PRESS RELEASE: Industrial Heat Has Acquired Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Technology

This just out!

Industrial Heat Has Acquired Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Technology

RESEARCH TRIANGLE, N.C., Jan. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Industrial Heat, LLC announced today that it has acquired the rights to Andrea Rossi’s Italian low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology, the Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat). A primary goal of the company is to make the technology widely available, because of its potential impact on air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels and biomass.

“The world needs a new, clean and efficient energy source. Such a technology would raise the standard of living in developing countries and reduce the environmental impact of producing energy,” said JT Vaughn speaking on behalf of Industrial Heat (IH).

Mr. Vaughn confirmed IH acquired the intellectual property and licensing rights to Rossi’s LENR device after an independent committee of European scientists conducted two multi-day tests at Rossi’s facilities in Italy.

The published report by the European committee concluded, “Even by the most conservative assumptions as to the errors in the measurements, the result is still one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources” [referring to energy output per unit of mass]. The report is available online at In addition, performance validation tests were conducted in the presence of IH personnel and certified by an independent expert.

Since acquiring Rossi’s technology, IH has engaged in a broad-based effort to protect it by preparing numerous patent applications related to the core technology as well as associated designs and uses.

Tom Darden, who co-founded Cherokee Investment Partners, a series of private equity funds specializing in cleaning up pollution, is a founding investor in Industrial Heat. He is one of a small group of like-minded investors who are supporting this technology because it could significantly address a number of social and environmental challenges. They have committed to make it broadly available because of its potential for impact. IH is considering partnerships with industry participants, universities and NGO’s to ensure the technology is developed in a thoughtful and responsible manner.

JT Vaughn manages Industrial Heat. He is the founder of Cherokee McDonough Challenge, an accelerator for environmental startups, and a leader in the startup community in the Research Triangle.

Companies or organizations interested in partnering with Industrial Heat should reach out to JT Vaughn at [email protected]

CONTACT: JT Vaughn, [email protected], 919-743-5727

SOURCE Industrial Heat, LLC

  • Fortyniner

    Elizabeth Darden is listed on LinkedIn as being Operations Coordinator for PGSI since September 2011. Merger/acquisition?

    • Mr. Moho

      Err.. no, I think she’s his daughter.

      • Fortyniner

        Ah – right. Still interesting though.

  • clovis ray

    171 comments, wow, frank things are indeed heating up, looks like the gang is all here, he,he, great work buddy.

  • Frechette

    Maryyugo has just gotten egg on his / her face and will be eating crow.

  • I think it would be good advertizing to sue them for libelling…

    just for the fun!

    they probably read wikipedia too much.

    not for the money, not for the honor, just for the advertizing…

    launching a libel action against popsci is easy money.

    he was clearly cleared of all charges except tax evasion linked to the bankruptcy caused by law change.

    I’ve gathere many data on Rossi, and all is there

    not definitive, but anyway
    – it was judged, he is innocent
    – E-cat is working, Levi report shows it is real…

  • Gerard McEk

    Congratulations, Frank, you were right all the time. I hope Andrea Rossi is also happy with this development and that IH is a reliable company, who can keep their backs straight in the hopefully prosperous time to come, for the sake of the world.

  • Charles

    I looked up Industrial Heat in Bloomberg Business News and it gives their address as Suite 300, 111 East Hargett Street, Raleigh, NC. A Google Earth view of 111 East Hargett Street shows a painted-red-brick building with a barber shop next door. Not impressive quarters but probably adequate for a few people in suite 300. Another source says they are located at 6025 Triangle Drive, Raleigh, NC, but I couldn’t track that close enough to locate their building. I note the press release was from Research Triangle so this is a more likely place. Maybe they are in hiding. Any help out there?

  • Omega Z


    See Comments–

    Maryugo starting to have Doubts? ? ? Tell me it ain’t so Joe-
    Now I know why we been having sub-zero temps…

    To be sure, Mary is still spitting bile is his posts but-“I suppose it is remotely possible that Rossi has something but the chance of it is very small based on everything that’s known about the man.”

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Congratulations to Rossi. I only hope that the contract he has signed is not disadvantageous for him. There are many examples in history where inventors have been screwed by smart business people and their lawyers.
    The next important step will be production. I recently asked Rossi on his blog if production could start soon after the testing and validation phase was completed, an he answered in his typical manner “It does not depend on me”. Apparently, he has no longer the control about what happens with his invention.
    If we are optimistic and assume that the E-Cat will go sooner or later into production, there is still the question of patent claims. Rossi’s Italian patent seems to have some defects, and there are a lot of other LENR patents around. IndustrialHeat could be late with the new patent applications they have announced.
    The battle is not yet won, we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed.

  • Omega Z

    “Journal of Nuclear Physics”

    The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable.
    Please check back soon.

    Possibly an Overload.
    Or Likely Franks question/alerted to the News concerned Rossi that he may be swamped with questions & blocked access until things cool down.

  • miles

    With all the pollution problems in China as well as globally, if this isn’t fixed, generations will suffer long term. It’s great to see this technology emerge from the shadows, hopefully it can over take solar panels / wind farms as the main source of energy. What a great year this will be. 2014 is the year of technological breakthrough. As for BLP -significant statements need to be proven & the 28th of Jan will be a maker or breaker for them.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    Andrea Rossi “Journal of Nuclear Physics” website is no longer in operation. Forgive if this was noted previously.

