Defkalion Announces Timetable for 2014

Defkalion Green Technologies have been quiet recently, they say because of reorganization of their R&D centers, but they have made a new announcement on their website:

January 16, 2014
We are pleased to announce that our timetable for 2014 is as follows:

Currently we are developing our R 6 technology in our three laboratories. We are doing this using robust calorimetric methods, without the use of water coolant, based on both positive and negative experiences we have gained.

Concurrently we are finalizing the heat management and control electronic subsystems for the final pre-industrial prototype.

Several third party independent tests from international organizations, universities and teams are expected to present their results thus verifying our recent technological and scientific breakthroughs.

Accordingly we expect the commercialization of our technologies in the 3rd quarter of 2014. For further inquiries please contact us through our offices

Defkalion has been pretty quiet for the last few months, so it’s good to get something of an update — but there doesn’t seem to be much definite here. They talk about ‘expecting’ things to happen, which seems somewhat vague, and in the past they have made a number of similar statements where the things they have projected have not happened. The pre-industrial prototype they speak of here has been under development for a long time; at one time they were talking about having it ready in the summer of 2012.

If Rossi/Cherokee make strong progress with the E-Cat, and start industrializing production it’s going to be harder for Defkalion to attract attention and finance, unless they can demonstrate they have a significantly superior product.

  • normally a prototype is not a lab toy but is very near the final product, with all final components and functions.
    It will be designed to be manufactured as for normal production.
    There will be some corrections, improvement for manufacturing, but normally no revolution of design.

    for an hyperion it mean it will be a reactor with control, final design, industrial connectors…
    for software we would say beta version.

  • Doktor Bob

    March 23 is the “Silver wedding” of the announcement from Utah.
    That would be a good day to make announcements.

  • kdk

    I think once any one of these companies get publicity with operational retrofits/plants, the money will come in from other investors who weren’t able to get in with the first-to-market, or think that others have better future prospects.

  • Veblin
    • Carl

      Incredible… again this as news. It was an old subject more of one years ago…
      That “joint venture” has been terminated forever.
      Defkalion reactor doesn’t work.

      • Veblin

        Skeptics love to twist facts. Testing was frozen until it could be determined if there was a problem with flow measurements. That seems to have been resolved, but of course to you that is twisted to terminated forever.

        I guess the CEO and CTO of Defkalion Europe srl are just too lazy to update their Linkedin profiles to show your twist of the facts.

        • NCkhawk

          Then the question must be asked…why didn’t the Defkalion folks just fix the flow calorimetry issues with their existing reactor and try again? That is a complex issue but it is resolvable if their reactor is really working. Why did they feel the need to change so many things and come up with a “new and improved” design? It would be very helpful if they could start behaving in a more credible manner. They’re rookie mistakes grace period has ended.

          • First of al I am afraid they are in non technical troubles, and have something else to do than to please the community (the demo was for ICCF18, not for fanclub).
            Moreover like rossi in 2011 they have realised that skeptics trust nothing, nobody, and are ready to imagine any improbable unproven hypothesis to justify they denial, to chalenge instruments, pipes, air, even laws of calorimetry… Fixing the calorimetry is not simply like that, it is redesigning a process where the skeptics will be unable to claim a fraud, whatever story they moan… I think from Kuhn vision, that it is impossible.

            probably they have something more useful to manage, like their internal governance, partners feeling, licensees, third parties.

            I feel they are in non technical trouble those day, growth crisis, like puberty for teens…
            maybe I’m wrong, but human structures are more complex than physics..

            • NCkhawk

              If you are implying financial trouble then that does not surprise me. If that is the case, then they need to take a much lower profile and regroup. They should stop their bad habit of setting expectations then changing them. I disagree with your assumption regarding the changes they are making if their reactor revision from last summer was actually working, especially if they have money problems. They decided to demo to the ICCF-18 gathering by video – they asked for that stage and they were not ready at best. If they are cons, then they continue to follow a fairly predictable script. Watch for some other form of heat measurement with R6. We may see IR cameras as their heat measurement in the near future. Without independent setting verification/calibration, one can accidentally or intentionally get a COP of 10 from a fireplace.

