Third Parties Validate Blacklight Power Claims. [Updated]

It’s been an interesting day. I went to bed thinking about the E-Cat and Cherokee Investment Partners, and woke up to the news release from Blacklight Power. Throughout the day I have been going through a crash course in BLP, Randell Mills and the hydrino theory, and trying to get a picture of what is going on. I have seen quite a bit of discussion about BLP over the years, but never really delved to deeply until now.

I decided to take a look at what others are saying about BLP, and they range from the very scathing to the strongly supportive. Of particular interest to me is what qualified professionals who have been to BLP and tested their systems have to say about them. Fortunately there are some validation reports on the BLP web site which contain third party reports from individuals and teams. Below are excerpts from some of these documents:

Dr. W. Henry Weinberg, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Chemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara, January 2012

To summarize, when first hearing the claims of BLP, it would be irrational not to be very skeptical, and prior to meeting Randy Mills I was very skeptical. However, after visiting BLP, having participated in experimental design and execution, and having reviewed vast amounts of data they have produced, I have found nothing that warrants rejection of their extraordinary claims.

Terry M. Copeland, PhD., MIT January 5, 2012

In summary, BLP has successfully fabricated and tested CIHT cells capable of producing net electrical output up to 50 times that input to maintain the process. Some cells have produced steady power for over one month. The power generation is consistent with Dr. Mills theory of energy release release resulting from hydrino formation. No other source of energy could be identified. BLP has achieved a historic success for a technology that could be directly commercialized as an alternative form of power generation.

K.V. Ramanujachary, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Rowan University, November 2011

The net electrical energy gain . . . for many different systems, configurations, and modes of operation were 162%, 340%, 385%, 167%, 195%, 456%, 735%, 182%, 151%, 425%, and 186%. Typically, steady electrical power was continuously measured from the cell for more than a week and up to more than 30 days before the cell was stopped and the contents were analyzed by a cascade of characterization tools.

Nick Glumac, Engineering Consultant, Mahomet IL, Jan 31, 2012

The energy produced is small, but not insignificant . . . As such it is critical that accurate measurements of voltage and current be made here to insure that excess power is being produced. In my opinion, BLP is making measurements of the appropriate level of accuracy to resolve the power output and conclude that it is far in excess of the input.

ENSER Corporation, 4 April 2012

In summary, BLP has successfully fabricated and tested CIHT cells capable of producing net electrical output several times that of the input to maintain the process. Some cells have produced steady power over the course of sixty days. The power generation is consistent with Dr Mills theory of energy release resulting from hydrino formation. No other source of energy could be identified.

UPDATE: Thanks to those who pointed out that I ommitted from this list a second report from ENSER Corporation published in Jeanuary of 2013.

This report has the following conclusion:

ENSER has independently fabricated and tested CIHT cells at their facility. The CIHT cells continuously produced net electrical output of approximately two times that of the input to maintain the process. The power generation is consistent with Dr. Mills theory of energy release resulting from hydrino formation . . . The hydrogen permeation successfully stabilized the anode at power densities permissive of multi-kilowatts per liter in a final CIHT cell product. An improvement of at least ten times this power density appears feasible which may reduce the cost of materials to under $10/kW.

These seem to be very positive assessments from qualified testers, which certainly reflect well on BLP technology. One thing to notice is that these tests all seem to be working in low power ranges, mentioning milliwatts to watts, whereas BLP’s press release today talked about systems producing millions of watts. The documents above are all over one year old, so maybe there has been some important breakthroughs since then which have allowed for a major scaling up of power levels.

It makes you wonder what kind of demonstration BLP is planning. The press release was filled with grand claims and projections, such as having the ability to match the power output of the Fukushima nuclear plant with a liter of BLP material. Will it be a demonstration designed to impress or will it be showing a small scale system like the testers above worked with? Of course any system that shows net energy gain is really something remarkable — but I think expectations have been set particularly high with today’s announcement. Is BLP’s technology really ready to power the world? We shall see how it all turns out on the 28th of this month.

