Rossi on the E-Cat Factory

For a long time Andrea Rossi has spoken about preparing for mass production of E-Cats and has mentioned on numerous occasions the preparation of a factory where E-Cat product would be manufactured. On the Journal of Nuclear Physics a reader expressed some concern over the fact that critics are pointing out that while Rossi had talked about the factory for a long time, it still has never been revealed. The question put to Rossi was, “what happened to the factory? Were any E-cats ever produced there?”

Rossi’s response:

In our factory we are completing our cycle of validation and R&D, as well as we are manufacturing reactors for the plants. The results of the validation can be positive or negative, and I cannot give so far precise answers on the issue. The mass production line, for which parts have already been prepared, will be set up and put in operation when the mass production will begin, but, as I said many times, we cannot begin a mass production until the R&D and validation work will be completed. About the pathos: they are not our problem.

Rossi has never stated that a commercial production line has been completed, rather he has talked about preparing one — and again here he says that parts have already been prepared ready for mass production, ready to roll if and when successful validation has been completed.

It would seem to me from this response that Rossi is currently doing his R&D work in the same facility where Industrial Heat is producing the reactors (Rossi said he was personally not involved in production any more), and that most probably this facility is in Research Triangle Park, in North Carolina.

It’s interesting to me that Rossi keeps saying that nothing commercial can happen until the R&D and validation has been completed. Why would that be? I think one reason is that if successful, this latest round of tests (if successful) could be the trigger that finally demonstrates the potential of the technology, and have the ability to attract the attention of people with the funds that will be required for mass production.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Industrial Heat has raised ten million of funding out of 20 million dollar first round, as of last month.
    That is considerable. I expect the Chinese are doing their own R&D and other preparation, under license.
    Whether that license has anything to do with the initial 10 million, is unknown.
    Once the production and sales start to roll, there will be mega opportunities for licensing and distribution.
    Factories will sprout like mushrooms.

  • Sanjeev

    Next obvious question is – is that factory located in Technology Innovation Park in Baoding China?

  • mytakeis

    A successful E-cat: not like a car with programmed obsolescence. It needs to be as reliable as an electric motor in a washing machine or refrigerator, or as reliable in generating heat as a radiant electric heater. Obviously LENR exists, and yes, validating a continuously operating product, or its sustainability is necessary. Also, validating a iron-clad patent for the product may be a challenge that needs accomplishing prior to production line start up. This is 2014! The more the world changes via open source internet connectivity, the more you can’t keep world ignorance afloat. I’m on the list, and patiently waiting for long-life e-cats, to be made. And I heartily concur that I too ‘see the wars ending over water /oil / gas /electricity & food.’ Francis should invite Andrea for a Vatican visit, their goals converge.

  • Omega Z


  • LENR G

    Sugar battery??? LOL. SCAM! SCAM!

    Oh wait.

  • US_Citizen71

    It is not that Edison didn’t use the scientific method, theory included, he just tended to occupy himself with theories that were more practical and testable than an exotic equation, such as what happens when you do x to y. His research style was the shotgun method try as many variations on a testable theory as possible. I’m sure he had a theory of what might happen otherwise he wouldn’t have done each of the experiments or at least his assistants wouldn’t have.

  • Allan Shura

    Back to the old drawing board.

  • Miles

    It seems to be a common theme / goal that all the readers at eCatWorld just want a product to come to market. We want to hear and see progress or read the latest news or results. We want Rossi & BLP/Mills to be accountable. We seem to be clinging on every word in an over analysing way. We all hope to have dirt cheap energy costs & have a car that travels 300,000 km on a single charge. The Movie “Elysium” reminds me in some ways of what this technology can do. If a product does come to market and Rossi does have a production line ready, then I see the wars ending over water /oil / gas /electricity & food. But if they can’t deliver, I hope I’m not alive in 60 years. Life will get tough, over population leads to over used resources. Hoping for some inspiration in 2014. Still sitting n waiting.

    • Daniel Maris

      Well I think inspiration will be on the way very soon. I think the E Cat is the best bet.

    • GreenWin

      Miles, I don’t know if you are Dr Melvin Miles, but you raise good points. BTW, Mel Miles just published a letter from a guy at ARPA-E re their “Open Innovative Development In
      Energy-Related Applied Science (Open Ideas) issued September 27, 2013.” The guy, Dane Boysen does not run the show at ARPA-E. Dr. Cheryl Martin does. “Dr. Martin is responsible for oversight of the Agency. Additionally, Dr. Martin leads ARPA-E’s Technology-to-Market program, which helps breakthrough energy
      technologies succeed in the marketplace.”

      I hope Mel Miles who is a CF pioneer re-approaches ARPA-E and writes to Dr. Martin. LENR is precisely the area of research ARPA-E should be generously investing in.

  • Kim

    Randall Mills likes to write scientific theory and produce 3d cad drawings.
    Rossi likes to get his hands dirty like Graham Bell.

    What really disgusting is that key people in key positions are holding every
    thing up. We all know it.


  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    I like how he keeps confirming the March time period for research, testing confirmation

    • LENR G

      If 23 Mar (25th ann. P&F announcement) passes without something interesting happening I’m going to be disappointed.

      With all the players in the field __somebody__ has to jump on that one.

