MIT Cold Fusion — The Revolution Has Begun (Video)

Thanks to Mr. Moho for informing us about a video that has been posted on Youtube by someone called ‘AlienScientist’ who attended (and filmed) the recent MIT Cold Fusion seminar and reports about what he has learned.

He does a very nice job of summarizing the key points from the seminar, pointing out that Peter Hagelstein and Mitchell Swartz mention such things as how the cold fusion reactions can be enhanced by subjecting the cold fusion cell to an external magnetic heat and shining a laser on the cathodes. He also mentions that they say cracking in the metal and rapid gas loading can cause the deuterium to leak out, thus negatively affecting the amount of excess heat produced.

The video also includes pointed criticism of the way the scientific community dealt with Pons and Fleischmann 25 years ago, and laments the lost opportunities that could have been realized if more care had been taken in trying to replicate the effect back then.

The takeaway quote from the video (I think) is:

“This is quite possibly the beginning of the largest technological breakthrough that our generation will witness.”

AlienScientist has 59,000 subscribers — let’s hope this video will increase awareness of the topic.

  • Donk970

    Right now all the people who have literally trillions to lose if cold fusion becomes reality are sticking to the “it’s fraud/scam etc.” story because it’s been working for twenty plus years. At some point in the near future this story will become impossible to sell. When that becomes obvious you can expect to see a different story. My money is on “dangerous and completely unregulated nuclear technology”. Obstruction through fear should buy the multinational corporations at least another ten to twenty years.

  • MasterBlaster7

    True statement. But, this lecture series will show you the steady, quite progress that LENR has made in the last 25 years…both in theory and experimental result. It will show you the treasure trove of information that Hagelstein (theorist) has collected in working out a theory on LENR. It will also show you the treasure trove of 100’s of academic experiments that Swartz has done on all types of LENR leading up to the state-of-the art today. I am now highly Bullish on NANOR 7 and looking forward to NANOR 8.

    But you are right. To change the minds of the scientific establishment, a successful commercial LENR product is needed. This will unleash scientific funding and get fresh talented minds working on LENR theory. The lectures state, multiple times, that funding, equipment resources, and scientific interest are what is holding back academic LENR.

  • MasterBlaster7

    This is a true statement. But, I watched all 15 hours, and, let me tell you, It is the most professional and academic presentation on LENR you are going to find, anywhere. Highly highly recommended. This presentation should be considered the bible of academic LENR.

    Oh, and throughout the lecture you are going to get an understanding, straight from the horses mouth, exactly where the MIT establishment sands and where academic/professional supporters of LENR stand.

  • Fortyniner

    I can’t disagree with that, or with the bulk of your comment above. It’s just the ‘credibility’ part that I can’t really agree with. I think it’s mostly only the ignorant and closed-minded who reject CF out of hand, and these people are going to reject it – together with anything else that doesn’t fit their rigid world view – regardless.

    People who are intelligent and open minded enough to at least consider the possibility that CF is real (assuming they don’t have the background knowledge that most contributors here are privy to, will be more likely to process claims on other ‘fringe’ topics in an equally rational way.

  • jousterusa

    I have written up a special ticker blurb for The American Reporter onthis video. It’s the kind of thing we need to push cold fusion research to the forefront. Read it on the ticker at the top of the page at The video is also posted down below it in the cold fusion section of the paper.

  • robyn wyrick

    This is a fun video, and very inspiring. But for those of us following this story for the past few years (and some for more), it omits some very exciting developments. This isn’t a slight against the video; a person can’t say everything in nine and a half minutes.

    But it is worth reminding folks that, aside from the nanors, the 101 class, and the important work of Peter Hagelstein and other academics, there have been some highly dramatic industrial reports from DGT, Brillouin, Cyclone Power, and of course, Rossi (Now, Industrial Heat, Cherokee, and who knows else.)

    There is the upcoming presentation by NASA’s Doug Wells on “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft”. There’s the ARPA-E RFP for new energy research that actually mentions LENR ( Add to that papers presented at the annual conferences, the positive involvement by such firms as Toyota, Mitsubishi, National Instruments, Royal Dutch Shell, Elforsk, Boeing, and more. And all in all, the arena of Cold Fusion is already huge and growing rapidly.

    The two great questions that remain are (1) what is the theory that will encapsulate this phenomenon? And (2) who will break into the market (publicly) first? My guess is still Rossi, Cherokee, and Tyler Durden – I mean Tom Darden.

    Project Mayhem, here we come.

  • BroKeeper

    Its not easy. I read that they are now able to make two per month or was it two per week?

