Interpreting the Industrial Heat Press Release

Below is my own interpretation and commentary on Friday’s press release by Industrial Heat announcing their acquisition of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat. I have broken the text down into sections to make it easier for readers to refer to certain sections if they wish to comment.

1. RESEARCH TRIANGLE, N.C., Jan. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Industrial Heat, LLC announced today that it has acquired the rights to Andrea Rossi’s Italian low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology, the Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat).

Interesting, but probably not important that they called the E-Cat an ‘Italian’ technology!

2. A primary goal of the company is to make the technology widely available, because of its potential impact on air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels and biomass.

An emphasis on the environmental benefits of the E-Cat. We’ve talked a lot here about air pollution problems in China and elsewhere. Then, of course, there is the absence of any greenhouse gasses, which is one of the most sought-after benefits of any alternative energy source. Not, however, that this is listed as ‘a’ primary goal, not ‘the’ primary goal.

3. “The world needs a new, clean and efficient energy source. Such a technology would raise the standard of living in developing countries and reduce the environmental impact of producing energy,” said JT Vaughn speaking on behalf of Industrial Heat (IH).

Environmental benefits again mentioned here, but also JT Vaughn emphasizes the E-Cat’s efficiency which could allow for lower cost energy for developing countries — and expanding energy availability to places where it is currently scarce.

4. Mr. Vaughn confirmed IH acquired the intellectual property and licensing rights to Rossi’s LENR device . . .

In addition to IH now having the intellectual property rights, they are licensed to manufacture and sell E-Cat products, and probably they also have the rights to license the tech to others, which — if they do license — could really help speed up the spread of the technology.

5. . . . after an independent committee of European scientists conducted two multi-day tests at Rossi’s facilities in Italy. The published report by the European committee concluded, “Even by the most conservative assumptions as to the errors in the measurements, the result is still one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources” [referring to energy output per unit of mass]. The report is available online at

The Levi et al. report apparently was a decisive factor in IH’s decision to make the deal

6. In addition, performance validation tests were conducted in the presence of IH personnel and certified by an independent expert.

This may be referring to the 24 hour test that was conducted on the 1 MW plant in Ferrara, Italy, before it was shipped to the United States. This test must have been successful, or Cherokee/IH would not have accepted the product. Rossi actually said that the performance of the E-Cat plant during the test was better than the specifications called for. Pictures from that test were published by Rossi, and a person looking very much like JT Vaughn (even the face was blurred out) is shown. Check out this image from Facebook to see.

7. Since acquiring Rossi’s technology, IH has engaged in a broad-based effort to protect it by preparing numerous patent applications related to the core technology as well as associated designs and uses.

It sounds like they are preparing for a vigorous defense of their technology, and this ties in with what Rossi said recently about patent applications being written ‘weekly’. Not sure when we’ll see these patent applications published, but it will certainly be interesting to read them.

8. Tom Darden, who co-founded Cherokee Investment Partners, a series of private equity funds specializing in cleaning up pollution, is a founding investor in Industrial Heat.

A shoutout to Tom and Cherokee (JT is a Cherokee employee also) mentioning it’s environmental credentials

9. He is one of a small group of like-minded investors who are supporting this technology because it could significantly address a number of social and environmental challenges. They have committed to make it broadly available because of its potential for impact.

The investors are interested not only in environmental, but social impact and change

10. IH is considering partnerships with industry participants, universities and NGO’s . . .

As Rossi said, they have not yet decided how they are going to go about industrialization, but it seems like they are open to working with various types of organizations. Before that happens, the walls of skepticisms will need to be broken down. Interesting that NGOs (non governmental organizations) are mentioned — it sounds like they are interested in humanitarian work with the E-Cat.

11. . . . to ensure the technology is developed in a thoughtful and responsible manner.

‘thoughtful and responsible’ are adjectives that are quite subjective. It’s unclear quite what is meant here, but it seems that their focus is on the improvement of society and the environment. How you do that responsibly and thoughtfully is a matter of opinion.