    • US_Citizen71

      DDOS attack? or every reporter in the main stream media looking for background info?

      • NCkhawk

        His related blog is working with an interesting comment in response to Frank – he is all business these days:

    • Sanjeev

      Looks like an account suspended notice page. Too many hits in too short time. This is spreading faster than I thought.

  • Buck

    Take a hard look at Cherokee’s partners . . . . The Blackstone Group through their Blackstone Entrepreneurial Network

    As a guess . . . access to money is the least of Rossi/IH’s worries.

  • the_solist

    About the investment in Industrial heat:

    I’m not well versed in US securities laws, but the filing appears to be an exempt to offer shares for sale. This means that they have sold shares to external parties for some reason, probably to broaden the investor base. It does not mean that the total investment is 11 to 20 million, it is very likely that it is much higher, maybe in the hundreds of million. Cherokee writes this about new investments on their homepage:

    “Cherokee seeks to place a minimum of $25 million of equity in each investment, with no maximum, and we often enhance these investments by leveraging additional public and private funds to create valuable projects that benefit our investors, partners and the communities in which we work.”

    Also consider that key people from Cherokee has taken the managing positions in Industrial Heat LLC. They wouldn’t do that unless the fund had a significant commitment.

    Any additional investments by current shareholders should not show up in SEC filings unless they offer shares to external investors. They could drop billions into that company and we wouldn’t know about it.

    My guess would about the investments in the company would be this:

    Cherokee and some other investors start Industrial Heat together with Rossi. Cherokee and the other investors fund the company with $5-20 million. Rossi gets a significant share of the company. When third parties confirm that the E-cat works, they invest at least an additional $20 million and seek more investors (SEC filing) for an additional $20 million in order to broaden the investor base. New investments will come from the investor base as the research and product development moves along.

    As an investor there isn’t much point in funding a new company with more money than what is needed to run it for a year, when the money runs out you invest more if you still believe in the company.

    • Daniel Maris

      Sounds plausible.

      If the technology works, these sorts of figures should be more than enough to get production going. Essentially IH will be looking for others to provide the funding to buy the technology. So, in China perhaps, maybe someone will come along with $10million funding for a 20MW plant.

  • clovis ray

    An experimental investigation of possible anomalous heat production in a special type of reactor tube named E-Cat HT is carried out. The reactor tube is charged with a small amount of hydrogen loaded nickel powder plus some additives. The reaction is primarily initiated by heat from resistor coils inside the reactor tube. Measurement of the produced heat was performed with high-resolution thermal imaging cameras, recording data every second from the hot reactor tube. The measurements of electrical power input were performed with a large bandwidth three-phase power analyzer. Data were collected in two experimental runs lasting 96 and 116 hours, respectively. An anomalous heat production was indicated in both experiments. The 116-hour experiment also included a calibration of the experimental set-up without the active charge present in the E-Cat HT. In this case, no extra heat was generated beyond the expected heat from the electric input. Computed volumetric and gravimetric energy densities were found to be far above those of any known chemical source. Even by the most conservative assumptions as to the errors in the measurements, the result is still one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources.
    Comments:Appendix on electrical measurements addedSubjects:General Physics (physics.gen-ph)Cite as:arXiv:1305.3913 [physics.gen-ph] (or arXiv:1305.3913v3 [physics.gen-ph] for this version)

  • heath

    Is it possible that there is a connection with the following:
    1. Oil futures slowing falling
    2. A few months of banks and billionaires selling commodity stocks since the summer of last year
    3. The ChineseUS research park and the Cherokee visit
    4. President Obama visited the Research Triangle (where Cherokee is located) on the 15th
    5. The coming State of the Union address on the 28th
    6. BLP giving its demo on the 28th
    7. And this sudden press release about the E-cat
    8. The drop in the trading markets
    9. The DoE inviting LENR proposals
    10. NASA’s LENR plane presentation in Feb

    I probably am reading too much into this but it just is strange to me how sequentially all of this is falling into place.

    • Daniel Maris

      One thing you can be sure of the informal information network in the world of energy will have been aware of this.

      But we are not at the point of proof yet. So panic has not yet set in in my view. If it can be shown the technology works and can be adapted to existing facilities quickly then we may well see panic selling!

      • Buck

        I agree.

    • it seems no… it would be more violent if they were aware.
      think of 2008 subprime crisis.
      the crisis was predicted by roubini before 2005, eveybody was lauching.
      it was in the market in 2007.
      people get aware when lehman brother crashed only.

  • barty

    I just posted this information on the german wikipedia site for “kalte fusion”, and it was removed a few minutes later…

    • Sanjeev

      Lol. I think its better to leave them alone with their denial. They are taking their last breaths anyway.
      If I were a billionaire with serious money to invest in Ecat/lenr, I wouldn’t even think of taking a decision based on some wikipedia stuff written by unknown people. I would simply contact the inventors and set up a study group of engineers to get the facts first hand.
      So, as I say many times, there is no use correcting the wiki or expecting the popular sites to report positively on lenr. It makes not much difference.

  • Private Citizen

    If anything, this should help BLP’s demo, as it establishes more credibility for LENR and its commercialization. It also stimulates public interest.

  • jousterusa

    Congratulations to Dr. Andrea Rossi! Who knows, maybe the sale of the rights will help my book “Power” take off, since Rossi himself praised it. It is still available on our website. Anyone want to buy the rights?