Research Triangle Foundation Announcement Monday about ‘Centerpiece’ Project. [Update: Livestream Link]

I thought I’d put up a thread about something that a number of people have mentioned here today, which is a news conference scheduled by the Triangle Park Foundation for Monday where a major announcement is supposed to be made. In the Triangle Business Journal, Lauren K. Ohnesorge, writes that Bob Geolas, CEO of the Research Triangle Foundation said that the announcement will be worth watching, and the Triangle Park Foundation has made a statement saying that they would “unveil a project that will be the centerpiece of the Research Triangle Park’s plans for an innovative future.”

The Research Triangle’s Facebook page suggests Monday’s announcement is ‘One of the biggest announcements in @TheRTP’s history’, and an announcement on Eventbrite waxes poetical:

Calling all makers, thinkers, doers and dreamers:
this one’s for you, the never-disbelievers.
On February third, it’s going to be a big day;
— please come on out, if you can find a way.

At 11:00, visit Research Triangle Park headquarters
Bring along your friends, bosses and co-workers.
There’ll be cookies and coffee; hope and good cheer.
As we announce a surprise & make our plans clear.

Of course followers of the LENR story are likely to be interested in this announcement because Industrial Heat LLC, who now own the rights to the E-Cat, are based out of the Research Triangle in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina (although their exact whereabouts there is still unidentified) — however personally I am not convinced that this announcement will be dealing with Industrial Heat or the E-Cat.

I have no special information about this event one way or another, but I would have expected that if there was going to be a major announcement regarding Industrial Heat and the E-Cat, it would take place after the long-awaited third party report is published. However, I might be surprised like I was when Industrial Heat put out its press release last week. I do wonder why the Research Triangle Foundation would be hyping this event so much. If it’s not to do with a technology as revolutionary as the E-Cat, what else could it be?

I guess we’ll be watching and waiting on Monday.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to a page where a livestream of the event should be available:

  • gioj

    …While no “firm commitments” have been made(cit.),….

    therefore lacked something!

  • MasterBlaster7

    If it is mainstream, never ever ever get your hopes up. Two recently; the State of the Union Address and this one. You aren’t going to see anything big ‘mainstream’ until you have a ‘bloom energy moment; my term. That is when you install one of these, at lets say Google server farm, and it works as advertised. Then the worm will turn. In the case of LENR, I think it will be a stranded asset coal power plant, bought, and retrofitted with LENR tech. Once that starts pumping electricity to the grid….then you can expect something big ‘mainstream’ but not till then.

    Did you think that Bob Geolas being a conservative Christian would ‘help’ the spread of LENR tech? What is the logic there?

  • Andre Blum

    My entire post was a cut-and-past from twitter. Like hash-marks are used to denote a keyword, at-signs are used to denote a twitter username. so @Citiscope and @TriangleRegion are twitter users, and I am not sure why they were mentioned in the tweet.

  • psi2u2

    : (

  • BroKeeper

    Yeah, next time we here of a big important announcement coming we think: oh yea, yawn.

  • E-CAT suomi

    Dissapointing video, I new that they would announce investing news but I was believing that they would announch big deal with Industrial Heat to manufacture e-cats there but I guess cold fusion news lately has not been on the spot.

  • Andre Blum

    The announcement is about redevelopment of the park.

    • Freethinker

      Yupp…. No ECAT there …

  • Andre Blum

    TheRTP [email protected] 36m
    We’ll be Tweeting a livestream URL to today’s 11:00 announcement shortly. @_JulieTerry is on it.

  • Andre Blum

    Hope to be proved wrong, but I don’t expect this has anything to do with E-Cat / Industrial heat. It does not make sense to me somehow. Even if working, and ready for an announcement, the E-Cat is not likely to immediately require the whole research triangle to be supporting it. And reasoning in reverse: if ready for an announcement, it is not likely to first announce via this channel.

  • Freethinker

    I guess we see soon enough.

    Most if not all attending this forum thinks (or so I conjecture) that LENR, or any incarnation there of, is worthy of an EVENT like this (or at an even greater magnitude).

    But it all boils down to expectations. We want it. We want to believe it is about it. But is it?

    The “never-disbelievers” could be about those knowing better than not believing in the in the future of RTP. It could be that what they announce is just that some real estate will be filled by some big company, doing some new kewl stuff. Creating spin-off business around Raleigh, and increased status for RTP.

    In trying to create a buzz the slightly enigmatic invite is created.

    I guess in an hours time I will be either looking stupid or very wise.
    I would love to be proven wrong.

    Bon chance.

  • gioj


    a well-chosen term, curious, from a
    semantic point of view, or perhaps better,

    from a “philosophical” point
    of view; a double negative that does not mean exactly the

    opposite truth: I believe!

    and so the best explanation, Rossi gives to me, answering my
    question ”

    Andrea Rossi

    February 2nd, 2014 at

    1:55 PM


    A scientist must never disbilief himself, but always put in discussion his

    work: I must exercise epochè against known knowledge, but , by coherence, I

    must exercise epochè also against myself.

    Warm Regards,


  • psi2u2

    Do we know anyone who is attending? Frank, how are we going to get an update on this?

    • BroKeeper

      Interesting, no representative from Cherokee Investments is on the attendee list. If one is part of the announcement are they then not considered an attendee?

  • Andre Blum

    TheRTP [email protected] Jan 31
    Thanks! We’ll be livestreaming our announcement Feb 3, 11:00 am. URL will be @ top of: . @Citiscope @TriangleRegion

  • artefact

    I think the “2 hours 15 minutes” is just the length of the video.