12. JT Vaughn manages Industrial Heat. He is the founder of Cherokee McDonough Challenge, an accelerator for environmental startups. . . .

Cherokee’s involvement with designer and architect Bill McDonough is very significant, I think — he is very well connected, and it’s interesting this would be mentioned in the press release.

13. . . . and a leader in the startup community in the Research Triangle.

Research Triangle is one of the most important places in the world for technological innovation. Industrial Heat folks will be rubbing shoulders with all kinds of innovators from many companies which could lead to interesting developments

14. Companies or organizations interested in partnering with Industrial Heat should reach out to JT Vaughn at [email protected]

The outreach has begun. I wonder who has already been in touch.

15. CONTACT: JT Vaughn, [email protected], 919-743-5727
SOURCE Industrial Heat, LLC

  • Omega Z

    What none of these news releases point out is that Cherokee/Industrial Heat have been in possession(Hands On) since at least April of 2013. Lock, Stock & Barrel.
    They Know it Works.

    This should also be pointed out by any one who posts to the Comments in these Articles making it clear to the detractors who say they were bamboozled…

  • bachcole

    I just got this from Barry Simon. Since he and I don’t actually know each other, I can’t imagine that he cares if I spread it around, and of course, it is not personal at all.

    It gets better Roger. Went to MIT today for the CF 101 course. Bottom
    line, Mitchel Swartz has made the NANORS so efficient he is now selling
    them. Last year he said a NANOR he was working with reached 80 COP for
    thirty minutes. The new series of NANORS (series 8 I think) are better
    than last years models. He wouldn’t tell me the cosistant COP. Said I’d
    have to wait until Friday (last day of the class). Interesting times
    indeed. Take care, Barry

    Please, someone tell me what a NANORS is. I sure it is great, but I rather one of you geniuses tell me what it is. (:->)

    • Omega Z

      Nanors are Delicious edible fruit produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants.

      Jus kiddin.
      Somewhere here at ECW, U should be able to find a Video presented by Barry from the last time he went to MIT.
      Also on YouTube I believe.

  • Daniel Maris

    I think the point is that even the USA can’t stop technology that is already located abroad from going abroad. That’s why the Italian patent is an important issue.

  • Omega Z

    Don’t read to much into Energy prices declining.
    Unless of Course you talking about Futures Prices 20 years out.

    If This technology effects prices when it becomes known, it will be short lived. The best we can hope for in the near future is that it will stabilize Energy prices. I wouldn’t be surprised if Prices increase further in a few years before they start a gradual decline.

    This is an Investment in the Future. And like all Investments, the returns wont be fully recognized until those investments mature. A couple decades from now.

    High Efficiency Heating & Cooling has been available for at least 15 years in the U.S., Yet likely Half the Homes in the U.S. are still using antiquated obsolete inefficient Heating & Cooling Systems.

    E-cats & LENR are a much bigger conversion task to be undertaken. It’s going to take a while.

    But the important thing is that it comes to market. In time everything else will follow.

    • Daniel Maris

      I don’t agree. If this technology works as advertised, I think it will have an immediate effect on prices. There will be opportunities for retrofitting and it should become teh standard energy installation of choice. Gas currently going into electricity production would naturally move into direct heating – and gas prices would tumble as the supply increases.

      • Omega Z

        Note: There is no Ready market for LENR. It will have to be crafted/created.
        There will be some retrofitting/drop in, But it will be more like Customized fitting.

        All Power plants have much in common, but each is slightly different. Each E-cat Power Unit will need it’s own customized Boiler to make them work.

        This all requires skilled tradesman of which there is a shortage. Engineers are in short supply world over & Many Countries are involved in Poaching from each other.

        You will likely only find a marginal increase in conversion & New power plants being built. There is already a Long (about 10 year) waiting list.

        A $2 Billion dollar- 500Mw Power Plant will still cost $2 Billion. Nearly All this will need Financed just as now. Finance & skilled trade shortage will directly determine the Roll-out of this technology.

        In the mean time, Oil, Gas, Coal, wont be effect for a while & tho Coal will gradually be hit the worst, Oil & gas will still be required 20 years from now at around 40/50% of today’s use.