              • I’m afraid it is not financial, but organisational, governance… classic for high growth, skunkwork startup. Future will say…
                Symeon departure is a bad sign…

            • Cimpy

              Trust me, you should really contact Gamberale and ask him. Then you ‘ll stop believe in Defkalion once and for all – oh, is for that reason that you do not call him? What a pity!

  • AstralProjectee

    Hummm Frank never even mentioned in his take on it, that they did say “Accordingly we expect the commercialization of our technologies in the 3rd quarter of 2014.” That sounds pretty significant if they can follow through.

    • US_Citizen71

      But according to previous announcements I should be heating and powering my home right now with a smaller device that was due out in about 9 months time as well when that announcement was made, I’m still waiting. They have had the time and the money to develop a working device that should be beyond reproach. If their demo isn’t capable of shutting up posters like (she who will not be named) then they are no further along than anyone else.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    All the regulars on this site know how I feel about Defkalion: Any tech they have, if any, was stolen from Rossi.

    • Fortyniner

      If that’s the case its a moral/legal issue. First they need to demonstrate a working CF reactor suitable for commercialisation, or the issue doesn’t arise.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Boils down to credibility, I for one think their credibility is zero.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      As we remember, Rossi thinks the following about their business strategy: they only have a mockup and are waiting for the E-cat to enter market so they could buy one, copy it, start selling and claim to everyone that they had their own reactor core all the time under development. In reality, they seem to have something since the leaked Melich report said so, but on the other hand there is no positive indication of its evolution since 2011. While it’s too early to draw conclusions, it’s possible that Rossi is essentially right about them after all, awful as it sounds.

  • wayne

    This announcement might help light a fire under Rossi, BLP, Brillouin, (Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi,Piantelli,Hagelstein,Celani, etc.), but Defkalion has Never shown they have anything and have openly lied. They conveniently removed my account from their old forum when I mentioned this there.

    Some of us who followed from 2011 will remember they stated they were testing thousands of prototypes, but were not testing any except maybe one. MAYBE (only 1 person was ever allowed to see from my recollection (Sterling Allan of Peswiki)).

    They once released a hastily thrown together “schematic” on a day they promised to change the world views on LENR, and it was never seen in real life.

    There was an out of focus low res photo.

    It would almost seem as if Defkalion was just some dude in his basement making stuff up.

    At any rate I am under the impression that no living soul aside from Sterling Allan has ever reported seeing anything resembling a device of any sort from this company.

    They have been all talk, and I think they are posturing for a legal battle once a real device is marketed.

    In the beginning they allegedly offered Rossi 15 million for a device if it could run stable for 48 hours, but the ecat was not capable in 2011 so Defkalion allegedly stole information (USED the stolen info) from Rossi during a public demo with It was a spectroscopy smuggled equipment.

    Maybe I missed something, but has anybody in the History of the world ever seen a Hyperion (their version of ecat)?

    • Bertuswonkel

      Mr. Kim seems to believe them, i think he has tested a device.

      I agree with you on most of it, Defkalion does not have a history of making accurate statements.
      But then again, maybe they were way to optimistic about how fast things would develop.

      • NCkhawk

        It is my understanding, from a reliable and trusted source, that Dr. Kim has never been given access to a Defkalion reactor or to their raw test data. They either botched or got caught cheating with their calorimetry in the July 2013 test and now have a new and improved reactor rev that will be ready for commercialization in Q3 of this year – less than 9 months from now? I hope they can show something soon that restores confidence but right now, I have a hard time believing anything they say.

    • Veblin

      I guess you missed those hours of live video of the R5 reactor in operation. July 22 and 23, 2013. You can still watch it.

      Your entire post is PS BS.

