Industrial Heat’s Acquisition of E-Cat is Major Endorsement of Rossi, Boost for LENR

Today’s announcement by Industrial Heat, LLC of its acquisition of the rights to Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology is one of the most important milestones in the whole LENR story to date, in my opinion. We now have a company founded by serious and experienced professionals (JT Vaughn and Tom Darden, both of Cherokee Ivestment Partners) who have put serious money behind Andrea Rossi’s invention, and who have come out publicly in favor of it.

For years Andrea Rossi’s claims have been dealt harshly with by critics and skeptics who seem to have had a lot of sway over public opinion, and the E-Cat has not been taken seriously by most opinion-makers in science or the media. I believe that today’s announcement will be the beginning of a change in the way people view the E-Cat. I don’t expects skeptics to back off right away, but in time I think their objections will become less and less credible, and their influence will significantly diminish.

It should be noted that in today’s press release, Industrial Heat cites not only the Levi report published last year as being the means of validating the technology and convincing them to make the E-Cat acquisition; they also mention that “in addition, performance validation tests were conducted in the presence of IH personnel and certified by an independent expert.”

I see no credible reason for Messrs Vaughn, Darden, and other investors to take this step, other than the fact that they know the technology is real and that it works at acceptable industrial levels of performance. These people will certainly have been aware of the controversial nature of this technology, and would surely not have taken this step lightly, knowing that investing in something fraudulent could severely damage their reputations and thus their current business interests. They will most certainly have consulted qualified experts to double check everything regarding Rossi’s technology before making the purchase.

Then, there was the important announcement made by Rossi last summer about how his partner had been able to make an E-Cat from scratch in their factory, without his help, and it worked just as well as those that he made. This must have been a very significant moment for all involved.

My guess is that today’s announcements will send ripples all around the world. There are informed people all over the world who have been paying attention to the E-Cat, and this vote of confidence by Industrial Heat, LLC, to step out of the shadows and publicly endorse the technology will not go unnoticed by smart and serious observers. And this press release will have done more than convince people of the E-Cat is real. It has shown that the field of LENR is a legitimate area of research and development. There will surely be people who realize that if Andrea Rossi can make something like the E-Cat, then others can too. Once a discovery this important has been confirmed, then ambitious and curious people will be trying to equal and surpass Rossi’s achievement.

I think this is a very big day for Andrea Rossi — but it could turn out to be a bigger day for LENR in general.

  • Charles

    As I have said before, I think the one thing missing in Rossi’s system is the ability to control the rates of power production.

    The field of Control Engineering already exists and is well developed. Between Duke, UNC, and NCState there has got to be a plethora of Engineering professors adept in this field. Were I Darden and Vaughn, I would have a batch of them on salary working on the control problem. My own thoughts are that determining how and where to obtain samples of output for adjusting the input will be a huge problem involving close cooperation between the physicists and control engineering professors.

  • Doug Cutler

    Yes, if real, Cold Fusion/LENR would be the most important moment in human history, not just the power to overcome the impending climate crisis but the means to create a sustainable earth where deserts bloom everywhere from abundant desalinated sea water. After that comes space flight like we never imagined and upon the larger canvas of time perhaps even the means to out live the stars themselves. Cherokee angle is the most smoke we’ve seen yet from this story line.

  • psi2u2

    I agree, Bachole, Mike McKubre’s involvement in this has been for me since I first began learning one of the biggest positive indices. I love his quote when asked if he was surprised that Rob Duncan had changed his mind after being hired by 60 minutes to assess labs: “I know what I’ve seen.” Those are the words of a scientist firm in his conviction — from *experience*.

  • Chris I

    Well, OK, it’s the original text then.

  • Doug Cutler

    I happen to worship at the Alter of Science. I’m very eager to see LENR brought into the fold, if at all possible.

  • Bedroom_eyes

    Leading researcher says he has replicated at least five lenr technologies for the US government! Admits working for darpa .