        • Fortyniner

          There are now over 1 billion fossil-fueled cars in the world, along with vast fleets of aircraft, lorries, and ships, and it is unlikely that owners will throw these away just because cheaper electricity is on the horizon. As there is not yet any indication that portable CF generators will become available any time soon, the need for fossil fuels will continue at the present level for decades.

          Even if some kind of ultra-efficient electricity storage device is developed that allows electric drives to become the norm, it will take years to replace all existing vehicles, as the cost of doing so will fall directly on the owners. In any case the world’s manufacturing base is not even remotely up to the task.

          • Morse

            I don’t know about you, but if tomorrow a new battery, technology comes out where you can drive 400 miles (700Km) with your car, a lot of people will be desperate to have that technology. An electric car is much cheaper to maintain than a combustion engine. People will go green and will be driving their new car as it is eco-friendly and not polluting their environment. Gas prices will drop drastically because they don’t want to lose customers who drive electric ! A new technology can change our lives in an instant.

            • Fortyniner

              But what if the up front cost is many times that of an IC car? And expensive batteries need to be replaced annually? And taxation is adjusted so governments don’t lose out cf. their cut of fossil fuel profits?

              Producers of the old technology will drop prices drastically to attempt to retain some market share, and many cheap secondhand vehicles will come on the market, while manufacturers of the new electric vehicles will price their products at the upper limits because they will be unable to keep up with demand, unless demand is restricted in this way. When the fossil fuel market begins to be seriously squeezed, producers will likewise reduce their margins and governments will also have to accept a reduced skim, further reducing the cost of owning an old-type car.

              For the large numbers of people who (like myself) keep a car on the road, but only drive a few thousand miles per year, it will simply not make sense to ‘upgrade’ until market forces (supply vs. demand, undercutting, taxation levels) have brought down the capital and running costs of new electric vehicles to the point where the ownership lifetime cost falls to the point where it no longer makes sense to run an IC car. In short, there will be a steady changeover, but it won’t happen overnight.

            • Omega Z

              About half the homes in the U.S. still use inefficient obsolete Heating & Cooling systems even tho High Efficiency systems have been available for about 20 years. Even tho these new systems could cut the Heating/cooling costs by half.

              And most wont change until the old systems totally becomes non functional. Even tho there are tax breaks to encourage them to.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Those companies who have oil reserves for production far in future, their stock price is to a degree based on those reserves. Major adjustment in their stock price could be expected

      • Omega Z

        Many of the Big western oil companies have already dumped large portions of their 20 year plus Oil Reserves. I suspect because they see whats coming. They’ll buy them back later at a reduced price. They will after all still be needed far into the future tho at a lower price.

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          Agreed. what do you think of Syncor as a short?

  • LCD

    So I’ve read a lot of this now and at the very least I want to express my gratitude for Vaughn and Darden for getting to the bottom of the ecat one way or another which is the obvious ultimate outcome of all of this. I wish them lots of success and God speed.

    • bachcole

      We saw both Darden and Vaughn in the pictures checking out various aspects of the E-Cat. Serious people do not invest serious money into scams.

      The fact that Darden and Vaughn had their faces blurred tells us that they are serious people who did not want to look like fools. They knew the risks: not just the lose of money but the lose of reputations and self-esteem. But they went ahead, and as Robin Wyrick pointed out, they have been going at it for 6 months now. I think that eliminates ANY possibility of fraud.

  • AB

    New Rossi says:

    Andrea Rossi
    January 27th, 2014 at 2:02 PM
    Domenico Canino:
    I am not responsible of the communications and of the commercial
    strategy; I am just the chief scientist and, as such, I confirm that a
    third indipendent party validation, made by an international team of
    Physics totally indipendent from us, with reactors built entirely in the
    factory of Industrial Heat, will generate within several months a
    report that will be published on a peer reviewed scientific magazine; as
    I always said, the results can be positive or negative; also I want to
    add that a Research and Development work is in course, in which we are
    dedicating all our forces.
    Warm Regards,

    Suddenly these “Rossi says” carry a lot more weight. Industrial Heat would surely object if Rossi made misleading statements on important topics such as independent validation.

