Extreme Tech on Industrial Heat News: Maybe

Sebastian Anthony at Extremetech.com has written an article about the Industrial Heat acquisition of the E-Cat, and like some other writers I have seen, gives a new level of respect to Rossi because of the involvement of Tom Darden of Cherokee Investment Partners. Anthony notes that Cherokee is a ‘a large US investment company’ and that it has experience in the energy sector with solar power and waste-to-energy technology.

Anthony writes about reports of Darden visiting China ‘to showcase the E-Cat’ — which I don’t think is what literally happened, since there are no reports of Darden taking any E-Cat device on his recent visit to Baoding. His mission seemed to be to talk with government business officials about the possibility of doing some kind of manufacturing there.

Anthony concludes on a cautious, but open-minded note, saying:

While the Industrial Heat acquisition adds a lot of credence to Rossi’s claims, it’s still not scientific proof that LENR is actually occurring inside the E-Cat. Rossi says that he has a team of international scientists that are planning to do another round of tests on the E-Cat. Their tests should “end in March,” with a peer-reviewed report to follow sometime after that. The May 2013 study left a lot of questions unanswered, which in turn led to the authors’ conclusions being mostly dismissed. Hopefully this next study will finally prove that cold fusion is real.

I really think that the ‘Cherokee effect’ is making some people who might have previously been dismissive of the E-Cat sit up and take notice — and with good reason, in my opinion. As I wrote earlier today in comment on another post — I feel the days where one can credibly think that Rossi has been lying about his technology are over. I can see no rational case that can be made suggesting that Rossi has hoodwinked the Industrial Heat folks.

I think we’ll be seeing an increasing level of credulity from many now-cautious people over time.

  • Donk970

    Speculation and doubt will persist until there is a commercial unit making electricity seemingly out of thin air. At that point theory and science won’t matter. If it’s producing electricity from nothing but a bit of nickel it could by little elves in there for all anyone will care.

  • Facepalm

    Svar till Sputnik

    Vad jag vet är de [Ampenergo] inblandade i affären. De har eller har haft
    den kommersiella licensen för Nord- och Sydamerika. Industrial Heat har
    även köpt IP, och har rättigheter för stora delar av världen.

    tidigare kommersiella licenstagare har dock fått ett erbjudande om att
    avsluta licensen och få avgiften tillbaka, plus tio procent. Minst en av
    dem har accepterat.

    Mats Lewan, Ny Teknik

    29 jan 2014 10:10

    Reply to Sputnik
    To my knowledge they [Ampenergo] are involved in the affair. They have or had a commercial license for North and South America. Industrial Heat also bought the IP, and have rights to big parts of the world.
    All previous commercial licensees have however received an offer to terminate the license and get the fee back, plus ten percent. At least one of them has accepted.
    Mats Lewan, Ny Teknik, 29 January 2014 10:10

  • david55

    George Miley present LENR for the battlefield at military conference.



  • Daniel Maris

    Yes – the Cherokee effect has been generally very positive – just a few determined superskeps putting a negative spin on it.

  • qc jym
    • Freethinker

      Done that, been there.

      Its a crappy piece of prose with nil substance, full of aggrevated verbal assaults on Rossi’s character,


  • Sanjeev

    To me this seems to be the most positive article in so called “mainstream” news website. The author has done a good job, especially by not letting pressure of social conformation enter into his honest thoughts.
    Its more likely that Darden presented some slides/reports to potential Chinese investors, and that’s what he means by showcasing the Ecat.
    I’m very pleased with this very smart move of the partners. Never keep all your eggs in one basket. They have now an access to booming markets and excellent manufacturing facilities, just in case something goes wrong in US. For example if Ecat turns out to be a “threat to National security”. Knowing well that IH can simply take their goods and leave for China, no wise politician will think of trying to suppress it, it will be a huge loss.

  • artefact
    • ecatworld

      Thanks, artefact, added now.