News of Industrial Heat’s E-Cat Acquisition Hits Reddit is one of the most popular places for discussion of news on the web, and can be a quite influential hub for people to share information and comment on it.

There’s a thread now on Reddit discussing the Industrial Heat E-Cat acquisition, so far with only a few posts (13 as of the time of this posting), with comments from various perspectives.

Here’s the link to the discussion thread:

  • Omega Z


    What none of these news releases point out is that Cherokee/Industrial Heat have been in possession(Hands On) since at least April of 2013. Lock, Stock & Barrel.
    They Know it Works.

    This should also be pointed out by any one who posts to the Comments in these Articles making it clear to the detractors who say they were bamboozled…

  • GreenWin

    Interesting timing. Both BlackLight Power (demo tomorrow) and IH/Rossi seem to be vying for more commercial and industrial attention. So the four main players are now fully beyond the reach of academics and their handlers.