Blacklight Power CEO Mills Scheduled to Speak at Two New Public Events

It looks like Blacklight Power is making a concerted effort to garner public interest following last week’s demonstration. Two new events are scheduled at which BLP’s CEO Randell Mills will be speaking about his technology in public forums.

The first event will be on February 6th at the Groundhog Day Investment Forum held at the Radisson-Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania. According to the GDIF, “What makes this forum unique is that the smaller size company gets the opportunity to have its story heard by successful investment professionals.”

The second event will be held at a Harvard Club of Princeton’s Pretty Brook Speaker Series event in Princeton, NJ, where Dr. Mills will be the featured speaker. This event is open to members and guests of members only.
The billing for the event reads:

“Join us for an afternoon with HCOP member Dr. Randell Mills, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blacklight Power, a technology company which believes it has developed a process to create a previously undiscovered form of hydrogen which will result in a transformational, nonpolluting, and unlimited new primary source of energy.”

I expect that at both events Randell mills will be providing introductory information about BLP’s technology, and it appears that the company is making a push for the investment it will need as they move forward in the development of the SF-CIHT cell which seems to be the focus of BLP right now.

  • Fortyniner

    Perhaps whatever investment BLP may have been hoping for from the recent demo/lecture hasn’t materialised. It may be that the gap between the reactor depicted in the press release and the device on show was a little too wide for the potential investors.

    • tlp

      Both of these speaks were scheduled well before the demo, at least the Harvard Club event was announced about 6 months ago.

      Btw. check this:

      • Fortyniner

        Of course. Just being snidey…

  • enantiomer2000

    Shouldn’t he be focusing on his ‘build in two weeks’ self contained generator? Drop one of those off at any university and you are instantly famous around the world.

    • GreenWin

      Universities have lost influence in evaluating disruptive energy products. The open market is the arbiter that matters. Product demonstrations may be analyzed by scientists with university degrees who work in the market. They are FAR more reliable than any university physics department that has already declared its ignorance by banning research on LENR and related fields.

    • Allan Shura

      Probably doing this assembly simultaneously he has a number of employees.

  • Daniel Maris

    The yawnathon continues.