  • deleo77

    So much has been written and debated about Rossi for years. He has in a way become the face of LENR. The funding he received from Cherokee was probably the biggest news item in LENR in the past 6 months. But I do wonder if the NANOR will be the first device to market that really turns the tide. It seems like Mitchell Swartz has a plan. The NANOR feels like a much different device than the e-cat, but it could be proof positive of cold fusion when it reaches multiple laboratories and the COP’s are validated by additional scientists as the months go by. We could see Swartz and Hagelstein as the sequel to Fleischman and Ponns, but in this case Swartz will literally be handing a cold fusion device off to be verified rather than having scientists try to build their own from scratch. That may be the difference this time around. It just feels like Swartz is really close to the finish line.

    • Omega Z

      I don’t think Mitchell Swartz is quite that far along.

      However, I think he will have a test apparatus available for those who choose to study this phenomenon very soon.
      That in itself is great news because it will help prepare the way for the younger generations to further advance & improve in the knowledge base. Peter Hagelstein and Mitchell Swartz are doing a great job of informing those who are Curious at MIT. Whether MIT likes it or Not. 🙂

      It’s All Good…

      • Doktor Bob

        The Nanor is basically a very advanced Cathode.

        Building an apparatus is not that hard – you can use a mayonnaise jar or a tupper wear box.

        These devices would be very similar to electrolysis or a battery.

        With Nanor you do not need any secret recipe – you just purchase the cathode that contains the catalyst. (zirconium oxide, nickel and half a dozen other nano materials)

        Basically the cathode here is “pre-loaded” with the catalyst. (nickel)
        Another amazing thing about the Nanor 7 is the electrical field which draws the Hydrogen Atoms INTO the cathode so during operations it is re-loading it self.

        Bottom line – Let the people build their own apparatus – the tricky part is the catalyst and now we are having a nickel catalyst being sold openly.


        • Mr. Moho

          How much does a Nanor V7 cost? And what about the equipment needed to drive one?

          • Doktor Bob

            I have no idea about the price.
            I suppose it will depend on supply(production capability) and demand (???)

            About the equipment you can have a look at this video from the MIT tests:

            Looks quite cheap to me but of course depending on what you want to study you could of course make your own setup built around what you want to measure once you have the Nanor.

            The electrical power supply is probably (??) cheaper for this setup than a Mizuno.
            -Then you probably need to add some heavy water

            I suppose (???) you need an Anode – ??? – and a unqualified guess is a cost of a few dollars.

            Possible there could be any additional component that I do not know of but as to my understanding this is a out of the box solution for instant results.

            Unless anyone have all these answers for these questions it could be a good thing that the its being put forward by the next person who will interview Mitch.

            I wonder if he has some kind of instruction booklet

            —– Another though

            If its really this easy as I hypnotize then this set up could be used all around the world on event, congresses and investors meeting to support CF in average. (??)

            Can we also hook up sterling engines to the Nanor as was done with the phusor?
            Then even better

            Dr Bob Crew would volunteer if a group of people can pitch in money for the equipment.
            Or the equipment could be sent around the world between different groups of people to exhibit at different events etc

            Is this feasible?

            • MasterBlaster7

              I wonder how much/at all swartz’s patents and processes conflict with Rossi’s (secret sauce) patents and processes. Swartz has really covered a ton of areas regarding LENR.

              • Doktor Bob

                is that whats keeping you up at night?

                They will cooperate of course – there is no bad blood between them

                Look at what Rossi is letting Defkalion getting away with
                Look what Brillouin is letting Rossi away with

                Its all good 🙂

                • MasterBlaster7

                  lets hope

    • Warthog

      “Big Heat” is not the only possible field of application. Think “power chip” for portable electronics. Imagine multiple Nanors microfabricated in parallel using standard chip fabrication methods, and direct conversion to DC out of the chip using on-chip semiconductor heat-to-electricity tech.

      But the real knee-slapper will be when dozens of high school students “test” Nanors for science fair projects (Schwartz plans to both sell and lease Nanors). How bad is the physics community going to look then???

  • Joe Shea

    This is simply the very best and most informative and valuable piece of worjk on cold fusion I have ever had the honor of experiencing. Thank you so much for an effort that can actually turn the tide of skepticism into a new tide of hope and optimism. Thank you again!

  • the worst to admit far from US, is that Europe have followed. Who is the most stupid ? the one who is crazy, or the one who follow him?

    Beaudette explain well the mechanism for denial… Beside the broken logic of physicist, he also describe well the errors of Fleischmann&pons that fueled the incompetence and ego of physicists, and amplified their prejudice and comfortable confidence.