    • LCD

      I’m just not sure how it could be negative at this point. So I think it’s sort of silly to keep hammering this.

      • AB

        Sorry 🙂

        I have had my mind elsewhere lately and only realized the full implications of the recent events now.

        • Daniel Maris

          Wasn’t LCD talking about Rossi claiming there could be a “negative” result?

          If I am right, the point I would make is that we don’t know the parameters of the test. It might be for instance to show “if the E cat can operate with no more than 5% down time over 3 months”. In other words, these tests might be focussed on readiness for commercial application.

          • LCD

            Yeah wasn’t referring to you AB, sorry.
            @danielmaris:disqus Yeah but I think these things fail to be negative at this point because they pale next to the positiveness of “hey it actually works”. To me the only way it makes any sense is if there is still the possibility that the whole thing doesn’t work in which case it makes no sense as to why Industrial Heat exists.

          • Fortyniner

            “…readiness for commercial application.”

            I think you are right – they know the thing works, so the next question is “how much power can we extract, and for how long?” A ‘negative’ result might be shutdown when any useful amount of power is extracted via coolant.

        • GreenWin

          From the timing it looks like some of the current tests will conclude around end of March. Speculation based on external comments.

      • Omega Z

        Rossi & pretty much, We know the E-cat works.

        How well it handles a Load none of us has a clue.
        Note all we have seen is an unharnessed Prototype.
        Once Heat is directly drawn from it to actually perform may be a different question. This could kill the Rossi Effect.

        IMO, It would likely make it Shine as a Load would allow it more freerain with less throttling back. A Higher COP, But until it’s tested in that manor, there is room for doubt.
        There are others more knowledgeable then I who post on JONP that also think this is likely.
        But until Proven- Positive or Negative.

        • Fortyniner

          Agreed – absolutely crucial. We (think we) know that the hot cat is unstable at the top end of its range, but the only way to extract useful work is by driving units in this range to provide a surplus that can be carried away by coolant. Control by means of a ‘balancing act’ between reaction driving and coolant flow would be unacceptable unless the margins remained reasonably broad.

          There is also the question of the effect of cooling on the 1/4 recovery phase of the cyclic operation of hot cats, which might introduce a need for coolant valves associated with each reactor cluster – a maintenance liability. This would be particularly problematic if a HT coolant such as liquid metal or liquid salts is used, so it seems more likely that a stable oil or glycol might be used. Water, even under pressure, seems less likely as the primary coolant as it would probably remove heat too quickly as it flash boiled at the operating temp of these reactors (although a metal mass might be used as a ‘thermal flywheel’ and heat transfer medium).

    • Daniel Maris

      Yes, that occurred to me as well. I think you are right. They have got to carry a lot more weight.

  • guga

    I’m not sure how oil and gas prices will react, even if the E-cat technology will become widely accepted as a reality. I’m starting to believe that it will be several years until E-cats will replace a significant amount of fossil fuels. And we will still depend on them for many more years. New explorations might be stopped, lowering supply and thereby stabilizing prices. Or even increasing them for a while? Not sure.

    • Omega Z

      Even when Public accepted, It will take several years to gear up & additional time to develop products that adapt to it.

  • Chris Morgan

    What are the chances of IH or Cherokee going public or something and offering shares to the public?

    • Fortyniner

      About zero I would have thought. They are probably already picking and choosing from corporate funding offers.

  • Private Citizen

    Lower natural gas prices are indeed highly unusual in the face of ongoing record cold snaps and energy shortages. Hmmmm.

  • georgehants

    Roger when the Cold Fusion battle is won, which will be some time yet with the almost certain opposition from (financial and ego sources) there are plenty of other scientific crimes to be sorted out.
    Hopefully many who have been involved in this war of Truth against crazy scientific Dogma and “opinions” regarding Cold Fusion will wish to keep carrying the flag until science is FREE and our Wonderful young students can be proud to be called scientists, not afraid to speak out against their tutors and superiors preaching and acting like the holy inquisition.

