Randell Mills Comments on Upcoming Blacklight Power Demonstration

Thanks, David for finding this short Q&A with BLP CEO Randell Mills regarding the upcoming Jan 28th demonstration. The conversation can be found on the Society for Classical Physics in Yahoo Groups, where Mills sometimes posts.

Q: Will the demonstration produce electricity that can be compared to input versus output or will the constructed device showcase just the highly energetic plasma?

A: The energetic plasma will be demonstrated. The energy and power balances will be measured using a commercial calorimeter that will quantify megaWatt power at a density of billions of watts per liter.

I will also go over the system engineering, hydrino product characterization, and talk about applications and commercialization.

We have to build the MHD converter for plasma to electric conversion, the basis of a later public demonstration.

Q: In my spare time I’ve been trying to absorb this incredible announcement of a cubic foot device that can power 10,000 homes. The patent and the animation are very helpful. Solid fuel (common chemicals that can be induced to undergo hydrino transitions under certain conditions) appears to be delivered into the reaction chamber by cogs and a high amp current delivered to induce an extremely dense hydrino reaction (based on H20 catalyst reactions) that converts most of the solid fuel into a pulse of highly energetic ions (plasma). The plasma pulse expands at high speed leaving the reaction chamber and entering the MHD. This requires a superconductor and liquid helium and nitrogen but hopefully results in up to 50% of the energy of the plasma being converted into electricity.

A: The conversion could be much more efficient than 50% with a fully ionized supersonic plasma.

Q: The products of the solid fuel are conveyed to a section of the device where the addition of water from a tank regenerates the fuel to an active form and it is conveyed back to the cogs and reaction chamber to facilitate further plasma pulses.

A: that’s the process.

So it sounds from this that there will be no direct electrical conversion demonstrated (but maybe in a later demo), and we will be reliant upon a calorimeter to accurately measure power levels — familiar territory when it comes to demonstrations of many of these advanced energy systems — and no doubt power measurements will provide plenty of material for much discussion and analysis.

  • kmarinas86

    “Interesting kmarinas86. Was this information mentioned on one of their published reports?”

    Please note that I attempted to delete my statement because it was inaccurate, but it shows up as being written by “Guest”.

    As for the part of the information which is correct, I have not looked to find it on their published reports, but I have seen it on the main CQM-GUT book. To quote from Chapter 5 under the heading “Energy Transfer Mechanism”:

    “The catalysis of hydrogen involves the nonradiative transfer of energy from atomic hydrogen to a catalyst to form an intermediate (Eq. (5.7)) that may then release the additional energy by radiative and nonradiative mechanisms.”

    So basically we both had two separate halves of the full answer.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    Still no idea on what is going on? Anyone?

  • tlp

    I have understood that hydrinos are so small, that they escape from the system, to the universe. No need to convert them back. Basically in the oceans we have huge amount of usable energy, we just didn’t know how to utilize it before now. Or Mills have known some years already.

  • Veblin
    • LENR G

      Very interesting. Each additional person that vouches for the people and technology helps. If the science has been published why hasn’t there been a rush to replicate? Why hasn’t the Harvard astrophysics paper gotten more attention?

      This is so frustrating.

    • bachcole

      I notice that the people who support Mills knows him best, and the people who are negative towards him don’t know him very well.

  • Oceans2014

    Again .. Rossi and his Billion dollar Fund have flushed out the normally passive Black Light Power investors, after 60 million invested they are restless for a show of proof ! .. as someone mentioned on the board we will probably get a good glimpse of a spot welder demonstration (sparks and all ) in action and lots of useless technical explanations, and Promises of unlimited energy in the – “YEARS” to Come – we do not expect to see anything convincing as we “all” know its Never been done before – my money is on Rossi and real Cold Fusion.