  • BroKeeper

    This narration is a great summary of LENRs history, plight and prospects. I have wondered if the AGW and choking pollution concerns had heightened in the late 80’s whether the mogul and media potentates would have had the leverage to dispel society’s cry for this disruptive technology? Even now their futile attempts in plugging the leaking dam with their thumbs are doomed while media and scientific cracks-of-realism radiate out from its hole. Even this winter’s weather is exasperating the obvious flaw of centralized energy as the scarce Midwest’s propane gas has tripled in price. The paradox they face is once their controlling thumbs are pulled out flood waters of truth and distain will burst forth upon their ‘hubris’ past and turn it into disgrace (I love that word, GreenWin).

    I just came across this interesting article: “Exotic Particles, Tiny Extra Dimensions May
    Await Discovery”.

    In it a profound statement made by David Charlton of the University of Birmingham in the UK:

    “physicists should not simply be searching for evidence to
    support one theory or another, Charlton said. Rather, “it is important to
    look at every rare process we can that might be a signal for some new physics
    showing up. We have to study each one and see if it’s consistent with our

    It is hard to understand IMO how physicists can claim they have the final understanding of the infinitely small when they can barely observe its micro surface. What’s beyond the sub-particle, Strings? What makes up strings? Vibrating energy? What’s that? What’s that?…….

    • bachcole

      Remember that physicists “feel” the atom and the elementary particles that make it up with “fingers” (other elementary particles) traveling at 1/20 the speed of light (I am told). So it is no surprise that they missed something.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    I can see both sides, Mr Moho and georgehaunts, but lumping in the UFOs is counterproductive. We can’t expect Rome to swallow everything in 1 day.

  • bitplayer

    Best video on cold fusion I’ve ever seen. Easiest $10 donation decision I’ve ever made.

  • Gerard McEk

    This indeed is a good compilation of LENR history and the NANOR technology development. We should all recommend this in the circles around us.

  • Sanjeev

    Very strong video and nicely narrated. Although its from a fringe source, it is mostly true. We need more such eye openers from more credible sources.

    It surely reveals the losers at MIT who I can guess must be puppets of rich and the powerful and very jealous of F&P, afraid of losing all funding in hot fusion and of being pushed to some academic corner as their expertise would be nothing but old and faulty science in the face of new science that cold fusion would bring.

    Yes, they do keep spending billions on hot fusion and other exotic research, which have no potential to benefit humankind. Year after year, failure after failure, the funding keeps increasing and mainstream journals are filled with praise of how great that science is. Not one person questioned the validity of a single half hearted experiment by MIT debunkers before calling CF as pseudoscience, banning all publications, banning patents and stopping all funding. The discrimination is on a grand scale.

    • GreenWin

      Sanjeev, MIT’s losers are the puppets of hubris and deep self deception. I have noted before, beyond the humanitarian benefit of Cold Fusion is the shocking revelation that we could be well into the non-fossil/fission era today were it not for a handful of morally corrupt scientists. Cold Fusion revolution will expose these, true charlatans and the fiefdom they represent as the single most destructive cabal on Earth. IMO.

      • Sanjeev

        There is a (small) risk that this will happen again with Nanor, as they are planning to distribute it for experimentation. Some puppet somewhere may arrange a result which disproves it. All they need to do is to publish it in Popsci or such and sheeple will believe it.
        If the Nanors are sold worldwide, then there is a good chance that scientists in other countries will come forward with positive reports and CF will take hold in those countries. Of course a product will be the best way to end the negativity against CF.

  • georgehants

    We must remember that every honest report on the Facts of Cold Fusion shine an even brighter spotlight on the incompetence, corruption and total mismanagement of scientific academia and the establishment in general.
    It also shows every individual scientist that, blindly following their establishment etc. is tantamount to selling your soul to corrupt mediocrity.
    I mean not just with Cold Fusion, but a hundred other important scientific subjects that are equally distorted, censored and debunked by these paid jokes of science.

  • barty

    A new good german article by one of germans biggest MAINSTREAM magazines “Focus” is positively reporting about Cold Fusion. The article also mentions Andrea Rossi without critics.
    It seems like they are smoothly prepairing their image for the inevitable 😉

    For me this is the FIRST time a german mainstream media is reporting in a positive manner about cold fusion.

    They also talk about the german company “Purratio AG” ( which is also inventing an Palladium-Deuterium Cold Fusion device.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    I think it was Edmund Storms who reminded us of the irreproducibility of the early transistor experiments. It took a billion
    dollars of research funding to find out that trace amount of sodium (a few parts per billion) in the silicon were enough to make the transistor fail. A real scientist would have kept this in mind in the early days of CF. A real scientist would have realized that subtle changes in a material science experiment might cause it to be fail.

    • bachcole

      A real scientist would have been curious why two excellent scientists with excellent reputations got results and he didn’t, particularly when the two excellent scientist told WHY he didn’t get results, instead of shouting angrily, defending himself, and discrediting for 25 years the most important discovery in the history of the world.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Yeah, that change was as subtle as a pile of bricks.