  • psi2u2

    I know how you feel. It is wonderful having a front row seat on this and watching it unfold. Damn!

  • psi

    slightly? : ) Being a homeowner I am smiling.

  • BroKeeper

    It’s a predetermned mind set perpetuated through the acedemia of higher learning. Students pay gobs of cash for their text books and can’t come to terms they have been scammed by educational elite.

  • Daniel Maris

    Emphatic but a little light on explication. 🙂

  • robyn wyrick

    I know that some people here have had 100% (or thereabouts) certainty about Rossi and the ECAT technology for a long while.

    But what stokes me up right now is not merely that IH has made this press release, but that they did so roughly a year after having acquiring Rossi’s technology – which means to me that any claims to fakery on Rossi’s part are utterly voided.

    Last year, after the 3rd party report, it became clear that, of the three possible scenarios, (Rossi deluded, Rossi scamming, or Rossi correct), that the Rossi deluded option was nonviable. Having a 3rd party of scientists measure the heat, there was no longer a possibility that Rossi was an honest, but deluded inventor.

    It left only the options that (1) he is scamming them (with a stunningly clever scam to be sure), or (2) he is on the up and up.

    But it is simply not credible that IH would go a whole year, testing and testing (presumably) and yet Rossi is able to maintain the scam. On top of that, you can add the claims and demonstrations by such diverse and independent sources as we are now all familiar with (Black Light Power, Defkalion, Brillouin, Celani, Elforsk, Toyota, NASA, etc.)

    The only rational conclusion is that LENR is real, that Rossi is an honest reporter of the facts, that he is one heck of a brilliant inventor, and that – if the technology can be properly stabilized and scaled – the world is on the verge of a radical energy transformation of staggering proportions.

    I myself believe that Rossi is a scammer, but that his scam involves a time machine opening a black hole above a crop circle, and so his technology will still change the world (JUST KIDDING!!!)


    • georgehants

      robyn, don’t tale the mike out of crop circles until one of our clever scientific university’s, establishments etc. says we can easily prove they are fake, we will take one of the most complicated and without practice (as no failed major crop circle has ever been found) go out one night and in a few hours duplicate it.
      As usual science is full of “expert opinion” but no action, Evidence, Research etc.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Maybe Rossi has figured a way to scam patho-skeptics……to rob them of what little sanity they ever had.

    • Omega Z

      Yes, It would be quite difficult to hoodwink Cherokee while having a Dozen or so experts in the field working along side Rossi in the continued development. He would have to fool those dozen at the same time.

  • georgehants

    Science Daily
    New research warns world to prepare for power outages
    Professor Byrd said: “Electricity fuels our existence. It powers water
    purification, waste, food, transportation and communication systems.
    Modern social life is impossible to imagine without it, and whereas
    cities of the past relied on man-power, today we are almost completely
    reliant on a series of interlocking technical systems. Our research
    therefore explores what happens when the power goes off, and explains
    why the security of fuel supply is such a pressing social problem.”–+ScienceDaily%29

  • georgehants

    The Guardian
    Oil price volatility undermines economic growth, says Sir David King
    Report co-authored by the former government chief scientific adviser says fossil fuels damage more than the environment
    Governments need to deter oil speculators, set aside reserves of crude oil and take steps urgently to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels
    in order to escape price volatility that undermines stable economic
    growth, according to a report co-authored by one of Britain’s top

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    RossiIH has a valid Itialian patent.

  • georgehants

    Science shown in it’s true light, will they try and do the same with Cold Fusion.
    The Forgotten Discoveries Of Alchemy
    Is alchemy not the sham science we have been led to believe it is? The Smithsonian on how alchemists’ breakthroughs were pillaged by the forefathers of modern science:

    • georgehants

      Every time I put up a comment showing the Truth about our awful scientific fraternity, one brave person puts a negative on my post.
      Could I ask that this individual make him/herself known to us all, or is he just like a scientist when faced with discussing say the mind effect of Intuition, that just runs away and stays silent.

