Gizmodo Article Throws Doubt on E-Cat, Suggesting IH got Bamboozled

Listed in the ‘vaporware’ category of well-known technology website Gizmodo is an article by Robert Sorokanich reporting on the Industrial Heat announcement of its acquisition of the E-Cat titled, “A U.S. Company Now Owns This (Probably Fake) Cold Fusion Reactor”.

The article states that Industrial heat ‘probably’ got ‘bamboozled’, stating that:

As PopSci points out, inventor/convicted scam-man Andrea Rossi’s studies “proving” the E-Cat’s efficiency have not been peer reviewed, and more perplexingly, the chemical process that’s supposedly behind the system simply can’t work the way the paper explains it. And for all of Rossi’s bravado and self-styled confidence in his device, he’s repeatedly refused to allow third-party testing, including by NASA.

Rossi was never convicted for scamming anyone. I have never heard Rossi claim that there was a chemical process involved in the E-Cat (he says Low Energy Nuclear Reaction is an accurate label), and we certainly have seen third party testing. Does Rossi have confidence in his device? Yes — because he knows it works. Bravado? No — if you have been reading his comments over the last six months regarding the possibility of positive or negative results of current testing.

Rossi seems to have learned how to get on with his work very well without concerning himself over the ‘chatters’ on the internet — I hope Tom Darden, JT Vaughn and the rest of the Cherokee/Industrial Heat team were prepared for the derision and ridicule they would be subjected to when they signed on with the E-Cat.

  • Sanjeev

    Albert Einstein: Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

  • GreenWin

    LOL. Pratyeka, I suspected (by the reaction copernicus describes) but had no idea it was this bad. This is in good part reason we are still using fossil and fission fuels. The academic mafia steers the real smart ones into dead end R&D like hot fusion, knowing full well nothing will come of it before they retire. Very sad for the future.

  • jeffsmathers

    Popular Science is unfortunately one of the problems with MSM and their ‘infiltration’ of NSA, CIA, and other assets who are manipulating markets and international businesses for the larger ‘owners’ who are AKA the NWO

    • GreenWin

      Interesting observation jeff. It would appear you’re not far off the mark. One must question the intelligence of companies that engage this way.

  • Fortyniner

    True for operations, maintenance and assembly ‘engineers’, but development engineers who innovate for a living in any field tend to be a different breed. Unfortunately from my own experience many of these people are ‘getting on a bit’ and are not being replaced by younger people of equal or greater ability.

    • Omega Z

      I occasionally run into a younger person who really has it together but, Their numbers are few compared to the number they will replace.

  • V.p.S.

    At this stage, many mainstream media will probably still play safe. Basically they can lose more reputation if they will write very positive articles about E-Cat and it turns out to be a scam or nothing fruitful at the end than in case they write some sceptical articles about it now slowly increasing the level of positive coverage about the technology with it finally being vidicated at the end.
    What can really change the situation now and take us to the next level, is ether the new test report being way more better than the previous one and leaving no chance to the sceptics or a press release from IH about the first successful customer installation.

    • Fortyniner

      This kind of thing isn’t playing it safe – it’s deliberate corrosive misinformation intended to damage Rossi/IH and the idea of cheap energy. Playing safe would be to keep quiet, but this is a blatant attack. It will probably be increasingly replicated across the controlled media now that a simple blackout has failed. More signs of panic in establishment ranks.

      • V.p.S.

        As for the article on Gizmodo, don’t forget it’s published under Vapoware tag. I agree though that it goes too much into a critical position and considers Rossi’s credibility way too low. On the other side, it doesn’t add any new analysis to the topic simply repeating all known points of sceptics. Just remember, the current state of affairs in this neverending story as viewed by the mainstream media can be only changed if we’ll see substantially new and unshakeble facts, either on the product side (real, non-rumored customers) or on the validation side (a new positive long-term test report addressing deficiencies of the previous one). Until then I consider such articles as rather inevitable, but also harmless.

        I’d like to see the next coverage in the Wired UK, probably not until after the BLP demo.

        • GreenWin

          There were no “deficiencies” in the Elforsk-Levi Report except that it contravenes the wishes of the fiefdom of oligarchs and their nuclear village. We’ve known about LENR since P&F and Mills in 1991 worked with USAF Wright laboratory at Wright Patterson AFB. It’s all well documented.

          Gizmodo? PopSci? And lately SciAm. Seriously?? Infantile scribblings taped to refrigerator doors.

          • kdk

            Any doubt about ENSER being Roswell/UFO crash related just got dispelled… I wonder how many ships are already being powered by LENR/ZPE?

  • E_man

    I hope this “article” will help enemies of LENR in their next, very hard times.

    • psi

      How very droll and apt.

  • copernicus

    I have been following the ecat for a couple of years now and recently told my friends about it at the pub. I was quite supprised at their reaction. They are all degree level engineers and they all have children. I thought they would have open minds and would be interested and excited about the engineering possibilities and the improved future for their children. But they instantly thought it was a scam and were extremely dismissive about what I had announced. They still thought it was a scam after I told them about the tests that have been done and the other people that have had similar results. I didn’t expect them to belive it but I didn’t expect them to be so critical and scathing about what I was saying. Unfortunately I think it is part of human nature to not even enternain the idea that something good might happen untill its glaringly obvious.

    • Omega Z

      My experience is that most people are “Indifferent”

      Others who are resistant are usually afraid of Change even when in other conversations they proclaim we need change.

  • Simply a matter of recording them for posterity. Print PDF and send it to an archive site. Interestingly if you are an investor and such articles were made in such a way as to cause you not to invest, you may be able make a case to sue the authors.

  • barty

    I’m curious whether all this main-stream news sites will let such articles in their archives when the technology is undoubtable proven. Could be very embarrassing for them.