    • Jimr

      I feel this may be a far more important statement than anything Rossi has said.

      • bachcole

        Given Rossi’s unreliability, and I say this with deep gratitude for what Rossi has done and is going to do, I believe that you are right, Jimr. Mike McKubre has nothing in his closet that could be construed as being a skeleton. He is both laid-back and dignified, a very nice combination.

        Anyone who still disbelieves in LENR is not looking very closely or is mentally deranged.

  • barty

    Frank, did you received the mail I sent you?

  • Avatar Polymorph

    Industrial Heat! Finally, at last, after all these years of my postering and emailing about Rossi and Defkalion and Brillouin and Celani and all the American and Japanese scientists about cold fusion! The Italian government should erect three nickel statues lit at night by the glow of a Hot Cat in a square in Bologna: to Piantelli for noticing the heat anomoly on the nickel tripod, to Piantelli’s co-experimenter Focardi for working with Rossi, and to Rossi for enduring hundreds and hundreds of experiments and dozens and dozens of explosions! (For the pathoskeptics: they should take up denying that bacteria cause stomach ulcers, planes of course don’t fly, diamondoid mechanosynthesis will never work, genetic and stem cell therapies are the fictions of cosmetic companies, Stem Cell 100/Memex 100 don’t work because they’re based on OpenCog which FOR SURE IS FAKE – they surely know! And Mary Yugo the serial troll can spend the next decade redacting his negativistic, repetitive, cherry-picking, reductionary, scientifically biased, non-evidence based conspiratorial-theory and misleading commentary. As an essayist I would give Mary Yugo an F in high school. Jed Rothwell however is THE MAN who knows the stuff!

  • MasterBlaster7

    Hu, I thought that saying came from an old Sinbad movie I saw as a kid. My buddies and I started saying “hey, tie up your camel” everytime the other one f’ed up….that was back in the 80s.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    Most media will be in denail for the time being. It will take a peer reviewed article in Science or Nature or an extraordinary convincing demo before the MSM (and science) can accept claims such as these. Just relax and wait a little while longer for the playing field to unfold. In the end there will be a breakthrough. The jeannie is out of the bottle and it can’t be put back in.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      It’s understandable that MSM want to cover themselves against a disgrace. They still have not forgotten the Fleischmann-Pons affair. It might take a longer time until one of the highly renowned scientific journals will report on the E-Cat, since Rossi apparently doesn’t allow third-party researchers to open the reactors. Scientific journals are usually not interested in black box tests. However, there is a chance that some MSM will report on Rossi in another than the science section. The German journal Spiegel has done it twice, but each time with a slightly ironic undertone.

  • NT

    Good one bach on the old Muslim saying. We here in Montana have one too that says: Trust in God, all others pay cash!

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Popular Science, “The device was created by Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, a convicted scam artist”. How can an editor at Popular Science allow this, really disappointed in our press, this is outrageous!

    • Daniel Maris

      Yep. That’s a very low point in popular science journalism. I think the worst of it is that they don’t have the guts to just accuse Rossi of being a fraud – they preserve a little acre where they can later claim they were “right” – cos they said nevertheless it might be true.

      Beneath contempt.

      • GreenWin

        Bernie. We need to accept that rags like PopSci are not real. This kind of libel occurs in “pretend” publications designed to simulate the originals. This is the result of living in holographic sims that are poorly programmed.

    • Chris I

      It is definitely false, a distortion of facts. I had a good mind to write them up about it but it’s never any use where the skeptopaths are ranting.

      – His criminal troubles here were not for fraud.

      – AFAIK the only convictions were for fiscal matters, due to the bankruptcy caused by the failure of the Petroldragon venture.

  • ecatworld

    Thanks, very much Mats — nice of you to stop by and say hello!

  • nightcreature3

    Now THAT Irish claim was one classic case of “smoke and mirrors”

  • Christina

    I stand corrected. But we must still work hard to better the world for the love of our neighbor and the glory of God.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      I think I shall exercise my free will and refrain from commenting.