  • when you talk of APS with lies, thefts, and murders, I imagine you say pushing people to suicide and ruining their life ? not bloody assassination…
    for the rest, I agree, they did it.

    (I’m joking, could no resist ;-> I have more respect for politicians than for APS now)

    • TVulgaris

      The APS is NOT a government agency, and they don’t strictly control the DoE, albeit they exert undue influence, and I DON’T imply they (the APS) use all three methods, I’m fairly certain it’s limited to lies. Any documented instances of the other two would be of interest
      When research or developed tech is seized by the government and classified, that is legalized theft, whether any remuneration is made. The APS doesn’t have the power to do that. And there are at least several instances of suspicious deaths and disappearances involved in the field of alternative energy in general over the past 40 years that have more than a whiff of government involvement, at least to the tune of inadequate investigation. Almost invariably the victims have been on various watchlists (I probably still am from the early 1970’s.)

      • when APS allowed conference with insult and ridicule (read the book Excess Heat by Charles Beaudette , in the firsts few chapters), they cut the funding of F&P and of others LENr researchers, they ruined the life of F&P, and marginalized…

        they killed the scientists career as surely as with a machine gun.

        They do that like modern politician, using news, words, press conference, short sentences, confident attitude and awful lies…

  • Sanjeev

    Some people were asking if these third parties are real. Google spits this:
    They exist and work for DoD (US) and defense areas. Gov connections with BLP?

    They produce thermal batteries, just what is needed for a lenr reactor.
    I will let the smarts guys here do the digging etc.

  • kdk

    I love this stuff. People have talked about in in their contacts with UFO’s how the vehicles seem to just pull the energy out of the air/water. And then there’s Tesla.

  • GreenWin

    Ryan, I wish I could agree with you about “the world will change quite readily…” However you forget what it took to change the heart, mind and (apparent) soul of Charles Dickens’ classic misanthrope, Scrooge. Scrooge and his many descendants (herein known as the fossil/fission cabal) will not surrender their hard won booty without a fight. Their first defense is their media iron curtain. Note the refusal of the cabal’s mainstream media to report any of this humanitarian news. As of this moment, there is no mainstream media coverage of this wonderfully positive news. They (the cabal) hope that their control of old school, media will somehow make this game change “go away.” It will not.

    Dickens took his Scrooge through a series of harrowing scenarios to break through his misanthropic, petrified heart. We may need to do the same with the cabal. Petro-dollar bankers living under the I-5 overpass strikes a good image.

    And keep in mind that BLP will not design the “home power units or car conversions.” That is up to entrepreneurs and visionary entities with vision to do. Let’s allow BLP’s astonishing achievement to stand on its own without demanding they frost the cake as well as bake it. 🙂

  • bachcole

    It seems to me that this helps the credibility, not hurt it. No scam artist would be so STUPID to use the exact same wording in two different confirmations.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    This just might encourage Rossi to release information ASAP.

  • artefact

    Thanks for pointing that out.

  • theBuckWheat

    Let the skeptical replication of the tests begin!

  • artefact
  • Pedro

    Do we know anything about the controlability? Start/stop times? Is it possible to run it at various power levels? Does it produce waist heat that needs cooling? Are there run-away riscs? There must be a catch somewhere, else it is “too good to be true” 🙂

    • Ryan

      I’m guessing from what I’ve read on their page that at least by their description of it that it would be scalable and that the process is controllable. They also implied that the method that generates electricity doesn’t generate heat. Given that they say it uses a catalyst to do this process I would assume that destruction of the catalyst would stop the process, much like LENR, so essentially it should only be able to run so far out of control. Didn’t see anything on the time it takes to start/stop but haven’t read all the materials yet. I can wait until they do their demo on the 28th for more info though as I don’t really have time to read that 300+ page report to try and glean data from it.
      My hope, given that what they revealed is accurate, is that this is something that can rapidly be engineered into power sources for homes and vehicles. I’m actually interested to see if they say that they can micronize this technology enough, or at least think it is possible, so that you could have energy cells small enough to put in cell phones or laptops. If they’re able to fine tune the power output to specific usages you could have individual power units for major appliances/electronics or things like street lights and such to avoid the problems that come with centralized power sources.

