A Warning to Russia About LENR [Updated]

Many thanks to ECW reader Veblin for posting an interesting article in the Alway Open thread. It comes from a Russian language news website, Svodka.net, and is titled (Google translated) “How tricolor race wakes new energy revolution – LENR“. The piece is addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin (no author is listed), and it’s tone is one almost of rejoicing that the era of Russian dominance due to its oil and gas wealth is coming to an end. It’s quite a long piece, and not always clear due to the computer translation, but the gist is not hard to determine. Here are some excerpts:

“Revolution in nuclear energy – low energy nuclear reactions (LENR). Her success in the world means almost total disruption of oil and gas, primitive economy of the Russian Federation, and you can successfully built. This means not only the end of the power of your group, but the end of the Russian Federation in its present form. With the most unpredictable (but sad) for Russian consequences. . .

“The rapid development of this area means:

“- A sharp drop in global demand for uranium, plutonium, thorium, oil and natural gas as a source of heat and electricity for urban, industrial and rural areas. . .

“- All accelerating the transition to new energy vehicles, railways, navy (civil and marine), military equipment. Hydrocarbon fuel will retain its value for Aviation and Astronautics (kerosene) and old vehicles, the number of the latter would be to decrease rapidly. Come era of electric vehicles – they become profitable and cheap. . .

“- New energy allows you to quickly solve the important problem – cheap and abundant energy for robots, robotics.

“- All this will cause accelerating decline in prices for oil and natural gas, stop (no longer needed) “shale revolution” will cause an excess supply of hydrocarbons to the world market. Although they retain their value as a source of raw materials for the chemical industry, but the price of oil and gas will fall as well as once fell spices and charcoal.

“- Starts ruin the nuclear industry of the old type, falling prices for uranium, thorium, and plutonium. . .

“You can say that the discovery of Pons and Fleischmann were detained at a quarter century. What they did and Rossi, as you can compare with the opening in February 1939 of uranium fission Fishem and Meitner (Germany), and with the launch of the first nuclear reactor in Chicago Comstock in 1942.”

I haven’t been able to get too much information about the website. It doesn’t seem to be a very widely read publicaiton — the Alexa Rank is about 200,000 (about the same as ECW), so this article may not get much attention in the Russian speaking world. The subtitle is “Ukraine News and World”, so maybe it’s a Ukraine-based Russian language publication.

I know there are divided allegiances within Ukraine — some want closer ties with the EU, while others feel closer to Russia — but the country been at the mercy of Russia for a long time for fuel supplies. I am sure many Ukrainians would be delighted if they were able to have energy independence, and there fore LENR could be very attractive for them.

The author admits that we are in the early days of an LENR revolution, and that change will be slow but predicts that eventually dire consequences for the petroleum giant Gazprom, and for Russian federation, and seems to be happy about it. Whether LENR is going to have all the predicted consequences listed here remains to be seen, but certainly if LENR gets a foothold in energy production, Russia will not be the only petroleum- and nuclear fission-rich nation that will be paying attention and will need to make adjustments for a new reality.

UPDATE: I’m grateful to a Russian ECW reader who provided some useful information here. This article first appeared here, and the author of this article is Maxim Kalashnikov, a Russian blogger of some renown, apparently. Wikipedia describes Kalashnikov as “a Russian patriotic writer, publicist, and political activist”.

  • Veblin
  • Allan Shura

    The key is transition. Transition was not nice to the buggy makers. Transition was not well managed in relation to job losses
    with the manufacturing base moving out of some countries. I don`t think it will be quite so bad with cleaner safer green jobs to replace losses. Some philosophy may need acceptance to bring us to a better and healthier future.

  • Buck

    Frank, another wonderful piece for our fateful corner of the internet.

    I would also like to give special thanks to the Russion ECW reader who gladly shared more information, giving all of us a clearer picture of LENR in the Russian Federation.