  • Omega Z

    Fibb, Just to add. P.O.V.

    Tho I also hoped it was someone Big, This situation isn’t all that bad.
    They can License it to Many Big Players. Siemens, G.E., B&W, Carrier, Etc, Etc…

    And many small Entities as well. People looking to invest will greatly benefit from the small company.

    Buy Siemens at say $100 & should it double in value doubles your investment.. However to make Large sums of gain from your investment requires large sums of money. How many $100 shares can you afford. Likely not many. $10K gets you $20K.

    This is a Great return if you have a few Million or a Billion to invest. Not so much for the Average Joe who starts with little.
    These Big Corporations due to the fact that they are so large to begin with have limitations on stock value growth. Doubling is a Big & Rare Deal.

    However, A Small Company with stock value of a few dollars is a totally different story. It has Great potential. Having a small share of a huge market leaves plenty of room to grow. Plenty of room to double, quadruple, Etc, in size & stock value.

    Purchase 2000 shares of a $2 stock that over a half dozen years climbs to say $100 dollars a share & your near ready to retire. & if that stock splits 2 for 1 a couple times- Your retired.

    Small can be Beautiful. 🙂

    • Andreas Moraitis

      I concur entirely with what you say, but one point we should not forget: Investing in a small cap startup company is much more risky than investing in a firmly established enterprise. Some time ago, I’ve bought a modest number of shares of the “usual suspects” like Siemens, GE, B&W, National Instruments, Mitsubishi Heavy, Ansaldo, and so on. The risk seems to be manageable, even if none of these companies should be related to a LENR project. I also own some shares of Cyclone Power. The risk here appears to be at least one, if not two orders of magnitude higher. Not only because CYPW still is a small startup company, but also since they have basically only one product. They could fail due to problems with financing, but also due to future technical developments that would make their engine obsolete. I recommend everyone to balance investments risks, so that a total default in one or two cases wouldn’t have disastrous consequences.

  • Kim

    On the 28th of this month Dr. Randall Mills will present.

    He will demonstrate his Hydrino Plasma.

    Using a bomb calorimeter the input energy and its output energy
    should be revealed.

    He will present his Hydrino Theory.

    He will also show how to construct an apparatus using
    off the shelve items to turn the Hydrino Plasma directly to electricity
    24/7. at 90 percent efficiency.

    I am hoping that there are no misunderstandings, errors, problems or


    • Daniel Maris

      Dr Mills was left standing on the platform long ago. Telling us how to get from A to B from actually accomplishing the journey.

      • GreenWin

        Er, no Daniel. Mills has run a successful company for 20 years. The fact you don’t know how he has done it leaves only you on the platform.

        • Daniel Maris

          Well it’s all in his gift to change perceptions. As you say 20 years – with several years in the LENR field…and producing, well if you can make sense of what he says, I calculated it to be 16 watts per hour.

          • georgehants

            Daniel Maris, could you put up a quick reference of what you have achieved in Cold Fusion beyond Mr. Mills that gives you the right to criticise his efforts.
            Only time will tell the whole Truth.
            Perhaps you would now put up a comment on the “proven” corruption and incompetence of science in the affair,

            • Daniel Maris

              Don’t be silly George. If you are saying (as Mills does):

              1. I have a correct theory of LENR.

              2. I can build a machine that produces overunity energy.

              3. I have been working in this field for several years.


              4. I haven’t got round to tapping the plasma.

              5. Er, it only produces 16 watt hour’s worth of energy…

              It just seems pretty pathetic to me.

              I will be the first to offer up an apology if he amazes us on the 28th.

              • georgehants

                I am saying nothing, but will wait for full Evidence before I condemn anybody.
                I look forward to your comment of the “proven” corruption and incompetence of science in the affair.

  • Omega Z

    I’m an Optimistic Pessimist.
    I’m positive that the worst is yet to come. 🙂

  • Chris I
    • Omega Z

      The Sacramento Bee
      approximately 33rd ranked in U.S.
      Circulation 200K to 300K depending on source and weekday or Sunday issue.