      • Pedro

        Thanks Ryan! 28th is going to be a day to remember (either way)! Sounds as if their method of generating (electrical) energy is far better than the e-cat. Can’t wait to see Rossi’s response to this challenge… maybe he’s forced to open up a bit instead of the legal “positive or negative” phrase.
        Anyway, an exciting start of the year for alternative energy followers.

        • Ryan

          Agreed. I follow a lot of alternative energy and technology news. I generally try to leave my mind open that the possibility exists for any of them though I tend to place them on my own mental scale of plausibility. For example, I’m willing to give Keshe the benefit of the doubt (should he actually show anything on the level he talks about on his site in a way that is provable) but I place it low on my probability scale and I’m not plunking down money until solid evidence is provided. So far I place BLP about the same level of LENR in general (process exists and it is likely they have found a way to harness it in a useful way even if it may be inefficient or not completely understood). Quite frankly I think what is being delved into is a snarl of processes at the nuclear and chemical strata that work on a level that we didn’t know about too long ago and are just barely getting a handle on now. Hopefully as more people look into it and more research and engineering is put into effect we’ll see things that make what looks amazing now pale in comparison.

        • TVulgaris

          I think what Rossi does at this point is moot; whether his new association with Cherokee produces marketable units, given the access to China means he can write the rest of the planet’s markets off.
          BLP has been on the scene just enough to have some visibility to several communities of interest, let’s hope they don’t get shuttered on the 29th by one or another alphabet agency..

          • the only alphabet agency that really opposed LENR is “APS” (american physics socierty), which control DoE…

            NASA,Navy, oil corps, cars manufacturers, nuclear consortium, they all tested and reproduced LENR.

            the only crim in cold fusion is the one of nuclear physicist, don’t invoke secret sevices.

    • tlp

      Just read or search from the patent application:

      The SF-CIHT cell may be used to replace conventional electrical power sources with
      the advantage of being autonomous of the grid and fossil fuels infrastructure. Typical
      exemplary general applications are heating (both space and process heating), electrical power
      such as residential, commercial, and industrial, motive such as electric automobiles, trucks,
      and trains, marine such as electric ships and submarines, aviation such as electric planes and helicopters, and aerospace such as electric satellites. Specific exemplary applications are
      home and business electrification, lighting, electric vehicles, H2 production through
      electrolysis of H2O, truck refrigeration, telecommunications repeaters, salt water desalination,
      remote mining and smelting, electric heating such as home and business heating, powering
      household appliances such as an alarm system, a refrigerator/freezer, a dishwasher, an oven, a
      washer/dryer, a lawn mower, a hedge trimmer, a snow blower and consumer electronics such
      as a personal computer, a TV, a stereo, and a video player. The SF-CIHT cells of appropriate
      variable sizes may be dedicated power sources for certain appliances such as a heater, a
      washer/dryer, or an air conditioner.

  • artefact

    No updates on JONP yesterday till now.

  • tombuktu

    danke, neo

  • JDM

    Its hard for me to imagine a 10MW demonstration lasting for more than just millisecond bursts. Watts=Volts X Amps. All that power has to be dissipated somehow. He would need a major grid tie-in to run that continuously…or it could be done with 25,000 lamps of 400 watts each as a dummy load…

    • Jonnyb

      Just us a high power Load Bank, I think 5MW or more is available, so would need 2 or 3. There may be larger ones out there. Problem sorted.

      • JDM

        Then think about the size of the conductors required. Copper busbar can be calculated at about 1250 amps/sq. inch. He will need conductors of 9.6 sq. in. for the excitation current of 12,000 amps. Times 100 for the output? This gives some frame of reference to look for in the demo if continuous. Yes it could be the voltage is amplified rather than the current but insulation becomes an issue. 50KV will arc about an inch in free air.

