Prometeon Reports on Industrial Heat Development

Prometeon Srl, Italian distribution Licensee for the E-Cat has published a short news bulletin on the press release from Industrial Heat, LLC.

Prometeon’s article reads:

The Industrial Heat LLC, headquartered in Raleigh (North Carolina, USA) has acquired the intellectual property and rights to license the technology E -Cat Eng. Andrea Rossi. This was announced yesterday that company in a press release picked up by many American media, of which I can find a copy here . The founders and leaders of the Industrial Heat are Thomas Darden and JT Vaughn, both of Cherokee Investment Partners, a large company that specializes in investments in the environmental and energy sectors, with assets under management of over $ 2 billion. Prometeon congratulates them and wishes a fruitful future collaboration in the commercial sale of their products in Italy. (emphasis added)

From this statement it appears that Prometeon will maintain some kind of a licensee status, and collaborate with IH in the USA. We have learned, however, that so far that Swiss and German licensees have dropped their earlier licensee status, and there’s no indication that new ones will replace them. I suppose that one of the major tasks of IH will be to organize manufacturing, sales and distribution channels throughout the world.

  • Fortyniner

    It may sound harsh, but most of the people Rossi picked up in the early days were amateurish and probably not suited to spearheading commercialisation (more accurately, industrialisation) of e-cat technology. Also most of them were on board for the ‘home e-cat’ which is for the forseeable future, just vapourware.

    The current (and always inevitable) path of production of industrial scale units to be deployed under secure conditions, does not require a ‘distribution network’ and if the whole group (with the exception perhaps of the more professional ‘Prometeon’ people) has not already been disbanded and paid off I would be very surprised.

    • Omega Z

      I Agree 100% Peter

      Was my Exact thoughts when word of the German Distributor stated they were pulling out. I imagine there are others we are unaware of. Also Recall there was some problems between them & Rossi on there making unauthorized statements.

      When Desperate, Sometimes we accept people into business arrangements that are a little on the shady side. Some of us are also aware that these people of questionable reputations caused credibility problems for Rossi at the time.
      Rossi is no longer in that position & likely his partner has taken corrective action.

      Prometeon, More specifically, Aldo Proia is an actual businessman with experience in the Energy field. He would be an Asset to Leonardo, Industrial Heat.

  • Daniel Maris

    Money talks in such circumstances…if this is a going to be a billion dollar company, they can ride roughshod over licensee rights and buy them off down the road. Promoteon seems a bit better organised than some of the licensees, so may survive I guess!