  • Dionysius John

    Ho hum… boring! “Finalizing” “Expect” “Expected” Yawn!

  • LENR G

    In the everyone is telling the truth scenario, things are shaping up to be quite interesting.

    All these LENR+ companies (Rossi/Industrial Heat, Defkalion, Brillouin, Lenuco, Nichenergy) are pressing toward commercialization, finding out it’s harder work than they imagined but probably live in fear of being late to the party. They all need more time. So they make feints, trying to draw the others out. Patent what they can.

    One might expect that one of the trailers, like a Brillouin or Lenuco might conclude that they are losing the game and their best move at this point would be to drop their drawers and go fully public — even if their product is not ready for prime time. Better to be first and flawed than completely irrelevant.

    And when the first one jumps in any kind of verifiable way, the others will be forced to move.

    Unless BlackLight Power wins the game on 28 Jan. Then they can take their balls and go home.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      In that sense Rossi has already won, he was the first to validate.

      • LENR G

        But then the strangest thing happened. Nobody cared.

        Except for us poor lost souls in this corner of the Internet.

        The game is still being played and if a trailer wants to win it they will have to do enough to convince the scientific community and the public at large. So what I was getting at… imagine Lenuco announcing tomorrow that they have developed prototype devices and are inviting scientists to analyze and test it and *immediately publish their results*. Initially it would be ignored. But then as positive results got published around the world one by one, critical mass would be achieved and the story would blow up. And Lenuco would be the name everyone had on their lips. They could parlay that into millions or billions of investment and they could then be in a leadership position.

        • Pekka Janhunen

          Agreed, human behaviour is strange indeed. Perhaps the first to validate is ignored, the second one is not. But such behaviour is irrational, in addition to being unfair. Anyway, Rossi always says that what matters is working industrial plants. In his latest remarks he let us understand that he has access to hundreds of millions of investment money if testing goes well.

        • GreenWin

          Also Mike McKubre makes it clear that no ONE company, design or country is ever going to be allowed to monopolize LENR. That is done simply by revealing basic theory so many people can build their own designs. Rossi and partners have a huge lead in as much as once they have stable heat, there are a hundred ways to convert it to electricity. The BLP energy density is astonishing but it may take wrangling with military to build the MHD converter.

          It appears that some of the wrangling has been done by the NASA/PARC team behind the Nirvana Energy TAPS thermoacoustic engine. Which is IMO, a triumph of application engineering.

    • Wonderboy

      Lenr g – I don’t think the first to market will win the game, just because the market is so huge! They will probably take the biggest part of the pie home at first.

      Even if black light power is able to commercialize, uptake in adoption will first be slow, and then grow exponentially. I doubt these companies will be able to meet this exponential world demand, not to mention all the niche/specialized markets that will come out of this. Also, the amount of scale manufacturing with adequate quality control will be staggering, so I see the market can facilitate several competitors in the short term.

      Lastly, I never really believed our Italian friend about his “robitized” factory that could produce 1 million ecats a year. Who knows though!

      • NCkhawk

        If CF/LENR is real and can be commercialized within the next 5 – 10 years then there will be many huge companies supplying a myriad of vertical needs for this technology around our planet. No one is going to have an IP block on a core technology – there is already too much in the public domain provided that we are close to a solution or two or three.

    • US_Citizen71

      The BLP reactor might be workable but their power converter “MHD” might as well have been called a “Flux Capacitor” because it is just as much vaporware as Dr. Emmett Brown’s well known movie gadget. The need for superconductors being close to hot plasma in order for it to function introduces all kinds of fun engineering challenges. I do not see BLP any further ahead than Rossi and likely they are still playing a bit of catch-up at least publicly.

      • NCkhawk

        I tend to agree. If the BLP system works, imagine the cooling system this thing is going to need to keep going in this 1/28 demo for a 1′ cube. The initial reaction output may be credible – it is a massive energy release. If real, sustaining and harnessing is going to be where the rubber meets the road.