      • bachcole

        george, it is not me. I just clicked you a plus, and I usually click you a plus. But I have seen the same thing. I occasionally leave a comment that seems obviously true and it gets a minus click. I say something like we should all be skeptics and I get a negative click. How can I get a negative click when I say something like that?!?!? I wish that Disqus could allow names to show up when there are minus clicks.

        • georgehants

          Roger, Ha, I am quite happy that I am upsetting some (almost certainly) arrogance self-important scientist who thinks his qualification is beyond critisism.
          He will soon have to face the real World as science has to face up to the terrible crimes it has committed regarding Cold Fusion, where over some twenty wasted years millions could have unnecessarily suffered.
          Re. your point, we must all be sceptics, BUT very open-minded sceptics always willing to advance and change beyond the terrible Dogma imposed by ridiculous “expert opinion” and authority.

      • Andre Blum

        and it is not me. (just saying, as in the past I have criticized you now and then for your news aggregation service)

        • georgehants

          Andre, Ha, open criticism and debate is good and honest, but hiding behind anonymity frightened to show ones face or put forward ones view is typical of bad science.

      • Omega Z

        George, You are one of several that gets voted down. Who ever it is tends to target those who believe in Rossi’s technology.

        Maybe one should be required to make a post response before a Down vote can be accepted/recorded to the post. That would at least expose ones handle.

  • Paul

    They are also explained by Mill’s theory (for example the famous Sten-Gerlach experiment), which makes further predictions not included in QM wich being a sort of mathematical “best fit” to reality, not a really physical theory, fails in many aspects. They are all discussed in the Mill’s books, in “only” 1740 pages…

  • Giuliano Bettini

    Andrea Rossi
    January 27th, 2014 at 10:22 AM
    Joseph J:
    Regarding the so called Rossi Effect, I am the chief scientist at Industrial Heat.
    Warm Regards,

  • Fortyniner

    I worry about that too. Rossi, Darden and Vaughn have probably thought this whole thing through very carefully and it seems quite possible that being pushed out into the open at this point may not fit in with their plans or timing. There is probably knock-on with BLP and perhaps others too – but hopefully not anything that will be detrimental to the progress of the new technologies.

  • Charles

    Hey, IH, put one on public operating display. Photos allowed.

  • NCkhawk

    If you think about it, the Italians have been thought and invention leaders for centuries – perhaps this is another in a long line of blessings to the planet. I think that Rossi left to avoid similar treatment from his last round of invention there. The Italian Gov’t / Mafia plays rough if you don’t do things their way and that may have caused the (potentially) most important invention of this/last century to walk out their front door. The Italians are presently trying to put the former heads of their main power group’s nuclear division and their leading fashion company in jail as we type. Anyone can be “convicted” of tax evasion there if the Gov’t wants something from you and needs leverage – the place is a mess on one hand and remains a font of invention on another.

  • Daniel Maris

    If it’s an “Italian” technology, does that exempt them from various US laws designed to prevent export of sensitive US technology?

    • Fortyniner

      A very good point. I’m not sure how the claim would be validated though in the absence of Italian patents, etc.

      • Freethinker

        Rossi has a patent for ecat in Italy. So it is “Italian”.

        • Fortyniner

          I guess that might do, if the current devices bear any resemblance to those early sketches. The wording at least may still be applicable.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Rossi Italian citizen?

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Sorry wrong place, should have been reply to fortyniner below

  • Pekka Janhunen

    It’s not completely impossible that Obama might take up the E-cat in his Jan 28 state of union address. As we know he recently paid a visit to the Triangle, billionaires tend to have good connections and a president is always in need for something positive to announce. The coming out of Cherokee a bit hastily on Friday might then get another explanation besides the ECW one. Also Mills scheduled his event on the same day as if planning to ride with a wave that he might know is coming, and even calls it “multiplier effect”.

    • MasterBlaster7

      I am curious about the Obama visit too. But, does anyone know…are there other technologies in Research Triangle that Obama has been interested in or supports? He might have just visited right next door instead.