    I think these anonymous contributors have added enormous knowledge and value to our understanding of LENR across the globe, especially so over this recent holiday season. Thank you for your contributions. I know I appreciate them all.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    “In the USA alone oil and the support of oil provides roughly 9.8 million jobs. roughly 3/4ths of those people would suddenly be out of jobs over a few years time.. if you think our economy is tight now.. wait till that monster hits.”

    I think it will be more than “a few years” before the oil industry is greatly impacted by LENR.
    The effect will be more immediate for natural gas, coal, conventional nuclear, wind, & solar.
    A more immediate threat to oil could be some battery breakthrough.

  • bachcole

    Greek: http://www.tovima.gr/science/article/?aid=486578
    Norwegian: http://www.kaldfusjon.net/
    Iranian: They seem very focused on fission reactors for some strange reason
    Polish: http://www.nautilus.org.pl/?p=artykul&id=2685
    Portuguese: http://fusaoafrio.com/
    Spanish: http://lenr.es/
    Turkish: http://www.bilim.org/her-eve-otomobile-ve-ucaga-birer-nukleer-reaktor-geliyor.html

    That should keep ya’all busy for a while. (:->)

  • bachcole
  • bachcole
  • bachcole

    Here is a Danish site about cold fusion. It says the usual good stuff except it is much more difficult to read thanks to Google Translate: http://www.koldfusion.org/

  • bitplayer

    True that. I was referring to war-fighting strategies, as opposed to military-industrial complex strategies. And it’s probably not true in war-fighting anymore either, come to think of it.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    “…American physicists Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann…”. Pons and Fleischmann were chemists and that’s a big part of the story. The physicists were jealous of chemists coming up with an elegant way to achieve what they couldn’t with their simpleminded bang things together approach.

    • Charles Beaudette in Excess Heat, explain more that

      – physicist stopped practicing and teaching calorimetry in the 50s

      – after Manhattan project, physicist get treated as semi-gods, took very high position in government agencies and advising bodies

      – they practiced a very theory successful science, with simple and controlled experiments. Chemists, like biologist know that to replicate an unknown phenomenon exactly is nearly impossible. physicist don’t even understand that two experiments can be different because of unknown reasons.

      – they were funded by governemnt agencies, unaware of the funding battle from private sector that chemist practice to survive with short-term contracts. So they asked for unrealistic ethic, they could afford in their protected jobs.

      in fact the used on LENR their own scientific method paradigm, very different from the scientific method of experimental science like chemistry.

      jealous was sure part of the story (Seaborg in his lecture “my service with ten presidents” is clear about that fact, judged as “unfair” by plasma physicists) , but incompetence in experimental science, in calorimetry, in epistemology of normal sciences, facing huge ego and lack of experience of real-life.

  • bachcole

    Yes, war in all of its forms will be reduced, but not eliminated. But who knows, if God can eliminate 99% of all pollution, perhaps we could have a couple hundreds years of peace and love.

  • kdk

    It’s really just an excuse for what they already like to do, as with the crusaders.

    • Fortyniner

      Land, religion, water, other people’s treasure – there’s always some supposed reason. Nature of the beast.

  • VYT

    This is a more interesting and relevant publication about LENR in Russian media.


    • Andreas Moraitis

      Thank you, indeed very interesting!

  • Sanjeev

    I don’t see how this is a warning. Did he assume the destruction of Russia with the rise of lenr?
    IMHO, there is no need to be afraid, Russia will progress just like any other country if her people embrace this new and unlimited energy source. Even the major oil producing countries are going to benefit, and will move to a real economy, where people are really productive instead of depending on petroleum exports alone. They will create food, goods and everything else and will prosper.
    Lenr will take a lot of time, 15-25 years to displace oil as a fuel. Then the same people employed in oil industry will move to lenr industry, no loss of jobs or profits. (Just like the phone cos moved to cellphone tech with even more jobs and profits and creation of new industries like smartphone and its software etc). The oil will not disappear, as it will find more creative uses in the form of plastics. Its sad that such a precious resource is being burnt currently. With the take off of 3D printing, plastics market will boom (almost all 3D printers use plastics currently). The prices will come down and one will be able to build whole skyscrapers and bridges using plastic. Lenr will make it cheaper to extract oil and process it, which will be beneficial to all.
    Of course there is a danger that it will be delayed by powerful people there, just like its being done in US/UK, by not granting patents, disinfo and no funding policy etc. But the lenr industry will simple move to more favorable countries, forcing any country that rejects lenr to embrace it eventually.