      • the problem is tha good scientist would simply have gone silent.
        the only talking have been the bad one, with huge ego and no competence in calorimetry.
        Beaudette found out that only ONE PHYSICIST replicated LENR necause… he worked with Heinz Gerischer one of the best electrochemist of that time…

    • Alan DeAngelis

      …cause it to fail.

  • bachcole

    OUTSTANDING video! And a lot of people are going to see this!

  • Charles

    Here I sit saying one thing over and over after watching Fox News & Cavuto report about the terrorist attack on a power station in CA: “Hurry, Hurry, Hurry. Put the items out there for sale that will take us off the grid. Hurry. It is getting very late in the game.”

  • Freethinker

    I find the video to be excellent in many ways. He has that snappy and confident way in plain english to explain and freshly visualize that eg. Suspicious0bservers have when it comes to his daily climate/solar/weather reports and documentary pieces on the electric universe and star water.

    Kudos to the AlienScientist.

    I think his video may open eyes on a whole lot new people who were not informed.

  • Mr. Moho

    I found out from his website (fair warning: it focuses mainly on fringe science and controversial topics, conspiracy theories, etc) that he filmed the MIT lectures for, so also credits to him for this task too.

    • invient

      I’ve followed him for a while. If you have the time he has a video interview with Eugene Poklatnov which he discusses his experiments with high temperature superconductors rotating at high speeds… Really interesting stuff if you can assume 1. Eugene isn’t lying, 2. that what he saw isn’t being interpreted incorrectly (note – his research was done while he worked at a university in Norway or Finland [I can’t remember] )… Another person involved that worked on the reproducing the effect was at Nasa (Dr. Ning Li), followed by some work done by boeing which I assume they dropped. Ning Li also dropped off the face of the planet shortly after producing a paper on the effects involving her theory of why the observable effect occurs.

      Alien scientist does have a lot of odd stuff on his sites which IMO hurts credibility.

      • Fortyniner

        Jeremy Rhys’ analyses of the various topics covered seem to me to be forensic and objective, often veering towards the skeptical (in the true sense). Is it now not even possible to address these issues without losing ‘credibility’?

    • georgehants

      Mr. Moho, I find it strange that you give a warning concerning “fringe” Websites.
      I can direct you to many that contain the Truth and many are the only places to find the Truth.
      I may remind you that this is a fringe Website, are you suggesting that people should be warned not to come here to find the Truth regarding Cold Fusion.
      Would you rather try and get your Truthful information on Cold Fusion and many other equally important subjects from the completely distorted or censored Wiki-rubbish etc. or main-line scientific comics.
      Fringe Websites like any publication must be read with honest open-minded scepticism, but without them many important areas of knowledge would be kept hidden by the establishments.

      • Mr. Moho

        Many people might be turned off by discussions about UFO, alien life forms, conspiracy theories, exotic technologies, etc. I’m not a fan of those and I don’t normally follow or link websites dealing with them, but I did for this one because I think the guy did a good job with his MIT cold fusion seminar coverage, regardless of what his other interests are.

        At this stage I think Cold Fusion / LENR deserves better than being treated the same way those topics usually do.

        • georgehants

          Mr. Moho UFO’s. the Placebo Effect and many other subjects could be just as important as Cold Fusion and are treated just as incompetently by science.
          One does not shy away from them, fearing that they could effect Cold Fusion, by covering up more crimes of science, but help to encourage us and persuade everyone of us to, like with Cold Fusion, to look for and only except the Truth.
          If somebody, say a scientist is so incompetent that he/she cannot look only at the Evidence and Facts of UFO’s etc. then it is time for them to wake-up.
          Do you not think?

          • GreenWin

            This guy Rys is most likely an honest alien scientist. Is this really disturbing or surprising to anyone here??

            • Ivone

              Actually, he’s not fringe. He believes aliens are hidden by the Prime Directive which is straight out of Star Trek, and he actually says there’s no such thing as magnetic or ZPE energy. The nearest thing to Fringe I could find was his railing against the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers and the Council on Foreign Relations, which I don’t agree with. These organisation are OK. He goes over the top on 9/11, though.

              • GreenWin

                Most of these old school orgs started with good intent I think. But they got sidetracked and misled by “There’s NOT enough” alarmists. These same alarmists operate behind the AGW curtain. As for 9/11 Ivone – please read this peer reviewed study finding nano-thermite at Ground Zero:

            • Iggy Dalrymple

              I didn’t think of that. He’s a genuine alien trying to explain the universe.

        • Tony

          After looking at this guy’s website, I removed the YouTube link from my Facebook. I’m trying to convince people that LENR/CF is real, and having someone spouting off about 9/11 being an inside job destroys any credibility his report may have given. Shame.