  • MaxToll

    I dont understand the hoopla about the magnificent factory and mass production if the “negative result” is still a possibility. And until there is a theory that explains all this, I doubt that certification will ever happen. In that respect, I like Mills approach better.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      “Negative result” could mean, for example, that one or some of the HotCats tested failed during testing while others continued. If a theory is essential for certification, it must be a widely accepted one.

  • Daniel Maris

    Great news.

    Definite progress. Let’s hope we learn more from Industrial Heat very soon.

  • Jimr

    Interesting interview with Defkalion on First estimate of a price I have seen.

  • Just found out John Huizenga died. Believe it or not Peter Hagelstein had only good things to say about him and how he scrutinized the early CF data unbiased (from Ruby’s site go to the 24:35 mark) It’s funny, I’ve been angry with him for years until PH diffused my perspective. A few days after I realized there was another side to him, I find out he died. Rest in peace John Huizenga.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, Barry. I put a link up to his obituary on ECW today. We know of his involvement in CF history, and even if people disagree with his contributions in this area, there was more to his career. For example, I just learned today he helped identify two new elements which were added to the periodic table of elements: ensteinium (99) and fermium (100). I am sure he will be missed by his family and friends, and I extend my condolences to his loved ones.

    • Gerard McEk

      What the academic world has done with Pons and Fleischmann was unforgivable. I have heard from insiders that no positive test was to be published. I have read the article of P&F nearly 25 years ago, in fact I have still got it (as an relic) and in my view it was quite convincing then. I was extremely disappointed as nothing came out later on, but with the todays developments I am very exited. No doubt Huiznga’s role was not too big at that time.

    • MaxToll

      Huizenga was a good scientist. The skepticism he brought into the CF debate up front was a good thing. Thats what every good scientist should do. Things started turning south when it became a crusade to debunk it. This is where skepticism becomes a religion and blinds you from investigating with an open mind. Recall the 60 minutes piece where he summarily dismissed everything without even looking at the data.

  • Charles

    I am getting boring because I always keep going back to the refrain that I believe that Rossi has succeeded in everything except being able to control – with finality and exactness – the operation of the E-Cat. That would include starting it when desired, setting levels and keeping them constant (nearly – at least), and shutting it down when and as desired. Time will tell whether I am right or not. For the sake of showing my means for believing this, I would point out that I have experience in control engineering for motor systems and production experience for the world’s greatest atomic submarine control inertial guidance systems. From what I have seen on Google Earth (TM) of the IH plant in the Research Center, it is inadequate in size for large scale production of the E-Cat.

    Industrial Heat LLC is located in a near perfect place to obtain great academic consultants that could help them with the Control Engineering aspects that I have just mentioned, namely, NC State, Duke and UNC.

    My personal feeling is that the world is on the edge of massive change because of LENR.

  • Gerard McEk

    To me it looks quite logical that IH does not start real production until the E-cat is proven and does what it has been promised to do. It is good that the tested prototype validation includes the mass production line.

    • Donk970

      Indeed, there’s no better way to kill a company than to rush an untested and unreliable product to market. I was recently employed by a company that did just that and earned such a bad reputation that it killed the company. It’s frequently the case that investors get impatient and want to start making profits now so they ignore the engineers and rush to market.

    • BroKeeper

      In Rossi’s mind it has been already validated. He has been using the year long testing time as a hedge to perfect it for market. I believe he’s confident most of the bugs will be resolved by the time the 3rd party validates it early this spring, then the assembly line begins to roll along with the media presses.

      • Allan Shura

        At the risk of losing some market share. There are at least 3 or 4 self looped generator systems on the market in the last 2 months but no word yet of growing sales with the price point just low enough to be below grid rates but not low enough yet to make consumers jump.

        • BroKeeper


          • Allan Shura

            No. I am making a reference to the market that are or have the potential to compete with cold fusion products
            including the e-cat. Some are starting to show up in the market and some could also in the very near future
            produce as much energy without pollution at a low cost less than 1 cent a kilowatt hour. In the past Rossi had
            stressed that his plan was to produce on such a scale that the cost would be to low for competitors to match.
            They should not be discouraged given the fact that the timelines are being stretched beyond past predictions
            of milestones for an easily available product.

            • BroKeeper

              Allan, you have my attention. Please elaborate on said products if it is other than solar or wind generation. Are there websites you could add? Thanks Bro.

              • Allan Shura

                Yes http:\ has reported on a number of self looped category generators or other over unity electrical devices and or configurations with 3 or 4 on the market now for sale.

                • BroKeeper

                  Sorry for my persistence Allan, but could you list those for sale?

                • Allan Shura

                  According to the site and the sites of the sellers:

                  1) Vitaly Shilov, Russia

                  2) Valley Energy Star, Romania
                  3) Magnacoaster, Canada

                  4)Platinum Invests Group, Spain (special order)

                  5)Mid Tech, USA

                  6)Evolutions in energy, Brazil (Brazil only)

                • BroKeeper

                  Thank you Allan. I have been aware of the closed self-looping magnetic phenomena devices, but had not realized they were in market for sale. The price on most are way too expensive compared to the promises of what the E-Cat would sell for, the physical wearing appears could be high and energy density is not as high as LENR devices. But, again who knows the evolution of things it may surpass all other free energy devices. Cool.