    • bitplayer

      There may be some twitchy oilogarchs in the meantime, though.

  • Chris Hansen

    How ironic. Having Tchernobyl in Ukraine, and now this LENR revolution that can drive classic nuclear facilities obsolete.

  • Buck Turgedson

    The other side of that coin may not be so pretty, drones circling overhead with infinite loiter capability. Steam-punk kiosks of war grinding across the landscape day and night, non-stop for years or decades after release. The majority of military organizations are support personnel. Support could be virtually eliminated by deploying factory to field armies, if you had a chassis designed for endurance which did not require refueling.

    The basic rules of warfare would change without the need for supply lines and support requirements. Russia has more to fear than the loss of oil revenues. Rather than Russia blocking LENR development, Putin should start playing catch-up with China in the LENR race, before it is too late.

    Skynet is online, and Beijing authorizes engagement.

  • Christopher Calder

    To add to the speculation…

    My speculation is that NASA has developed a proven and convincing laboratory test that their advanced LENR method works and the test results were reported to the U.S. Department of Energy and the DOE reported it to Obama. I speculate that is the reason the DOE is now openly funding LENR research. I know of at least one company that has received LENR funding (name withheld out of courtesy) from the DOE, so that part is not speculation.

    I speculate that NASA is working with a consortium of companies to produce LENR jet and rocket engines and they are trying to keep the program secret so that the USA will be the first to the LENR party. The military implication of LENR are enormous, so it could be recognized as a military/industrial secret.

    • Sanjeev

      Lenr funding by DoE(US) is an important event and another arrow in the quiver of lenr supporters. Thank you for some first hand reporting.
      The only implication of lenr for military that I see is, that it will wipe out the military. Wars are a product of shortage of resources, essentially. When there is no shortage of any kind, people are unwilling to fight and its difficult for politicians to provoke them to kill others in the name of nationalism or pride.

      • bitplayer

        “Lenr will take a lot of time, 15-25 years to displace oil as a fuel.”

        In the meantime, the militaries that can deploy tech fastest will make another quantum jump over all rivals, thanks to LENR. Actually, I guess there’s no point in making militaries plural in that last sentence…

    • bitplayer

      Between NASA and the US military there are many highly intelligent, resourceful and competitive people who are very dedicated to US technical and military supremacy (DOE probably too, but it’s so politicized I’ll hold back on them). I can’t imagine that they don’t have vastly better collective information and motivation than we do. Plus they are really good at keeping secrets.

  • bachcole

    We are all having a lot of fun and all, but I am not sure that it is really wise to throw rocks at a bear. Putin et. al. are very serious people. I just don’t think that we should be trying to awaken a sleeping bear.

    • bitplayer

      similar reaction

  • Curbina

    Very interesting, I get the feeling it was written by a LENR fan that went a vodka too far, but is nice to see that some people get this enthusiastic about LENR. I’m sure that Mr. Putin is more than aware of LENR.

  • clovis ray

    Great catch veblin, and resulted in this article, also thanks to you frank, so as russia goes so will the world, resulting in a new world for all,out with the old in with the new, my hope is that the transition will be mild, but sorry to say that is not the norm,but it will be different this time hopefully, as i think that god has his hand on this change, and i think it is not possible for mere mortals to achieve, possible but not likely. just my two cents.—smile