Rossi on Partner Speculation — Spamming all Questions

This is not a surprising statement, as it follows Rossi’s longstanding policy in regards to questions about the US Partner, but it’s the first time he has addressed the question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Apparently interest is high and he has been busy keeping his website clean from the questions he has been getting.

To the Readers:
I am spamming all the hundreds of comments we receive regarding the US Partner issue, whatever the source, whatever the link attached, whatever the text. As a consequence of a precise NDA that I have signed, I am forbidden to give any information, in positive or in negative, regarding the name or whatever concerning our US Partner. All the things that have been diffusely published in this period on the matter are totally strange to my work.
Warm Regards,

It’s hard to think of much else he could say, given the current situation. The last phrase about publications being ‘totally strange to my work’ is a little unusual — maybe he means the speculation has nothing to do with the work he is currently engaged in.

  • bachcole

    I am not sure that I agree, but you still got an LOL out of me. (:->)

  • Chris I

    By “strange” he meant extraneous. IOW he has estranged all this speculation from himself.

  • bachcole

    Like the English word “estranged”.

  • Daniel Maris

    I hope no one’s been shouting down the phone at Fabiani.

    • bachcole

      Hopefully they realize that it was going to happen eventually sometime to someone and not give the poor guy a hard time. Anyway, with the awesome power of the journalistic mice lead by our glorious leaders Frank and Mr. Moho, we are unstoppable. Now we should put our minds to discovering who actually shot President Kennedy. (:->)

  • Daniel Maris

    I agree with your speculation about the meaning of the last phrase.

    • Giuliano Bettini

      Yes, it’s a
      Italian / English IMO:

      strange to my work”


      “totally unrelated to my work”.

      Or “the speculation has nothing to do with the work I am
      currently engaged in”.

      • MLTC

        I just want to say that I think Italian is a beautiful language and especially in songs! 🙂

  • JDM

    In other words, please return the conversation to your ideas that I can use to improve the ecat to my benefit?

    • bachcole

      Grow up. Rossi’s benefit is our benefit.

    • MLTC

      I would gladly give Rossi a good idea for free if I had a good idea. I’m not about money.

  • clovis ray

    hi, guys,, dr. rossi is under strict nda, we have known that for some time, dr. rossi has things well in hand,
    we just need to be a little more patient,all good things takes time, to develop,and things are moving at a very fast pace.
    and that causes mistakes, e-cat is a very special baby that needs handled with care, even it’s coming out party should be special as well, i just wished we could have a part to play in that phase of e-cats de-but .

    • bachcole

      So, what if we collect all of the linguistic Rossi-isms in chronological order. Would the first letters spell out “Help I am a prisoner of an LENR factory”?

      • MLTC

        Good one. 🙂 Does Rossi mean NDA or DNA? 😛

  • bitplayer

    “totally strange to my work” sounds like Rossi-ese for “disconnected from”, which is entirely plausible.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      He meant to say “foreign” but used a strange foreign word

  • bachcole

    “Is the first letter from ‘A’ to ‘M’ in the alphabet?” (:->)

  • BroKeeper

    Measured obscured response . Apparently he is between a rock and a hard place to maintain any credibility between his partner and his readers. Tough position.

    • bachcole

      Please, he communicates with us mostly because he is a sweet guy. He rarely if ever actually needs us.

      • BroKeeper

        I also believe he is picking up gems of understanding from his readers occasionally. He acknowledges certain inputs as “I’ll look into it”, “Thank you for your elaborated insight” or “You are right, very interesting! Thank you for the information” and many more. Agreed he is very gracious.