        • theBuckWheat

          You can have far higher areal current if you are willing to accept higher I squared R loss and higher operating temperatures.

          • JDM

            Absolutely. However my point is that if this 1 cu.ft. device has a pair of 350MCM THHN conductors coming off of it and claiming 10MW continuous then there would be cause for some skepticism, no?

    • Daniel Maris

      The ENSER Report of 16th January refers to continuous operation at X2 COP. Isn’t it more likely that that is what we are going to see?

      • JDM

        I am expecting “an electric generator that is less that a cubic foot in volume to
        generate ten million watts of electricity, enough to power ten thousand
        homes” as stated on their website.

        • Andreas Moraitis

          The generator must have a source impedance. Thus, a certain part of the energy will be converted to heat. I guess that a small device that isn’t almost superconducting would explode under these conditions.

          • Fortyniner

            Yes, I wondered about that – and how the electrodes could possibly be connected to copper in a way that would be able to carry that kind of current.

          • kmarinas86

            The supersonic plasma serves as its own conductor. Plasmas are highly conducting, and an “ideal” plasma has virtually no resistance. Higher plasma power density also tends to contribute to lower resistance (higher conductivity), which is opposite of what happens in a typical “conductor”.

  • LENR G

    If this ENSER report could be reproduced by some trusted high-profile Universities in America, Europe and Asia that would be game over.

    I was especially interested in the spectra analysis that confirmed the presence of hydrinos to 4 decimal places wrt to Dr. Mills theory. This is impressive scientific confirmation.

    The problem is ENSER is not enough. Just as Levi is not enough. Science requires widespread replication and investigation. Until then there is always the possibility of mistake or fraud.

    Or give us a product we can buy.

    But on the face of it, this 3rd party analysis of the CIHT cells seems to verify that hydrinos are real. Confirmation please.

    • Daniel Maris

      I think the ENSER report is quite stunning in its impact when you read it. I don’t take in much of the science, but just as important are the fact that they fabricated and tested the device themselves – it wasn’t an arm’s length observation.

      They confirm continues COP of X2 and strong potential to improve that to X20.

    • GreenWin

      LENR G, keep in mind that “high-profile Universities in America” all rely on the federal government and the utterly corrupt grant program for funding research. None… not a one will give up the opportunity for generous grants to confirm a technology that will ultimately jeopardize those grants. At least none I am aware of.

  • LENR G

    I get a kick out of how matter-of-fact they are on their home page:
    “Essentially all power sources: thermal, electrical, marine, rail, aviation, aerospace, as well as, automotive sources become untethered from an electrical distribution or fuel infrastructure and are also independent of the sun, wind, or other external variable power sources at capital cost of 1 to 10% that of historic systems ”
    Capital costs reduced by 90-99%. Essentially free operation. Basically replaces *all* power sources and requires no fuel distribution system; obsoletes the electric grid. Can operate constantly… day or night, any weather. Unbelievable power density. Words fail.

    LENR+ is off the charts for humanity. Hydrino power laughs at the charts and tears them into little tiny bits before burning them with plasma.

    End of the line for BlackLight Power one way or another. They are either about to change the world or be fitted for orange jump suits for their perp walk.

  • LENR G

    Upthread there’s a Q&A reproduced with Dr. Mills in which he asserts continuous input current and that the COP is 100.

  • artefact
    • artefact

      just saw it is also on the blacklightpower main page.

    • Sanjeev

      Its a 3d render.

  • Marc Ellenbroek

    Blacklight Power hit the main new channels:

    Will BLP be the crowbar to force LENR in the picture or will Randell Mills be right and is the heat effect of Cold Fusion a chemical effect after all?

    • Doktor Bob

      What about the reported Gamma Ray Emissions from MFMP and the alarms from the Geiger Counters from Rossis demo in Milano? I thought that Gamma Ray had only nuclear power origin as explanations. What about the claims of Copper in Rossis devices and claims of Helium 4 production in LENR devices such as Brillouins and Defkalions?

