Falls Church News-Press Covers Latest LENR Developments

Tom Whipple, who writes for the Falls Church News-Press newspaper of Falls Church, Virginia has done a great job on informing his readers about what’s going on in the world of LENR — in fact he’s one of the very few newspaper columnists who is paying any attention to the story at all.

His latest piece is titled “The Peak Oil Crisis: The Search for Cheap, Clean Energy”, which covers some of the latest news in LENR. He covers news from Blacklight Power, Defkalion, Brillouin, and the Rossi-Industrial Heat partnership.

He starts out with the familiar response of people being told about some of the claims of these new energy technologies:

There are now two new potential sources of energy which seem to be too good to be true. This is why most, upon hearing what they might offer, reject the notion that they can possibly be true. Water for fuel? Nonsense! Electricity for a tenth of the current price? Absurd! An end to carbon emissions and anthropogenic climate change? Only our green technologies – wind, sun and water can do that! Fundamental principles of physics and chemistry could be wrong? More nonsense, we understand these so well that there is little of significance left to be discovered.

These are issues we have been discussing for years at E-Cat World and in other obscure corners of the internet. The claims at face value do seem incredible and even absurd. But from my experience, if you look at the evidence objectively with an open mind, there really is something extraordinary that has been discovered which could have a huge impact on our world. I hope that Tom Whipple keeps the coverage up, and before long will be joined by many others in his profession.

  • Charles

    Bachole, one of the conclusions I have arrived at, wrongly or rightly, is that everything involving our earth is cyclical. Being human, we measure everything in terms of today – what’s going on now. The universe, and our solar system, has not such limits. The period of a cycle to the universe and solar system is days, weeks, years, centuries, millennia, eons. :>{}

  • Fortyniner

    A good general round up of the state of play, even if (IMHO) the writer is perhaps a little over-generous towards a couple of the players. Mr Whipple is a shining example to other journalists who for their own reasons will not touch the story of emerging new energy sources – I’ll even forgive him the reference to ‘anthropogenic climate change’ for that!

    • GreenWin

      Whipple spent 30 years at CIA as an analyst. Presumably the job there is to ferret out facts. But one must also march to the beat of the agency – which likely has a hand in the AGW myth.