    • Freethinker

      Obama may possibly do it, but likely not.

      The SOTU seem to be to a great extent about climate and the environment, as can bee seen in e.g. WashingtonPost( and HuffingtonPost (

      My own take is that Obama welcomes the opportunity to talk about something else than obamacare, failing economy, government shut down, Afghanistan, Syria/Iran etc. etc. As there have been some climate extremes in the US as of late, it is a welcomed area to venture into and likely somewhat easier to end up in a more positive light than before.

      He will not end up there in the positive light by pointing at ECAT, or to PRIMARILY point out LENR to be the savior of the climate as most folks do not know what that is and can not relate to it in a positive manner. It will be too spaced out. Likely he will talk about natural gas produced locally and the job it will create when increasing that. Certainly about other environmentally friendly techs, maybe even fission tech developments – probably not LENR.

      Nevertheless, the likely-hood that ECAT directly should be mentioned I consider to be nil, and with some small but measurable likely-hood LENR will be mentioned. It does not matter if he visited IH or any other of the current LENR contenders. He is the President. He visit all kind of places. All the time.

      Sorry for being such a pessimist. Like I said before, if he DOES mention LENR in any way it would be a fantastic milestone in time. No doubt about it. I will break out the bubbly. But I dare not hope.

      • bachcole

        I agree with Freethinker. All politicians are adverse to ridicule by authority figures, and the physics elite have not yet been dethroned.

      • Omega Z

        He will promote the Political Propaganda.
        Record cold snap is caused by Global Warming. Err Climate Change.

  • david55

    Interesting comment in Randell mills yahoo group

    ” Mills wrote: There will be an enormous multiplier effect. I am excited for all the entrepreneurs.


    I’m trying to be one of those entrepreneurs. I am really hoping
    that this is the big breakout for BLP. My first experiment was a Mills
    type potassium carbonate / light water nickel experiment in 1992. In
    2007 I started to try to understand the GUTCP theory more completely.
    I wrote the following text to physics minded friends in an attempt to get
    them to learn about Mills’s theory – though this is the short version
    for SFCP readers:

    For decades, physicists have struggled with how to interpret the fine

    structure constant, alpha = 1/137.035999.Physicist Richard Feynman

    said this decades ago: “It has been a mystery ever since it was discovered

    more than fifty years ago, and all good theoretical physicists put this number

    up on their wall and worry about it.”Feynman also said: ”It’s one of the greatest
    damn mysteries of physics: A magic number with no understanding by man”

    The value of the fine structure constant is explained by Randell Mills’s
    model of the hydrogen atom and it is related to the creation of the
    electron during “pair production” and the energies associated with it.
    In electron pair production, two superimposed 510998.896 eV photons
    (1.02 MeV total) are converted into an electron / positron pair. There
    are four energy equations related to this process that give amazing
    results and at the same time there is logic and reasoning to it that
    combines to give credence to Mills’s theory.During its creation
    in pair production, the first instant of life for the electron is in the
    form of electric charge currents that orbit on a sphere that is exactly
    137.035999 times smaller than normal every day atomic hydrogen. In
    other words, it has a size that is a factor of the fine structure
    constant compared to normal hydrogen. Mills terms this the “transition
    state orbitsphere” or TSO. The amazing thing is that Mills shows there
    are classical, relatively simple equations for four energies related to
    the TSO that all equal the rest mass energy of the electron, 510998.896 eV!

    Those energies are:
    1. Resonant energy of the vacuum for a sphere the size of the TSO equals 510998.896 eV.
    2. Magnetic energy of an electron orbiting at the radius of the TSO equals 510998.896 eV.

    3. Planck equation energy for a photon having a wavelength that matches the circumference of the TSO equals 510998.896 eV.4.
    Electric potential energy for an electron evaluated between infinity and the surface of the TSO equals 510998.896 eV.