      Do we have to consider Dennish Bushnells statement (the chief scientist from NASA) that this is a broad field of science and there are many different processes that can take effect within Metal Lattices?

      What happens with the Hydrino if it indeed is produced
      What properties would this hypotetical particle / state of particle have?

      And my last question – that might be a bit displaced:
      Could these theories be used to explain (???) what is Dark Matter and why it is distributed as observed in the Universe?

      • LENR G

        Gamma rays: the EM emissions tentatively observed in LENR+ are actually more in the X-Ray range (or very low gamma range) and are only termed gammas because they are presumed nuclear in origin (perhaps a bad assumption). They could be direct results of the plasma’s effects in the lattice somehow or the results of a secondary nuclear effect. There’s a lot of energy coursing through these CIHT and LENR+ systems so it stands to reason that a number of effects might emerge.

        Bushnell: Personally I think it’s more likely that there is one effect underlying all these metal lattice phenomena. Whether it’s hydrino transitions or slow neutron formation or what I don’t know. I won’t rule out more than one thing happening though. Conservation of miracles points to one undiscovered phenomenon, but that’s just a guideline, not a hard and fast rule.

        Hydrinos: From what I’m reading they are believed to be essentially inert like a noble gas. They can probably be kicked back into a normal hydrogen atom (I think) but that would require just the right energy contribution (gammas of either 122 or 204 MeV, I think). Hydrinos don’t form diatomic molecules. That one electron is guarded closely by the proton and they are both happy in their low energy state.

        Dark Matter: I think hydrinos are an elegant explanation for dark matter. Think about it… what makes a better suspect for most of the mass in the universe than hydrogen? Their inert nature would explain why they are everywhere but so hard to detect.

        If Mills turns out to be right about these hydrinos then we’ve opened a new chapter in our scientific enlightenment and understanding of the universe. And frankly we should be a little embarrassed that we missed it up until now.

        IF he’s right.

        • LENR G

          One interesting offshoot of the hydrinos being dark matter line of reasoning is that it might mean that concentrations of dark matter in the Universe indicate intelligent energy producing species. If we can invent a powerful dark matter telescope then we might have a way find some friends.

          Of course that assumes that hydrino power is the energy production method of choice in the Universe and nothing better exists. Probably a bad assumption, but worth a look-see.

          • Doktor Bob

            Thank you for answering to my philosophical questionings

            That last part however did not make sense to me about intelligent energy producing species. Universe is a big place and I doubt aliens is a good explanation to all that production of Dark Matter 🙂

            When pondering the TOA (Theory of Everything) it always seemed logic to me that the origin of Dark Matter could be a cousin of Hydrogen – one of the first places one should look.

            If we continue our brain storming –
            What causes the Dark Matter not to interact with other particles except for through gravity? Is the answer : Because it is interacting with it self and the internal forces cancels each others out?

            How does the hydrino theory apply to theories of Dark Energy?

            Would this change in any way our understanding about Hawking Radiation “from virtual particles close the event horizon of a black hole”?

        • LENR G

          One interesting thought that occurs to me is that the hydrino, with its electron orbital close to the nucleus would seem to be more susceptible to looking and acting like a neutron (or a muon) and may be a much more willing participant in nuclear reactions than its normal hydrogen counterpart. Kind of like in Widom-Larsen and its effective neutron hypothesis.

          So it could be that hydrinos are the key to all this LENR stuff. Mills has optimized the hydrino transition engineering and gets the energy out that way. But the others don’t have as good a grasp on what’s happening and are producing hydrinos with their plasma in metal lattice setups but are instead optimizing the secondary effects of hydrino reactions with the other nuclei.

          That would explain the transmutations and the similar energy characteristics of the disparate systems. Maybe the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place?

          Looking at the histories it seems like Mills was where the others are now a few years ago. And then perhaps realized that a device that ran on water vapor was feasible and went for the gold ring rather than try to commercialize a more primitive system.

          I don’t know. Just thinking out loud.

          • Fortyniner

            It might also explain Rossi’s meltdowns, if the hydrino formation process can transition into some form of self-feeding fusion process when enough energy is present in the system.

