German Article on Cold Fusion Introduces New LENR Company — PURRATIO AG

Thanks to Andreas Moraitis, barty, and others for finding an article published by the German Focus magazine about the current state of play in the world of fusion energy (it discusses both cold and hot versions).

In the area of CF/LENR, the author, Michael Odenwald, mentions Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat, but also introduces a German company called PURRATIO AG which has apparently developed (or is developing) a reactor made of palladium (a hollow tube, a few inches long) which is designed to absorb hydrogen. The reaction occurs when an electrical charge is passed through the reactor.

There’s a document on the PURRATIO website which describes the reaction. It announces this technology as “The most revolutionary, most meaningful and most innovative technology – the „COLD FUSION“”, and explains:

  • The experimental procedure is carried out by means of an especially developed prototype on laboratory scale.
  • The neutron signal is reproducible and a doubtless proof of a neutron generating nuclear process in the described experiment.
  • A generation of the detector signal by perturbing influences of electronic origin can absolutely be ruled out.
  • The crucial physical parameters for the realization of the fusion effect are known. By appropriate changing of these parameters the fusion effect can be amplified up to the generation of excess heat or the generation of an explosion effect.

It’s interesting to discover a brand new player in the cold fusion field — this is a company that I have never heard mentioned before. A brief perusal of their website shows that they have been around for quite a long time working in the field of nanotechnology, and it seems that branching out into the world of cold fusion is a relatively recent development. Here’s another player to keep an eye on!

  • US_Citizen71

    With the easy creation neutrons and the ability to direct them in a stream their device might find its way into the world of nuclear waste disposal or even into military armaments. But, I am not seeing an easy way to convert the energy created into electricity or motion for propulsion.

  • Job001

    No explosive effect is described, that description maybe a misunderstanding of the reaction picture. Additionally, neutron radiation is 99% absorbed in 20cm of boric acid water around the plasma reactor. Sufficient water shield will reduce radiation below background levels so one could sleep on the heater with no more exposure than from outer space.

    Read the graphs folks, this is the simplest, easiest to understand process yet.

    10 seconds on, 4 seconds off, negligible radiation simple design.

    Safer than your natural gas furnace that sometimes leaks and blows up houses and/or kills 500 people/year in the US with carbon monoxide every year.

    Near zero cost fuel without frequent recharge and no fancy catalyst. Additionally, I question if the patent is valid because the tube device is public information due to the Toyota Mitsubishi studies. Putting a plasma around the tube is obvious and given the state of the art I question if the combination of tube and plasma can be patent protectable legally or financially either.

    The Game Is Afoot!

  • Fortyniner

    Better start a breeding program and set up crow farms, or there won’t be enough to go around.

  • Omega Z

    Reminiscing- All these Players coming Forward.

    Many of us have been aware of BLP for many years, But Rossi made some serious waves.

    Charisma Maybe, Or just his openness & His constant release/dribble of Tidbits. Holding our attention giving little time for us to wander off to something else of interest. Far different from the other players.

    Regardless, I think all these other players have been hard pressed by Rossi’s Presence. Some we know who became re-involved since Rossi’s Public appearance. Like a driving force.

    Rossi has taken the Lead in making many of us aware of LENR & the E-cat. For this he has suffered severe attacks on his character. For this we owe him thanks.

    To Continue- Those of us who have followed for some time are aware of unknown characters being present at Rossi’s tests.

    Sometimes rumor discloses names. Sometimes not. People associated with NASA, DOD, NRL, Meta Data from photos slip out Etc… And the Familiar statements that follow when their presence becomes undeniable is, Well, it was of a personal nature. Not Official. Done on their own time.
    Right, And I’ll pay you that bet I lost to you on the 2nd Wednesday of Next Week.

    We also know of these MIB’s 🙂 being present/seen at some of the other players projects. BLP, Brillouin/SRI, DGT, Etc…

    Why are these MIB’s “Pertinent”? Michael McKubre’s Statement.
    This Technology is to Important to allow any One Entity or Country to Monopolize It.

