Rossi Confirms Position at Industrial Heat LLC

Here’s a final confirmation about Andrea Rossi’s official position. Last week when I asked him what his reaction was to the press release from Industial Heat, he responded, ‘no comment.’ Today he was asked another question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about about his official position:

“Dear Andrea
You always say you’re chief scientist at your new partner. Since the press release from Industrial Heat, LLC, I wonder, are you now chief scientist at Industrial Heat, LLC, or is there another comp. involved?”

Rossi’s response:

“Regarding the so called Rossi Effect, I am the chief scientist at Industrial Heat.”

It’s curious why he prefaced his response with the phrase “Regarding the so called Rossi Effect”. Perhaps there are some things that he did not transfer to the people at Industrial Heat. Two weeks ago, Rossi made a statement on the JONP about a Swiss Web site belonging to a now-ex licensee and signed it “ANDREA ROSSI, PRESIDENT AND CEO OF LEONARDO CORPORATION” — so it would seem that Leonardo Corp. still exists, and retains some purpose.

  • Fortyniner

    As Admin points out, the way AR hedges his reply is interesting, as is the recent confirmation that Leonardo Corp still has some function. IH may be the R&D centre and IP holder but it’s apparent I think that it is just one part of what may be a larger investment grouping. In addition to IH and Cherokee, and of course Vattenfall, these are some of the parties that have been connected in one way or another by various commenters:

    Southern Industrial Constructors (
    Former occupiers of 6025 Triangle Drive, Raleigh, NC, but no connection proven (LENR G)

    Blackstone Group, through Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network (
    Commercial enterprise nursery: “Strategic partnerships are formed with regional entrepreneurship programs, VC firms, angel investors and the community expand value for startups.” (Buck)

    Power Generation Services Inc. – PGSI. CEO Jim Szyperski is listed by Cherokee as an ‘advisor’. ( and (Paul). Elizabeth Darden has had a senior position (Operations Coordinator) with this company since shortly after the formation of Industrial Heat, depite having no apparent qualifications for such a job (she was previously a teaching assistant)

    Leonardo Corporation (Rossi, on JONP)

    I’ve omitted most of the http://www/ parts from wen URLs to avoid hitting any limits (4 per post?)

  • GreenWin

    Very good. With the publicity this announcement brings, I am sure IH will have lots of inquiries. Maybe even some from the General in Greenwich. Still, not one mainstream journalist covers this development. Blackout still in place.