      • Buck

        It is important to note that the Bee is the main paper in the state capital of California!

  • friendlyprogrammer

    Rossi had many chemicals in storage. Laws changed (mafia influence?) and the storage became illegal AFTER THE FACT. Petroldragon was worth $30 million USD at the time. Rossi even Sponsored a Formula one Race team to demo his fuel.

    It is true he lost this company due to these changes. The point was is that he HAD a company worth $30 million. He also owns lucrative patents. He obviously had enough here to move, fly freely, hire Focardi and research as a hobby for at least 5 years unemployed.

  • Christina

    As for global warming, what are we going to do if cold fusion becomes common, the atmosphere is cleaned up, and global warming continues because, all along, it was a natural phenomenon and our dirtying of the world didn’t have much of an impact past our polluting our water and food?

    I hope somebody out there is planning long range with underground or enclosed or force-shielded cities and underground transportation or something.

    Any plan will be easier with the Rossi Effect, though.

    A good motto applies perhaps,

    “Pray and trust God as if it depended on Him and work like it depended on you.”

    Everyone have a great day and may God bless you.

    • atanguy

      Don’t worry Christina god will warm you up,cleanly, thanks to AR. By the way why is god him? I would prefer her.

      • Christina

        Well, I gave an answer, atanguy, but it wasn’t forwarded to print by Frank. So let me just say there is an answer to that but admin considers it unpublishable.

        As this site belongs to Frank, that is his right.

      • BroKeeper

        “I have said, Ye are gods”

    • friendlyprogrammer

      With almost free clean energy we could likely come up with inventions that help control weather and control ocean temperatures. feasability is key and current energy costs affect it a lot.

      • Daniel Maris

        Yes, for instance, we could superfreeze huge (in area but thin) ice sheets to cover the northern and southern oceans and so increase the albedo of the planet.

        • Omega Z

          It would likely be cheaper to build an umbrella & shade the areas you want cooled. Add a few thrusters & move it at will.

          Similar to use reflectors to warm up other areas as needed.

        • LENR G

          Microsized controllable particles that reflect light based on orientation suspended in the atmosphere.

          Programmable albedo. Feasible with current technology.

          Not that we would need to do that with LENR around. Relatively simple surface-based appliances that control the transfer of heat to/from the oceans and/or crust as desired would be an easier way. If energy is essentially unlimited one of the things we can do with it is use it to transfer heat energy from one place to another.

          Although it may or may not ultimately be “wise” I think some level of geo-engineering in the future is inevitable.

      • Doug Cutler


        First to the point above: YES! 9 billion humans affect the natural order whether we like it or not. Best to try and make the best of it. Besides, despite all our travesties committed upon it, the current order of nature is still rooting for us because only human intelligence has the potential to detect and deflect large earth crossing asteroids and the mass extinctions they inflict.

        Now, all you scientific illiterates wake for up here is a great truth! In the very long run, i.e., civilization over thousands of years, global warming is VERY GOOD NEWS INDEED! Think of it, the green house effect gives us the means to PREVENT FUTURE ICE AGES! (This assumes of, course, we don’t destroy ourselves first through nuclear, bio-genic or super-intelligent robotic warfare.) However, some future existence assumed, simply by regulating the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, a humanity come-to-its-senses could adapt to variations in output from the sun, orbital effects or perhaps even periods of heavy volcanic activity. Sun burns a little dimmer for a few thousand years? . . . crank up the CO2. Sun gets hotter? . . . turn off CO2 or even fix atmospheric carbon with technologies that are emerging even now. Probably nations would still argue over just what the ideal global temp or levels of atmospheric CO2 should be. But DAMN! We’ve just discovered the thermostatic control for the entire biosphere! We just need to stop toying with it and cranking it up like a bunch of stupid children! All this could be accomplished without Cold Fusion – albeit with great difficulty.