    These Unofficial, Officials are watching closely & passing on tips to different players to bring Multiple Players to the Game in a short time frame of each other.

    I don’t recall the persons name or the date, But, For those who have followed as long or longer then I have, May Remember a Player who took an apparatus to an NRL Lab for testing.

    I am or We’re only aware of this because he complained. That they said his device didn’t work as stated & that he thought they had passed Info to Rossi for improving something on the E-cat. He also claimed/stated that an E-cat was present at the Lab under testing while his apparatus was under testing.

    The Government does work this way. They may not give the competitor the precise details, But they do point them in the right direction to find answers to problems. Ask Boeing. Ask Northrop. Competing Aircraft aren’t so similar by accident.

  • Facepalm

    Holmlid ICF patent: 95g of D will produce 9 GWh per year

    • Fortyniner

      I think this one has popped up before on these pages. Like Purratio, possibly BLP (if hydrino theory is wrong), Rossi’s devices in ‘runaway mode’ and various other explosions and meltdowns, this appears to be another ‘warm fusion’ system – a way to get hot fusion in a relatively low energy (or transient high energy) enviroment. The two processes (hot and cold fusion) may be separate, but on a ‘spectrum’ of electrochemical, nucleonic and nuclear reactions.

      • jousterusa

        Interesting idea, i.e., the idea that hot and cold fusion are on a continuum that may lead to a convergence. It’s almost as if the hot fusion boys are saying, “well, maybe we have wasted countless billions, but can’t we all get along?” Then they would want some middle ground technology that would return them some profit while acknowledging the need to share them with LENR developers. Just a thought.

        • Fortyniner

          I’ve made the point before, but that is surely no hindrance on this blog… The various plasma reactors would look to the uninformed exactly like hot fusion torus and pinch reactors; hydrogen/deuterium plasma, bright blue light, big magnets and liquid gases for MHD generation, high energy startup – even neutrons in some cases.

          This would allow the fusion boys to segway seamlessly into this kind of technology and pretend that it is a continuation of all their valuable mega-money-burning work to date. That way the choo-choo rolls on and everybody is happy. They might even be able to finally produce some actual results for all the loot, too, although they’d obviously not want that to happen too quickly.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    Well, Rossi had explosions too.
    And (fast?) neutrons when the COP gets around 200.

    It’s all about control.

    • gugua

      If it should really turn out that the generation of neutrons is a matter of the (electronic) control of the reaction, I doubt that we will ever get home units. I certainly wouldn’t want one in that case.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    We seem to be seeing all sorts of LENR effects. Lots of people and firms are discovering different effects of what I suspect is the same underlying mechanism. If triggered in different ways it gives different results so one type gives transmutation, another one fast neutrons or big magnetic fields and most give gamma radiation.
    I do agree with many others that this could have been sorted out years ago if only science, politics and businesses were not so entangled. Real independent science would have given us CF and all it’s benefits long ago.

    Btw: nice to have GED back!

    • BroKeeper

      Yes, my thoughts too. So many variations for similar effects. Mixing and matching could increase its efficiency in the future.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    What Purratio describes sounds like hot fusion reaction, a bit like Farnsworth’s fusor but different geometry. Also they don’t directly claim to produce significant excess heat with their current device. Perhaps there is also some cold fusion reaction within the palladium surface, but there is no direct indication of it and the neutrons probably anyway come from hot fusion reactions occurring in the plasma discharge. Probably their device also produces some tritium because hot fusion should produce neutrons/tritium 50/50. It’s curious that they market their device with the cold fusion label.

    • GreenWin

      One of the significant markers for CF has been the absence of destructive neutron radiation. IMO, this process would NOT qualify as Cold Fusion but, as you point out, something more like hot fusion. Cold Fusion’s primary excess energy arrives as heat. There are now some efforts to capture the EM field generated by plasmas. If a device or experiment does produce neutrons at dangerous levels – it should not be called CF.