    Digging into these four relatively simple equations and understanding them
    shows the elegance of Mills’s theory and can be contrasted with the
    messiness of standard quantum mechanics. ”

    • georgehants

      “The scientist is possessed by the sense of universal causation … His
      religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony
      of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that,
      compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human
      beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.”
      Albert Einstein

    • Pekka Janhunen

      The value of the fine structure constant 1/137.036… can be expressed in terms of known natural constants e,c,mu0 and h simply as e^2*c*mu0/(2*h) which is elementary textbook knowledge. Thus if one takes the values of e,c,mu0 and h as known, one can “derive” the value of the fine structure constant by a myriad tautological ways.
      Somewhat nontrivial would be if one comes up with a mathematical formula that does not contain any dimensionful physical constants, produces the result 1/137.036… and is somehow physically motivated. That was what Feynman was after.

    • Sanjeev

      I read the same comment on vortex recently, perhaps by the same user (can’t recall)
      I guess this is his website
      He is trying to replicate BLPs device. Check the page called Amazing data there, Mills has something important.

  • atanguy

    “I wonder who has already been in touch”
    Elforsk probably the first one?

    • Sanjeev

      Vattenfall, Sweden may grab the very first product from IH.

  • BroKeeper

    The PLAYBILL is handed out, the orchestra starts playing, the curtain will soon raise exposing the prepared cast and props to the masses, the story is about to be told.

  • Mr. Moho

    Section 6 is interesting. If that person is JT Vaughn, then would this one be Tom Darden? (from the same set of photos)

    • ecatworld

      Yes, I think it is,

      • Mr. Moho

        And his posture too, big hint there.

    • BroKeeper

      Uncanny comparisons. Leaves little doubt.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Impressive findings, Admin and Moho. Seeing Vaughn and Darden in the room also lets some credence to Rossi’s statement from late June 2013 that the CEO (whoever it was) was able to make a reactor charge. If so, it suggests that the technology is simple enough so it can be replicated by “anyone”, one doesn’t have to be Italian or physics PhD to do it.

      • Stanny Demesmaker

        “for the first time, an E-Cat module, entirely produced by our USA Partner in the new factory ( a magnificence), charged with the charge made by the Partner’s CEO”.
        Didn’t Rossi just mean to say that the CEO turned on the reactor? Rossi has his ways with words.

        • Fortyniner

          Vaughn seems to be an extremely religious man, and his Christian principles may be what persuaded Rossi to partner with him in particular.

          His various social accounts indicate an interest in new technologies, but (like Darden) no particular background that might have allowed him to assemble an e-cat, so perhaps that is a pretty straightforward task. His LinkedIn profile indicates that people have been viewing the profiles of his various associates, including Fulvio Fabiani and even Mrs Darden, presumably panning for information. Interestingly, Elizabeth Darden has been Operations Coordinator at a company called Power Generation Services, Inc. since September 2011 – shortly after IH was set up – despite having no career history in this area.

          • Fortyniner

            “Power Generation Services, Inc. is a privately held company that manages distributed energy assets and facilitates the interconnection of those assets with the utility’s grid. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, we serve commercial customers located in North America.”


            • GreenWin

              More and more energy startups revolve around energy distribution. NRG’s SVP Innovation talks about recruiting talent from consumer electronics to work in this new area of distributed energy. Google just bought “Home device” maker NEST Labs for $3.2B. IMO, a move toward energy appliances. Maybe what PGS is aiming for.

              • Fortyniner

                That would be my guess. My feeling is that PGSI are probably not just associates, but are fully on board for the ride. Perhaps they may even have been acquired through Cherokee’s investment fund – that might explain Tom Darden’s daughter moving into an apparently high-level job within PGSI very shortly after IH was set up. Icebergs come to mind.

    • Sanjeev

      They should release the un-blurred photos now. No reason to be shy.
      Perhaps a few poses in front of a working experimental Ecat. Should be enough to turn some skeptic faces red.

  • robyn wyrick

    I think the timing of all of this is profoundly interesting. It seems highly likely to me that this press release was instigated by the excellent muckraking being done on this site (and others) which pulled together the high likelihood that Industrial Heat was the partner.

    I think we have this site and those discoveries to thank for the fact that this all came out now.