    • Daniel Maris

      I’m not in a position to judge but I find this development amazing.

  • Sanjeev

    I read the ENSER report (the latest one) and it does say that the power outputs were in mW and W ranges and the authors expect BLP to scale up to KW or more soon. Its 2 years old, so I guess its possible that BLP has now scaled up their cell and this demo is to show it off.
    Btw, BLP catalyst is not secret ( as you can see in this report) and the setup is very easy to replicate, all data is public as far as I can tell. The bit about Mo is very very interesting, it beats Ni by a big margin. Perhaps Rossi or MFMP should try Mo ?
    Porous Ni, H2, catalyst, pulsed electricity, high operating temperature and such things make this more like CF only under a different name and makes you wonder if Rossi got some “inspiration” from BLP research in the beginning.

    • Daniel Maris

      That’s not the latest.

      Festipower above gave the link to the latest and truly amazing report –

      • Sanjeev

        Ya, finished reading it. It seems the chances of a trick are reduced to a minimum here since they built and tested the cells themselves and in presence of independent parties.
        Moreover they found the signature of hydrino by 3 separate methods, this is BIG.

  • Doktor Bob

    A google search shows that these guys are getting some great publicity

  • tlp

    Mills aswered some questions:

    > I assume that given that a high current is required to initiate the
    > reaction in
    > the SH-CIHT cell, that it occurs in bursts.
    > I have some questions.
    > 1) What is the maximum burst repetition rate?

    can be continuous

    > 2) What is the consequent average power density?

    same as power burst

    > 3) What is the ratio of output energy to input energy?

    about 100X

    • LENR G


      • artefact

        indeed. Sounds fantastic. 100 KW in 10 MW electric out?

        • Fortyniner

          Presumably with the possibility of looping 1% of output back to the input, with suitable voltage adjustment, once started up.

  • tlp

    Has everybody read this new patent application, published 10 hours ago? Very detailed pictures at least…

    • Sanjeev

      Its great. Perhaps too lengthy for an average reader. I don’t plan to read it totally either but flipping through the pages one can see why it took BLP 20 years to get to an industrial scale. The research is extensive and immense effort has gone into it. I doubt its one man army there.

      • SiriusMan

        Yes, 324 pages of dense, technical detail is somewhat intimidating to the casual LENR enthusiast.

        Geez, for anyone who believes BLP is running a 20-year long scam, you have to admit, they have put in some serious effort here!

        • Anon2012_2014

          The patent application obviously has at least 3 man years of preparation.

          It looks like he is trying to patent every possible use in one go. It is too complicated for a single patent examiner to complete in less than a year.

          It adds slightly to BLP’s credibility; but a smaller patent that revealed how to build even a test device would add more credibility. The patent is suppose to tell someone skilled in the art how to recreate the invention. Because this application is so large, it might be smoke screen. I don’t have the 3 weeks to read it all right now.

        • the quick scam is not realist here, after 20 years, but it can be like hot fusion scam, or renewable scam, with sincere people believing in their ideas, having some evidences, but unable to see the facts, and getting funded enough to have interest not to see the problems…

          Some say BLC was well funded, and having no results seems strange with so much cash. maybe because of a wrong theory ? like the one which prevented many LENR scientist to test NiH, or dry cell.

          Maybe like with Rossi, I will be convinced after some time… I’m very conservative, and I admitted LENR only because it was really stone-proven.

          my position is 50% chance to be real with +/-49% uncertainty

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Apparently, they try to protect every imaginable implementation of their devices. Maybe that’s too much of a good thing? I hope they have consulted an experienced patent lawyer.

    • Private Citizen

      Even seems to give the recipie for catalyst:

      It has been found that catalysts having a net enthalpy of reaction within 10%±, preferably 5%±, of 27.2 m∙eV are suitable for most applications.