      • BroKeeper

        If Hot Fusion and “generation of an explosion effect” is too close to another nuclear explosion. :-(.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      One thing which points towards hot fusion is that the neutron emission starts within seconds from turning on the plasma discharge and ends when voltage is turned off. Typically CF has a longer response time.

      • Freethinker

        Just a thought.

        If this is all real and true, I find it quite interesting. Because their reactor is setup to have vapour in the chamber with a little hole in the Copper anode cap. To me their setup tells me:

        1. The plasma is concentrated at the tip of the cathode. There is an electric field that will move negative ion towards the hole. The heat of the plasma itself will also help accelerate matter in all directions – including towards the hole.

        2. There is a source replenishing the water vapour. The pressure will help force water vapour leave through the hole

        Matter will leave through the hole. Including neutrons. This means that if there are slow neutrons created in the process around the plasma zone tip of the cathode, they may have some help to move out side to be measured.

        So if this is real and true, then what it show us is that LENR may create neutrons.
        Take into account what we know so for from other sources the neutrons are likely to be slow and local – unless you go out of your way to let them out of the box.

        For Rossi et. al. with slow neutron that remain in close proximity to the material in the reactor, the half life is 880 s and then they will decay into a proton (ionized hydrogen), an electron and dito anti-neutrino. Sometimes with a little gamma photon to spare. In that case it is contained within, quickly vanishing and contributing to the cycle.

        Interesting, I say.

    • guga

      But they describe the detection of neutrons at an imput power of 500-1500W. I doubt that with their described setup you could somehow induce hot fusion with this little power.

      • Pekka Janhunen

        A commercial source which produces lots of neutrons by Farnsworth’s method:
        They don’t tell the input power, but judging from device size it can’t be megawatts. Their announced neutron flux is lethal (1e12-1e14 per second). Scaling from that, I don’t think it’s unfeasible that about 1 kW power could produce well measurable neutron flux.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    How long can mainstream science and patent offices reject something that is being done and pursued by so many unrelated companies and schools, some of which are willing to demonstrate, explain, and help repetition?

    The ignorance involved is a news worthy event in itself. Not as great as LENR/Cold Fusion, but it is a sad state that scientific stances are limited to 50 year old library books.

    • GreenWin

      Good question. And the longer they take to face the music – the greater the cacophony. Some people just don’t know when to say, “We were wrong.” Hello Ernie Moniz??

    • jousterusa

      You ask, “How long can mainstream science and patent offices reject something that is being done and pursued by so many…?” That depends on how many trillions it takes for the Exxon of the world to keep these alt-energy folks out of their gold mine.

      • Donk970

        You’ve hit the nail on the head. Success of LENR means trillions of dollars of lost revenue for all of the established energy companies. I firmly believe that these people would kill to protect their interests.

  • Sanjeev

    Good to see a new player in the field. They must be important enough to be featured in a mainstream article. But looks like there is no product yet. Germany is currently a heaven for new energy and they will walk to success on a red carpet if they manage to demo a product.
    Neutrons is the last thing we want, so hopefully they will switch to NiH system in near future. This is also important from the angle of competition, people/investors will prefer a non-radioactive source.

  • Fortyniner

    Actually, AlainCo spotted Purratio a year ago, but there were only a very few comments before the conversation moved on.… (find ‘purratio’). I was one of the commenters and it was only a nagging familiarity that prompted me to search for the name on this site.

    I’ve made a few comments in response to Andreas’ post over on the ‘Always Open’ thread that I have already copied to the previous topic.

    • guga

      I remember. I also checked out their site then.

      It’s a little unsettling that they find neutrons. Also, they seem to use pretty heavy shielding to get rid of them. Of course somehow it’s great as it demonstrates a nuclear process. But a device producing neutron emissions could only be used in power plants I assume.

      Let’s hope that nickel systems are indeed different in that aspect.

      A good thing about Purratio is that they have sold shares. They are responsible to their shareholders and obviously have convinced them of this project.