        Now, if Cold Fusion is real then all the above would be accomplished with much greater ease including the mitigation of the inevitable damage resulting our present disastrous course. But as friendlyprogrammer suggests,even further positive adaptations would be possible chief among these the cheap desalination of ocean water. California is already in the process of completing a 50 million gal/day desalination plant. The availability of cheap energy from Cold Fusion combined with emerging super-efficient graphene filtration could make such plants common and of extreme value even if global temps continue to rise for a time as they likely will even after fossil fuels are cut off. Deserts would bloom. Desalinated ocean water would replace oil as the currency of civilization. Over time, large swaths of uninhabitable lands could be turned into green belts. Astronomers would continue to scour the heavens and rocket scientists would zap the first dangerous asteroid threatening to crash the party and spoil it all.

        Also, verification of Cold Fusion would be a triumph for modernism that would suck a lot of the wind out of regressive ideologies that plague the world today. The supposed failure of science to deliver on its promise of a brighter future has always fed fundamentalist delusions of all stripes. In the advent of Cold Fusion, societies would be too busy just trying to join in with the new prosperity. Extremism would suffer.

        Down sides (there’s always down sides): Earth’s population would continue to grow putting new pressures on non-energy resources and wildlife habitat.

    • Omega Z


      I Believe in Global Warming.
      It started the minute the mini Ice Age Ended. 🙂
      Lucky for us.

      Global Warming is all about the money.
      Tax the World Trillion$ in carbon tax & spend a tiny fraction of that on alleviating said problem says it all. It’s about the money. If the problem was real, they would spend 100% of the tax money on the problem & likely more.

      Pollution is a real problem & LENR can go a long way in correcting that.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      The alarmists will blame it on waste heat.

    • georgehants

      Christina, I think, it is not a belief in any particular god that matters, but only the belief in good and caring for all that is.

  • Sciam still in deniam

    “From the There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute Dept: Dubious Cold Fusion MachineAcquired By North Carolina Company. “The Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) has never been proven to work. Then again, it hasn’t been conclusively proven not to…””

    • bachcole

      Some people think that “proof” and “proven to work” means that it is all out there for everyone to see and admire and to know as a fact. Proof is in the perspective and eye of the beholder. But Scientific American thinks that it is the arbiter of truth and that it is all knowing. Let’s review history:

      • Sanjeev

        Yes, very few understand that. If the reporter at sciam or popsci had a few billion to invest, it will take Rossi and his friends only an hour to prove it to them. Else why will Rossi and partners take pains to convince a few random journalists? These reporters treat themselves more important than they actually are. It often seems to be some kind of jealously, or some superiority complex which makes them write such things.

        Ecat is not open for public, and that’s why it is not proven to each and every individual on this planet. Some reputed scientists have access to the Ecat and have proven it, but it seems its not sufficient for the media or it is some kind of slave mentality as their godfathers (whomever they consider the authority) have not spoken yet.

    • atanguy

      “never been proven to work. and never proven not to”
      In the same journal this article:
      How to Cope with Uncomfortable Uncertainty:
      That says:
      “People with this fear try to feel more certain with strategies such as
      excessive checking, planning and reassurance seeking, worry and
      rumination, and avoidance of unfamiliar situations. Perhaps
      unsurprisingly, intolerance of uncertainty has been found to be related
      to obsessive-compulsive disorder”

      • GreenWin

        PopSci and SciAm are cut fro the same piece of cloth. Which is an oil stained rag.

  • bachcole

    The E-Cat will attract people who want to THROW money at Industrial Heat. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. I am me, and I’m not worried about it. I know IH is small. Google at one time was small. Really good technologies have a way of making small companies into huge companies.

  • Daniel Maris

    Ah, Fibber, we feel for you…you being such a gutsy supporter of the E Cat. 🙂

    However, this feels like a very good fit to me. Cherokee have no conflict of interest over E Cat development.

