusion founded by Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli (of Magnegas).

  • BroKeeper

    National Instruments is heavily involved as a third party tool provider for many LENR or at least ‘anomalous heat evolution’ companies.

  • Paul

    Some of ther cited companies surely have nothing of serious in their hands. They only wait Rossi put something on the market and they “magically” will have… I prefer not to make the names. BLP is not LENR and outperforms all the others for their theoretical and research approach, however I understand that they can open the way for the real LENR.

  • ecatworld

    Thanks, everyone — I am trying to keep up and adding to the permanent list which is linked to in the top menu bar (LENR companies).

  • you could add Kresenn (working with celani),!news

    and LENR-Cities (which is more a cantidate to be a consortium of startup and organiser)

    think about lenr-invest linked with lenr-cars team

    think also about Biberian research initiative (not very commercial, to fund fringe+serious researches)

    etiam oy



    about st micro & mastromatteo, add STnewventure with loic lietar and guy lauvergeon (maybe they changes)

    jet energy is now nanortech.

    you don’t yet see all of them do public research, but they may fund or organize research, now or soon.

    and… guess others who don’t talk because they are too big.

    beside the small startup who are making noise to be seen

    • I forgot some activities of Shell.
      In the old time, Shell funded CNAM (a special kind of top university in France, called engineering school) to confirm LENR…

      today people from ShellGamechanger (equivalent to STNewVenture) are seen at LENR conferences.

      Amoco made some garage experiments in the beginning…

  • Jonnyb

    I think you forgot the potential leader of the Pack ‘Dr R M Santilli’ Thunder Fusion Corporation appear to be ahead even of Rossi, ignore him at your peril. I think it is Rossi or Santilli who will finally break the world free, hopefully both!!

    • Owen Geiger

      I listed Santilli down below.

      • Jonnyb

        Well done Owen, did not see that.

    • Sanjeev
      This is their demo. Heavy duty equipment and impressive steam driving a steam turbine. This deserves more exposure surely, it looks almost ready to roll out.

      • Jonnyb

        Yeh this Demo is far better than any other I’ve seen. If I had $100 million I’d put it with him, shame I’m so poor.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        Sorry, but this looks not yet convincing to me. It’s not that I do not trust them, I would simply like to see more data. First, they do not specify the energy input. If you put enough energy in, you will get as much steam as you want. Secondly, they use air in combination with carbon at high temperatures. The carbon could react chemically with the oxygen in the air and generate additional heat. It would require sophisticated measurements and calculations in order to determine the energy balance of such a system.
        At least, their reactor tube with the giant bolts looks impressive. I hope that the pressure-relief valve is reliable…

        • Sanjeev

          I agree. But then its not possible to convince anyone with merely a video. So probably this video is just meant to attract more interest.
          If you ask me, there is no way to convince anyone 100% unless that person goes there physically and checks everything with his own instruments. No amount of data or video footage will work.
          I like the fact that they introduce each employee, so we have many names and faces, plus there are more reputed people listed on their website. A good amount of social evidence, and hence I felt comfortable to write comments.

      • Gerard McEk

        What is the existing status of this company? Does it still exist? The video was made two years ago. Strange that silica was formed if I understand the conversation well. Silica is SiO2. Silicon is not part of the fuel, unless the air contains some. Is this the product of the ‘nuclear reaction’? What is the COP? How long do the electrodes last?
        This video does not convince me yet. Maybe the company can publish the principles of their process?

        • Fortyniner

          I believe they are claiming that some of the carbon in the electrodes becomes transmuted to silicon after a long run. Electrode erosion is obviously an issue, but could be solved using feed mechanisms and/or automatic electrode replacement, as in some arc furnaces.

          It’s odd that there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of updates available for this 2-year-old story.

        • Andreas Moraitis

          Santilli is a serious scientist, he should not present some steam and turbine noise as if they were a sensation. The remarkable part of the given information is the circumstance that they found Si that had not been there before. But surely it is easier to convince potential investors with steam and noise, than with a nuclear process that cannot be directly observed.

        • Sanjeev

          No idea. That video was created in 2011. After 2 years they should have progressed a lot, as that power plant looks pretty much ready for commercial use. Perhaps someone can arrange an interview, Frank or Sterling A ?

          It was built with Chinese investment, so who knows may be there are many Thunder Fusion plants already working in China. Just a wild guess, but this shows that China is totally aware of CF techs and much interested in them. Same for S.Korea. It may well happen that CF will advance rapidly in far east and rest of the world will then catch up slowly.

  • Bertuswonkel

    ENEA Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment.

  • Sanjeev
  • Owen Geiger

    Ruggero Maria Santilli HIGHFUELS, INC. (inventor of Magnegas… there’s a good video of his LENR reactor)

    Energetics Technologies (Israeli company)

    Zeocat (N.A. Reiter and Dr. S. P. Faile)…2VjNGQwY2ExZDc

    Dennis Cravens (demonstrated LENR balls at NI Week)

    • Ivone

      The Santilli video is still the only video showing steam being produced in large quantities and at pressure by any LENR reactor. Not even Rossi has done this, only with the individual small reactors. I hope to see a video of a Rossi reactor turning a steam turbine before long.

      • Owen Geiger

        Yes, Santilli deserves more exposure. His video shows a fully functioning LENR reactor that Chinese investors paid for.

  • georgehants

    Would it be time to compile a master list of all the university’s etc. that have debunked Cold Fusion over 24 years without even a cursory attempt at replication.
    A comprehensive list of all negative quotes made by our qualified, expert, individual scientists is also necessary, so that future students etc. can learn the incompetent folly of science today.
    Only open-minded competent Research to find Evidence for the Truth is scientifically appropriate on all subjects and any scientist who fails to follow that course, is not a scientist, it is time to laugh out load at all “opinion” experts on every scientific subject.
    As with Mr. Rossi, qualifications mean absolutely nothing, Mr. Rossi et al are the True scientists and all the “opinion” wally’s are a bad joke that are destroying the Wonder of science.
    Wally is a fictional character from the Dilbert
    comic strip. He is characterized as an employee so deeply jaded that
    instead of doing any real work, he spends all his time and effort
    successfully gaming the system.

  • John Littlemist
  • Omega Z

    You didn’t mention
    Robert Duncan-University of Missouri Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance

    Tho he went to a Texas University, I believe SKINER is still on going.