      • bachcole

        Yes, if there are neutrons, it is real, but I still don’t like dem 1/20th speed of light neutrons. I don’t mind 2 miles per hour neutrons. But those 33,480,000 miles per hour neutrons just are no good. (:->)

  • bitplayer

    This may be evidence of the “Cambrian moment” for LENR, where enough of the basic building blocks are in place, through existing research papers, that a florescence of new players is able to emerge.

    • ecatworld

      As more people begin realize that the basic LENR principle is real, and not pseudoscience, I think the floodgates will start to open with people trying to replicate, improve, and refine the reaction — and competition will hasten the appearance of products on the market.

      • bachcole

        Now is the time to buy that all important commodity raw crow. The demand is going to skyrocket very soon. Buy low, sell high. That’s how fortunes are made. In a year, raw crow will be so expensive!

    • Fortyniner

      Although most of those who are emerging have been experimenting for a long time. For instance Purratio’s patent originally dates to 2006 (Australia – I think it may be more likely that the Rossi/IH story is prompting others to come forward (although there is no indication that Purratio has made any effort to join the movement). That said there does seem to be something of a convergence on at least the empirical conditions that allow CF to take place, if not any unifying theory.

    • GreenWin

      @bitplayer – this is just an excellent image of the emergence of LENR. Indeed, the Cambrian “explosion” of flora and fauna is astonishing. And it all happened while CO2 levels were in the 1300+ ppm range! I suppose we could say despite CO2 and orthodox science “pollutants” – LENR will flourish.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Presently, there are a lot of discussions in Germany about the so-called “Energiewende”, which could roughly be translated as “energy policy change”. One measure to put this into practice would be an extension of the wind energy sector. Since there is much more wind in northern than in southern Germany, they plan to build a huge overhead power line across the whole country. This line and the countless windmills would devour billions of Euros and mutilate the environment. I sincerely hope that Odenwald’s article will be noticed by the right people.

    • georgehants

      Cold Fusion needs to be excepted very quickly now if it is to stop more semi-controllable nuclear power stations being built in the U.K.
      Even if it is, the capitalist involvement will probably still allow enough “incentives” to be offered to politicians etc. so that nothing will stop them being built.

      • Fortyniner

        There’s still some reasonable hope that the EU’s investigation of Cameron’s overt and covert taxpayer funded ‘incentives’ for EDF et al. will sink the new nukes ship ( – 7th Feb and earlier).

        • Fortyniner

          There is also this:

          The full scheme could generate almost twice the power of Hinkley C, would be genuinely ‘clean’ with no deadly waste to deal with, would take only half the time to build and would not place our power generating capacity in the hands of the French, Korean, Japanese and Chinese state nuclear companies.

          Too much competition. What’s the betting that it will be scuppered in some way, just like the original barrage proposals?

          • GreenWin

            Great projects. Tidal is highly overlooked – yet simple, safe and not overly expensive. Same with submersible turbines. There is a project in NY City’s East River to capture tidal currents with a series of underwater turbines. Just more “crackpot” science to the old school.

    • Daniel Maris

      I think “mutilate the environment” is overdramatic. “Spoil the view”, maybe. But you do get clean air and that is no small gift.

      That said, of course LENR offers the prospect of being the ultimate green energy product.

      • BroKeeper

        ‘Mutilate the esthetics’ is more like it.

        • GreenWin

          And now hundreds of thousands of birds. Including many endangered species.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        Thank you for the correction. I found “mutilate” in the dictionary. Undoubtedly, my English could be better…

  • Daniel Maris

    Odd mix of general info (no info on personnel?) and some specific claims e.g.

    “in 2006…
    patent protection requested

    starting from
    the first national grant of patent

    the granted patent protection extends over all important
    and decisive industry and economic regions”

    Does anyone know who’s behind this company ?

  • Gerard McEk

    The neutron flux in itself is interesting but more prove that it works is needed. Also the speed (energy) of the neutrons would be interesting to know. I do not like the fact that explosions can be initiated in this way.