  • Stanny Demesmaker
    • Daniel Maris

      Could be plenty of other things no one’s thought about – but if it’s LENR I’ll be cheering to the rafters! 🙂

      • Stanny Demesmaker

        A “historic” announcement, a week after a company from Raleigh NC announced that they are going to sell cold fusion reactors ? I don’t see alot of other options. (There are no guesses in the media)

        The newsletter of Industrial heat also called for collaboration.

        A controversial topic like cold fusion needs this type of an announcement. If you would announce that before the meeting, you would create an hostile environment from the beginning.

  • Mr. Moho

    While I doubt this announcement will be related to anything LENR, when they mentioned “never-disbelievers”, that reminded me of this movie:

    I guess we’ll find out in a few hours.

    • LENR G

      I did some searching for the term “never-disbelievers” yesterday and came up empty. If it’s from literature or pop culture it’s not clear where.

      It sure is an odd turn of phrase.

      Maybe a big clue. Maybe just happenstance.

      Maybe a Disney Store. j/k

  • Sanjeev

    Demonstration of the High Energy SF CIHT Technology Full length Presentation (uploading soon), (2 hours 15 minutes)
    (Not yet live)

  • stefan

    Yes, Obama was most likely informed and ECAT has all of what it takes to initiate such a statement, and
    the leaders can make it happen. But it’s not a certain thing.
    * The technology park is large, there might be other focus areas of interest.
    * Rossi maintain the attitude to wait for the third party tests to finish.
    * Patent issues may not be resolved yet.

    Else it wold be a no brainier that people would like to make a spin on the ECAT technology.

  • stefan

    The ECAT has been demoed many times and was most certainly in enough good state for a demo when
    it was tested by Levi et al. The problem was that one could question the independence. By know that
    should be a moot point, the testers have had maybe 1 month time, to verify the old tests with their own
    set of meters (that was the main issue before) and a few more significant names to testify that it was correctly
    done. By know the inner circle knows if we have a new source of energy and most probably can get enough
    statements that it works (just by pulling their connections) for it to be ok to make a public statement.

    For it to be a successful product, that may be too early to judge, for it being a scientific fact, it is too early, but
    if you want to get good partners at a good deal you need to attract them and a reasonable good technical
    announcement is not a bad idea, you may not get the die hard skeptics on board though. On the other hand
    If you keep the profile too low and try to work in silence you may not progress fast enough and get into backwater
    compared to DGT BLP Brillouin etc.

    Is BLP looking foolish, by you perhaps, but you are not an investor! And BLP has been good at seeking financial
    supporters. That’s speeks a lot more than a anonymous voice here. Also let’s see what tickles out from the
    supposed demo, they are claiming a fantastic COP, this most certainly challenge the other players.

  • BroKeeper

    If one concludes with ‘grandiose’ hopes from:
    >Rossi’s experience acquiring material, tools, resources at one’s beckon call;
    >Concentration of broad spectrum high scientific endeavors within the industrial park area.
    >Bordered by leading technological universities and colleges;
    then this could have provided an environmental opportunity to evolve a new visionary way of cooperative and collaborative strategy between the scientific driven industries in the area.

    An agreement between these entities could have been formed to afford an open source of resources, material and ideas to share among these progressive innovation developers and academia. To me this paradigm shift in business practices of unionized R&D directed by the creation of a new centerpiece ‘Convergence’ Center to mediate between such entities would be much more news worthy than just one great device.

    To showcase this new visionary capitalistic cooperative, the latest developmental results of the new world game changing E-Cat fire along with the other new innovations within the NC Triangle Park could convince the rest of the world of its success and a new hope for all. Rossi’s “Dream Team”.

  • stefan

    The question is how far has the patent writing come on their side and how certain results IH have at the moment.

    If the needed patents have been written, and if enough results are ready in such a form that you get good summary
    judgement from independent sources, it is quite good strategy to announce it in order to be able to collect capital for further
    investment and attract partners, with out selling out cheaply. Also you typically do not want this to be spread in secret channels
    if you are serious. So depending on these unknowns an announcement of some strength can perhaps be anticipated from now on
    and maybe 3-4 month’s into the future. Now, having the patents ready means that IH and Charokee most certainly speak about this
    amazing results with quite many important people. Also it looks like an event has been planed for some time. Of cause if
    the chief of this event hear about this breakthrough, and by know the technology must have proven itself quite well, so the
    words that this chief pick up about the IH should be of such a magnitude that, at least I would, would try to incorporate a technology
    announcement of the ECAT technology together with the original event.

    So because that the ECAT at this time should be obviously amazing for the inner circle and that the patents is probably written, and also looking at the selected wordings in the teaser, I would if I was living nearby, go to the event, because it is such a high probability for it to be a historical event.


  • MasterBlaster7

    I’ll put this up there with “Hey, maybe Obama will say something about LENR and Rossi in the State of the Union address.”

    I like the epcot/tomorrow world announcement idea….but I am going to go with revolutionary solar powered sex toy. haha.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    Hype is key to media. They also promise refreshments to lure the media. Cold Fusion could stand alone without refreshments.

    Maybe they will build something with a 3D printer.. Hmm.. Maybe they will have robot trains transporting people to their cars or bringing food. Guess we will see. I’m learning not to cross my fingers as much as the tech will come in its own time.

  • LENR G

    While I won’t rule out this event including Industrial Heat/LENR at some level, I think people should read this article from September before connecting any dots.