Randell Mills Speaks with Sterling Allan about Upcoming Blacklight Power Demo

Sterling Allan of PESN has gotten hold of Blacklight Power CEO Randell Mills and conducted an interview mainly about the current state of Blacklight Power technology and the upcoming demonstration on January 28th. In the interview Dr. Mills provides an overview of BLP’s technology and talks about beneficial and advantageous it is — claiming it has superior power density, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and will be able to supplant the grid eventually by providing households with a cheap source of DC electricity that will be able to meet all home power needs.

At the heart of the BLP system is the need for magnetohydrodynamic converter that can convert the plasma output directly into electricity — something that Dr. Mills says can be build with off-the-shelf parts.

Dr. Mills said at the demonstration he will talk about the theory behind his work — specifically about the hydrino, which he terms a more stable state of hydrogen which he says makes up the indert dark matter of the universe. Also at the demo he will be showing the production of plasma from a H2O-based fuel that is used in the BLP process.

You can hear the interview with Dr. Mills in the video below:

Sterling Allen’s report can be found at the link below.


  • anony-mouse

    i heard about this blacklight power demo happening tomorrow, got all excited at what this means for the future… then i tried to find info about it, and all the comments seem to be negaitive. As you guys know more than i do about this can you please explain whats going on… is this just one big advertisement to get money or is it going to be the day the world changes???

    • bachcole

      Dear Precious-Mouse, good questions. The bottom line is that if something comes along that is absolutely, positively new and is different from what people think or do, then there is absolutely, positively going to be opposition. People’s ego’s and incomes become threatened by the absolutely, positively new. LENR does not fit into the paradigm of the modern world, and it will bring down certain high mucky-mucks with lots of bucks. So it is no surprise that there a LOTS of people saying that it ain’t so. However, it has been proven, and good science is not about what people say but about thinking for yourself and looking at the evidence.

      This link will get you started with LENR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtweR_qGHEc&list=PLFBAB0BB637C4A59E Mike McKubre has to be the archetypal distinguished, laid-back cool dude.

      This link will finish off your doubts about LENR+ and the E-Cat: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1305.3913.pdf

      Now, understand that Rossi and the E-Cat has already changed the world. It is sort of a done deal, except that it has not manifested even close to fully. It is just getting started, so you can still join in on the fun of watching the world change. Whether Mills is going to help change the world or not remains to be seen; tomorrow may or may not show us whether he is a player or not. Most people here are definitely on the fence. Everyone is excited about seeing what happens tomorrow.

      We are all skeptics here. Some of us are believers. A believer is either a skeptic that has been convinced with the evidence or is a follower. There are no followers here as far as I know, other than perhaps yourself. I invite you to become a skeptic and look closely at the links that I provided you. It took me 19 months to become a believer in Rossi and the E-Cat. You can do it in perhaps a few hours. (:->)

    • jousterusa

      See “Here Comes the World-Changer” at http://www.american-reporter.com and use the Control+F function in Windows to search for “World-Changer”, which will take you right to it!

  • friendlyprogrammer

    100 times cheaper than coal. Go to Blacklight Power Website and there is a price graph on one of their main page links. I think this is 10 times better than their previous validations.


    Found it (link above) “0.1 cents per kWh” Coal is 9 cents per kWh…

    A gain of X10 since the previous validations is why we did not see it then (supposedly).

    • AstralProjectee

      Well technically it’s 90 times cheaper than coal, not 100. Coal being the cheapest conventional energy source.

      I see that the picture that I showed you talked about their CIHT cell while the picture you directed me too is of the SF-CIHT cell. Yet both of them are at the same prices??????? I am scratching my head. So the CIHT and the SF-CIHT are the same thing? Doesn’t make sense.


      • friendlyprogrammer

        I not aware where you located the first picture. I thought I was just answering a question, but you seem as informed as myself. I can recall seeing the older version was something like 1 cent per kWh, meaning they had improved it by a factor of 10.

        Here in 2009 video they were claiming 1-2 cents per kWh.


        (approx 50 seconds in).

        I know I had seen that figure quite a lot back then as even a price equal to coal would be awesome, but that was 10 X cheaper.

        Note in video… they say.. at end… “They say it as least 5 years away”. This was in 2009. It is now almost 5 years away coming into 2014. They are where they were claiming they wanted to be technically.

        I am still not going to throw any parades until after it goes commercial (if it does).

        I am inclined to believe we are due for a breakthrough on this front from someone soon. BLP is possible.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    Mostly what is needed is a demonstration at least worthy of attracting competition. If nations start throwing billions of dollars at LENR (again) results will speed up.

  • Brad Arnold

    Who gives a darn if it is AC or DC…what is important is scale. Remember, Mills and BLP are doing a demo not with an industrial scale generator, but with a micro and concept one. Why if it is so easy to scale? I am not rubbishing this, it is amazing, I am only pointing out that the devil is in the details. I pray that after Jan 28, BLP will be considered the leader in the LENR race to commercialization, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

    • tlp

      The key element for the final product, 10 MW powerplant, is the MHD plasma to electricity converter, because that is most effective way to transfer the generated energy away from the machine, via electric wires. Without the MHD it would melt.
      So the demo need to be smaller and/or very short period.

  • georgehants

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    • Curbina

      The only news about this is that it got reported in a “main stream media”.

  • bachcole

    LENR already came, in the form of the E-Cat and the 2013 Levi, Essen et. al. Report. But Mills?? There are many cases where extremely brilliant people go crazy, so his past does not mean that we should drop our critical thinking skills and just accept anything that he says. He has made many extraordinary claims, extraordinary even for us LENR+ believers, so he is going to have to demonstrate them. His hot air will not heat my house.

    • friendlyprogrammer

      Remains to be seen.

      • bachcole