      Specifically, classical physics predicts that atomic hydrogen may undergo a catalytic reaction with certain atoms, excimers, ions, and diatomic hydrides which provide a reaction with a net enthalpy of an integer multiple of the potential energy of atomic hydrogen, 27.2 Eh eV = where Eh is one Hartree. Specific species (e.g. He+, Ar+, Sr+, K, Li, HCl, and NaH, OH, SH, SeH, nascent H2O, nH (n=integer)) identifiable on the basis of their known electron energy levels are required to be present with atomic hydrogen to catalyze the process

  • Pekka Janhunen

    Frank: criticism: selection of title “Third parties validate blacklight power claims.” In my opinion not , since the statements are weak and possibly cherrypicked out of context. It’s nowhere near validation in the same sense as Levi et al. Of course, you never claimed that, but the title might let someone believe so. Generally I appreciate your work and usually have no problems with the titling.

    • pg

      Agreed, as Daniel Maris says they should be taken more as “testimonials”

    • Pedro

      I noticed that 2 of the testimonials (Copeland and Ensel) contained exactly the same statement: “The power generation is consistent with Dr. Mills theory of energy
      release release resulting from hydrino formation. No other source of
      energy could be identified”. Weird if 2 independent observers use exactly the same wording! Are they asked to use this wording in order to support Dr. Mills or his patents?

      • ecatworld

        Good find. The second ENSER report also has that phrase.

    • ecatworld

      Good point, Pekka. Thanks for your input.

  • Omega Z
  • Omega Z

    Where You been.
    There have been dedicated forums for BLP skeptics for a long time.

  • Buck

    Thank you . . . This points to BLP’s rocky past and raises the bar that BLP must surpass to regain a level of credibility.

    IMO, they would need to present some form of industrial grade LENR device to bring them to parity with Rossi or Brillouin.

  • miles

    Frank, will you now change the site from e-cat world to blp-world. Seems more interesting. Great coverage. Thank you !!!

    • ecatworld

      Hi Miles — I plan to cover everything that has merit. Probably there’ll be more on the way as time goes by, too.

      • georgehants

        Frank I have a strange intuition that as Cold Fusion becomes established ECW will begin to cover with the same strong moderation all esoteric subjects in which most of science has completely failed.
        A rewarding life’s work I think.

  • googlyeyed

    BLP has signed agreements with six Electrical Utilities. This one exists only on paper and has no employees or money.

  • georgehants

    Admin, on my computer the text has jumped from left to right and now I have to move the text over to read it, is this you still experimenting, please.

  • deleo77

    An interesting point that was made on Vortex is that Mills could have achieved a heat effect, but he may have a bad theory for how it is happening. Scientists hate his Hydrino theory. But the theory needs to be separated from the experiments. One does not affect the other. He may be doing something more similar to Rossi and DGT than it appears. It’s all cold fusion to me, but I know those are dirty words (everywhere but here).

  • SiriusMan

    This is an extremely intriguing announcement. It is difficult to reconcile the extraordinary claims being made (10 MW from a device that is one cubic foot!?) with the fact that BLP has received a number of reputable people willing to legitimize them. It has been claimed that BLP has received $60 million in VC money over the years. What do those investors think about these new breakthrough claims?

    I also think the timing of this announcement is interesting…it seems like a flurry of activity is quickly building in this area. Perhaps the BLP demonstration will force Rossi & DGT etc. to bring their announcement plans forward – maybe even as soon as the coming weeks? I suspect there would be immense pressure to do so, or risk missing the boat once the ‘new energy’ story breaks into the mainstream.

    • Omega Z

      “Perhaps the BLP demonstration will force Rossi & DGT etc. to bring their announcement plans forward”

      Or Maybe BLP is under the gun due to Rossi, DGT

      The $80 million actually allows the Investors to build generating facilities when the Tech is ready. Terms include Kwh Capacities allowed. Like a prepaid royalties or a licensing fee.

  • Daniel Maris

    Agreed this is encouraging but I tended to take those as “testimonials” . Good to see them there but we really do need a lot more verification from BLP.

    As always the question has to be: if it’s that good, where’s the commercial product.

    At least Rossi has a half answer on that one. 🙂