    Nothing will stop the development of the E Cat if it works. In terms of China for instance, if they can demonstrate just one working plant, the Chinese state will do the rest, as they are desperate for an answert to their pollution problems. Within 5 years there could be tens of thousands of reactors across China.

    • BroKeeper

      Unfortunately that will only offset some of the growing pollution. China will need tens of millions to see any significant changes.

      • Daniel Maris

        China is investing heavily in green energy as well – wind and solar primarily. I think they will be able to start turning the tide on pollution and carbon emissions within 5 years if the technology is demonstrated to work as claimed.

        • BroKeeper

          With other green energy with a head start then perhaps a start. It’s a huge problem there as you are well aware. I had the privilege to visit Beijing in 1983 and the air clarity then in contrast to today’s air quality is striking. I hope you are right and the air will begin to clear for the sake of the beautiful Chinese people.

    • Warthog

      Let me point out a connection that everyone thus far seems to be missing. Rossi’s entire life has been focused on cleaning up the environment (Petroldragon). The company he initially worked with in the USA was largely focused in the same area. And Cherokee is almost totally focused on that same issue. I suspect Rossi chose Cherokee not because they were huge, but because they shared his life-long vision.

  • GreenWin

    Rog, you need to get a little more realistic about the dark side. Dr. Rossi wrote to Frank here at E-catWorld and told him they were under attack. And Frank confirms his “10 foot thick walls, battlements and armed guards.” We need these things ’cause like it or not… there is a dark side.

  • deleo77

    I actually like that Industrial Heat is a smaller, flexible company. If the e-cat were a part of GE there would always be the chance that they could bury it for political reasons because of some internal thing going on within the company.

    It will be very difficult to fully protect the IP of the e-cat with a patent, so Industrial Heat could be looking at a1-2 year head start on the competition. The best thing they could do at this point is to set up strategic partnerships to get a foothold on the key markets. Darden has done this with the Chinese government. What better customer is there initially then Chinese factories currently powered by coal power plants that are polluting their air to very unhealthy levels? If Darden was able to get the Chinese on board with Industrial Heat then he has the company off to a great start.

    I definitely see other Silicon Valley VC’s coming into the fold when it comes time to commercialize. If the 6 month test looks good in March then we can expect a big (probably $40MM+ round) of VC funding to really begin the process of commercialization. Vinod Khosla or John Doerr may come into the picture at that point and throw a lot of money and horsepower into I.H.

    • Daniel Maris

      I agree. Everything of course depends on the technology. If it’s dud then it’s no go. But if it works as claimed – and we now have very good reasons for believing it does – then I agree, attracting funding will not be a problem.

  • GreenWin

    Don’t be Fibb. Little, is what it seems.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    he was Italian road-running champion in 1970, and in 1969 held the Junior World Record for the 24-hour run

    • bachcole

      Persistence and courage! This is no small feat, and I am entirely responsible for that deliberate pun. (:->) But, seriously, you can’t do that sort of thing without having a lot of courage and persistence. I used to be a long distance swimmer. I won the Sectionals as a freshmen (14 years old) in high school in the 400 yard freestyle. It involves a great deal of pain to do that sort of thing. You have to just keep running or swimming through the pain, long after you want to quit. And a 24 hour run, that is really very impressive.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    Maybe he is interpreting a billion hits on his website as an attack. It could be curious LENR supporters.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    I just quote one Rossi’s sentence here. It’s not related to the E-cat, but I think it’s well said:
    “The tunnel of research never ends, when you see the light it is an illusion, a reflection of your present knowledge.”

  • ecatworld

    AR was a champion long distance runner in Italy as a young man, as I understand.

    • friendlyprogrammer

      I know he trained in Sweden and is why he is fond of it. He was 17 years old (I think), and the run was a 24 hour endurance run. He won two consecutive years.

  • kdk

    Now all we have to do is redirect the greedy lobbyists so they can do something useful like make all of the federal incentives for switching over to LENR… if they can be redirected, we will be in good shape indeed…